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Found 9 results

  1. This thread is being converted to a Seattle, Puget Sound, Western Washington area thread. Anyone wanting to post a group ride in the area, please feel free. Seattle riders, please remember to follow this thread to get updates on new activities in your area. Tags of known Seattle members; Edit: I have made a Calendar to make viewing events across multiple platforms, groups, sites, and vehicles easier. Please bookmark it for easy viewing. http://tinyurl.com/SeattleEventsCalendar
  2. At 10 am we will be meeting up at Gas Works Park. Weather should be nice and sunny. I will be attending with my newly fixed Dualtron II EX (I had a flat and new tubes arrived today) Address: 2101 N Northlake Way, Seattle, Washington 98103. The plan is to circle lake union, and afterwards destination is undecided. Link to facebook event HERE. I am not sure who on this forum is located in Seattle so I just hope people see this on their own.
  3. Hey guys, I'm organizing another event for a group ride. This time there is a little more heads up. The location is yet to be decided so if you have any ideas, please share them. Time: 8 pm Date: Saturday, July 28th. Where: To Be Determined, Here is the link to the facebook event, please share. https://www.facebook.com/events/531824080569728/
  4. i am looking for my first wheel.....possibly a gw acm2. i weight 225 so it has to be decent. let me know if anybody has anything they are looking to sell or rent out. i have never actually seen a euc in person.
  5. Hello EUC Family. My name is Oswald Ruben Valentine-Lopez and I am a proud owner of an INMOTION V5F. I'm now at 133mi in 33 days. My first EUC impression was of someone riding a Solowheel when I worked in Seattle a couple years back and immediately understood this product has. Recently I had been commuting 5mi to and from total and wanted to make life easier on some days. Pushing thru the learning curve I was riding in no time because of my determintion to use this as a commute alternative. Well this is a lot more fun than I thought, bringing back memories of when I was younger skateboarding and snowboarding and now I'm learning tricks. So, with Washington receiving more pleasant weather in theses upcoming months, I'd like to introduce myself (Hi, I'm Ozzie) and maybe arrange and meet up for a ride with others because this is too much fun not to share with others. Shalom, ORVL
  6. Solowheel Seattle is organizing what we hope will be one of, if not THE largest group rides in the US. (Have any of the regional groups attempted something like this yet?) This will be our second year as a contingent in the Seattle Pride Parade, and let me tell you, last year was incredible. Pride celebrations in Seattle are among the biggest events in the city year round. We are talking half a million spectators cheering as you ride down the middle of 4th Ave in downtown. If you've never been to a pride parade before - rest assured straight allies are extremely welcome. You will see lots of families/kids in the parade and also as spectators- it is considered a family friendly event by Seattle standards. Mostly, the spirit of the event is about being comfortable with yourself, being accepting of others, and most of all: celebration. Our budget is mostly spent on the entry fee, so our impact will be in number of riders, not a decked out float. I would like to encourage riders to join us not just from the Seattle area, but anyone who can make travel arrangements as well. All you need is a EUC ( Solowheel brand not required ) and an open mind! I will be posting more details as they are available, but if you are interested and would like to join us, please sign up in the following link so I can get you on the event email list: I Want To Ride With Solowheel Seattle In the 2017 Pride Parade!
  7. Are there any EUC riders in Seattle, WA? Solowheel used to organize Sunday ride but the event ceased recently. If there are a few other riders who want to meet up over the weekend, we can do this Sat or Sun, around the park.
  8. I started riding my NB1E in Seattle this summer when it is nice and dry, but soon the rains will come and I am not sure at all what to expect. Is traction loss a problem? Are there precautions to take? What about riding with an umbrella? Does the Ninebot kick up water? Anything you can tell me about riding in the rain would be much appreciated! -e
  9. I am starting a meet up group in the Seattle / South Lake Union area. Light social followed by a group ride down to Lake Union Park and MOHAI. When: Sundays @ 11am Meet at: AMLI 535 535 Pontius Ave N (corner of Republican) Seattle, WA To confirm if you're going please contact me at tim.koffler@gmail.com
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