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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I am an experienced unicycle rider and I really want the king song s18 but it is way out of my price range, if anyone has a good electric unicycle that they want to sell for around $600 that would be awesome, I want one that can go around 25mph so let me know if you have anything, I’ll pay to have it shipped but I would prefer to come pick it up if you live in Texas. Thank you guys
  2. Hi all! i can sell some items with good season discount price! Does anyone interested in new?: GotWAY ACM 1300+ - 1150€ GotWAY NEW Msuper V3 820 wh - 1150€ GotWAY NEW Msuper V3 1600 wh - 1450€ KingSong 16A 680 wh - 1000€ KingSong 16S 840 wh - 1150€ KingSong 18S 840 wh - 1300€ KingSong 18S 1680 wh - 1650€ +delivery: 1. EURope (any country) - 150€ 2. Overseas (US, Canada etc) - 250€ local pickup also avaible (in Estonia) after 50% prepay. And I am also can sale Zhiyun stabilize
  3. Good afternoon everyone, so glad to know about this community. I am so glad I picked the right forum! So, I started off with simple question asking which (2) wheel EUC I should pick up? With the help of all you wonderful members I have now shifted to an actual EUC. As I research, watch videos, read opinion posts and reviews it seems like I am going deeper and deeper down this rabbits hole. With all that said I understand now the importance of buying a EUC I will grow INTO, problem is I dont know which one!!?? I am leaning toward a 14" Kingsong, I stand about 5ft9 and hover around
  4. Osram

    Black pads

    Hello, I'm looking for the replacement of the black pads of the ninebot one p. I can not find anyone to sell it. Someone gives me the good news that there is somewhere?
  5. Sales is already available with the promo code DESTOCK14C20 and apply automatically from 12/26/2016 Only available on the KS-14C and KS-18A ranges
  6. I have been researching suppliers of Ninebot [my preference] for the Australian market and getting frustrated by the small number and in many cases short and / or their poor sales performance history. Google as for most things is my start point which throws up many options but few I find satisfactory for me in Australia. Can any forum members help with this? FYI, I have a generic named 'Dragonmen Hotwheels' which developed BMS cut-out after 7 weeks of light riding and am getting the run-around from the Chinese suppliers at the moment [2 + weeks]. The face-plants [3] were very pa
  7. Official Ninebot One P Cheapest in Singapore $1150(U.P $1250) Limited stock available ETA : Early November Main Features: Max Speed : 25-30 Km/h Distance: 30-35 KM per charged Battery Life Time : Estimate at 10,000 Km IP65 Water Resistance Removable Battery LED Customisable Ninedroid Mobile App for other setting 1 Year manufacturing warranty with six
  8. Official Ambassador of Ninebot Asia Pte Ltd (Local SG)Parther with us today ! Contact 96977841Pre-order with deposit of 50% at $1480ETA : Early NovemberEnter or Give our Promotion code to receive a free gift : AMDSUM16Main Features:Max Speed : 25-30 Km/hDistance: 30-35 KM per chargedBattery Life Time : Estimate at 10,000 KmIP65 Water ResistanceRemovable BatteryLED CustomisableNinedroid Mobile App for other setting1 Year manufacturing warranty with six months covering for batteryPre-Order today .
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