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Found 27 results

  1. Holy Batman! SEGWAY miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter 2018 Edition, 12.5 Mile Range, 10 MPH $336.71
  2. Amazon has been dropping the price on the 2018 version of the MiniPro steadily by a few dollars for a while sometimes, like today, making several drops in a single day. The current price at the time of this message was $394.68 SEGWAY miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter 2018 Edition, 12.5 Mile Range, 10 MPH Sold and Shipped by Amazon.com Not a bad deal, and at the current rate of price changes it still may go lower. Unfortunately it has the slightly lower capacity battery, and the company should be boycotted for such a move. The real name of this version is the 2018 Downgraded Edition, and how many companies do that and have the product survive? If it hits $300 it's a good buy for back-up parts, although it's not likely to fall that far.
  3. Hello fellow riders, Here I have Inmotion V5F+ for sale. *Good condition *Mileage is approximately - 250-350km *Cool looking design with some stickers on the inner shells *Protective foam/padding on the sides (DIY made) *EU type charger + original Box Price - 450 euro + 50-100 euro shipping (I'll need to clarify the price depending on the country I ship to). Will ship via UPS, DHL or DPD. Location - Estonia. If you're from Finland or Sweden and want to come by ferry and buy it in person, that would be awesome. We can also have a nice chat regarding our EUC adventures. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks
  4. Price Drop... $729 https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B074VLZPDZ/ref=ox_sc_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER The MiniPro and the MinPro 2018, are currently $399.
  5. Amazon currently has steep discounts on four colours of the Super 3R large helmets with removable chinguard and GoPro mount. These helmets are not downhill-rated. Matte Emerald/ Retina Sear $149.90 with free shipping in the US (Prime membership not required) Matte Cobalt/Pearl $160.95 with free shipping in the US (Prime membership not required) (with nice Kiwi silver fern on the visor ) Matte Emerald Joy $160.95 with free shipping in the US (Prime membership not required) Matte Red/Marsala $160.95 with free shipping in the US (Prime membership not required) (nice brain splatter red ) Also, Bell has just introduced a new model of this helmet - the SUPER DH MIPS-EQUIPPED. This helmet IS downhill-rated, but it is expensive (MSRP $300.00). It, as its name states, has MIPS, as well as the removable chinguard and GoPro mount. It is not listed on Amazon.com as yet.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019Z6HS86 $439.99 No mention of exact model or battery capacity in the listing, but it is no the "2018 Edition" listing, and uses the same ASIN as the previous model 320, so it might be the one with the larger battery, or it may be false advertising. with Amazon though, shipping it back would be easy so worth the gamble if you need one. Update: it does say 14mi range, which is the range of the older one with the larger battery. (aka the good one)
  7. Hi, I just listed my lightly used, very low mileage, 200 Wh Luffy for sale on eBay. Starting bid is $250 with free shipping. This is for US only. Below is the link. 200 Wh Luffy For Sale
  8. Selling my Kingsong electric unicycle. Top speed 22-24mph 60 mile travel range (840w upgraded battery pack) Bluetooth Led front/rear lights Upgraded pedals Email Brian at: dynastreetbob5150f@yahoo.com $650 obo
  9. Get them while they are hot. Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control http://amazon.com/gp/product/B019Z6HS86/
  10. Carlos E Rodriguez

    Ninebot-One-A1 low price

    disregard. could be a scam
  11. Hi I now have 5 electric unicycles. Me and my kids love em but my wife isn't interested so I am selling her Ninebot E+. 320wh battery, 14mph top speed. It has lots of scratches but they are only cosmetic, it works great. If you have questions let me know. Located in Sunnyvale CA, local pick up or I can ship in the US for $450. Thanks.
  12. ConjurMan

    Used 16" IPS 400

    I'm looking to sell my IPS 400 unicycle to allow me to upgrade. It has been is a great unicycle to learn on. It's certainly not the fastest, but it's sturdy and great for beginners. IPS is a solid brand and this is a well-built and safe to ride unicycle. Color: Black Wheel Size: 16" Battery: 400wh Motor: 1000w Max Load: 120 kg I'm around ~240 lbs and the wheel has plenty of power to get me around, but it's not one of the "faster" wheels. As long as your not a speed demon or trying to go too fast, you'll be fine. I'd recommend this wheel for a beginner or for relaxed cruising around town. I typically rode it for about it for about 10 miles or so. The 400wh battery is decent, better than some of the newer ninebots. Dimensions in the box is around 16" x 24" x 22 or so. There's no app for this wheel. I'm asking $300 for it + Shipping. Ships from Norfolk, Virginia (23510) and box weighs around 30 lbs. Here's some pictures of the unicycle. It's got a few scratches on it, but still runs great.
  13. Abbiamo gli ultimi gotway MCM4 HS 260Wh in magazzino pronta consegna. 260Wh non son molti ma comunque è un ottimo modello/prezzo entry level. E' possible fare upgrade di batteria in un secondo momento. Questo prezzo è valido per pagamento con bonifico bancario (paypal +3%). Spese di spedizione espressa in Italia +20 euro Per ottenere lo sconto contattateci. We can ship in others europe country too, but please contact us here .
  14. Best prices on Electric Unicycles starts tomorrow 12pm Pacific Standard Time. No code needed. Sale ends 12/14/16, while supplys last. US ONLY. Free shipping to continental 48 states. www.tec-toyz.com
  15. Hey guys, Everyone keeps asking whether there are any EUC deals coming up this Black Friday. We have set up one - you get a £100 (~ € 120) discount when you order any of the following models: Inmotion V8 Inmotion V5 Inmotion V5F KS16 680wh Use the code BLKFDY42 to claim your deal. Some of them are on pre-order, being shipped to the UK now (ETA - 14th December). We guarantee prompt delivery before Christmas and a free pack of calf guards with each purchase. 1 year EU-wide warranty, servicing, aftersales support and hundreds of happy customers may help you decide
  16. Lightly used and extremely reliable Ninebot One C+ for sale in Portland, Oregon. Purchased new from Forward CA this spring and has traveled less than 50 miles. It has never bricked up on me, had a battery failure, or anything like that. I did have trouble getting it to charge at one point, and Forward promptly sent me a new charger, which works fine. It has a few dings but nothing outrageous, I kept it pretty well padded while learning. I have added the bracket and trolley handle. I busted one trolley handle in a crash and replaced it with a new trolley handle. This means I also have the new bracket for you if you wish to install that. Additionally, I have a roll of grip tape (not placed on pedals), and a custom made dust cover for it. The cover slips over with a hole for the trolley handle so if you wanted to wheel it around a bit more unobtrusively (say, in a public place where you don't want someone to give you a hard time for having it), you can do that. If you search my posts you can see the cover on the wheel. As you can imagine, I've spent close to $750 on the wheel and accessories (though a bit of that was lost on the broken handle, which I can give you, in case you want to try fixing it). I'd like to get $375 for it but am negotiable, especially if you want to come get it from me. I have all original packaging and could ship to you at my shipping cost (though I don't know what that would be). For some reason the site is not letting me upload pics--keeps signaling they're too big but they're not. Let me know and I will try to send you pics privately if you would like any.
  17. Just thought I'd share the link with everyone. I'm not the seller, but I have one, and it's pretty comfortable: http://lindydesignlab.com/product/padded-sleeve-blue-king-song-14/ Basically these serve two functions: protecting the unicycle from scratches, and protecting your inner legs from getting damaged during your rides. ps. Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but thought I'd share it since I have not seen this type of product anywhere else yet.
  18. bumblebee

    Hope I'm not misbehaving

    Hope I'm not out of line here, but I just edited my post in private sales to indicate a reduced price. I can't seem to bump it up, though, and I had so little interest there I thought I'd alert folks here. Again, apologies if I've violated a rule.
  19. Ninebot C+ for sale. Prefer collection from Redditch, Worcestershire. Excellent condition - only used about 5 times. Complete with stand/handle, charger, box, gloves, elbow/knee/wrist pads if required. £250 ono. I could never get the hang of the bloody thing - hence the sale!
  20. Putting up my GotWay MCM4 680wh unicycle for sale in the vicinity of Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, etc. Wheel is used and scratched, but is in good working condition. At the time of this post, the wheel had 680 Km in odometer. Wheel for sale in person, cash transaction. $500 USD, or 1/2 oz. of Gold accepted. Includes: box, unicycle, charger, and trolley handle (unmounted). UPDATE: ¡THE WHEEL HAS BEEN SOLD!
  21. $549 NINEBOT ONE E+ (reg $899) $499 NINEBOT ONE C+ (reg $749) FREE SHIPPING in the continental US www.forwardca.com FORWARD california is an authorized Ninebot distributor in California. All warranty work is done in the US not China.
  22. Thank you FORUM for all of your support! *FORUM SAVINGS* Get an additional $100 off of our already low sale price on all of our NINEBOT products. Use promo code FORUM at checkout to receive the discount. Plus you get FREE SHIPPING in the continental US. $699 LIMITED EDITION NINEBOT ONE E+ (reg $899) This is a very limited release from Ninebot inc. Get One While Supplies Last. www.forwardca.com FORWARD california is an authorized Ninebot distributor in California. All warranty service work is done in the US not China. SALE ENDS March 31, 2016
  23. Ninebot One E+ - Mobo 1.3, Firmware version 1.3.0, About 550 miles on it, and it has scratches from the adventures I've gone on it. The battery had a wire that broke that prevented it from being charged, however it was a minor thing to fix and it has been repaired, and it charges perfectly. Everything works well on the bot. It comes with a new trolley handle and a new Cyan colored Shell. You will also receive the older original white shell as well. To be clear, this is for sale within the US only, and shipping costs are on your end.. Old post contents (on Ninebot One P - It has been sold): Alright, so I've decided that I will sell my new Ninebot One P since I received my King Song 14C and there is no reason for me to keep two powerful wheels. If anyone is interested in buying a new P (Only road it like 25 miles - that's what the odometer says, and took some pictures of it to post here on the forums), then let me know. Everything that it came with is included (Box, charger, etc). I literally just got it on Sunday 11/29, and barely used. You can see the info at the below link:
  24. *FORUM SAVINGS* Get an additional $100 off of our already low sale price on all of our NINEBOT products. $699 NINEBOT ONE E+ $549 NINEBOT ONE C+ *FREE SHIPPING in the continental US Use promo code FORUM at checkout to receive the discount. www.forwardca.com FORWARD california is an authorized Ninebot distributor in California. All warranty service work is done in the US not China. SALE ENDS March 31, 2016
  25. Airwheel x3 black in the box + brand new protection gears JBM (wrist, knee, elbow) + 1h training lesson if needed/possible. It comes with training wheel and US charger. Used only once. 449$