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Found 3 results

  1. I bought some wrist guards finally, because I am a guitar player and I can't keep taking chances with my hands. So I purchased my wrist guards, typical standard ones and as soon as I tried the first trick they forced me on to my elbow instead. With basic stiff wrist guards you can cause a fracture further up the arm as well some finger injuries. I found these, they're $30. I wanted these but they go up so high and most of all they are about $65. Fractures further up the arm are a real hazard with the typical style. So this could be the ticket. Not sure. This is the footage of me falling onto my elbow.
  2. Hi everyone! I was reading your forum from time to time recently, finally got to introduce myself write something. I got myself my first euc (is this a proper way to abbreviate?) - V8 a few months ago. I learned to ride it in like 3 sessions of around 20 minutes and felt pretty confident after that. I do snowboarding and amateurish ice skating from time to time in winter, I think that helped. It was very tiring and sweaty to learn (even when it was cool weather yet - 5 to 10 Celsius... and I'm in a bad physical shape, slightly overweight - 183 cm\95 kg). Fun fact, I learned to ride on an almost flat tire (I figured it out after learning...). First place I rode outside the yard where I trained was a car service station across the road, and got the tire pressure up there. I rode for 1.5 months without any protection - almost every day, averaging 10km per day I think. After a couple of weeks I got comfortable at hitting the default 25 km\h max speed via somewhat fast acceleration and cruising around 24 afterwards. I never wore any safety gear. Mainly because I was lazy to buy it. I crashed 4 times. First time, i lost my balance on some bumps, leapt of the thing, ran 3 steps and fell on grass. Scratched my right wrist, stained my clothes, got a little shocked - nothing serious. Second time I crashed into a cyclist when we both were cutting a corner in an underground crossing (i was turning right, she - left). A little bruise on my thigh, the cyclist was ok as well. The third time.. I went kind off road. Was an abandoned asphalt playground with cracks in asphalt and grass growing through it all over the place. AFAIR I was turning and rode on some bump and I lost balance. I fell at a really low speed (less than 10kmh, I think), but I bloodied my wrists, elbows and an ankle really hard, tore my jeans. Still, nothing too serious. Now the 4th crash was a really bad one. The road was perfectly flat asphalt and it was straight. Dunno if that mattered, but the battery of the device was around 50%. I pressed the device really hard to accelerate uphill. Around the moment I expected it to lean me backwards (so around 25 km\h), it didn't happen. Instead, it dropped me forward. If fell on my hands and rolled. I stood up in big shock. I didn't feel my hands mostly and overall felt very weak. Luckily there were people around to help me - call an ambulance, collect my stuff (I had earphones in my ears, and was holding a plastic bag with some light stuff in it). After a couple hours of waiting ambulance, riding to hospital, sitting in a line in emergency, etc. I got my both hands in cast - fingers were free (except right thumb), but after them full casts locking my wrists and elbows. I severely broke my left radius bone near wrist, got a slight fracture on my right radius bone near elbow, and broke my right thumb's metacarpal. And a bunch of scratches all over my hands as well (while the scratches from 3rd crash didn't fully heal yet). Moreover, after a week doctor discovered that my metacarpal wasn't healing properly, so I had to be operated (without cutting, but with anesthesia, bone fixing and inserting some needles (or spokes?) (not sure of a proper medical term) to properly hold em). Luckily after almost a month of suffering almost without hands, my elbows were freed (new, smaller casts were made). 1 day after, I could do a lot of stuff with my hands, I was so happy, and a day after I finally went back to work (I'm an IT worker, I could use keyboard an mouse to some extent already). Long story short, by the end of this week (I hope), my casts and needles (spokes?) will be removed and I will start getting my wrists agile again. I am willing to ride again - it is just so much fun - close to snowboarding amount of fun. Of course, first I am going to buy protection for wrists, ankles and elbows. Still hesitate to buy a helmet - I just don't see myself falling on my head, how could that possibly happen? I think I will try it out, if I find a not too obtrusive and easy to put on\off one, I'll get it. Another thought I have regarding my last crash... a day before it, I adjusted pedal tilt position to be completely parallel to the Earth - 0.0 degrees. IIRC by default it was around positive 2 degrees - so here's a question to V8 users - how do you have that setting configured? That's all I wanted to write for now - thanks for reading!
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