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Found 8 results

  1. Got my Ninebot One S1 and E+ this week after both my E+s were stolen/broken. The S1 looked so easy to wrap, so I threw on some woodgrain vinyl. Let me know what you guys think. Also, if anyone is deciding between an E+ and S1, realize the E+ is 3mph faster. The S1 does a harsh lean back at 12.3mph, while the E+ doesn’t begin warning/leanback until about 14.5mph and it can hit 15.5mph before the leanback is harsh. Let me know your opinions on the wood grain. I think it makes it a little more subtle and classy looking.
  2. hi, just got my first euc l, the s1. where can i get accessories tor it. mainly looking to get pads fir the upper part of it so it doesnt flop between my legs. thx
  3. Hi - New to Board, Just received a Ninebot One S1 wheel and when I plug in the charger, the light stays "green". I opened it up and disconnected the battery yellow and black connections, plugged in the charger and then connected the black connector only - still nothing. Checked voltage on connector and reading about 59 V, so power getting through. With the battery not connected, measured 2.2 V on battery cable. Same for other battery. Does anyone have any ideas? I did read on another thread about "reactivation" of the battery on another type of wheel. Is that something that should be tried here or are the batteries over "discharged" and below minimum - thus I need to get new batteries? Thanks
  4. Everything on my S1 WAS TIP TOP until one day I went to turn it on and a second after the green light came on it shut off and I havent got it going since. I had only had it three months and thought the warranty would cover it but I wasn't going to pay to have it shipped out to them over buying a GOTWAY and forgetting about the problem. Until now... I'm moving to Miami on the 1st, flying out, getting rid of everything. Busted ninebot has to go. You could part it out and come up ahead with the charger and batteries alone. I also have my GOTWAY mcm4 which runs like a dream that I have to do something with because it can't fly out with me so any reasonable off I will consider. Make me an offer. 347-707-6688 Mike
  5. Hello Everyone! I've been practice riding my Ninebot S1 for a little under a week. I am now comfortable mounting the ninebot but i'm still wobbling and can only stay on for a short distances. My concern is while riding speed will rapidly increase, start to beeping and feels as though the bot is tilting back. It kind feels as though I'm going to fall off backwards so usually i'll stop or attempt to slow the down to a moderate speed but then it will speed back up. I wear a size 10.5 - 11 in mens sneakers and weigh 207 lbs. Could the rapid increase in speed be caused because my large feet are placed wrong or is the speed increase and tilt back normal? I've posted a photo of my foot placement. Any suggestion / recommendation wanted and needed. Thanks - J
  6. hey guys, I don't see anyone even Segway selling a replacement LED cover for the S2. I see a lot for the E+ models though. do you know where I can find one? I've scratched mine pretty bad.
  7. Hello All, New poster here but I want to start by saying thanks to all who have posted here in the past. I has been very helpful in my investigations of the different "wheel" options out there. Amazon has the Segway One S1 as their daily deal today at $479 with free shipping for Prime members (I also get a 5% discount). With tax and discount this puts it at $486. A pretty good deal. The V5F+ is on sale at ewheels for $895 and they are awaiting stock. I know the S1 is an inferior product to the V5F+ and I've already decided that I want a V5F+ ultimately. The plan is to use the wheel for 5 mile each way summer commutes to and from work in FL as cycling has just become a sweaty unpleasant endeavor in this heat and humidity. I like the V5F+ because of the few extra MPH and the range. I'm not looking to be a speed demon. I've no desire to eat blacktop at speed but like the fact that the V5F+ will deal with my daily activities with plenty of additional speed and battery reserve to minimize the risk of it folding under me. That said the S1 is being sold at a very competitive price. Even though I want the V5F+ I'm thinking of getting the S1 initially due to the daily deal price. I'm loathe to drop nearly a thousand bucks on the V5F+ to experiment with a device I may not even like or may not be practical for my intended use. I also like the idea of scratching up and S1 while learning to ride a EUC and the getting the V5F+ once proficient. Used S1's are selling for about $350 to $370 on eBay meaning if I brought then sold the S1 (either because I didn't like EUC's or because I upgraded) the experiment will have cost me about $150. Any thoughts on this plan of action from seasoned veterans? To add to this. I don't have a huge amount of cash available. I could pick up the S1 now. Waiting to have the money for the V5F+ could be a while. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm new to Ninebot, and just got the S1. I have seen discussions and vids regarding the ride firmness settings.. but I do not see these settings in my app. I have been to all the various screens, changed light color etc, but cannot find firmness anywhere. Is the S1 different, or am I just missing it somehow? Thanks!
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