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Found 4 results

  1. This is a very sad time for Electric Unicycles in Denmark. The Electric Unicycles Legal Situation 2019 is such that they are becoming illegal again after May 3rd, 2019 because of the recent changes to this pilot scheme, that allowed them from the beginning of 2019.
  2. Hi Fellow EUCers! Was wondering if any of you has been to the Sacramento River Trail on an EUC? it looks gorgeous but it does say "No motorized vehicles". I see a few photos of electric bicycles but not sure if they will stop me if they see me riding an EUC? thanks guys,
  3. Pr. July 2019 the situation for Electric Unicycles does not look good in Denmark with the latest update legal situation. This is an update on the latest change in legislation
  4. I'm an early subscriber to Casey Neistat, started watching him years ago when he just started the vlog, didn't had 30 eps on it and watched everything.. anyways.. There where a lot of Celebrities the last couple of years riding mostly hoverboards and i was caught in that trend from summer of 2014. Nowdays celebrities stopped using them but still there are some like Casey who daily commutes with one. He always rides something from a car to a vespa to a hoverboard and lately loves his boosterboard which he owns more than 3 if i recollect. Recently he got the v2 of the main model. About 8 hours before this thread he posted another vlog, like he does everyday, which he crashlanded while riding his boosterboard, video at the end of the post. He says that he was going about 2-3mph and he stomped on a piece of concrete that was a bit displaced like a hole in the ground which seams, he damaged his arm and hand, probably hit a bit hard from what it seams. The camera had a broken lens motor and cap, also latest Samsung Note 7 was smashed and his rolex watch. From what i can understand he may have been on his phone at the time, anyways.. This thread has many sub meanings, one is that celebrities tend to create trends like the electric vehicle movement, we wouldn't know if they didn't use it on youtube videos, next is the safety of a ride, don't get to much acquainted with your equipment like phones cameras etc or you'll just miss something and get from offbalance to smashing your face on the ground or worse. And last the trend of the hoverboards, governments banning the hell out of them, new pre-emptive regulations that may group even our unicycles and such. I think that there is a need of some proper rules and guidelines for our electric-sport.. and maybe it's time to start building that list. What's your opinion? Next video of Casey, spoilers he doesn't film the fall that's why i think he was on his phone when it happen..
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