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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, let's try to find the way to meet and have a ride.
  2. Hey, I am gonna get my first Gotway wheel next month, its gonna be the 84V MSX with 1859Wh battery mod... I am 175lbs, nearly 6 feet and I ride pretty fast, around 30mph all the time if it is possible... What about the riding modes? I need to get the best range out of it... I know that slower speed is the biggest factor of getting more range,but still the riding modes surely have some impact... I am an experienced rider, 2500km on 18XL. Is the soft mode the best for getting the most range out of the MSX? Also a higher tire pressure should help me
  3. eScootGer Test drive the Xiaomi Mi M365 Pro Electric Scooter 2019 while filming with my Mavic 2 Zoom Drone. Took my Scooter out to the park in Taipei/Taiwan to shoot some videos with my drone.
  4. EUC Safety Gear and Etiquette courtesy of Adam U.
  5. A new study has come out stating that too much sitting is not good even if working out. http://fox59.com/2017/09/14/yes-sitting-too-long-can-kill-you-no-matter-how-much-you-exercise/ Would riding frequently reduce the negative effects of too much sitting?
  6. THE MONSTER IS HERE pls watch my video https://youtu.be/ZfOBqGAOy1Q
  7. After reading many threads and posts here about "how do you ride this thing?" I decided to write a guide for beginners. You can find it here on Amazon (Kindle book only). It's a short guide, just 37 pages with illustrations, so I priced it as cheaply as Amazon would let me: $2.99. But from July 27, 2017 through July 31, 2017 the book will be FREE so that anyone on this forum can review it. If you don't have a Kindle device there's a free app for smartphones and tablets, so everyone should have access. My goal is simply to help get more people into riding. It seems crazy t
  8. Hey all, I've had my EUC (Ninebot One E+) for a few weeks now and feel pretty comfortable riding around when there's not many people around, but I picked it up to make the (hilly) mile trek to work easier. That said, riding around in pretty highly walked areas gives me the willys. I'm pretty afraid that I'm going to run right into someone to be honest. What tips do you have for dealing with this sort of thing? Best I can tell, I legally have to ride on the sidewalks, so I can't use bike lanes or anything here. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  9. I started riding my NB1E in Seattle this summer when it is nice and dry, but soon the rains will come and I am not sure at all what to expect. Is traction loss a problem? Are there precautions to take? What about riding with an umbrella? Does the Ninebot kick up water? Anything you can tell me about riding in the rain would be much appreciated! -e
  10. I am wondering how important 'natural' balance plays in riding skills; especially riding backwards and other tricks! Since fainting once about one year ago I find standing on one leg with my eyes closed very much more difficult. Before I could do a minute and stopped because I became bored. Now I am doing well to make 15 seconds!! I wonder what people like those doing tricks can do on one leg?
  11. Just a quick video post of us riding our unicycles, first person viewing fun!!
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