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Found 31 results

  1. edit 16/11/2017 PRICE: The Mini PLUS is sold in China for 3499 元 that is 448 euros / 528 dollars Gearbest sells 455 euros / 529 dollars with no shipping or customs fees It's really the best price we can find The Order: I get my Mini PLUS with Gearbest The purchase was done without problem, I paid with Paypal, I enabled the return support option, I also took out insurance on my order (for the equivalent of 5 euros) The package was sent five days after the order. The first tracking number (track order 1) was only active after one week on the Chinese carrier's website. The invoice is available in PDF in the client interface. Shipping costs are free How will the package travel? 1 / it is sent from the seller to the Chinese carrier located at the beginning of the China Europe rail freight line 2 / the Chinese carrier will put it in a container . The container will be placed on a rail freight car 3 / the train that connects China to Europe will travel 10,000 km, in two weeks, crossing Kazhakstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland. 4 / Arrived in Poland, the package is supported by a Chinese carrier which entrusts it to a European carrier 5 / This transition will take a week or two because there are tons of goods to dispatcher 6/ From the time where a European carrier in Poland take charge of the package, until delivery to your home, it takes five days It is from Poland that the tracking number 2 (track order 2) is edited The parcel was delivered to me by UPS. The package was in good condition. It is very heavy: 20kg Unpacked: Assembling The steering cover must be correctly and carefully laid, pressed, nothing should exceed engaged plastic level, to remove it takes long nails Activation: Is done using an account that you have already created on the application, with an email, a name. Launch the application by connecting to it, update the firmware in "VEHICLE SETTINGS", click on "ACTIVATE THE DEVICE", enter USER NAME / REAL NAME / EMAIL, accept the conditions, refuse the proposed insurance (only for customers Chinese), finally the message "ACTIVATION COMPLETED" appears. You can switch to tutorials: follow them for driving and using the remote control. Once completed, you will have a final message on the complete activation, you must travel 1 km at the speed limit of 10km / h, once reached, you can unlock the mode "LIMIT OFF". Driving & speed: it goes more than 19kmh in speed! Obstacle clearances are simpler, the range is very good, even with low temperatures, the technology is really improved since Mini Pro & Mini models. The mode "Follow Me" is great! The remote control to a fabulous joystick for the "REMOTE MODE" The Mini Plus is really beautiful, the aesthetics is very nice The multilingual user manual in FR-EN-DU-IT-SP is available here https://mini-j.jimdo.com/wikimini/user-s-manual/ MODE FOLLOW ME: With the remote control, be careful not to swing when walking, do not put it in the pocket, let discover the top of the remote. Useful? Yes, in some cases, walk in the forest, or slippery terrain for the ride. Protections: I chose as my previous Mini, 3M adhesive silicone protections Billat designed for car mirrors. They absorb shock well. Of course, you can choose to buy the bumper dedicated to Mini PLUS AliExpress.com Product - Collision stainless steel frame Bumper for Xiaomi Xiaomi Scooter Mini Plus Hoverboard accesaries and Xiaomi kickstand AliExpress.com Product - Mini PLUS Xiaomi scooter Protection Protective Frame Bar Parking Stand Front Rear Bumper for Self Balancing Scooter Mini PLUS The bumpers in black and transparent silicone on my Mini The transparent silicone bumpers on my Mini PLUS On the edge of the chest, bonding is not total, it could come off, do regular pressure from right to left, so that the sticky surface adheres to the maximum. Preventing air leaks and punctures: When using the Mini, the tire can leak air under the effect of weight and terrain The tire is found deflated and we find no traces of punctures Using liquid silicone, it will "glue" the tire to the rim It will surely wait for the next shock will leave exhausts air and inflate again the tire to the correct pressure, so that the liquid "glue" the tire to the rim, hardening And in case of puncture, the liquid silicone hardens on contact with air Mini PLUS is equipped with a valve Presta, unscrew using a disassembled shell Once the air has escaped, plan half a bottle of Zeafal Sealant Press the tire and release to aspirate the fluid Clean the valve with a cotton swab Screw the shell back, inflate to pressure 3.1 bar-45PSI Keep the box and use the base ...
  2. Full face helmets have been a topic of discussion here of late and for good reason given the increased risk of a full on face-plant that riding an EUC presents above and beyond that of almost any other mode of transportation. As part of buying protective gear for my new EUC I ordered two different full face MIPS enhanced bicycle helmets made by reputable brands; the Bell Super 3R and the Giro Switchblade. Over the course of a week or so I have been gathering my thoughts on them. I wanted to share what I have learnt and felt over that time in the hope it helps others when making this expensive purchase. To be clear this is not a review or recommendation of either helmet. I am not a specialist in bike helmets nor do I have the resources to test them properly. This is just my stream of consciousness/thoughts/feelings/ramblings. Both helmets came from Amazon. The Bell Super 3R cost $230 and the Giro Switchblade $250 which matched the manufacturer RRP. Both were ordered in medium size and have similar sizing charts. I will break my text into separate posts, each containing their own related material and images. This will help keep everything organized. Please don't post in the next 5 minutes while I add them all. Finally, this was not sponsored in any way. I purchased both these helmets from Amazon and will be keeping just one of them. This is why I could not road test them. P.S. Sorry about the ugly dude in the pics. My head model canceled so I had to drag this sorry creature in off the street in exchange for a six pack and some pocket change. Bell Super 3R It comes with a padded cover. Giro Switchblade Packaging Also comes with a soft cover as well as second camera visor and thinner cheek pads
  3. Heyho... Finally some words and Pictures about my new KS18S... Let's start with some Pictures: The wheel: Some ingredients: and: Give this Outcome in the end (Really dont like the KS Advertising :-) ) Open Trolley: Mud Guard: Some words to the wheel: (Some Points i "lend" from another KS18S owner, as i am lazy and can't invent the wheel new) Plus: - Extreme "hard" driving mode, even the softest mode is stronger than my GW V3 67V - Seat is included and can be used on Long rides - Powerful, visible and reversible front and rear LEDs - This is the most powerful wheel produced by KingSong to date, both in torque and Speed. - fat Tire of 2.5 , extremly Grippy, Kenda Manufactered - Built-in fan to avoid overheating (starts at 54° Celsius and stops when brought down to 40-42, don't nail me on exact numbers) works flawless - Old Shell delivers really great stability while driving as it is leaning to the knees(once u are used to it) - 4 speakers, they seam a bit dump first, but on driving Sound excellent! - Excellent Build Quality with Focus on safety -fat wires, mosfets, axle etc (see later photos) Minus: - No trolley: But i have done somethin against that - No mudguard: But i am experienced in building one :-) - Old shell, its very "high", thats very different driving style from the other wheels of the market thus requiring a time of adaptation ? Can also be seen as positive But at all i am not good in listing, i better find my own words: This wheel is a powerHorse!!! The pedal Feeling is rock hard, on accelerating and braking there are nearly no movements of the pedal. This goes so far that when i step back on my Gotway V3 67V that on this wheel i am afraid of the pedal "sacking" for some moments, as you get used to this rock hard pedal Setting on the 18S so fast. Also The 18S main difference from my old 18A is that it is really, really agile and reactive. Where my 18A was sluggish and hard to idle, because slow in direction changing, the 18S really rocks...This has an disadvantage also: When you Need to carry the wheel a bit longer, over some stages or a barrier, you definitly have to Switch the power Off, because if you lift it up and dont have it perfectly grabed in the middle, the wheel/tyre starts rotating so fast and flippy, that you can not calm it down by moving into the other direction anymore. It reacts that fast...and accelerates like a rocket. As this question will certainly follow: Yes, it eats up my Gotway V3(67 Volt 1160wh) to breakfast....Easy! It is way harder and faster, way more powerfull. So this seams the only left competitor against the GW 84V rockets, but i cant compare it fairly to that...as i only have some minutes on a v3s+ until now. Hope on a Meeting we can do some comparison between the V3s+ and the 18S in drive behaviour. But i have to say that i doubt that the 18S can cope with the 84V, as it's just 25% more Voltage.... Where it stays out is the build Quality...and the attemps of KingSong to make their wheels safer, here some photos of the inside with some Explanation: I have open it up and all the wiring is top notch and on really thick wires. KS brings their Motor wires through one axle and the sensor wires through the other axle. The Motor wires...i found no AWG on the cable, but a print saying 2,5mm .....so each of the Motor cables is 2.5mm and it is only one hard strand (not multiple strand wire)....i guess on this there is no Need to fear heat anymore! Under the green protection are the 3 Motor wires...as you see all wires nicely hold together: Try to shoot the print on the Motor wires(3 black cables)...These wires are each just "one strand": The batteries are paralled and all go into one Connection Board with PCB, where each Batterie pack is secured by a fuse, so if one goes crazy or dead, your other batteries work on! Here you can see the PCB-thingie(it is under black folie)...the PCB inside has 3 x 40Amp Fuse, one for each Batterie: The axle has getting thicker than on older KS: End of Part 1 :-)
  4. THE MONSTER IS HERE pls watch my video https://youtu.be/ZfOBqGAOy1Q
  5. Flash

    KingSong 18 short test review

    KingSong 18 is a quality product , it makes me feel safe. This evening I wen't from home to the top of Isaberg , Hestra Sweden and back to home base , it is much more comfortable and stable than other brands , I think you get what you pay for , if you want the best... I updated to firmware 1.20 Before this journey and I'm happy with it. The stepest part near the top of the mountain is maybe 30 degrees asphalt road and my weight is 107 kg , the whole mountain is 308 meters above sea level , KingSong 18 brought me up to the top and down with high speed and good music , interesting is that battery level was still full back home , it seems like it is charging going downhill. 1 bicyclist stopped me and wanted to know what it is and some tourists screemed that they want to hear the music , I can't recommend other brands cheap products , they have to weak motor and battery pack for driving safe and the tilt function makes you feel unsafe , KingSong 18 let you be in control instead , much better. It is quiet , looks great and the only model I know of where you can sit and ride which I have not tried yet. With the big wheel I also go on dirt roads with potholes , no problem at all. 40 psi seems to be the right tyre pressure for my weight With 1360 battery pack I can go 110 km on 1 charge The app works flawless. I'm thinking of a light weight solar panel 200w on one wheel connected behind you , it might be possible to go long distance adventure travel , also an anti theft solution with sim card , gps mounted inside My model: KingSong 18A , 1360 wh battery pack. We are 2 proud owners now in Hestra and this will be fun May your days be sunny and with high speed & great musict at Update: Never ever use any onewheel at max speed , i would recommend to use all 4 warnings , the first 3 set to 30 kmh and last one ollie Speed set to 35 kmh it's not uphill or downhill that is dangerous it is when you reach speed limit and it cant control level anymore and you will experience a faceplant listen to the warnings and slow down instead of pushing it harder... i have bought a transparent soft vinyl cover to put on top if I go in heavy rain this also for safety reasons and a bicycle back mirror made for any bicycle helmet Bjorn Is our planet dying ? , will EUC help saving our planet ? is euc fun ? is euc something new ? , answer is yes , yes , yes , yes EUC is an excellent alternative to cars SUVs , it will give us cleaner air , better health and stop global warming If you for some unknown reason don't like it or are to afraid to learn then buy an electric bicycle or 3 ton SUV , Vaz Lada Honec car 1800cc Be my world The Prophet
  6. I tried my new King Song KS-18s 1640Wh and decided to make a video of its cruising speed. I'm 6.2 feet tall and 210 pounds. So far, it's very stable, reliable, fun etc. Link for the video is below:
  7. Found this Video on YouTube! 21mins long from opening to the features of alarm, remote ect! Cannot understand Manderin but here is a in depth first look in china. MiniPlus ... the followmode is great. Checkout them riding a EUC with followmode! Awesum it's Full. ?
  8. EUC GUY

    Gotway Msuper vrs+ review

    Missed something?
  9. I have launched a new youtube channel Mr. Unbox. - https://www.mrunbox.com We have often been offered stuff for review that would really not fit into our Drones & Electric Unicycle channel. So we have decided to branch out and make a new unboxing and review channel for gadgets including drones and electric unicycles. We are pretty pumped to get this project going, so we have uploaded some of our previous videos, so the channel is not empty until new stuff can be added. Check it out and I hope for your support on this new and exciting project, thanks ;-) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCArR8SUVsecXMvrw8c1i2w
  10. Trey Lewis

    IPS i5 First Look! Ask away!

    I finally have an i5 in my hands! I wanted to make a post to document the process as I test it as well as to try and answer any questions the community has. If there is a certain test or questions please ask and I will try to get everything answered. Currently waiting for the battery to charge before I start recording and testing. Super excited. First impression is that it is unbelievably thin. The width is almost identical to a standard glass bottle. IBC Root beer tested. It also is definitely light, I haven't weighed it yet but the shipping weight was 22 pounds as a whole so it seems to be on par with IPS claims.
  11. Folks, please let me know your opinion about our first try at the GotWay unboxing videos... I know there's plenty I can improve, and hope to do so in the upcoming videos! 22" GotWay Monster Electric Unicycle - unboxing 18" GotWay Msuper V3S+ 84V 1600Wh Red - unboxing 16" GotWay ACM S+ 84V 1600Wh - Black - unboxing Upcoming unboxing: Luffy! Also, please visit our online store: EUC.NYC Thanks! Dmitry (646) 88-382-99
  12. Demargon

    Impressions 60 days with inm v5f

    Hi. This is my third euc and my first quick review. After a couple of mounts and 669,9 km. think I can show how is riding this euc and gonna try in English, not my native language, pls forgive my bad grammar. The incorrect information from inmotionIberia of max speed and range where it says 40 km/h and 40km but may say 25 km/h and 30km piss me off. But the price was ok for me (700€) I don't want the refound offered and decided to keep it. The advantage of that euc are many, good looking design, useful handle and lift swich. Bright front light, back light blinks when brake. Very comfortable due his curved shapes and hi padded sides. Hi pedals position are damn good for off road. Impressive torque, good autonomy and content weight. Need to improve the pedals and trolley quality, those get loose or comes with it from fabric (trolley). The inmotion app is full of busg. The battery position on top rise the gravity center and makes really hard for boomerang or coin flip tricks. The body shell are quite slim, that not help to keep it straight in hi speed pushing with the legs. They haven't grip at all to pull it up in jumps, foots slide unless you put the extra pads who inmotion gives in for ankles protection. I think is really good for cross due his hi pass pedals and big torque. Not to heavy to do tricks, and enough hard to not break if you don't do it well (unless the trolley bar and the pedals). Sorry but I can't compare it against other in his league, I only have other cheap "oneWheel" Who can't be compared. I want to make an extensive review with my top range, hi slope climb, max turning inclination, better pedal angle and more. Please, make your questions and comments, would be nice gather a great data base for all euc together
  13. My Firewheel F260 arrived from China on Thursday. Unboxed it, and got a couple of good long rides on it on Friday and Saturday. I really like the feel of the wheel in Sport mode. It gets excellent battery life and speed compared to my older 14-inch no-name wheel, but I think it does so at the expense of a little bit of torque. I am okay with that however. I love the flat-pedal ride position and the pedals are very comfortable. I could ride this thing all day. The problems started on Sunday. I took it out for another ride at a local park, after doing a full charge. Started the wheel and heard the "Welcome to Firewheel, Sport Mode" voice greeting. Got on the wheel and rode about 5 feet, then it just cut out. Fortunately I just ran off since I wasn't going fast yet. The thing is totally dead, won't show any signs of life. I opened up the case to see if there was any obvious damage like blown components or burnt wires, everything looks fine to me. The battery reads 67 volts at the yellow connector, which you'd expect from a battery that was fully charged and ridden for 5 seconds. I tried connecting the charger and it makes a popping sound so I disconnected it immediately. (I have two official Firewheel chargers and tried them both.) I've contacted Firewheel to see what they'll do to make this work. It's a real shame because the design of the wheel itself is awesome. While I'm in here I'm definitely going to seal a bunch of stuff with silicone, this is not a very waterproof or dirtproof interior and it's all exposed to the wheel.
  14. Quick & dirty impressions of my now 2 week old 2400WH Monster from SpeedyFeet (another great & relatively fast (holiday shipping delays) transaction!): Heavy! The packaged Monster (72.5 lbs) almost bowled me over trying to cart it at my apartment concierge desk. The retail packaging box bottom (not shipping box) can't even sustain the weight, the Monster was busting through the bottom when I lifted by the carry-handles! Actual measured weight of the wheel: 63.2 lbs. Similarly, when idle with one leg stepped off, I can't let the Monster body tip-over too much like I can with any other EUC, otherwise the weight is too much for my pedal leg to counteract. (never even experienced this with my KS-18A mkII 680WH!) I've since learned to straddle the upper body between my thighs to prevent the wheel from falling over. Weight balance is noticeably back-heavy, as I believe both battery packs are situated upright, and towards the back of the wheel. Not sure why they did this. Stock 1.5A charging is faster than my previously low expectations. My Monster, as in the SpeedyFeetUK review, shipped to me with 1/5 bars on the idle taillight LEDs (think that's approx. 20%). I charged the wheel overnight (right away after unboxing), and at about the 12 hour mark, the Gotway iOS app at idle showed 70%, not bad considering! Also, not sure if this is the case for all Gotway OEM chargers, but I was surprised the power was not grounded (laptop-style 2 prong, ala Ninebot & IPS OEM chargers). Wide! I have to bowl my legs to get them flush against the Monster body (my height: 5'8"), another first for me on an EUC (used to it now). @logos122 who rode as well, seemed perfectly fine, possibly on account of having experience with the boxy MSuper2. IMHO, stock Monster pedals are fine; better, in fact, than an MSuper3 pedal swap (bought from SpeedyFeetUK alongside the Monster). Doing this swap yielded no additional comfort (both are about 8 1/8" long; my feet: US 8.5), and actually, they felt less safe, as the MSuper3 pedals are about 1/8" narrower, and while riding, my feet felt a little like they might fall off the sides. Smooth! The ride on the Monster is super smooth! Seems comparable to the rest of the Gotway line, though the only other Gotway I've ridden was @logos122's MSuper3S+. The 22" x 2.75" tire absorbs most bumps on chewed up NYC streets like they don't even exist! The Monster at 22" (some car tire sizes) feels the most solid and safest I've ridden in NYC street traffic. Where on a 14"-18" I tend to ride a 50/50 mix of sidewalks & street traffic, on this 22", I find myself preferring regular streets (not that you can't ride comfortably amongst pedestrians, which I regularly do as well). Initial acceleration is slow (obviously due to weight), but top end acceleration is excellent! (don't ask me toppest of top speeds, I am allergic to concussions). Both me and @logos122 felt the Monster's hardness / response was significantly harder than the super-soft MSuper3S+. Maneuvering and turning require much more exaggerated upper body / hip movement / counterbalance. Movements are obviously slower, due to the Monster's weight, but I can maneuver just fine, as with any EUC, just, again, slower. Slower braking obviously necessitates greater anticipation time. It is what it is. Range seems consistent, trail and body weight proportional (my weight: 170 lbs), with what Ian reports in the SpeedyFeetUK video review Typical Gotway no-frills: headlight is weak sauce (just shows others you exist. the V5F+/V8 headlight is at least 3x brighter) battery meter is the dual function rear brake light, ala ACM, impossible to see while riding, *ugh. no trolley solution (actually, I can understand, as the average trolley might succumb to the Monster's weight). rolling the Monster around is similar to rolling my KS-18A around; the handle height is just short enough that I personally have to hunch a bit. As I have yet to invest in a proper selfie-stick / GoPro rig, here is a vid @logos122 made of the Monster:
  15. As some of you might know I recently started my EUC adventure. After some consultation with you guys I ended up purchasing the Inmotion v8 because it combines an 800w engine (I'm a 90-95kg guy) with a decent battery pack (480wh) and still relatively light (14-15 kg) at a good price point. Short version (2 main lessons and conclusion): Respect low battery, really take it easy when battery drops below 20% Don't try to show off to friends by speeding away Awesome wheel that also works for EUC starters. Long version: So keep in mind this is my first wheel ever. After packing it in the sleeve and adding some extra protective padding I started learning inside my house for about 10 minutes going backwards and forwards trying to get the balance on the wheel. After that I moved outside with some more room but still have something to grab on to to stabilize myself. Within an hour of practicing like this I managed to keep driving slow rounds on the machine and feel confident enough to take it for a small spin on the bicycle path. Here I noticed that when I was going faster the wheel started wobbling from left (\) to right (/), as it turns out this was mostly due to inexperience. After gliding like 50km it's already noticeably less and I'm quite confident that with time it'll disappear completely. The next day I took the wheel into the city center and some grocery shopping totaling another hour and a half of driving. Still some wobbling but already getting better. Everything went very smooth and I'm quite content with the way the wheel was handling the urban obstacles like speed bumps, cracks in the road and (slight) bridge inclines. I don't have a frame of reference for other wheels but the acceleration is still great for a guy my weight. I must admit that after these rides my calves were telling me to take it easy, probably because I'm not used to EUC yet but I also think the hard plastic pads on the v8 are partly to blame. I actually added some extra padding here to make it a bit more comfortable to ride, and even though it helps a bit the jury is still out on whether or not I'll be comfortable on long rides. During the weekend (total distance ~25km) took my wheel out for a small spin, when I left it still had 23% battery, so I thought I'd drain it a little bit more before charging. As it turns out this was not the best idea ever. After driving for 1,5 km I started getting warning sounds from the machine, so I decided to turn around and head back home, stood still to check the battery and it was still at 19%. I didn't get my cellphone out to check the battery % when actually driving (stupid me) so I figured I would still be fine to get home. But apparently the v8 thought that I was leaning foward too much and decided to do aggressive tiltback to force me to stop. Still inexperienced as I was I slowed down but because of the aggressive tiltback I actually steered a bit right at the end cause my wheel to leave the asfalt and fall of a 10-15 distance to the grass but not before getting scratches on the pedal on one side. The protection I put on the machine did not prevent this, so yeah first scratches are the hardest, so better to get them in fast, right? Basically shouldn't have pushed the machine so much on the empty battery because I managed to drive back the 1,5km without any problems whilst going 15 km/h. Learning curve, when it starts warning you on low battery really take it easy . During the weekdays I took out the wheel for a number of testdrives, it turns out I can actually get to the trainstation in less than 7 minutes, which by bike takes at least nearly ten minutes without actually putten the bike away. Very promising for my commute starting next January. Yesterday I took the wheel over to some of my friends since I was so enthusiastic about it. And I couldn't help myself showing off the awesome acceleration of this wheel. So even though I should've known better I leaned forwards more than I usually do ending in.... as you experience guys probably know.... a cutout of the machine (without warning). I was really happy to be wearing wrist protection and very unhappy that I thought I wouldn't need knee protection (as they are now pretty banged up. So especially to the starting drivers a note that showing off your wheel to your friends is cool, but nearly faceplanting definitely isn't (is cause for a good laugh though). Overall I'm really happy with this unit, the learning curve, top speed and stability for a guy my weight is awesome. One thing I haven't mentioned is the amount of attention people are giving me, EUC are not that common in the Netherlands but a lot of people turn their heads to see what's going on, ask what I'm doing, make sounds of general approving the awesomeness of driving this wheel. So be warned, driving this unit might get you attention . I also just received my charge doctor, so I'll be showing you some stats from the chargecycle and mileage soon. I'll also keep you guys posted on how the next 100-150km goes and how it works out in my commute from January.
  16. So it seems to be already "revealed" at official IM website: http://www.imscv.com/en/inmotion/v8 Please share your thoughts (though you might have already in other two threads here). As all the published pictures so far seems to be just computer renders it's a bit hard to say for sure what material are the top "cushions" made of but hopefully it's at least thick silicon coated plastic. Also it's fairly unclear where the battery pack pops out from but hopefully from opposite of the trolley handle. And finally - it looks like without LEDs on it might have smooth coherent black surface so let's just hope one of the possible "colour" choices will be black / off The review is further down the thread at below post:
  17. WayneZengAU

    IPS Xima LHOTZ 340 Wh Review

    Hey guys, I just received my shiny new wheel this morning - courtesy of Linnea Lin! As the title goes, I got the IPS 191, or Xima Lhotz with a 340Wh battery. First Impressions: The 16 inch wheel looks a whole lot larger than the 14 inch Gotway MCM2s that I own. It's far more aesthetically pleasing and I'd put it above the Ninebot in terms of its exterior qualities. The front/back/side lights look really nice in dim/low lighting and can be turned on/off through the XIMA App. I took the wheel for a fairly long ride (25KM) after a short charge to full battery (arrived at about 80% charge) and it's safe to say that I'm very impressed. I've tried out a wide range of wheels; owning 3, and I would say this is the best of the bunch (although the most expensive). FEATURES Speed: The top speed I was able to achieve was roughly 19KM/hr as indicated both through the XIMA App and Runtastic. It's also good to note that the App doesn't exaggerate the speed unlike that of the Gotway one. At top speed, the pedals are definitely raised back and it can be a bit uncomfortable riding for long distances. I can confirm that the wheel may be unlocked to 30KM/hr via the app as there is an option to do so but only after the total mileage exceeds 100KM. Control: The wheel accelerates with ease, and is fairly 'hard' (comparable to Madden Mode), while also being extremely stable. What I REALLY love though, is the way it turns. On my previous wheels, turning is mostly mechanical - I'd bend one knee, swivel my hips etc, and the wheel turns as I physically force it to. On the Lhotz, you don't control the wheel - the wheel controls you. There is no need for heavy leg movement or motion - the wheel is extremely responsive and guides itself in the direction you subtlely lean/point towards. It's a very different experience and took maybe a minute to get used to - but it feels great. Probably something to do with the control software. Power: They say the wheel has a 1000W max output but I feel like that's more of a sustained/nominal figure. Maybe it's because I haven't pushed it beyond the 20KM/hr unlock but going uphill at my current speed feels like the wheel isn't even doing any work. It's so effortless and quiet. Decelerating is just as smooth, but I almost fell once because I tried to push back really fast while the pedals where leaning heavily backward. Range: I achieved a good 25 KM of riding distance with about 30% battery remaining. The area I was travelling within did have a number of long, medium gradients though. I'm 185 CM tall weighing roughly 80 - 85 KGs depending on whether I've been eating much during the week. I hope this range doesn't decrease once I unlock the 30 KM/hr and ride at higher speeds. Build Quality: The case looks and feels very durable. pedals are pretty standard, but have this weird opening/closing mechanism that doesn't rely on magnets. It requires a little more force to pull them down and up but this has yet to be an annoyance. The wheel makes no noise turning on/off, and the lights look fantastic in dim/low lighting. NEGATIVES: - I really don't like the tilt-back mechanism, but that's probably a matter of taste. However, leaning back at high speeds with the pedals tilted feels a little dangerous as it's easy to fall backwards off the wheel. After experimenting though, I found that I could simply use my midsection to lean rather than entire upper body, and this would mitigate the balancing issue. Maybe I just lack experience with tilt-back EUCs (I sold my Airwheel X8 a week after purchasing it) and had no idea what I was doing. Still quite unnerving the first time though. - Damn you IPS, you're really going to make me ride for 100 KMs before I get my speed back up??? - There is no higher battery option than 340Wh. I would have loved a 680 Wh capacity on this thing. - It's about 2 KG heavier than the MCM2s. Thing is, it actually feels nicer to carry due to the ergonomic handle. No idea why. Props for the design IPS. - I really hope IPS develops the app to control both tilt-back and beeping. The beeping is not loud at all, but being able to switch the earlier beeps off when cruising at say 25 KM/hr would be nice. VERDICT: 10/10 Would buy again. Soooo underrated - in fact I couldn't find a single review of it online. Awesome design, very safe, very well constructed. Can't wait to hit some higher speeds! Just 75 KM more to go smile emoticon I intend to charge it back up and take it for another 25 KMs this afternoon. DISCLAIMER: I don't work with any EUC companies, and do not endorse any products for financial reasons/benefits. Thanks for reading! I'll post another review once I unlock the 30KM/hr speed.
  18. The ninebot one series single-wheel cars produced by ninebot Inc. have come out for more than one year. During this period, this series have developed from the model-C, the enhanced version of model-C, model-C+, model- E, customized version of model- E, model- E+, to the final version of ninebot one P. If someone collects all the seven models single-wheel cars, maybe can summon the manage Mr. Wang ye of the ninebot Inc, aha. Among all the nenebotone series on the market, the top-level version of model-P is the most respected and mysterious. There were 10 single-wheel cars in private beta launched in September , 2015 and 10 ones in public beta restarted in January 2016. While there were only 18 single-wheel cars in the hands of players. The other two were left in factory to adjust and improve timely when players test by themselves. As a single-wheel car enthusiast, I was very lucky to win the experience qualification of model-P in public beta. Also, I can share my true feelings and experience with you within a month. I feel very lucky and happy to open the black and mysterious Ninebotone P for everyone. 1:Improvement of appearance Ninebot one P inherits the beauty and comfort of one series and on this basis, turns the classic porcelain beautiful shell of one series into the black transparent cool shell. The white plastic bag side pad is also wrapped by a layer of black leather, which makes the whole body evolve into a black ghost. 2: Using laser to engrave the Chinese characters we want on the surface is to show the unique of every model-P in public beta. 3:Original strip-shaped anti-skid pedal was also improved into intensive anti-skid pedal. But to the players’ experience, the anti-skid property did not improve significantly and especially slippery when dipped water. A skilled player will buy themselves sandpaper to enhance the property of the anti-skid. 4:The one series are easily stained with dust. Even if you clean the outermost shell, you will find the inside are stained with a lot of dust when unfold the lamp ring and the shell. Especially the marquee circle is difficult to clean well. This is the common failing of electric tools. It is impossible to completely dustproof. 5:Summary: for the appearance, the new one P makes the reset and improvement on the base of the original one series. The visual black appearance let people feel it is smaller than the white one as the top-level version of one series, I think such a change can exhibit its unique. 6:This model-P in public beta used the improved control. Compared to the pipe 12MOS of model-E+ and the 10 model-P in private beta in September 2015, the model-P in public beta simplify itself into pipe 6MOS. But its single power increased greatly (but for the heat and the body temperature, we feel the rejection of heat is worse than pipe 12MOS. Which is better or worse can be drawn after using). The battery of model-P is the LG lithium battery model-hG3s, 3 ~ 3.1AH, 30A continuous discharge. I advise you to forget DIY. It is very dangerous to DIY such a huge current of battery. This battery has the highest performance currently with a low output. 7:Model-P with 800W power dishful hub motor is far greater than 500W power of model-E+ and model-E, which makes it become the maximum power of a dark horse of the one series. As for the 500W power motor of E+, I think it is not comparable to that of model-P. Mr. Wang ye said, the limit of the model-P (spin or not) is more than 50 yards. Now to consider the safety, 28 yards rocker and the set of 31 yard cannot accelerate is far below the So I think model-P is a sleeping lion and is not expected to wake up... 8:The labeling of battery is 340WH [30 (one) *3.7 (V) *3 ~ 3.1 (AMP) =333 ~ 344.1Wh (WH)]. To the most concerned endurance of battery life, I believe everyone has the answer. A standard weight person can run 35 km generally at a speed of 15km / h in the condition of common temperature, flat, no wind and. The endurance is bound to be greatly reduced with low temperature, windy, sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration, up and down the hills and so on; 9:Compared to the 10 single-wheel cars one series model-P in private beta, the 10 ones in public beta have upgraded the motherboard to make the performance more excellent. The speed waned when it reached 25km / h in the mode of high-speed closed in the APP. The speed waned when it reached 28km / h in the mode of high-speed open in the APP. When I maintain the speed above 27km/h in the road, I feel comfortable and ride fast. It is faster than general electric vehicles. But battery life is down to below 20km. The instantaneous speed can reach above 31km/h in visual. I did not go on the screenshot. It cannot be accelerated any more. Although the speed and the endurance of battery life have been greatly improved, but the unacceptable design is: the speed is about 20km/h when the power between 20 and 30%. When power is between 10 and 20%, the speed is below 12km/h. When power is below 10%, it can't ride! So only when power is between 30 and 100% I can ride in high speed. This limit significantly reduces speed advantage of the model-P! (Display on stress, and the biggest difference from the other one models the endurance of battery life and speed!!!) 10:Riding and controlling: The ONE series adopt the hub motor to make the riding comfortable and quiet. It doesn’t need battery with high requirements. Its power is less than GT. Accelerate and decelerate speed are not very fast. But compared to the one model-E vehicle ( I own a model-E before, easy to contrast), model-P is more steady. It accelerates and decelerates speed more smoothly. The riding has been significantly improved. Walking past the barricades and potholes at a faster speed in general is no problem. But riding at low speed with 12 ~ 8 yards, it will produce a resonance phenomenon between the body and the foot and the comfort degree is obviously decreased. 11:APP Software: The name of the software is Ninebot with a symbol of 9. All the balance cars of ninebot Inc use this APP (include big nine and mini). Now my balance car is the latest version of the v1.3.5 and is first to connect Bluetooth whose password is 000000. After a successful connection, there is no need to input it next; however, it is not recommended to modify the password. Because this needs re-enter your password to connect every time, which is much complicated! 12:Home interface is simple and beautiful and is a circle speed table without movement, which looks like a handsome racing-car code table. Lock key is in the middle. It can make the little ONE powered off, and then it will stay there quietly. If it is touched, it will shake and whistle flash in order to warn and notice. Even it is stolen the thief can’t ride it in addition to change the motherboard. One end of the table is percentage of surplus power. You can clearly know the remaining capacity from the lights that boot marquee displays. The left corner bottom is a small speed limit (the fastest limit to 12km/h). 13:Stroking upward follow the arrows, you will find the speed, riding time, the total mileage, body temperature and other detailed information. You can also easily find the methods of adjusting lamp color without superfluous details. On the display of speed, it is basically true and has no vacuity compared with walker APP. 14:Playability and Portability: imitation leather side cushion is more spacious and comfortable. But it doesn’t fit well with the calf (shorter). So when you play single leg cycling and other artistic movements, it will rub leg, which make the movements are difficult to display. Including the problem of rubbing wheels when you play single foot riding in one series, but in P series this problem remains unresolved, which results in low playability. 15:I believe the big size and heavy weight measured 13.8 kg are hard to afford to a lot of boys. The design of hidden handle is unique and in good quality. Even there is only one single side attached to the body. But you needn’t worry about the problem of breaking in the long run; but because of the poor portability, your hand will get tired and then slide down after a long time handle, which doesn’t meet the human hand comfort. Of course, if you don't worry about damaging round appearance of the ONE series. Install accessories such as the bar, headlights, parking frame are very good choices, which will greatly improve its portability and safety. 16:The most important is safety (say three times when important) (1) Low speed power off only has relationship with force (torque of car), which means in low speed condition only slam acceleration will cause power outages and gentle start is a correct choice. (2) Speeding rocker will make you unable to accelerate. (When in high speed, the rocker will slowdown. but your body is forward due to the acceleration. the car will be slightly down again and then up rise, which makes you cannot continue to speed. This design is very useful but harmful. You will rush with poor controlling. Unbelievable... ) (3) There is no need to talk about speed limit. Please cherish life and do not test the limits of the car. (4) The model-P is high-speed vehicle. So the continuous climb will make the body temperature rise rapidly. The temperature may reach 75℃ when climb the mountain, which will lead to the motherboard burned out. (5) If the front and rear pendulum work for a long time, it will also cause the body temperature rise to 75℃ and then burn out the motherboard or wiring. (6) We must pay attention to the night riding. Even the model-P also has no front and rear lights. So we must be caution when night riding. You’d better mount headlights, about which the 9th forum has many posts. I do not repeat them. (7)I haven’t ridden model-P in stormy weather. But for the same type model-E, I have ridden no matter in rainy or sunny. The waterproof performance is worthy of recognition. Summary of safety: the riding players of this kind car must remember that do not accelerate and decelerate rapidly in any speed mode generally in order to avoid power off. And also, please don’t test the limit of single wheel easily in case of unnecessary damage. Buy Ninebot One P
  19. I’m going give a head to head comparison between the IPS Lhotz 340 and the T680+(a.k.a. “Tank” or 151/152, or T500 which is mentioned on the box; the fine art of marketing cleary has not trickled down to IPS yet ). I’ll split the review up in several parts, as this will make it easier to comment and/or ask questions. After combing through most threads on brands, BMS, motor, battery, FP or not to FP, etc., I count myself lucky to have bought a Lhotz340Wh (older version with torque biased motor, limited to 20KmH) august last year. So why did I buy the IPS 680+? Lhotz Design: The broader (2,5inch) and larger tyre which actually makes the wheel around >1inch bigger than the one of th IPS680+ results in good traction and stability. It has relatively long pedals (22cm, you can scrape the corner of the pedals on the ground in tight turns) so you can place your feet exactly where you want them depending on what you want to do, which improves control over the wheel. The pedals are made of solid painted aluminum, they are not that thick and I tend to feel some flex (real flex or the hinges, fixtures?). Because of the paint the pedals are quite slippery when wet, this is nothing a patch of skate board tape cannot cure. The body (15cm wide) tapers off towards the edges and there’s no protruding battery housing at the top, so there’s room for the inner side of your calfs (no pressure) and you can put your feet close to the center which is great for stability and control. As a consequence the biggest pressure is on the inside of the ankles instead of the calfs. There’s here and there in strategic places soft rubber-like bright red padding (the brownread stuff on the pictures is my doing), with a high friction surface which is great for improving control over the wheel. The case has broad cut-outs front and back, so negotiation small obstacles like branches on the road poses no problem at all. The Lhotz is very sturdy by design, no rattles or creaks if you pressure it, and the handle is stainless steel so it doesn’t break even if you wheel bounces downhill without you. This all comes at a weight penalty of course: 14 kg. The round stainless tube of which the handle is made doesn’t improve the weight perception when carrying it, it’s slippery and cold in winter (I’m now using a samsonite belt to carry it). I don’t understand why IPS put a plastic slide-on charging port cover on it, which doesn’t stick for more than a minute. To save weight perhaps, really??? (I replaced it by an aftermarket metal screw cap)The battery charger is a very light box with an active cooling system (which doesn’t inspire a lot of trust, what happens if the ventilator dies?), and a US style wall plug (an EU adapter was sold separately) Verdict: Excellent Lhotz Safety: The Lhotz has enough torque to cope with my 100Kg adequately but it’s not perfect, I’ve had 2 FP, 1 overtorqueing when acceleration too fast from standstill, and 1 on a slight downward slope riding in a pit when at it’s cruising speed. When I push the weel, I can feel it (the motor?) struggling and (I believe) the BMS sometimes cuts in fractions of a second when the battery is drained too fast. I’ve experienced no BMS cut-outs though; when the batt level decreases the pedals start tilting at lower speeds and the weel starts beeping if you try to push it, even at very low speeds the tiltback is quite strong so there seems to be plenty of reserve programmed into the BMS. Therefor I would consider the Lhotz by design a relatively safe wheel, the flipside is that below 50% batt level the wheel is no fun to ride at all, and it’s game over below 30%. Verdict: Very good Lhotz Range/speed: Even with the torque biased motor, limited to 20KmH, it doesn’t feel that stable at the 17KmH cruising speed (see safety topic above). At 17KmH cruising speed, it drains 50% of the battery in about 12km. I live in a small village, and for shopping, the library, public administration, etc. I have to commute to the main village of the region which is at 5km one way. 12Km max range is not enough, driving around a bit for the shopping, windy conditions, low temp, and I barely can get home. There’s no fun in carrying a 14kg wheel, believe me, this causes me quite a bit of range anxiety. My wife already had to come and ‘save’ me by car, because I forgot the evening before that I rode just a very short distance and didn’t charge it to a full 100% (I try to avoid this because it’s not good for the battery). So if a guy of my size needs a cruising range of >15Km at a cruising speed of 20-25KmH, 340Wh is nearly not enough. Adequate. Which brings me to my choice of the T680+: Looking around, I saw no 16” alternatives from a reputed brand with such a big battery and a proven design (the KS16 is brand new). With the T680+ I hope to find (almost) the same build quality, high torque motor, and decent safety features, all this for a price of 1,129.- USD (delivery and taxes included) delivered to my door in Belgium straight from the IamIPS factory in just 12 days.
  20. Recommend index: ★★★★ Test period: 30 days Preface:What is the most handsome car, wheelbarrow. I'm very glad to participate in the test of Ninebot One S2 . The personal views of One S2 are as follows: Appearance: ★★★★★ Charming, stylish and exquisite. The first time I saw it, I couldn't help holding it. S2 in lights still maintained the charming aperture of Ninebot One, especially at night, far away to see a handsome halo, turns head high. Far away you can see the handsome halo. Heads will turn as it in the street. In terms of the shell, S2 also has a lot to create space, and the shell can be DIY. This design is adhering to the design concept of Ninebot , With Ninebot words:” We are responsible for developing production and you are responsible for creating.” Riding comfort: ★★★★★ Riding is smooth, 14 inch car can shuttle in free in the crowd. Under the double electric power, straight down the steps without any pressure. In the climbing test, S2 did not let people disappoint. Beijing overpass normal slope should be about 20 °-25 °, it is easy to go up, there is no phenomenon of slipping, the power and the grip of the tires are good performance. Endurance: ★★★★ In the 10 days prior to the test of using single cell, either in life or on power output can’t meet me this super fans. Because commuting, plus battery using attenuation in winter, riding 13 km or so shows low battery, if the whole can ride at a constant speed to 15 km. Fortunately, S2 can increase the battery module, and when I sleep single battery has already can't satisfy the I, I apply to the company for a piece of pool on the car, and through the APP to upgrade the firmware, and sure enough, power and range is very large, the high speed riding 27 km, uniform driving to riding around 30 kilometers, S2 can add battery this really good, the novice can select a single cell, learn to add a battery can be upgraded to high version, very convenient. Weight: ★★★★★ Whether it is a single battery or a dual battery, the weight of S2 is completely within the acceptable range, even for women, it is very easy to carry on walking, this is a great breakthrough in the balance of the car industry, I understand the current industry can be upgraded to the battery and also such a light car really did not. Hardware: ★★★★ This design that S2 handle picked up after the power to stop is very good, I played a lot of balanced cars, this car should feel most secure in the industry. For beginners, the S2 shell removal may be a little more difficult, you need some skills, if you are too hard to damage the enclosure. Overall, the car is the most comfortable car I rode, no one. Wish Ninebot is getting better and better, looking forward to review new products next time.
  21. JTerry

    Airwheel x3 Review

    I've had the Airwheel x3 since early fall, and I have quite a bit to say on this product. The Airwheel x3 was introduced to me last summer, and after riding for several hours, I was hooked! I purchased one from him and was zooming around while getting the hang of it. I never walk anywhere now, it feels good. After riding for about a week, I felt a cohesion between me, and my Uni. The product is performs great, and It took me until recently to feel "limited" by an entry level model. The Airwheel x3 is a great entry level product, I would recommend to anybody looking for short distance transportation, or looking for a fun time. 10/10 would recommend to my friends!
  22. My First Hoverboard (New Ride Technologies Model - Black Hoverboard 6.5 inch) Website I used to buy it: http://newridetechnologies.com Just to start off I wanted to write about my experience with my first hoverboard. I wanted a hoverboard for a while, I saved up and did some research on which board would be the fastest and most reliable. I narrowed it down to a few boards but decided to go with New Ride Technologies because of the price and the board modifications that provide three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. I started off using the beginner level, after a few minutes I actually found my self switching to the intermediate and advanced as It was very easy to learn with the youtube videos new ride has online. Now to go into the specifics. Pros: The board came quickly with free shipping. I was shocked. I did not check the exact speed of the hoverboard but I know it is very fast!! Cons: Bottom got scratched a little when I was riding very fast and didn't realize I went over rocks. Over all i love hoverboards and want togged more!
  23. vladmarks

    InMotion V5+ model review

    Wanted to share my most recent review of the new wheel by SCV. We recently tested the extended battery model of InMotion V5+ + The button on the handle is still an MVP + The pads for calves are super soft, with extra pack of ankle pads + Pedals are quite high and the software uses this advantage quite well - Even the bigger 280Wh battery doesn't do the trick - Speed maxed at 18 km/h is still there (I really hope that they decide to unlock a higher speed later) What are your thoughts? Is this going to be a major player for EUC market? Check out the full article I wrote for Project42 here: https://proj42.co.uk/project42-blog/195_inmotion-v5-electric-unicycle-review
  24. I purchased a Solowheel three years ago and have used it almost daily since then, riding approximately 25 km/week. I love my Solowheel and thoroughly enjoy riding it. I am also quite impressed with the device’s durability. My only mechanical problem with the Solowheel has been a single flat tire, which is a little tricky to replace. I learned to be careful to keep the tire pressure up. In year three, I thought my battery was breaking down because after only a 6 km ride, the red battery-warning light would start to flash. Quite by accident, I discovered the tire pressure was low, and when I refilled it the battery range problem went away. I should mention that I am very careful, every night, to put the Solowheel on it’s charger and. I understand that keeping a full charge as much as possible helps the lithium batteries. So, in late 2015 I decided to look at upgrading my Solowheel to a newer model. Of course, in three years quite a bit of product development had occurred and there were more competitive choices in the marketplace. I did some online research but unfortunately, many of the manufacturer’s sales documents were poorly written and online reviews were often written by people with little riding experience or experience with only one model. After considering several options, I decided to try the Ninebot Uni E+ model - although it seemed somewhat a gamble as I had seen both positive and negative comments about it online. So, after riding the Ninebot for a few months and accumulating 130 km of travel I am in a good position to review it, at least in comparison with the Solowheel. The Solowheel presents several great features. The device is very well built and has proven quite durable. Battery performance has been excellent. I find the Solowheel speed and balance good. The carrying handle is integrated into the body and functions quite well when picking up the unit, and especially after stepping off the Solowheel when finishing a ride. In general, I find I can ride about 4 km before my feet tire of the standing position and I need to step off and relax the muscles a couple minutes before resuming. The main Solowheel disadvantage - price. I originally purchased mine for $1800. The equivalent model now looks priced around $1400. The Ninebot E+ unit boasts of higher speed, longer range and is priced around $900. Out of the box, it certainly looks good with a more futuristic-looking outer shell and integrated LED lights. It was also noticeably heavier than my Solowheel - as disclosed online in the specifications. With my Solowheel experience, I was able to ride the Ninebot immediately. True to specification, it certainly rides faster than the Solowheel at top speed. In fact, I find the Ninebot top speed uncomfortably fast for “cruising” but nice when you need a burst of speed to pass walkers/bikers. I have confirmed the longer battery range and the bluetooth connected iphone app is very handy to check battery status. Some other observations. First, the position of the pedals on the Ninebot angle up slightly compared to the Solowheel and I found the Ninebot weight to be carried a little higher (probably due to larger motor or batteries). Both these differences took some time to get used to and I initially found them less comfortable than the Solowheel. However, now I no longer notice the difference. I also found I needed to add a little extra padding to the Ninebot where my legs touched the side of the unit. Helpfully, the padding was included in the box. Most unexpectedly, I continue to find the Ninebot seems more stable when riding at very slow speeds compared to the Solowheel. I’m not sure the reason, but if I have to slow down behind some walkers, waiting to pass them, the Ninebot is more stable and easier to maneuver at these lower speeds. On the downside, my Ninebot arrived with a very low tire pressure. The instructions are included to add air, but it requires taking off the plastic cover and this is not trivial. Without care, the “snap tabs” holding the cover on can break. I am not sure how many cycles of remove/reinstall those tabs will take. I don’t suspect very many. Also, the Ninebot comes with a recessed handle built into the body. This looks very nice and functions alright (some reviews have warned the handle can break too easily) but I find it very inconvenient when stepping off the unit at the end of a ride to try and grab this recessed handle. It works much better when simply moving the unit around, into and out of the car for example. Finally, my bluetooth connection with the Ninebot only works about 75% of the time. I have no idea why. For that reason, I am afraid to put a digital lock “code” on the unit or even update the firmware for fear that I end up with a unusable “brick”. Some online reviewers have mentioned firmware updates can be tricky. It appears the only manufacturer’s support originates from very far away in China. On the other hand, I can see no pressing reason to update the firmware. The Ninebot really seems to work great! So to summarize, I am really impressed with the overall technology in both these units. Each product works as advertised and makes a great short-distance transportation unit. I especially love how I can put these units into my car, using them for easy-transit around my destination, or carry them into a building. The range and speed options are quite suitable and recharging is relatively quick (a couple hours in both cases). I recommend either unit to interested buyers.