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Found 2 results

  1. Okay so here goes. I decided that this spring I am going to learn to thing. 1) Stepping on and off with non-dominant leg. 2) Reverse riding 20m or about 60'. Then I take it from there... I have been watching some videos off this, but one thing that is hardly covered is suggestions once you have learned to do this what people can pass on to make it easier and to avoid major injuries. So it should be obvious that if you are fully geared up you might hurt yourself less, but it can lead to being less agile so... Next thing what wherl do you suggest and why, and which would you not recommend and why? So why do I want to learn step 1? Answer I figure it might be useful to know before hoing to step 2. To me that means to build up balance and muscles to do this. This is due to my physical shape is rock buttom since my osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis in knees and hip and lower back. But my attitude to this new challenge: I choose to do this not because it is easy but because it is hard, and I will grow and benafit from this. (I seem to recall a dude saying somthing similar about going to the moon, yes I am almost that old or the statement is just so true and famous that it rang to the next generation too). So heres comes the questions I hope can get answers that help me and others. * Best choice of wheel, size, brand and why? * What you would not use? * Any aids that can help, wall, fench, broom what ever you found usefull? * Any protection you should or should not use? I can't see me doing this without a helmet. * Please share any video you have that helped you or you made. * Surrunging that can help? Eg a small decline kind of leading you in the direction you want to go or better at a level gound? Asphalt vs grass? Now I know thete are a lot out thete on youtube, but this is why I asked for a new main page for learning section and a place people can post progress as they learn new tricks or skills. I know this is going to be hard to learn, so I am going to film this and post videos for others that want to learn and to gain encouragement when it seems too hard. Ohh yes this is an accident waiting to happen....
  2. Use this tip to learn how to ride your electric unicycle backwards or in reverse... I requires some practice but you will get there eventually.. Remember to use proper protection....
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