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Found 12 results

  1. Handle is broken and I'm looking for a replacement. Has anyone broken theirs yet? This is what it looks like: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w6cYqwNsx1ro4C-KLumL_yUuSve0jR0c/view?usp=sharing I'm not sure how to upload picts here
  2. So I bought a ninebot mini pro used. Short story the battery is dead, completely. I've taken it out and tried charging it. Nothing. Yes I know this voids the warranty but I didn't have it to begin with so... Oh, the infamous 4 red flashes on the battery and my research online suggest it's completely dead.. Does anyone know where I can order a replacement? Has anyone used moreformini.com before? That's the only one I can find.. thanks in advance for your help
  3. Scratched up my Z10 pedals plenty and am looking to replace them and the trolley handle. Ninebot doesn't seem to be offering any official replacement parts unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Has anyone bought some off AliExpress or other sites? I'm a little sketched as I don't know if they are actually Ninebot official parts, and I'd like to trust what's under my feet at 27mph. Linked a couple below. Link Link
  4. I managed to lose the little rubber grommet thing that covers the battery screws on my Ninebot One S2, so I made a 3D printable copy. Posting incase anyone else runs into the same problem and has a 3D printer handy. You can grab the files + some more details on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2783786 I printed it out of a rubbery TPU and it seems to do the job!
  5. I am asking 200 dollar each if you are interested. also i will throw a flat tire ninebot E+ for 100 dollar. the thing is you need to patch the tire yourself. if you are DIY person. I guanrantee it is working. I have been riding 2 month ago.
  6. Important part first: Here's how I fit replacement power filter capacitors in a KS-14C. It solves the problem of constantly bending the leads when you have to access the batteries, and shortens the distance between the second capacitor and the circuit board, which increases its ability to do its job. I came into possession of a faulty KS-14C from electricunicyclereview's closing, along with a new control board and batteries for it. It would turn on and run, but had very low battery and wouldn't accept a charge. When I opened it up I saw that the power filter capacitors were blown. I put the new circuit board in, and it would boot up but not balance or light up the battery indicator. It probably just needs to be configured for the first time, but I figured that since the original board was functional and just needed new capacitors, I'd try to fix it. I realized the replacements I'd gotten were slightly skinnier, enough to fit in the circuit board compartment lying flat. I mounted them as such, put everything back together, and it works! I also replaced the battery with 2 packs, and discovered it had a few bad cells after tearing it apart. The rest are good, so they'll be useful for other EUC-related projects. In researching the repair, I discovered that the capacitors are less effective the further away they are from the MOSFETS (in terms of electrical path) It has to do with impedance and smoothing the voltage ripple - I suspect the blown capacitors contributed to damaging the battery pack, perhaps being blown during an over-voltage downhill surge that then killed a few cells without the capacitors to smooth the spikes. I also learned that the wires between the batteries and an ESC should be as short as possible, to reduce impedance (which I understand to be a sort of "lag" between the voltage dropping and the batteries providing the amps to restore it, which the capacitors are there to fill in for) SO, it follows that shortening the battery wires as much as possible and installing larger power filter capacitors would be an overall "upgrade" to unicycle electronics, their robustness and its ability to handle bumps / uneven terrain without as much pedal dip, which is better for the unicycle and the rider. Thoughts? Some designs have up to 6-8" of wire that could be removed, and according to this forum post, that would be worth doing.
  7. I have this issue with the current machine that was in storage and i'm trying to recover it. And it's currently my only euc, so i reeaaaally need to fix it :-O Photos in big rez #1 | #2 | #3 It's suffers from downhill road damage, it shut down, i've jumped safely but it started bouncing for like 15m before stoping and some stuff broke :'( The following Gif shows a bit of space on the left part of the wheel on pedal/axis And i've also broken the plastic part protecting the battery level led and the light led. The machine also has 2 of the total 4 screw bases smashed resulting on a gap on the wheel Photo in big rez I've taken into action and opened the parts i could open cause i couldn't split in half to get access to the battery, i want to get to know the kind or even part number to order a new one or replace it with a new custom pack like @esaj suggested on the -> ..that the user @1RadWerkstatt can build. Anyways, moving on to some side/internals Photos on big rez #1 | #2 Now to the questions part. I need to find what kind of Firewheel Clone that is, preferably the model number so i can search online for support, i know i'm far-fetching but at least i can try. I need to replace the battery as soon as possible cause this model has more than 2.000 klm (over 1250 miles) and the battery does sudden shuts After i gather the above i need to know if it's possible for a bms mod to keep me a bit safer while wheeling I know i'm asking a lot, but i'm not that adept with tampering these things, i'm more on the theoretical side of things.. I hope there is someone out there to help me with this thing.. it's the only euc i have left and i hate the fact that i use public transport for my daily commute :-#
  8. Hi, I'm interested in buying the Ninebot One E+, but some online reviewers complain about the handle being defective and breaking. Does anyone in the forum have this experience? Is this a defect that they have now fixed?
  9. My hoverboard just came in the mail a few weeks ago and just as it arrived I had seen news posts on them exploding. So instinctively I did some research. Come to find out the board I bought was not certified and the battery/charger weren't certified/safe either. So I went onto Amazon to find replacement battery and charger. Here's the Samsung certified battery I found: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Replacement-Battery-Self-balancing-Electric/dp/B015D2AV7G/ref=sr_1_6?s=outdoor-recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1450329671&sr=1-6&keywords=hoverboard+samsung+battery Here's the certified charger I found: http://www.amazon.com/EcooTech-Universal-Balancing-Scooters-Drifting/dp/B017W90C86/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1450329557&sr=8-2&keywords=self+smart+balance+board And the board that I have is this one: http://g03.s.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1NPDiKFXXXXcAXFXXq6xXFXXX5/Siezend-New-Design-Products-Skywalker-Board-2.jpg except its not certified and its unbranded. Would replacing the battery on this be safe and would it be effective? Also the voltage on the battery is 36V 4.4Ah and the adapter/charger OUTPUT is 42V 1.5Ah w/ 100-200V charging requirement (In the product desc. it says 24V, would that also affect/ruin the battery if its too little?). Would that affect the safety/charging rate of the board/battery? One more question, is there a difference between female and male chargers (serious question)? Sorry for how many questions there are but can someone that is educated on technology please reply and answer ALL the questions they can? I don't want opinions I want facts.
  10. Hi, I have a copy unicycle and at the moment it will not turn on. I have checked the battery and the motor so it must be the PCB. Can anyone help me to source a replacement part, please. Thank you
  11. Hey Folks, I have a couple questions: -Are King Song units waterproof enough for use in the rain? I see that some of the gaps appear to be sealed with foam around the control board in disassembly photos----I was wondering if the same goes for the battery compartment. -How easy is it to get replacement parts for these units? Especially new batteries after the first one starts to degrade with use? Thanks, -Jacques
  12. Has any one asked their sellers if when the time comes, do they have replacement batteries for sell? I was shocked to learn mine does not! How can you sell battery run vehicles, but w/ no batteries? Where to get replacement batteries and how much will they cost? The same price as vehicle? Love the throw-away society... Hundred different eus and a hundred different batteries... Here buy my battery and as a bonus you get an electronic unicycle for free....
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