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Found 20 results

  1. Post the typical effective range you get out of your Sherman, make it short, simple, and include: - Weight - Speeds - Riding mode This is so people can easily find the actual range of the sherman, I have a little idea though, I could mess around with some graphs so it'd be even easier to see what range you'd actually get out of it for different situations and different weights
  2. S18 XL Battery Project Project photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ct1hhpYLYmc9uDvq6 Ordered: 21700 cells, 2 x 10S packs Added another 20S in parallel (wired both packs in series). Each pack includes a BMS, so no funky wiring beyond the addition of a parallel connection. Waterproofed all the exterior wiring. S18 will no longer be ridden seated as is. Worthy trade off for larger battery capacity. A little top heavy; reminiscent of the V12. You can feel the motor have more immediate torque/acceleration. The battery is top-mounted and should not be damaged in a fall unless the wheel does a full on roll/bounce situation. Charges with stock or alternate aftermarket variable/fast chargers. Before: 60 x 21700 cells Rated capacity: 1110wh Energy consumption (average): 26.9wh/mi Range 0-100%: ~41 miles After: 80 x 21700 cells Estimated capacity: 1484wh Energy consumption (average): 26.9wh/mi Range 0-100%: ~54 miles Battery packs ordered from AliExpress, requested an XT90 plug. You must specify a plug or you will be sent a default/no plug. XT90 series and parallel connectors purchased via amazon. In future projects, I may opt for smaller plugs (XT60, maybe even XT30). This would reduce cable component surface area and make accessibility more convenient.
  3. Good day all, I am selling my 2018 KS-14S 840Wh/800W black wheel. My story follows... In 2018 I moved to Charleston, SC, and as a hair-brained idea to beat traffic here in the city, I purchased a King Song 14S to ride to work from EWheels, along with a fast charger. Good thing too, as the stock chargers for King Song wheels tend to get hotter than you might expect. I have also done some recreational riding in my off time and have enjoyed this wheel as an intriguing, head-turning way to get around. However, recently, I rode to work, and took a low-speed tumble as I caught one of the pedals on a curb while transitioning across a parking garage drive, thus throwing me off the wheel. I had my hands out to catch myself, and wrist pads, elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet, and still managed to break my arm. All of this at less than 5mph. While I realize there are some older riders in the group, I am coming to grips that even though I'm not 40 yet, I am getting fragile as I age, and i need to be making better decisions as to the things I attempt to do and the consequences it may entail. And although I have enjoyed this wheel, and want to continue riding it, the sad truth is that there just isn't good infrastructure anywhere in this area to do so to commute, and it is largely unsafe. This is a town I'm nervous to DRIVE in, much less ride on an EUC. So, I've decided to put my wheel up for sale. Despite it being a learner wheel, it is in good operational condition, but with some cosmetic storytelling to go along with it, primarily the foot pedals, and some minor body scuffs. There is no broken plastic, and the only thing electronic that's questionable is one LED on one side that is missing some green output. I started to learn to ride in the grass where any falls I would suffer would be softened by the dirt underneath, and would save harm to myself and the wheel. I went into this ordeal knowing it was going to get scuffed up because I've never ridden one of these before. This wheel is black, and I have applied some of the piping that comes in the box to its casing to save some scuffs if I can. The foot pegs, as I mentioned, are scarred up a moderate amount from my learning experiences, but are in good repair otherwise. It has 563.5KIm on the clock, so fairly low mileage, and it will charge completely. My research on battery care indicates that it is best to keep the battery between 30-80% most of the time, with the occasional charge to 100% when you know you are going to ride it soon thereafter. The quick charger will be included and has the capacity to select 3, 4, or 5A charging, and to cut it off at 80, 90, or 100% charge It also has a fan in it, and a voltage readout, and is built with heavier gauge wires than the stock charger. I will include both, and the original box, which is a double-box. All safety functions work correctly including tilt-back, speakers, voice warnings and lights, and this wheel is bi-directional. It has a headlight and tail/brake light on both sides. It's on the original tire, which still has a good tread on it, and the wheel has been stored with roughly 45% charge on it. It's never a good idea to store it with a full charge. I have not had to open this wheel for any reason. It has never cut out on me, and despite cutting it close on available range, has never left me stranded. I wish I could advertise a pristine wheel, but that's not the case. Anyone who takes up EUC riding has to learn somewhere, and this one was mine. I've gotten back up and back "in the saddle" more than my fair share of times, but a broken arm is going to have to be a stopping point for me. I can only take so much abuse before I draw the line, and say, "yeah, this was kind of a crazy idea to begin with," but what a ride! I really enjoyed my time. I just wish my local infrastructure was better, and the same for my personal biological infrastructure. Thanks for reading, and I will update and lock appropriately when this wheel moves. Pictures will be provided upon request. Feel free to ask me anything you like about this, and I will do my best to answer your questions. Asking $750 shipped, MSRP on EWheels is $1,175+tax.
  4. I'm about to get a new 16x as my first ever wheel within few days, never felt so excited buying something like this before. I'm a photographer and usually walk around 20km a day when going out taking photos (I don't like the action of walking but I do like to go out and shoot), until I saw a guy who was on an EUC a week ago I knew it right away I have to get one. There are just so many places I've wished I can go but never knew how to because I don't own a car and my type of photography is more of a stop and shoot during the walk rather than going to one specific location. So I'm wondering in term of distance perception how do you feel about certain distance comparing before and after owing a wheel? does going around the city suddenly became an easy thing for you? and in what way does riding EUC feels good to you? Would love to know all your opinion. Thanks :)
  5. With winter coming on I am curious if anyone has ever tested how much power/range is lost when the temperature is below freezing. Does anyone know of a range test that was done in warm weather and then again in cold? Is it a minor difference (like 5%) or a major difference (like 25%)?
  6. KingSong 18XL Range Test. Get a chance to see some of the countryside in Denmark: https://youtu.be/FFsSbt0VM50
  7. Hi all. I’d like to ask for some advice. I bought my first wheel (V8F) in July, and I LOVE it. However therein lies my problem: I found my desire to ride is often outlasting its range (24-30km). I’m now looking at the KS-16S. Generally I use it for recreation, mostly on paved trails and bike lanes. I’m a conservative rider; max speed and acceleration are not as important to me (I cruise at a relaxing 20-ish km/h). What is your opinion? Thanks in advance!
  8. Two Veteran Sherman riders document 200 mile (322.4 km) electric unicycle (EUC) ride from Beijing to Ulanqab. Unfortunately, the Tik Tok video does not show the start time of the trip, which begins June 13, 2020, but what is revealed is a potential new top range and a peek into the Sherman’s battery usage. (Read more)
  9. Hello everybody. I want to clear my brain of some worries and listen to input about this from other riders who may have more knowledge on this than me. On a group ride in late Feb, I rode about 45km and returned home with 35% battery remaining. Pretty good for a day spent going up long hills as well as down them, in temps between 4-7C Just recently after that, I decided to get some Silicone and made a custom gasket for my sidepanels. Just as an insurance against any future water ingress. There's obviously been some water in my color LED's because on the left side they spaz out, even when not set to be turned on as I ride. But I don't really care about them, and I don't even know how to get into them in the first place. Okay, so with that metric as my background, my following issue is this. I took my wheel out for a ride of about 20km the other day, and felt like the battery had drained substantially more than I was expecting. I will link a few EUCWorld tours at the end of this for anyone to look at. I didn't think too much more about it, and went about my day. Then I had another ride, and again, I was wondering why the battery level dropped so far down after such a short drive. These rides have all been in temps around 3-8C on a tire that measures around 1.6-7 bars pressure. Secondly, and this might be completely unrelated: Looking at EUCWorld, the battery indicator in the app does not update nearly as smoothly as it did before. It used to be that it would respond completely linearly with the load you put on the wheel, so that you could know if pushing it a certain amount with how much battery was remaining, to 0% (In the app, anyway) However, this is no longer the case. Now it updates very, very rarely. If that is related to my wheel or not, I don't know, but I thought it was worth noting, in case anyone else has seen this too. 20km ride from earlier today. 13Km ride from earlier today
  10. Hey all, nabbed a Z10 back in October and have been happily shortcutting urban transportation since. I recently checked the app and realized I've put 1000 miles on the wheel! I thought I'd ask if there is anything I should think about tuning up or checking out after this much mileage. The wheel is working great, and I'd love to make sure it stays that way. Any tips or advice?
  11. KS18L Range Test of my brand new Kingsong KS18L taking it to work and back. Did I make the trip? This is a real-life range test, with a 200 lbs rider, windy conditions in 20C.
  12. I am planning a 100 mile Dawn-to-Dusk ride this summer with a KS18L (not XL sob..sob). I will spend 6 hours charging. That means I must execute the right ratio of speed to time, or I won't make it. It will be very hard, early in the ride, with adrenaline flowing, to ride at an even, conservative pace. We shall see. I am sure there are others interested in doing extreme long distance rides. To be called a Extreme Long Distance ride (ELDR) for purposes of this thread, the ride has to be a minimum of 80 km continuous. You can stop to charge, eat, relax, but you must complete the ride as part of one riding session. If one is doing a multiple day ride, one can slip below 80 km on a given day, but the average for the whole ride must equal 80 km/day. The challenges for my ride is my riding weight of 109 kg, and that there are NO places to get partial/quick charges except at designated locations at the end of each leg and those will be full charges from 10% or so to 100%., taking a minimum of 3 hours with 5 amp charger. I am considering using a 5 amp charger and the regular 1.5 amp charger for a total of 6.5 amp charging. I think that would still be safe .. ? Anyone can ride fast .. who can ride long?
  13. I did a bit of prodding in the official Discord channel before deciding to post my issue here and such... Yesterday, I decided to see how far I could push my new V10F on a single charge. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed when my answer ended up being ~24 miles. I'm at a bit of a loss for the solution, as the only thing I could come up with was that the li-ion pack may have gotten swapped out accidentally, when they were fiddling with the waterproofing issue. The ride was smooth, level, and paved for at least 90% of the trip... with the only exceptions being road crossings and a couple of bridges. I only weigh 160lb, so weight shouldn't be an issue. I keep tire pressure at roughly 36PSi, as well. Most, if not all acceleration and deceleration cycles were smooth and gradual, too. To me, 24 miles seems abnormally short, considering InMotion claims at least 50 under ideal conditions. Even derating that value by 10-20% is acceptable. Something seems quite off, when one is only able to achieve 40-50% of the stated range. Thoughts?
  14. Hello guys, I've spent quite a bit of time perusing the forum (and others), but I haven't found much information about the new miniPRO 260 model, which I own two of. I bought my first miniPRO 260 from Amazon during the last sale. I was hesitant because of the smaller battery, but I figured that 1.5mi deficit was not a huge dealbreaker. When the unit arrived, however, I was surprised to see the app estimating an 11mi range with 100% battery. I know that range is dependent on riding style, temperature, weight, etc, but I at least expected the app to estimate the full 12.5mi range when fully charged. Furthermore, I have only ever achieved about 7 miles of actual range on the miniPRO, with normal riding over flat terrain, and tires at 45psi (I weight 175lbs). Based on my research, I figured that this was way too low, so I exchanged the unit. The new miniPRO 260 now advertises 14mi on a full charge, but that instantly drops to 11mi the second any weight is placed on the foot sensors! Does this happen to anybody else? The drop is universal at 3mi, meaning it will, for instance, go from 9 to 6 mi when at that level. I guess I'm curious what other miniPRO 260 owners report their app saying, and if the range is actually that much different than mine. I just got the replacement unit this evening, and I haven't had a chance to ride it to empty yet, but so far it seems about in-line with my previous miniPRO.
  15. I just keep getting impressed with the range of the Kingsong vehicles. Today I went for a 73.5 km ride. Thats over 45.6 miles. Still had 12% power and was only admonished twice about being too low on power and in need of a recharge. Speed was limited for the last 4-5 miles. From 28mph (my limit so far) to 24mph and 20 mph and finally 17 mph at the end. I weigh 150 lbs and the terrain was climing a Mountain, descending, racing along the river, traversing Elysian Park and Dodgers Stadium. Found it to be a much nicer warning system than the original 18S, which took me 62 miles on a 1680wh battery. So what is your record so far on a Kingsong? Good or Bad results are all welcome. Lets try to stay away from equivocators like someone is too scrawney or someone is too large carriaged. Just the recorded distance and the set up of the ride and the riders. 73.5 kms / 45.6 miles on a KS18L 1036wh battery. whats yours?
  16. Does anyone know the range the Inmotion V3 Pro gets? thanks
  17. Following up on @Marty Backe and his disappointment in the KS-18s range I decided to do another 100-0% test on my KS-16s which I haven't done for a pretty long time, just in case I remembered wrong. I know I have been somewhat disappointed in the range of my 16s for quite some time. I start to get noticeable performance throttling as high as 40-50% battery. If you are using a charge doctor to start at 80% this doesn't give you very much "fun" range to play with. Below 35% the performance drops to just barely faster than a ninebot, around 15 mph. Below 15% you are limited to 12 mph. So from 100-0% today I got 23.5 miles, approximately 2.5 hrs of riding. To be fair this is on the hills of San Francisco both up and down some fairly steep inclines over the course of the test. I generally only feel good about riding my KS-16s for about 10-15 miles most days. Once it starts to throttle your top speed it also starts to struggle to climb hills and does not take well to hitting bumps at speed. Since I live in an urban area full of steep hills I always feel these effects if I ride more than 5 miles one way since my home is on top of a giant hill. So if I had double the battery (840 in my 16s to the 1680 of the 18s) I would have made 47 miles. This is almost exactly what Marty got I believe so I feel like those who have speculated one of the three battery packs may be disconnected are likely wrong. It really probably only goes ~45 miles if it is roughly double the endurance of my 16s. Since I use my 16s primarily to commute 7 miles per day roughly the range does not stop it from fulfilling that primary function. However, it really is not enough to go on longer group rides or extended hill climbing as the battery starts to limit your performance to the point where you could not keep up with the group within a fairly short amount of time. That being said the wheel has been great for traveling around the city and I still have fun riding it - but it just turns out the practical usable range for me is so far below what is commonly described on this forum that I feel like people should be informed. If I'd known the range was that limited I might have chosen a different wheel instead. What do you guys think? Are the riding conditions here (cold and hilly) making this more of an issue for me than for the average 16s owner? Or have others noticed this as well?
  18. I’ve been given the opportunity to get a good deal on a practically new 18s . It’s the 840wh version though. I’ve heard that the 1680wh version doesn’t really have all that great of a range so wondering what people have gotten out of the 840. My main consideration here is price . Is 25-35mi feasible ?
  19. I have a KS14D so 420wh battery . The range on it is decent for the type of riding I have been doing lately but I do seem to be charging it almost every night. My main question here is whether or not that is bad for it ? Today for instance I checked my battery level and it’s at 84%. Given that I run into the power restrictions and warning beeps somewhere around 40% I decided to top it off before I head out . Will doing this decrease the life of my battery ? I’ve heard 20-80% is the “sweet spot “ but due to the low wh rating I really need to be at 95-100% if I’m planning on going out for long rides .
  20. How far can you travel at top speed or close to it on your device in freezing weather and warm weather? provide: battery size, Wh average speed Range at top speed in below freezing/Range at top speed above 10 degrees Celsius Given comfortable tyre pressure.
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