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Found 7 results

  1. Many of you know I broke my wrist not too long ago after a 9bot1 fall (my own fault, not that of the 9bot ), but I was wearing wrist protection, specifically 187 Killer wrist guards (Derby Wrist). I am wondering if anyone else has suffered significant injuries to their wrists, either a break or bad sprain after using wrist protection, and what brand/model of wrist protection that was. The fall could have occurred as a result of EUC, skateboard, motocross, whatever. I'm interested in what works and what doesn't. I do know that protective gear is not a guarantee of non-injury, but I am interested in what may be the least and most effective designs for wrist protection. Likewise, if you took a particularly nasty spill where you thought your wrist guards saved you from a broken bone or bones, add your comments as well. It's going to be quite a while before I can ride again, so I have plenty of time to work on my repeat injury prevention plan!
  2. i stumbled off my msuper turning around on a steep hill - to prevent it from crashing down the hill i dug in with my right leg and it bashed my shin... hurt like a mother, and couldn't ride either of my wheels for almost a week (without padding). so now i've still got a bump there, but it's improved and there's no more pain. after that i decided to get shin guards. these are cool because they're super lightweight, only have one strap, and i think are adequate for not-so-serious collisions/stumblings - they definitely would have prevented my injury, as the padding is right where the contusion occurred. https://www.amazon.com/Scott-Grenade-EVO-Shin-Guards/dp/B06Y1CZCQF
  3. Evel_Knievel

    EUC vs. Tesla

    Did you all catch this video?! Video is WAY too long so let me summarize: EUC races Tesla across town (4.5 miles) EUC rider is wearing flip flops and a pink short suit...?! Rider falls after hitting a bump in the road but brushes it off They both get there about the same time...(tesla technically wins) Rider goes to the hospital and finds out he broke his wrist!!! Post surgery x-ray shows pins in wrist!!! Draw your own lessons learned, but I take it as reminder to pad up whenever possible and take these machines seriously. Gravity and physics do not fail while our riding skills, and less often the wheels, do.
  4. I was wondering if there should be a dedicated section to protective gear. I'm in the market now for buying a full set as my first wheel arrives this week. I have found useful information by searching but it is strewn around in different sections and sometimes in non-related threads where things have gone on a tangent. With EUCs being what they are protective gear is almost a more important purchase than the wheel itself so I though if there were a dedicated section here it may encourage more discussion/questions about it, more reviews from users and provide a one-stop place for people to research new gear.
  5. I was wondering, what kind of protective gear is actually most comfortable and easy to use. Any recommendations? As for using a mirror, I can't bring myself to fixing one at my helmet as I have seen in several different clips on YouTube. Helmet mirrors look quite practical but not really stylish and rather dangerous in case of a bad fall. They might insure my face or even my eyes. So I decided to go with this set up in the pictures below and I would like to share this with you, as I found it rather safe an practical. Having a mirror in the palm of your hand also has the advantage of protecting your hand in case of a fall.
  6. Hey euc lovers! I know there are lots of you who started riding very basic default models purchased off alibaba, ebay and other retailers. These tend to have sharp top corners and hurt your calves more than some of the newer models. Have any of you used/still use particular protection gear for calves to make the learning a bit easier and prevent bruising? We've recently ordered several boxes of branded custom equipment that has extra silicon inserts on the inner sides. The main reason I'm asking is to gather feedback and provide our future customers with some insight about these kits. So far, our tests during the academies show that wearing a set reduces your leg fatigue during the training. However, in order to make a fair test we'd have to set two similar individuals with almost identical physique, which wasn't possible so far. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this: maybe you used some kind of alternative to guard your shins during the training? Just like my technique of rolling up the sweatpants so that only the softest spot interacts with the EUC
  7. Snurre

    Spinal protection?

    Last week while floating along at walking speed my cheap Airwheel X3 threw me off backwards (instant tilt-back?). I am a newbie but I have been able to ride back and forth through the neighborhood for a few days without falling except for the occasional bail-out where I always landed on my feet. I have been riding a lot in the "beep region" but never at tilt-back speed but I guess my 83kg was just too much for that wheel. My body hit the ground in a L-fashion with an erect, vertical back and my legs flat on the asphalt. Judging by the welts on my hands, they probably took some of the blow but it was mostly my spine that got hurt and I still have some mid-back pain although it will probably heal well in a few weeks. The irony of it is that, having read up on (and experienced) the X3 limitations, I had already ordered a new wheel (Inmotion V8 from WheelGo) which I will be picking up today at the post office. From what I hear, the probability of such an incident happening on a newer construction should be near zero. However, a grain of doubt has now been planted in my mind and I conjure up all sorts of worst-case scenarios: Could perhaps this specimen out of X thousand be a faulty one? Skidding on wet leaves, hit by bikes, cars, etc. It's my spine I am worried about. Apart from my head it's the one thing I would hate to mess up. To get some peace of mind and to regain my rider's confidence (gotta get back on that horse) I thought I would go find some back protection to use while recuperating but I can't seem to find anything that offers axial protection for the spine. Does anyone have any experience with this or will I have to resort to wearing a pillow on my butt?