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Found 5 results

  1. 5 reported accidents so far. my friend included. 20 ish kmh on flat road and the wheel just cut power after a few seconds with on and off. his face is not pretty right now. Could everyone with the same batchnumber report in and also if you had a problem. thanks Moderator notice, June 24th 2017: Apparently motorcode is not a reliable way to know if your wheel is affected, the motors might have numbers going back to 2016 (like 1608) and still be affected. Basically if you've bought an MSuper, ACM (and/or maybe Monster) since sometime in start of May 2017, your wheel might be affected. You need some other way to establish when the wheel was built, apparently there's another code somewhere, maybe on the box it was shipped with. 1705 (2017 05, 2017 May) seems to be the magic number, basically any way to make sure that your wheel was or wasn't built after beginning of May. So far it appears that the software goes haywire after riding over a bump. For some riders, this has happened at low speeds, but others report it only occurring at high speed. The wheel is reported to start oscillating back and forth and cut out soon after (maybe in a matter of <0.5 seconds), leading either to crash or the rider jumping off. There seems to be no warning before it happens. Gotway claimed the problem was solved and sent out new replacement boards that should have been OK. That was not the case, the problems still seems to remain, only maybe with higher speed now? At the time of this writing, apparently even brand new wheels still have the issue. Suggesting everyone with the affected wheels to stay off them until Gotway has fixed the firmware for sure, and your dealer gets the equipment and the binaries required to flash a fixed firmware to the board (or new boards with new firmware). This video was shot by @Marty Backe with a board that was supposed to be fixed:
  2. Hello, I have a ninobot one S2 and the ax was broken so i had to replace it. Now i have the problem that i don't know how it was wired! Can someone please check how this wires must be attached to this print??? I have 5 wires en 5 points on the print. What color belongs to which point? Thanks!!!
  3. Hi all, just a quick summary of a problem I had with KS16 which is now resolved with the good support of @Jason McNeil So I have a KS16 which I had been riding for about a month when I heard a scraping noise somewhere from the machine. It turned out that one of the "arms" between the foot stand and the wheel was so bent that it scraped against the when when I was turning/leaning. I contacted Jason from whom I bought the wheel and got replacement parts straight away which I'm really grateful for. So after taking the poor thing apart I never managed to get the foot stands off so I could not change the hole "arm". Instead I just changed the bolts and the upper part of the "arm" and that seems to have done the trick. I haven't gone very far yet so worst case I'll get the same problem again but I kind of doubt that. Anyway, this is just a general message if you have the same problem then it might very well be a quite easy thing to get fixed so don't panic like I did. I'm 90 kg and don't ride like crazy (over 40), but it might be that this has happen when I was training doing a one foot start (2*90 on one side). So what I'm thinking here is that maybe it's possible to get some better harden bolts if the problem comes back. The only question is how much torque I dare to use when the "arms" are aluminum. A final note is that the faulty bolts are straight so my guess is that the material got weaker allowing it to flex. Separating this arm into two different sections looks like a bad design choice compared to ninebot that only uses one piece of metal but maybe there is some good reason for it.
  4. Im looking into purchasing my first wheel i've narrow it down to the kingsong or one of these 2 IPS, is this site the resellers of IPS? if not , where can i purchase the IPS zero? my daily use of the wheel would probably only consist of getting around on campus and a very small amount of side walks. http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/ips-i130-30km-h-130wh-electric-unicycle.html http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/ips-zero-14-inch-30km-h-260wh-electric-unicycle.html thanks
  5. I'm still a newbie, yesterday I went and took my ninebot e+ for a ride with no problems. I was going what I thought was a pretty fast speed no issues. But today it keeps pulling me back from going faster. Im barely going at a walkers speed and its saying I'm going 12 km/h. Is there anyway to recalibrate the speedometer on this thing or is there a way to go faster than 12km/h. when I bought this thing it was advertised at 20km/h. I need help, I feel like I'm barely moving and it pulls me back!
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