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Found 2 results

  1. (07/03/2019)***Next week, Gearbest 5th anniversary (13-28 March) Do you know what's this mean ? Like for last Black Friday & 11 11 events, prices will fall, flash sales and pre order sale with deposit ... Get in touch with me if you are looking for anything or follow me here, on my shopping guide or on Twitter*** UPDATE: Please look last post thank you After the V5F and the V10, Gearbest has added the InMotion V8 to its catalog price €630 starting price: €948 But, that means that the price will fall. The more you add the V8 to your favorites in your Gearbest, the price will go down As for the other two models They will not sell the V8 more expensive than the V10 ($842 / €738) Actually, only Russian Federation- Available shipping methods: Priority Line- Estimated Shipping Time 15-30 business days Shipping: FREE SHIPPING Soon available for european countries ****************************************************** Official store : INMOTION Global Store on Aliexpress Sell InMotion V8 € 800/US $898 and for 11-11 special event €767,81 ******************************************************* InMotion V8- spare parts & accessories https://mini-j-s-g.jimdo.com/inmotion/v8/
  2. Hi all, I am moving to the city-center soon and I'm looking to buy a low cost commuter Electric Unicycle. This post is a request for buying advice but it will hopefully serve other potential EUers in a similar situation. Budget: ~$500 USD shipped, less if possible. Country: Australia (NSW) and New Zealand (road rules / import advice anyone?) Intended Use: Commuting in the CBD - pretty flat, decent road / footpath surface, high foot traffic. About Me: 75kg, can ride regular unicycles and could potentially be interested in learning tricks etc Things I value: maneouverability, easiness to carry (size, weight and form factor), ergonomics (objective), style (subjective), practical range up to ~15km, reliability / not suddenly cutting out while I'm riding, not having annoying speed warnings / restrictions. Things I don't value / can't afford: practical range beyond ~15km, easiness to learn, off-road ability, features, moddability, speed beyond 20km/h. The budget constraint means that build quality and customer service probably have to go here too unfortunately. The budget obviously narrows down the selection significantly. The candidates that I've identified are some of the cheaper Airwheel, IPS, TG and Gotway models and the cheapest Firewheel and Ninebot models. Some quick pros and cons of specific models I'm considering: these are not reviews, but rather opinions I've formed from reading other posts on this forum so please don't rely on them! Instead, could experienced users please chip in to validate / correct / expand on my list? Remember that the pros and cons are relative to other EUs in this budget and in the context of the things I do and don't value. TG-F3: (difference between T3 and F3 anybody?) Pros: cheap: 280-350 USD exc. shipping for the 264Wh TG F3 version from tinydeal. ~$120-150 shipping to Australasia. Cons: "Speed, battery capacity, tilt back at speed, power" - see Grinchy's TG T3 first day review. Gotway 14 260Wh: Pros: well-favoured brand on this forum (^tom^, Grinchy etc are in favour of it as a street / commuter EU), range, speed, can apparently do something about alarm noises, steel frame Cons: ergonomics (compared to Solowheel, see GQS' review), well outside the $500 budget once shipping is included, heavy at ~13kg Gotway 10 260Wh: Pros: as above, but more maneouverable and lighter / easier to carry? Cons: as above, but less comfortable and very sensitive to small bumps. Probably not suitable for commuting. Airwheels Pros: Readily available in Australasia - presumably come with return policies and actual customer service. Cons: In terms of price / performance characteristics the Airwheel models seem to be dominated by Gotway - comments on this anyone? IPS I130 800W: Pros: The brand gets good reviews on this forum (Tim Duffet, Gimlet), cheap ($420 USD inc. shipping), reliable, small and light, relatively high rated power Cons: Range (rated as about 15km for this model, $200 more to upgrade to 30km) Ninebot One C+: Pros: Reputable brand, ergonomic, I like the look, lots of features, modular Cons: heavy (13.8kg!), large, just outside the budget Firewheel F132: Pros: Visual appeal, ergonomic design / comfort (dmethin's review), customer support, overall potential to be awesome Cons: Reviews on this forum and elsewhere are generally mixed at best although people like antberz have had no problems and hobby16 reports a very positive experience. It seems that reliability is a major issue for some users (ie the thing simply doesn't work). Relatively low torque is reported by some (demethvin, Austin Marhold, antberz), but the opposite was found by hobby16. The actual range for the F132 might not be enough for me. Also quite heavy at almost 13kg. iEZway 400S Pros: Batteries are from reputable brands (Sony or Samsung), decent range and performance for price (~$400USD) Cons: Heavy (13kg), ? It seems like the consensus is that the Gotway 14 is an excellent conservative choice for an entry level commuter EU and overall this is looking like a good option. The Gotway 10 also intrigues me - does anybody have any experiences to share on the 10 vs 14 for inner city use? I do like how small it is and I also like the idea of zipping around pedestrians like a boss. The Firewheel would probably win out over the others on this list if not for the terrible experience some users have had! Are there any others out there with positive experiences? Once I have settled on a model I will no doubt have more questions regarding how to actually buy it! All advice and comments appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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