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Found 3 results

  1. With so many people in the EUC community, with so many varied interests: we should have a place to post a link to our page(s)/website/album. Even if your channel isn't for EUC or other pev's, it would be nice to have a good list of what our fellow riders are doing. Hopefully we can keep this from being another video thread. 1)Please make your link(s) to be of your home page or referencing a video where we can access MORE of your content. No need to link every video, keep it sleek please. *I enjoy random content as much as the next guy, but by resisting the urge to link something that isn't yours, maybe we can make this a better resource for both creators and viewers. 2) Try NOT re-posting multiple links to the same general pages, as it may cripple this resource. If we have your home page link, please resist the urge to post it again and again. 3)Try to NOT overly comment on or derail this thread, links to pages and sites only, please. 4)A declaration of the general theme of your link, may also be of benefit. 5)Please try to limit thumbnails and embedded images in links, as the clutter can add up really fast. * I have no issue with porn, but we have children here and its against forum rules. Please notate risque' links (not porn!)as NSFW (not safe for work)in bold, if you think it may not be. 6)Let me know if this is a re-post or if I'm off my rocker by too far this time, I'll gladly nixx the entire idea, should it seem ridiculous to most. 7)This is NOT another video thread. I LOVE the video threads, but we have many of those. This is a reference thread, NOT a content thread. 8)This is intended to be a place to promote your brand, NOT a place to directly promote your sales. Let's not compete here, lets just use this like a phone book(remember those?) 9)Rules... don't look at me to enforce any of these 'guidelines'. Creators spend a lot of time, effort, money and resources; to making videos for all of us to enjoy. I would like this to be a place we can come to, and find links to enjoy the content they WANT us to see. I really enjoy watching ALL the stuff our members post. I think they (you) deserve to be recognized and typically appreciate it when people also enjoy their(your) fruits of labor. Find a link, chase it down, follow the rabbit hole! If you like what you see, please feel free to let them know, but NOT HERE (as that would be a 'comment', not a link). Show you like it by simply clicking like! Thank you to all the creators and mods here for putting in so much passion for so little (none) monetary gain. The EUC community is a big reason to love this activity, and promoting the joy, struggle, pain and sorrow, allows us ALL to be a part of something a little greater than ourselves. We aren't just EUC riders, we are complex people that happen to ride an EUC. Lets share the love of all the things we do, not JUST the EUC. Who knows, maybe you'll stumble across something VERY interesting, something you hadn't been looking for, but are glad you found...
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry I didn't come across an active photo thread here for us to post our pictures in so thought I would start one. If there is an active one I missed please let me know so I can delete this and bump the active one back up. Would love to see some mini photos from around the world and see how you use them and where, would also love to see how you have customised your minis etc! I will start, I mounted the hybrid tyres the other day and decided to take my dog out for a walk in some trails today while the sun was shining. Was a bit muddy but the new tyres were excellent and didn't slip once. Top speed is negligible, the tyre hum is noticeable on paved surfaces but I kinda like that, and my dog is named Kora, she's a good girl ?. Cheers, Alex
  3. I would like to ask that all forum members find a photo or picture and attach it to their forum name before thirty days are over. I wonder if that would exclude the IPhone people though? I wish that apple and android could exist peacefully and share everything. I don't want to pay the price, so I have to be happy with the cheap one.
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