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Found 5 results

  1. I sold a year old Inmotion V5F which worked amazingly for 2 years /1,000 miles commuting to work and putting it in my closet. Bought a new a SoloWheel Glide 2. Every time I charge, at around 75-80% the charger gets extremely hot and starts making a high-pitched noise which I assumed was an overheat alarm or could also be some type of whine. Customer support at eWheels is claiming this is normal...... For a test I put a fan on the charger during the entire cycle to keep it cool and surprisingly no funny noises from the charger. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it an issue with the charger overheating, or just a funny noise?
  2. I would ask you to share your experience and opinion about EUC accidents, their causes and solutions. We need this exchange of information for our safety and for avoiding that EUCs will be forbidden by laws in the future because they are too dangerous. Please keep every accident very very short and to the point. Here is my experience after >9500km: 1st EUC: unbranded unicycle 14" wheel 300W nominal: - motor cut-off at 15km/h, not even fallen, I continued running => don't buy unicycles with very low speed limits, with very low power! - smaller wheels makes you slow down at every discontinuity on the road (pavement, pits) and they can make you loose your balance (=our main fear) and fall more frequently at non-flat roads => buy bigger wheels for riding stability. I think even 16" is not big enough. my next EUC will be again 18" and not the Gotway Tesla because power is nothing without control. The rest is with Gotway Msuper v2 18" 1000W nominal, speed limit 45km/h: - balance lost but not fallen, tilt forward at 45km/h without helmet, motor did not cut off (if it did: I was nearly dead) (what is tilt forward? => when reaching max. power the motherboard keeps on delivering max. power instead of cutting the current: so you lean forward but without acceleration of the wheel but without cutting off of the motor too, this makes you loose your balance in forward direction, if you react quickly by leaning backwards you save your live which was the case here) I was not fallen but I lost during a second my balance to forward direction but this was the most dangerous incident I ever had => buy a EUC with backward tilt before EUC limits (was not the case for GotWay!) , buy EUC which continues delivering max. power at his limits (Gotway is very good at this point, he knows that motor cutoff is the worse thing that a EUC can do, it avoids at all prices) - fallen at 5km/h: at day I ran in a large tunnel where it was a little dark (since I ran at day I did not had my light on), I saw a pit of 15cm, I leant heavily backwards to brake, the motherboard gave his full power to brake again without cutoff, I leant so heavy backwards that I fell backwards at +-5km/h, no injury =>buy a EUC that keeps on max. braking power without cutting off (Gotway is good at this point) , buy a EUC with very powerful lights (even new EUCs have tiny lights which are insufficient to see dips on the road), buy bigger wheels since I would fall forward instead of backwards in this case if I had a 14" wheel because a 14" wheel can fit more in large dips. - insufficient braking power: due to my heavy backpack and at low height (maybe it is my weight which is relatively low in comparison with total weight) I braked too heavy so that Gotway could not increase braking power after reaching it max. braking power => I lost my balance during a second to rearwards direction, I reacted quickly by leaning forward to decrease my deceleration. => by a EUC with high power so that your motor can brake with high deceleration in case of need. again no motor cutoff after reaching max. power (very important) - fallen at 5km/h, at standstill I accelerated so much that motor reached max. power and kept this max. power to save me but this time my backpack was too heavy so that I could not react at time to decrease my forward leaning ( I am not used to ride with backpacks, so I had to be more attentive, my fault), I fell forward at +- 5km/h with a full cover motorhelmet on, small injuries but the full helmet did his job. => 3kW motor did not give enough acceleration power => buy EUC with highest power. I would like to know what solutions there exists for overheating of mosfets. Fans? passive cooling with the wind? susceptible for dust? battery and motherboard behaviour at end of their life.
  3. Dark objects are known to become hotter in the sun. This happens as a result of the high emissivity of dark objects. High emissivity objects will absorb more radiation from the sun's rays. And strikingly enough, high emissivity objects will also radiate heat at a faster rate than low emissivity objects. When it comes to vehicles left in the sun, the higher emissivity, the higher the internal temperatures. There's this BuzzFeed video that quickly demonstrate the phenomena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS95SPm4f2I What I'm curious about is if this makes a big difference when actively riding an electric unicycle, and if so, would it then be worth going with a lighter colored EUC to counter these effects and to thereby stand a better chance of preventing overheating from occurring? Or does color taste win out?
  4. Winter months are over and my wheel overheats all the time now. Not when i ride on horizontal surface with constant speed, but as soon as i start getting creative, the wheel overheats every 5-10 minutes. I like to move to slow music coming out of the wheel , sort of like slow dancing, and its just so embarrasing to have to get off e wheel when you are deep in the moment and everyone around is looking at you. If i could resolve this one issue, my riding experience would otherwise be perfect. So i am thinking of simple ways to cool the wheel without inviting the water to come in. Which way do you guys think would be the best? Or maybe some other way? 1. Simply make several small diameter holes on top of casing to let some of the heat vent out. Holes would need to be plugged in case of rain, so i could come up with round rubber plugs 2. Make one or more openings on top of casing . In case of rain place a plate to cover the openings. Perhaps the plate should always be on top and be made of a metal wothh high heat transfer rate which shoukd help heat sink the heat to the outside. A rubber gasket could be placed around the perimeter of the plate to seal for the water ingress. 3 install small piece of piping with small hoods ( for rain) connected to the holes on top of casing in order to route the outside air and force it to come in. Another hole can be nade somewhere in the casing to let the air cirlutae and not create possitive air pressure inside 4. Find some space inside ( which is not easy) and install a small small either powere externally or connected to the motherboard, say in lieu of the rear light. Voltage has to match of course the voltage used on the control board 5. Make a hole on top of casing equal to the footprint of a small fan, and install the fan on top of it which will draw the air out. Make a hole somewhere else in the casing to allow for air circulation 6. Solder a metal plate placed vertically on top and at edge and at 90degrees to the control board. Make hole to let the plate penetrate the casing. Waterprrof penetration. Now, on top of case where the plate sticks out, similarly solder another plate ( horizontally, at 90 degres) which will lay flat on top of casing and serve as an additional heatsink
  5. My kingsong tilts back upon overheating quite often, sometimes after riding for 10- 20 minutes. Is this a good safety feature or a design flaw - inability to shed heat effectively ? Or..i am I just too freaking fat? ( i am 100kg) which causes the wheel to overheat much faster. The wheel is supposed to be rated for 120kg though. i dont have data on how other wheels react to overheating. Opinions welcome.
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