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Found 2 results

  1. kasenutty

    My first faceplant

    14c at max speed. Thought maybe there's a little more speed past them beeps. There is not. There is only concrete. Now i I stay home. That shit hurts like a mother. Thoughts: There is no running out a 20 mph failure wear helmet or die, I think I would've been fucked without mine, my noggin skipped across the ground two or three times as I rolled down the street. Roll. Rolling saved me
  2. Sidestreet Reny

    Piggyback ride faceplant!

    I was giving my girlfriend a ride on my back while going up a steep hill.....on a god damned Airwheel X3!!! Together we way 250 pounds (me 150 her 100) and it just gave up on the way up the hill, no warning...except of course common sense. lol. My lady obviously landed on me, that's why I landed on my face...but my beautiful girlfriend did make it out of the ordeal with a little scrape on her shoulder...thank god! My knee is fucked up, but I should be back up riding in a week or two, as long as I heal well...and quick! God willing. BTW A helmet would have just lifted my forehead on impact pushing my lower face to the cement and left me without teeth or a broken nose....just in case anyone wonders, believe it or not, I got lucky! I am alive and walking, and so is my lady.