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Found 1 result

  1. Top Speed: 40KM/h after unlock, set to 50km/h after riding 1000km ( Factory setting is 18km/h for first alarm, 19km/h for second alarm and 20km/h for tilt back) Mileage:150-160KM Maximum Gradibility:Around 30° Battery:1680wh with featuring equilibrium, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current protection Operating Temperature :-10ºC/+60ºC Max Load:150Kg Charger:Input AC 80~240 V ,Output DC 67.2V,2A Charging Time:14H Rated Power:1500W Max Power;3600W Appearance of the weight Machine Size (mm):680mm(H) x465mm(L) X 190mm(Thickness) Package Size (mm):760(H) x 500(L) X 220(mm)(Thickness) Pedal distance from ground :130mm Tire Size:18inch, Diameter 480mm Net Weight:18KG Body Interface Charging port:power on/off button, bluetooth on/off button, illuminating & braking lights, Light Induction Port Display Pannel :Colorful LED light
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