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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I have a Ninebot ES2 with around 300km done. Since day one there was a annoying noise produced by a metalic vibration when the speed is between 20 and 25 km/h. I took a look and I saw that leds under the scooter, in one side, are not aligned with the holes. Since the noise appears to come from the part of the scooter where I put my feet, I suspect something there is not well adjusted. So, is there a way to disassembly that part of the scooter? I didn't find anything in youtube... Thank you!
  2. I just saw a video on YouTube where the latest firmware for the InMotion V10F causes a huge noise during power up. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm about to get my V10 soon and this is worrisome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0wSI9ocqFk
  3. Hello. Previously I had Ninebot One for 2 years, and I just received the MSuper V3. Before buying it I watched many reviews. Now I have a problem/question about it. The wheel makes very high pitch high-frequency noise, almost like an ultrasound whistle. Here is a link to the video: https://goo.gl/65cTrX I asked about it the seller, and they say it's normal because of the high motor power. However, the noise is very annoying and is noticeable even outdoors. Is this indeed normal? Please advice, much appreciate any help.
  4. I generally try to avoid dirt tracks but you all know sometimes it’s necessary. Anyone any ideas how to clear the mud from inside that accumulates ( I assume it’s dirt accumulation). As eventually my Tesla starts to sound like a steam train as you pull away with a “choo choo” sound as the dirt rubs on the wheel. Hope this post makes sense. Anyone got any suggestions for getting rid of the problem without taking the casing apart? Out in the wild I have often been able to remove the bits that get stuck (prodding and gouging with a thin stick) where the shell meets the wheel but it never seems to solve it. Help!
  5. The Msuper is exactly 2 weeks old and has 250km by now. Today when driving a trail next to a river here (where i live it's pretty flat, hardly any steep slopes here), I started hearing those scratchy noises whenever changing speed. I also have a feeling like Madden mode is softer now then it used to be. Can that be? I made a video of the sounds. The first attempt of making a video ended with a lot of static noise. I turned off wifi and turned on flight mode on the phone and tried again. The second attempt to make the video worked, but strangely the noises are much louder now than they are in reality.
  6. I have a problem with my Airwheel X3. When turning the unit on and tilting it there as a grinding noise from the wheel and it will not stabilise, the wheel kicks when leaning the unit forward or back. Any one had a similar issue? What was the solution? Picked this up in China, now back in UK, so no warranty support. Thanks, Alan.
  7. Hi there. A friend of mine got KS16A recently, I just checked it out, but he noticed something strange. There is a click noise coming from the inside, while EUC is idle and turned on, when it moves there is no clicks or they're just masked by the motor and env. sounds. Listen here: http://rghost.ru/7GZgLFcZq Any thoughts?
  8. Hi to everyone!,? I am new to this forum and I have been interested in the EUC by a good friend who has a ninebot and I could try it. I liked it so much and decided to buy one unit.Searching for more information about euc I found this awesome forum with lots of users that cooperate from all over the world. After reading many posts of many models, I decided on a Gotway MCM4 260w version. I've received Friday, March 4,the wheel is very nice and has a nice design.in saturday 5th was very excited to ride it. But in a few minutes I could see that something was wrong. a strange noise is constantly repeated by turning the wheel just with my hand, as a kind of "clek clek" which is much more intense when I'm on the wheel. I am very worried !!! The wheel is completely new !!! ??? I sent the video to the seller and I'm waiting his answer. I can not know where the noise is coming because it is inside the case. I leave the video I recorded for you to listen and see if someone can help me and tell me what can be that fu***ng noise!!!.?? Thank you very much to all in advance and if I can work with my short experience will be a pleasure to help. Greetings from Barcelona! IMG_0154.MOV
  9. Thanks a lot! I will post here again if the previous didn't go through: By the way, I had a nasty accident yesterday, but luckily, I was unharmed. I was going down a hill that I guess was more than the unit could take. I wasn't speeding at all, I just believe the level of declination was too steep. I jumped off the unit before I fell off, but the unit swirled and spun down the hill and fell on one of its side on the pedal really hard and came to a stop. Now, I hear some play in the pedal...like, you can slightly move it back and forth with your hands if you tug it hard enough. You can hear the clicking noise of the pedal bouncing after ever so bump and it's so annoying now. I brought the unit home to tighten the screws on the pedal, but they were already screwed in tightly. Any suggestions?
  10. Grinding noise is coming from the Gotway. I just got the MCM4 yesterday and today was the first ride I took it out for a spin. It made this noise at half charge and at full charge. Is this normal? Any one else have this problem? it sounds like a wha wha wha or era era era grinding type noise. Almost like something is rubbing.
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