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Found 6 results

  1. Good morning guys/gals, Iā€™m brand new to the whole EUC scene. 2 months ago I literally had no idea these things even existed, visited NYC with my wife and saw one of you bozos zoom by in traffic on one and it basically blew my mind. I looked at them online and saw the premium ones and knew there was no way I was convincing her to let me spend 2 Grand on a new toy, but came across the ninebot one E+ on a site called until gone refurbed for $300 and it was on. I've grown up surfing and skating, I'm 35, 225 lbs(not the fighting shape I was in 15 years ago) and knew I was pushing the limits from the specs but figured for just a fun toy I'd ride with my kids on their bikes I should probably be ok. Well... Now that I have the stupid thing I'm obsessed (thanks NYC guy!šŸ˜„). Watching YouTube videos everyday and just started riding it to work this week. My "commute" is basically nothing, 1.7 miles from my house. I rode it Wednesday and had no issues with it being 70ish degrees F outside. "No issues" other than pushing it way too hard down a sidewalk ramp to get out of a cars way and then counter pulling back way too hard and making the thing shoot out, bust my butt and knock the wind out of myself lol. But got my breath and hopped back on, brushed off the embarrassment and rode home. I skipped yesterday bc of rain, but took it back out this morning to work, 43 degrees and and wet and had no issues, but when I looked at my ride on darkness bot the wheel looked pretty warm. I've linked my ride log below. https://imgur.com/a/Ph9HJ4Y I realistically have no idea what to expect so this may not be problematic at all, but just wanted to check in and get some thoughts from you guys. I'm more worried about it being that warm with it being so cold out and knowing it'll be in the 80s and 90s soon. This was supposed to be just a fun toy but has become a stupid gateway drug and I'm hoping to upgrade in the next few months to something that can handle my size a little better like an msx or 18xl(I like pretty much everything better about the XL, but keep slightly getting pulled back to the msx for that top speed). But first I need to justify to my wife that I'm actually gonna use this thing and that it's More than just a bike for the neighborhood lol. At the same time I don't want to put myself in danger of cutoffs and such on the e+ over the next few months bc of heart issues. I know my range and such is limited on the e+, but it seems like a great learning wheel. I definitely have a need for speed from the bigger wheels, but I'm ok learning on the e+ as I've already had some solid wipeouts and my wrist is finally not sore for the first time in a month (I've gotten a helmet and wrist guards since, thankfully or I would've jacked up my wrist again when I wiped out on Wednesday's commute). Sorry for the short story extremely long version, but thanks for putting this community together and I look forward to becoming part of it!
  2. I have inadvertently collected some spare parts that I believe are mostly interchangeable between the Ninebot One C, C+, E, E+, and P models. Anyone want the whole lot? Does anyone want any single item or some items? Items crossed out have been sold and their associated pictures deleted. 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. It should work with the previous Ninebot One models as well, although the Ninebot app may not recognize the extra battery capacity. I paid about $300 for this battery. (I had ordered a P model, but it was discontinued before I received it). 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. (I have a second battery) Replacement charging port and wire. It also allows a battery to be charged outside of the wheel. Replacement charging port and wire. (I have a second one) Flathead and Phillips screwdriver pair that are perfect for removing the LED light ring and battery cover on a Ninebot One E+ and I assume the previous Ninebot One models as well. Vivitar hardshell zippered case that fits perfectly a spare 340Wh battery, with room for the two screwdrivers and charging ports. Includes a new foam insert that can be customized. Pair of Ninebot training wheels, which are for getting a better understanding of how a self balancing device operates, not to ride around with them installed, because turning isn't possible. Pair of light gray leg pads from a Ninebot One E+ with some visible wear and minor damage. Two new rolls of light green padding with two new rolls double-stick tape from 3M that came with a Ninebot One E+. European power supply cord, rounded two-prong, new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S. Australian power supply cord, flattened three-prong , new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S. Ninebot One E+ printed Quick start manual and warranty card Ninebot One S1 printed user manual and warranty card Top handle with the metal fitting at one end broken
  3. Hey fellow riders, I have an issue regarding my wheel, and would it be possible to replace or change the connector to the control board? A pin has jogged loose and I thought it may be better to replace both male and female connectors but will this affect the delicate functions of the wheel? Any help would be appreciated thanks
  4. Hey everyone, I was under the impression that I was buying a Ninebot One E+, but upon further investigation I have the older Ninebot One E model. Either way it was $400 so I think it's a good deal regardless. Should I get rid of it and opt for the E+? Are there any caveats with the basic E model? I am running 1.4.0 firmware, what exactly is the difference in how the E+ and E operate? P.S. I really wish Ninebot would make it easier to tell the models apart..
  5. Guys, So far, i love my Ninebot One E, note that i have never tried another wheel yet. It completely replaced my bicycle, though i have some practical issues with it; - I can't just park it because it won't stand, so i guess i'll have to buy one of those accessories? Anyone experienced with this? the handle+stand perhaps? -Can't park it: you just can't leave it behind, locked, like u would a bicycle. Meaning you'll have to carry it around with you most probably, again making the handle+ stand a must. Maybe a backpack or shoulderbag ?? Anyway, what are your solutions for minor practical issues like these? Bwuce
  6. Hello, I open this topic, as Ninebot create new accesories and some comapny develop accesories here in EU. We did some development to decorate your Ninebot. Please see picture of what we create, we also can do personalize http://hightems.eu/accessoires/27-chambre-a-air-ninebot-one.html Have a good day
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