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Found 10 results

  1. I have inadvertently collected some spare parts that I believe are mostly interchangeable between the Ninebot One C, C+, E, E+, and P models. Anyone want the whole lot? Does anyone want any single item or some items? Items crossed out have been sold and their associated pictures deleted. 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. It should work with the previous Ninebot One models as well, although the Ninebot app may not recognize the extra battery capacity. I paid about $300 for this battery. (I had ordered a P model, but it was discontinued before I received it). 340Wh battery, new, never used, made for the Ninebot One P. (I have a second battery) Replacement charging port and wire. It also allows a battery to be charged outside of the wheel. Replacement charging port and wire. (I have a second one) Flathead and Phillips screwdriver pair that are perfect for removing the LED light ring and battery cover on a Ninebot One E+ and I assume the previous Ninebot One models as well. Vivitar hardshell zippered case that fits perfectly a spare 340Wh battery, with room for the two screwdrivers and charging ports. Includes a new foam insert that can be customized. Pair of Ninebot training wheels, which are for getting a better understanding of how a self balancing device operates, not to ride around with them installed, because turning isn't possible. Pair of light gray leg pads from a Ninebot One E+ with some visible wear and minor damage. Two new rolls of light green padding with two new rolls double-stick tape from 3M that came with a Ninebot One E+. European power supply cord, rounded two-prong, new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S. Australian power supply cord, flattened three-prong , new, never used. Came with the purchase of an E+. Not for use in the U.S. Ninebot One E+ printed Quick start manual and warranty card Ninebot One S1 printed user manual and warranty card Top handle with the metal fitting at one end broken
  2. Will test ride for anyone in a video call. I also have several active EUC buyers and sellers to vouch for me as a trustworthy member. Very lightly used 16" wheel and in great condition, less than 100 miles. Bought on a whim but hardly used it. It's been kept in an air conditioned house and still retains a great charge. I test rode it today for an hour today without any issue. Added grip tape to the pedals with success. Battery retained same charge after not using for a while. Need to get rid of this wheel ASAP because I'm moving. Bought for 400$, willing to let go for 200 with shipping.
  3. Yet another Ninebot E+ board burnout (I think I'm on 5 or 6), luckily I have a spare control board which I grabbed from an old wheel whose rim fractured Looking at the photos below, can anyone explain what parts may have burnt out here and why? I seem to remember a previous burnout affected the same area on the board. The MOSFETS appear to have been unaffected - there was no lock up of the wheel movement. Interestingly, this control board died at very low speed and when not doing tricks - maybe some solder came loose and caused a short? I'm pretty please how long this board actually lasted - it's survived better than my shins
  4. I have been replacing my NB1E+ gen2 inner shells. I have completed this procedure several times before but this time I am having some issues with the last 2 of 8 screw bolts which attach the (control board side) shell to the metal frame. I can't seem to get them to make contact with the thread in their holes. Everything looks completely flush and I have tried several different strategies for attaching and aligning the shell. The threads and holes are good because the bolts will tighten in the holes in the absence of the shell. I'm thinking that perhaps the metal frame might be just slightly bent out of shape at the affected end? The screws just seem to be perhaps a millimeter a way from making contact with the thread on the holes. Does anyone have any tricks or suggestions I could try to get these two remaining screws to tighten?
  5. Not sure if anyone has had this happen before - part of the rim of my E+ fractured off when attempting to do a 360 degree hop off of the side of a 40 cm box. I didn't land quite straight and the rim just gave way as I landed - completely my own fault. I knew I had eaten a little too much over the festive season but thought I'd of worked it off by now I still have the motor from my old E+ so will try to reuse that, otherwise i'll need to try and source a replacement. Does anyone know if you can separate the motor from the wheel rim or is it a sealed unit?
  6. Hi! Im a new member here and would need some help from you experts! Bought a ninebot e+ for about a month ago and it has broken down twice been at repairs 3.5 weeks of the total of 5. First time it was fauly firmware which ended up throwing me off the wheel and it never powered on again got replaced with a new ninebot e+. 2nd happened 3days after the returnal this time the mainboard blew up and threw me off after a hard brake. However this time they only changed the mainboard and now I got some strange symptones. Now I cannot go faster then ~16 km/h (in ninebot app) 14.7 km/h in a 3rd party app which I could hit 21 before the repair. Also noticed that the max mileage have changed to 10km (used to be 29). New replacement board NIOEA1501A Old N20EA1534A Starting to think that they have messed up and taken an old board from a normal E or C model. I've checked so that I do not have the speedlimiter on (which I can only set to 10km/h for that matter) dont know what more to check. Getting a bit annoyed since it costs 60 euro everytime I send it away for repair. Br, Seymour
  7. Hi all - I'm selling my Ninebot one on EBay here Description Ninebot One E+ Very good condition for a year old and 1100 miles. Few minor cosmetic marks on shell and a very small tear in right leg pad (see pics) - only £14 to replace but honestly it's barely noticeable. Lots of extras: • Spare official NB1 E+ battery (double ride distance!!) new battery only done ~30miles • Spare blue translucent shells (used in v good condition) • Spare light ring covers (used) • Spare Mad Max winter tyre (new) • Spare stock Kenda tyre (new) • Spare inner tube (new) • Moon comment lights with very low profile fitting - easy slide on and off • Grip tape on pedals for extra safety in wet Great package with with loads of spares. Well looked after and cleaned inside every few months.
  8. Greetings I have had my Ninebot for almost a month now and I have been picking up skill very quickly. Today was my longest ride about 50 minutes without taking a break. Towards the end of my ride was my first experience with the speed limit. It changed to a floating sensation which almost sent me flying off. I made it down a big hill and was riding flat then it started beeping and shut off. I jumped off to avoid crashing into a brewery which resulted into the unit ghost riding until it hit a curb and spun a few 1080. I knew I had remaining battery so I figured it was some error on my part and got back on. I made it another block and the same thing happened. I walked back a mile to my car and downloaded the app on my way home. It showed 30% battery remaining I have updated the firmware but haven't ridden it since the incident in fear of damaging the Ninebot or losing it in traffic!!!
  9. Wow.... first off let me start by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wanted to also give a big THANK YOU for those who have dedicated time to provide detailed reviews and videos of this new fascinating and growing way of mobility. This forum ROCKS! I was lucky enough to find a gently used Ninebot E+ on Craigslist literally down the street from apartment in Hollywood, and at a price 25% below market, I knew this was my time! My extreme excitement is due to getting home yesterday and after less then 2 hours of practice being able to ride around without wobbling! I was discouraged at first when the person I bought it from told me it took him WEEKS to not wobble, but i guess the amount of research and videos I've watched within the past month, coupled with finding that "sweet spot" for my feet's positioning, led to almost instant gratification of my purchase. Granted my feet and ankles were sore today but it did not stop me for riding around for a few hours again (and going for another ride later tonight). It was really between the IPS Zero, IPS 260+, and the Ninebot E+. The IPS models would have most likely shipped from China and taken weeks to get here, so paying slightly more to have an item with the most support and replaceable parts SAME DAY was a no brainer. Now that i am fairly comfortable riding i am so glad I did not let my adrenaline junkie ego convince me that the IPS 30km/h was necessary. The 9bot looks so good, even with a few scratches just knowing i could replace that part of the shell for ~$20 is insane.The ninebot one E+ feels like a tank and is almost exhausting to carry (im a smaller 160lbs guy). My weight also played a factor into the fact that I could never see myself depleting this batter on one ride. Unless my feet get extremely comfortable while riding, i rode it for nearly 3 hours and the battery was still at 75%?! For anyone who knows hollywood and the surrowding areas, i took it up the super steep hill going up to Universal Studios and it was chuggin along @ 10mph just fine (videos to come later, they are doing alot of construction in preperation for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter :D) Anyway, i just thought I would leave an initial impression and share my excitement for this revolutionary new mode of transportation for me. I honestly contemplated ordering a pizza to carry out but the site of me carrying a pizza box on this thing was just too much for day 2 LOL. Thanks again everyone for your input and knowledge, and look forward to posting some epic vids and contributing more in the future. - Elias
  10. Hi all, Are there any Ninebot repairs in Canada? My Ninebot E+ circuit/control board sparked, blew a fuse, caught on fire then burnt the circuit board. smoke everywhere...and of course my Ninebot no longer works:( From the photo below, it looks like the Blue & Yellow wire blew up. Anyone have any idea on how to fix this? Lonely broken Nineboter
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