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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, my name is Mauricio, i am from Bogota, Colombia, in my country there are not much EUCs, so I have had the luck to met someone here who taught me some basics. at this time, i am able to ride, make turns, (not to tight), mount without help, brake, etc, however, I have a slight fear, if i will have to stop, mount, and go forward in the middle of a hill, (up or down) is there any consideration to take, any variation of my body inclination, for mount and start to go forward? Sorry i have had to use a little help of deepl, for write here Thanks in Advance
  2. Hello all, My name is Pat, I just ordered my first EUC. I am hoping there is an enthusiast near by that might be willing to help me get started, and meet some people to get out with after I am competent 🙃. I would greatly appreciate the time and advice, as it's easier to learn it correctly now than fix bad habits later. Thank you to all and I hope to meet some great people around the forum. Happy wheeling Pat
  3. Hi everyone! First post here, and glad to know there's such a strong community! Brief introduction before I get into it: I'm a fresh EUC newbie, and my very first wheel to learn on is the KS-16x. I'm aware it's quite an advanced (and heavy) wheel to learn on, but overall it's been a short, but rewarding journey. I've had ownership for about 4 weeks now, and although I haven't had time to practice every day, I've put in a good dozen or so practice sessions / runs now. It's amazing what I've learned along the way, and it's been physically and even mentally rewarding. And being 39, going into my 40's, it's great to find a new and surprising hobby to get me outdoors. Like a lot of new riders I can imagine, I've been obsessed, immersing myself with YouTube EUC tutorials for help and guidance along the way, as us noobs need all the help we can get. Learning how to ride has been completely discouraging at first, and has put quite a number on my shins and ankles. However, now I'm reliably mounting, cruising, turning, and loving every second on I'm it. I'm at the level now to where I'm focusing on mastering control and carving / dips, etc. I've also learned along the way what a lot of tutorials don't tell you: Learning how to ride is not just about technique you can watch from a video, but rather building confidence and muscle memory; these are the two aspects you have to build, I've learned, that you simply can't absorb from watching a video. Anyways -- long story short, specifics I've learned from riding the KS-16x: The app is pretty bad. It's things like connecting to it via BT, confirming settings, calibrations, etc etc. that have my scratching my head wondering if it's 1) the shitty app, or 2) if something is 'broken' from one of the many falls this wheel took while I was learning how to ride. For example -- the 1st and 2nd alarm beeps -- I've never once ever heard those. Am I missing something? I heard the 3rd 'please decelerate' audible alarm, but zero prior 'beeps' from speeds. What gives? Also, there's things like a pretty loud 'buzzing' when I charge sometimes, that has me, again, wondering if I damaged something on one of my many falls, or if this is simply a known characteristic of the wheel? Anyways -- whatever insight the community can provide would be great. It's clearly such a robust and strong wheel, but the software / app unreliability has me questioning a lot of things. I have at least a handful of other random questions, but let's start here... Thanks in advance!
  4. I just got back from my first session on an EUC and I’m so very stoked!! After padding up my brand new MTen3 to a ridiculous level, I took it over to a local baseball park and played around on the concrete deck behind the bleachers & backstop. I started using the fence for support but moved to using the back of the bleachers as I could slide my hand along the railing easier than the fence. Within 30 minutes I was going from one end of a set of bleachers to the other without grabbing. Within 60 minutes I was able to basically go anywhere on the smooth concrete deck without issue, and was making 75+ yard runs from one end of the deck to the other. I still had to start and stop using a support (fence, pole, etc.), and my turns are sketchy, but I was expecting a much more frustrating experience! My legs are fatigued from almost 2 hours of practice but I can’t wait to go again tomorrow! Thanks again for all the contributors on this site and especially those that posted YT videos. I devoured as much info as I could before venturing on this journey and your contributions have surely shortened my learning curve. Next up, working on free mounting and fixing the vicious wobbles I get when speeding up... Can’t wait! Martog
  5. As most of you know I am a novice, having had my wheel a little over a week now. I have been having issues mounting without the training wheels as some of you may know. I believe I have solved this problem however. I am in the process of modifying a generic bicycle kick stand for the unicycle. The way I will have it set up is so it is spring loaded, and will help keep the one side balanced when I mount, It will be on a very sensitive spring loaded system, and so as soon as the unicycle begins to move forward it will kick the kickstand out from under the pedal and the spring will catch pushing the kickstand flat against the bottom of the pedal. In theory this should eliminate the need for the wheels to mount, and also eliminate the need to do the one foot push off technique in the video you all posted for me the other day. Has anyone ever tried this? Why have the unicycle companies not thought of this? or have they thought of this and just not been able to make it work properly? Anyone know? I am going to buy the parts for it today and should have a working model by the end of this weekend. If I do get the design perfected I will be sure to share with everyone. The goal will be for the kickstand to be multi purpose, to keep the unit from falling over when not in use, and to help people like myself mount the unicycle without the assistance of wheels/a wall/fence/sign what ever. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Devv
  6. I've never ridden one of these things yet but keep looking at them a little enviously when I see them. I'd prefer to get something 2nd hand as I suspect it will get damaged while I'm learning. I'm not looking to commute but just wanted a fun transport to do errands nearby. I'm unlikely to go off road. A cruising speed of around 15mph would be fine. I weigh about 96Kg or 211lbs and I'm roughly 190cm or 6'3" tall. Not sure if there's an age "limit" on these things but I'm in my mid fifties though I'm fairly athletic. I'll stop there otherwise this will begin to sound like a personal add. Any suggestions for a good solid wheel, preferably second hand? Do folk get stopped by the police riding these things in London? Thanks for reading Mike
  7. Still very new to this (2 weeks on street). I live in San Francisco so dealing with hills important. Today went out to practice taking off from a stop and climbing hills. Battery was at 80%. While going up a steep the wheel seemed to not have enough power. It didn’t freeze but slowly came to a stop. Forum members have told me it’s a relatively underpowered wheel for 5’10” 180lb self. I’m not sure if I wasn’t riding correctly or if it not strong enough. If it’s the wheel, I may have to upgrade sooner than I thought - there are a lot of hills around here.
  8. Got my very first EUC this week (Ninebot One E+) and after a couple of days practice in the house, then some figure of 8's around the tennis courts in my local park...I finally managed to go out on a proper ride today. Wow, just wow. What a buzz. Did a 7 mile ride today along the pavements, roads and coastal paths where I live and didn't crash either (I was expecting too tbh) After getting wobbles during my first couple of days I experienced no wobbles at all today and even felt the tilt back at top speed a few times without realising I was getting to the Ninebots speed limit. Even braved weaving slowly through the public along the pedestrianised High Street in the town centre. Wish I had got into this EUC lark sooner and I know I'll be looking to get a better wheel soon. Not really looking at going too fast but would love a longer range. Anyways, thought I'd share and post a few vid clips. Day 1 - crashing in the house Day 2 - Finally managing tight turns around the living room Day 3 - Wow, I can actually do this Today's ride.
  9. perfect beginner EUC! Used Ninebot E for sale. $200/obo location: California Bay Area local pick up preferred. text me at 650-396-9422 if interested
  10. Dear all, I have been lurking around this forum for quite a while but now decided to join in and register myself. The huge information, discussions and polite culture in here helped me a lot to take my first steps into this wierd experience with quite success - but I´m still going on learning. So I would like to give a brief introduction for myself. It was around my 53st birthday when I randomly watched a YT Video with some guy peforming on an EUC. I was blown away by the impression to learn this for myself and felt a really "can do" attempt to do this. Thus being sceptical I started with a smaller investment in hardware for the beginning. I ordered a new Ninebot One E+ for around 420 credits from Amazon and made my first steps on it. Obviously I scratched the hardware limits of this device rather soon and was looking for some upgrade. The information found here encoraged me to approach the P model conversion by firmware hack to 1.4.3 . version. The great work of user MRN76 made this only come possible for me . Also the YT video (in Spain) of an other user here (don´t know his name, sorry) was very helpful. I also applied a battery upgrade to 708 Wh for safety and range issues. Now I am quite happy with this 28kph/35 km range solution. But I feel somehow seduced by all this new wheels out there ... For this year my solution would be OK for me, but I am thinking about an upgrade the next season. May be someone with similar experience could give me some advice?
  11. Hi all, I am new to this forum and this strange fascination, so I thought I might provide some background. A couple of years ago, on my way to a boat show, I stopped in disbelief at the roped-off part of the parking lot. I couldn't believe my eyes: here were people (or maybe robots or remote-control show-room dummies ?) gliding around without any apparent body movement ! As I watched closer, I saw they were standing on some kind of car battery sized box mounted on a single tyre, very strange. It turned out they were real people, demoing and selling a novel transportation method, allegedly easy to store on boats and fun to use in and around marinas. After I waited and watched, this guy asked me if I wanted to try. Yes, for sure, and I felt both elated and a bit ashamed of being walked like a dog, astraddle a one-wheeled car battery with encouragement of skimpily clad members of the opposite sex. The magic evaporated when we got to the little matter of price, no way I could spend more than 1500 € on something I wasn't sure I could either master physically or justify as a worthwhile investment. Fast-forward to last Saturday, the local supermarket has this parking-lot clearance sales with lots of stuff to look thru. I guess the boat show test ride somehow rewired my reptilian brain as I can not remember anything except coming back home with a unexpected piece of alien technology. Alien ? Star Trek for sure. When I try to get on top of the box, I really need to Klingon. It also gives a new insight to the standard Klingon greeting of "Today is a nice day to die." I have tried voice control, thought control, nothing works except the exquisite, detailed and (mostly) learned advice on this wonderful forum. Thanks, I will experiment and report back when I have something worthy of mention... Here are the specs and a picture, please don't laugh... Battery 132Wh Charger 67.2V 2 A Motor 300W Tyre 14x2.125 Range 15-18 km Max Speed 10 or 12 km/h Weight 10 Kg
  12. Hello! I bought a "used" Ninebot One S2 just 12.30.17. It said "Milage: 2.6km" in the app and had one noticable scratch near the handle. So I got an almost brand new thingy for 330EUR. I watched a few How-to-vids on U-Tube of cause.... I made my first tries on that evening on the shoulder of my wife after attaching a luggage-belt to the handle and turning the handle-shut-off off. Next day I made some exercizes along a nearby wall and my first freehand trials. Got no further than a few meters. Whilst doing that I had more than doubled the milage. Dunno how the seller had given up that early... On new years noon I started may 3rd exercise. This time I suddenly/accidently made my first ride of approx 100m and was very excited! Watching neighbors who had seen me the day before were suprised that I was already able to stand on this disc, even if it was very wobbly and only every 10th start was a lucky one. In the meantime of just one week I can say that I'm able to decide which way to go, stand on that EUC for as long as I want - most cases but not secure enough to go narrow passages or very curvy ways. Yesterday I made a single trip of about 8km mostly on bicycle-ways and just before the end I had my first real throw-off on a curvy, narrow, wobbly sidewalk. I know I'd better walked that short piece of shitty way before but was too lazy to stop and get off... Now I have one old pair of jeans more for dirty work in the garden. And my lovely One S4 has one big scratch more on the side... All in all I am very lucky! This sport is a big fun and I'm looking forward to meet some peeps with wheels around town soon!
  13. So, its been about day (3) of some training (about 1 to 1.5 hours at a time); reading the Learning the Dynamics thread and some videos from @Marty Backe on how to mount and the "triangle method" . Currently I can barely roll/stop, roll/stop. I have been training on some thin grass at a local park and an adjacent strip of level concrete, I am starting to do much better on concrete! With all this said as I mount the wheel and try to get going forward as soon as possible, I notice almost immediately that my wheel will turn either one direction or the next and I get the wheel wobbling, I know this is part of the overall learning process but was wondering if there are any tips? Maybe foot position? Pinching the wheel with my ankles? maybe NOT pinching the wheel with my ankles? So far I am loving the experience of learning!
  14. Hello everyone! So, just got a shipping update, I am to expect my Ninebot E+ next monday! Must say I am super excited....I got to thinking after reading and watching some EUC training videos, a majority of the time in the beginning stages the EUC takes quite a beating! I saw one video where the battery ejected out of the EUC! after a small tumble in the parking lot. I was wondering what people here do to "protect" their investment while they are learning, and by protect meaning try to prevent it from getting beat up in the first few weeks of training. I do understand a tumble here, a dent there and scuffs and scratches but I would like to minimize that during my first few weeks until I get somewhat of a hold on what im doing! lol I was thinking maybe duct tape? draping an old sweater/jacket over the thing? cutting out an insulated shopping bag and taping it over the wheel....any thoughts??
  15. SOOOO, some semi good news I hope! I just bought my EUC! couldnt give up this deal!! I am super excited to get it, make my mistakes and start learning! Any advice on the first MUST-Do's upon picking up a new EUC? I went with the NINEBOT E+, got an amazing deal over at new-egg, someplace I never thought would have any promotions or discounts but I think I did well....what are your thoughts guys? what can I expect? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA7YS6FA2259&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC-_-pla-_-MT+-+Vehicles+%26+Transportation-_-9SIA7YS6FA2259&gclid=CjwKCAiAo9_QBRACEiwASknDwU3I40Afc09G5n4VI5s0vwfnV37a1_pX9HNU-B5_QucxbRhpOfb8TRoCP1cQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  16. Good afternoon everyone, so glad to know about this community. I am so glad I picked the right forum! So, I started off with simple question asking which (2) wheel EUC I should pick up? With the help of all you wonderful members I have now shifted to an actual EUC. As I research, watch videos, read opinion posts and reviews it seems like I am going deeper and deeper down this rabbits hole. With all that said I understand now the importance of buying a EUC I will grow INTO, problem is I dont know which one!!?? I am leaning toward a 14" Kingsong, I stand about 5ft9 and hover around 140lbs....I would like something with a bit of range, dependable and tough! I have seen some great sales posted member to member, looks I will be saving a few hundered if not more buying second-hand, however the question is this......is buying second hand worth it? not knowing the actual condition of the EUC, how many miles one will last, problems the individual encountered or even worse, problems I will encounter!!, lastly the warranty and service piece of mind when buying it brand spanking new. Any thoughts?
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