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  1. Hello EUC family! I'm preparing for the eventual delivery of the Sherman S and Mten4. I'd like to get some protective accessories for both wheels now or when they become available later. It would be useful to have a comprehensive list of US dealers and parts manufacturers. Of course, worldwide dealers should be included too. I'm not trying to start a discussion of which dealers are good or bad, I just want to check them all because so far I've found their inventories of parts widely varied in size and availability. Here's my list so far: ewheels.com eevees.com alienrides.com euco.us revrides.com grizzlapads.com clarkpads.com ChrisChaput on Facebook for spiked pedals
  2. My 460Wh/84V Mten3 has been having consistent charging issues for months now. 99% of the time when I plug in the charger to the wheel, I get the same blinking green LED light that shows up when it's just connected to wall power. I used to occasionally get the red light that meant the wheel is charging but in the past few weeks I haven't been able to charge it at all. I contacted eWheels about this issue a few months ago and they told me Gotway had changed charger manufacturers and other people were having similar issues; they told me they'd send me a new brand of charger but as far as I can tell this new one is exactly the same as the previous one and it has the exact same issue. I've tried "warming up" the charger by plugging it just into the wall then removing it before plugging it into the wheel but that hasn't helped with the issue. I'm wondering if its an issue with the motherboard and if I need to crack the thing open to try and fix it or if I should try a different brand of 84v charger. Wondering if anybody here has had similar issues or knows of any fixes for this sort of thing.
  3. I just installed the mten3 tire recommended by Marty, and now my wheel is a mini MSX. version 2 I put together this video to show how I used zip ties to compress the tire. This made it super duper easy to remove and then install by just prying with a flathead screwdriver ------REVIEW------ This tire carves amazingly and handles superbly. It is super rigid and will definitely support all the bumping and tricks I do. It also feels like it'll last a long time. I expect 2k miles Range seems about the same Works fine in wet weather
  4. PRICE: 450€ including free shipping to most EU countries MORE PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/jIk47q6 Hey everyone! I’m selling my beloved MTen3 84V 512wh, even though I never thought I’d sell it. After I’ve gotten myself a moped, I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that I won’t be using the wheel much anymore though. The wheel was bought back in March 2020 directly from Gotway and has since then ridden a total of 1150 km. From my experience, the wheel has a safe top speed slightly above 30 km/h and a safe range of about 25 km (70 kg). I’ve mostly used the wheel in combination with public transportation and it has been absolutely fantastic for that purpose. It fits great in my 40L backpack with a helmet and backpack and with only a weight of about 10 kg, it’s not too heavy on the back either. Overall, I’d consider the wheel to be in pretty good. It doesn’t have any cracks in the plastic, there is however a few scratches here and there, which also reveals that the wheel was once white. The motor was swapped at around the 500 km mark, since I couldn’t get the two motor pillars aligned after full disassembly. I ended up concluding the issue was the axle and therefore had to purchase a new motor. The new motor got SKF bearings installed and a waterproofing job that has worked fantastic. To support that statement, I did a similar waterproofing job on my old Nikola, which got to ride at least 5000 km in water and salt, and didn’t show any signs of wear once disassembled. Regarding water, I would never actually suggest anyone to ride in it though. That said, you can’t be dependent on the weather, so sometimes shit happens. I’ve gotten caught in rain a few times on this wheel and it honestly haven’t worried me very much. The plastic shell has silicone in all joints and to add further, the wheel is already designed pretty well to keep water out. That dark plastic center piece is what mainly keeps the water out. The tire was changed not so long ago after I had a series of punctures. I eventually had enough and installed a brand new unoriginal tire, anti-puncture insert and red Armor Dilloz slime. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how long the new tire has ridden, however you can still see the red line it comes with from factory Unfortunately though, during installation of those things, I managed to scratch the black rim quite a bit… While I installed the new tire, I also installed a new tube. Unfortunately, the new tubes valve is angled a bit bad, which meant it originally hit the plastic shell slightly. That said, it was not something a file couldn’t fix It now runs fine now, I will say though, that I’ve notice it sometimes hits just very slightly during a turn. I wouldn’t really call it an issue, however in case it bothers you, you should be able to remove just a very tiny bit more plastic That’s not all though, another modification has also been done to the plastic shell. Originally the 2 halfs were held together by wooden screws, however they eventually gave up, so I decided to swap them out for plastic inserts. They’re not all the most beautiful, however they should be decently strong, at least enough to tighten the screws moderately. On top of that, the two halfs are also being held together by the dark center plastic thing. Electronics have also been touched, though it’s limited. I’ve installed a XT-90 anti-spark connector between the battery and mainboard, which eliminates the otherwise well known spikes… I’ve also installed a fuse on the charge port and I believe it’s rated at 5A. What that means, is in case you ever accidentally stick your keys in the charge port, it should just pop the fuse, instead of making lots of sparks and possibly smoke. Of course the fuse will need to be changed then, but could be worse With the wheel comes the standard charger (1.5A) and an unofficial fast charger (3.5A). Throughout the whole time I’ve had the wheel, I’ve only used the fast charger. Fast might be strong words though, I believe the 2 cells in parallel have a capacity of 3.5 Ah each, which means the cells have only been charged at the usual standard 0.5C charge current. In case that was a bit confusing, most importantly, the wheel still has lots of charge cycles remaining before it will start to degrade There is however a slight issue with the fast charger though. 9 out of 10 times, the fan doesn’t run very well in the beginning and needs to be “kick started” by blowing at it. Once it gets going though, it works perfectly fine. I’m pretty sure it can be repaired by getting a new fan, since I previously tried to install a more silent fan and it worked perfectly from the start, but then another issue popped up, the charger got too hot… Oh yea, did I forget to mention the fast charger makes shit ton of noise?... Another small issue is the buzzer inside the wheel. Sometimes the sound gets slightly lowered temporary. Some time will pass by and then all of a sudden it will work perfectly fine again. I’ve previously had a similar issue with my Nikola where a new buzzer solved the issue so it might be worth a try With the wheel, lots of old spare parts will also be included that I’ll otherwise just be throw out. The original tire, tons of tubes, though most have a slight puncture after failed installation attempt. A set of motor pillars and 2 sets of motor shims, though probably only one set of useful shims. Lastly, the pedals have also gotten installed Vicious griptape, which is extra coarse compared to stock. And that was it I really hope I managed to mention all details about the wheel, however to be realistic, it’s very possible I’ve missed something… In case you got any questions, please feel free to let me know and I’ll be happy to help. I have lots of pictures from inside of the wheel in case you’re interested in that Now for the most important part, price. I’d like to get 450€ for everything with free shipping to most EU countries. I’m also very open to offers, so please feel free to contact me with those The wheel is located in Denmark, more specifically Copenhagen. Happy riding!
  5. SOLD - Thank you all for the interest! $520 FIRM 84volt 460watt hour (23mph, 20 mile range) 211 miles NY (Long Island - preferred) and NYC (Penn Station/Midtown - only certain days), will not ship, cash only Never crashed, no major damage or cracks Experienced adult ridden on paved roads, not used as a learner wheel Everything works, has minor scuffing on the pads and plastics. Always kept at storage charge, this was not my first wheel. Includes the charger that is not pictured. These are $900 new on ewheels, so I am firm at $520. I will not ship and will only deal cash. Feel free to PM, me, this is also posted on FB marketplace.
  6. I posted last year and ended up keeping it. Old post is still on the forum I believe. Anyway, not many miles add on to it this year and I'm thinking of selling again. Email if interested. I purchased from eWheels in March 2020. 333.7 miles on the wheel last year. Still under 400 miles after a year. Never needed any tire change or repair. No weird sounds - everything functions well. Never been dropped. Never rode in the rain. Comes with the original charger. payment will be through Venmo only. local pickup only (NYC -Bay Ridge). Pics
  7. Gotway mTen3 67v 420Wh - Used, Good Condition.- 10" tubeless tire.- 22lbs weight.- approx. top speed of 18-20 mph (safely).- approx. range of 20-25 miles (depending on rider weight & speed).- smallest electric unicycle.*Very low mileage on it, only about 85 miles.1st Owner - Bought from eWheels.comGreat 1st / learning wheel.I bought it to use around the park with my kids, but have lost interest in it.Too small/slow for me.I've added black foam bumpers to the front and back. (The back bumpers are great for placing the wheel down on.)I spray-painted it black from it's original white.I bought new side lower pads in black, from eWheels.The top half of the sides have velcro strips so you can put side pads of your choice.Included:- original box- stock chargerExtras:- cobra jump pads (in picture) $50 (additional).Cash & Carry.Priced to sell.Sorry not willing to ship it.Can meet around Long Island / Queens area for pickup.Thanks for reading.
  8. I'm looking for a set of the smaller original pedals that typically come stock on the MTen3 that has the red lines on the grip tape. I'm trying to find a set for my grandson to use on the MTen3 and thought that maybe someone here may have switched some out and had set the take-off's (the original pedals) to the side or threw them in a box in the closet. ALSO, WHICH GOTWAY EUC MODEL PEDALS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THE MTEN3? PLMK ASAP. Thank you.
  9. I'm looking for a set of the smaller original pedals that typically come stock on the MTen3 that has the red lines on the grip tape. I'm trying to find a set for my grandson to use on the MTen3 and thought that maybe someone here may have switched some out and had set the take-off's (the original pedals) to the side or threw them in a box in the closet. ALSO, WHICH GOTWAY EUC MODEL PEDALS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THE MTEN3? PLMK ASAP. Thank you.
  10. I have a Gotway MTen3. I live at the top of a hill so have overcharging problems if I charge to 100% and then ride it. Unfortunately Jason at Ewheels is out of stock of Charge Doctors with the 4 Pin connector. My best option is to buy a rapid charger, which has the same feature, but I'd rather not spend $150 and I don't need the fast charging feature. If anyone has an old 4 Pin Charge Doctor they're not using, I'd happily pay $55 plus shipping. Let me know if so!
  11. Hi guys, Do any of you know the Continuous Current, and the Peak Discharge on the Tesla & Mten 3 batteries? It's my understanding that for each unit there are two batteries and they have a 84.7 Voltage. Thanks everyone!
  12. Here are the facts of my Gotway Mten3 84V/512whr for sale in the SF Bay Area for ($450) *SOLD*: I am the original owner and I purchased this wheel from eWheels in January of 2020. It has 363 miles on it and the battery charges to 100%. It has never been dropped, in a crash, ridden off-road or in the rain. It has never needed a tire change, maintenance or repair. There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations. All of the LED's and buzzer work correctly. Comes with original box, original charger and user manual. This sale will be for local pick-up/drop-off only and payment will be through PayPal only.
  13. I have an Mten3 84V and whenever I ride it also using the EUC world app at 4 KM it gets to 60 degrees temperature, I am reluctant to open it up but before I send it in for repairs I am wondering what is the max temperature for the Mten3 to operate at and or if anyone has experience with the same problems I am in Australia where the average weather temperature is between 25 and 35 degrees (Celsius) and where I ride there are a lot of hills so im also curious to know if this is normal for the Mten3 to get to this temp so quick. Thanks in advance for any advice
  14. Just wondering if anyone has tried this with a bigger wheel
  15. After a lot of q&a with many (youtube content creators , Jason, euc guy(Josh) on the street) and after many many distractions from plethora of boosted, onewheel ads, and few bike rider friends, I finally decided Euc is the right fit for me. I have to admit it was hard to see through those campaigns and make a choice that is personally right. There was a long tug of war between mten3 and mcm5 until I gave up and decided to just choose first and then realize later. I chose mten3 as it was portable & still powerful. I 'was' not sold on the idea of lugging along a wheel and feel comfortable. As soon as I held the mten3, I changed my mind on that. I got mten3 from ewheels with tyres inflated and batteries charged. Thanks Jason. It enabled me to try mten3 immediately . There is a fundamental joy in trying after opening the box. Few things I noticed which I need answers 1. When I first started I kept the tilt back at a very low speed for safety. After an hour of playing with it in the park and gaining some confidence, I came back home and changed the tilt back setting at 20 miles/hour. Result: I lost all the wheel logs and it reset back to 0. Gotway app still reads the total distance right. Any idea ? Does it mean that if I go back to Gotway app in the future I will lose all the logs again ? 2. I disabled the first and second alarm but curious on how to set the alarm value for the first and second ? what is the current value for the third alarm - is it the tilt back settings ? My Experience : On the first day I felt that I made a mistake as I could not for the mother of god figure out how to climb on it without using support from both sides I started using my small walkway to my bedroom which has both sides support to climb. I started moving few inches with balance and at that very instant I started loving it for the torque. When i moved 2 meters without any support, I started feeling like a kid and smiled. For 2 days I would be looking forward to come home after work to try that few yards inside my house. I realized what other people said about this wheel * "puts a smile on my face every time I ride it" * "It is so torquey" * "It is squirrely" * "It is as if it knows your mind and moves before you physically command it" * "It is the only euc which is so much fun as one-wheel" (Yes I have been stalking some of the experts here to borrow the knowledge) On the first weekend I went to a football park with mten3 in my laptop bag. Wow! that was amazing I could carry my wheel in a bag. It is not heavy(22lb) but at the same time , it is not light to be ignored. I don't think one would like to carry this in a backpack or in hand for more than 0.5 miles. It is not impossible, it is just not easy after sometime. I used the posts to climb on. I felt so miserable as I had to run back to the post every time to climb on. Thats when I felt the need for a trolley. After few iterations I lost patience and I started trying to mount wherever I dropped the wheel. Surprisingly I was able to do it after just few iterations. I am still not comfortable to climb and go in the desired direction. I go in some direction and then I correct. I think difficulty-to-climb-on/steep-learning-curve is the deterrent for any beginners or anybody to step into this euc world. Safety gear - ignorance When I went to the park, I dint put on any protection as I was going to a turf. So the fall would not be very hard. I wore 2 thick jeans to ensure I have some padding on my shins if mten3 hit me. I dint think I needed gloves as it is only turf Within 15 minutes, I regretted not having got a shin guard and not having a gloves. With not much control in the direction I drifted in to the running track which is hard surface and crashed the wheel. I dint fall which is good but I was dumb enough to catch the spinning mten3 to avoid scratches on the wheel. My fingers got caught between the spinning tyres and the edge and it shaved a small piece of my skin in my thumb and ring finger. I decide to do only turf from then on. It goes fine until I crashed few times. Everytime mten3 would spin and hit my shins. It was same the pain when getting hit during soccer games without shin guards. All these from 2 hours of riding. I enjoyed it and I want to keep trying again with that little powerhouse. I am not sure if it would give me 15 to 18 miles range. It dropped to 22% battery after 9 miles. I will try it few more times. May it is because I was constantly accelerating it and decelerating it throughout to keep my balance. Few more questions: What is the realistic range of mten3 ? Also what is the temperature reading I should be watching out for ? Is there a way to change the wheellog to SI system instead of metric system? So long I have not calibrated the wheel. Is it necessary ? Mten3 in a laptop bag
  16. Anyway to change the Mten3 LED light color scheme, or turn off? I've taped over them, but would prefer to be able to change the colors.
  17. I've been looking around and only seem to find good solid info on the 84v version. I have the 67v Mten3 and want to know if anybody out there has found a reliable top speed. I'm 150 pounds riding and usually get around 18mph before it starts beeping like crazy, but the wheel feels like it has more to give. Has anybody experienced a "high speed" related cutoff on this wheel? Lastly does anybody have recommended app settings for their 67v version? The gotway app as of this post doesn't work AT ALL, and frankly trying to adjust alarms on EUC world and Wheel log apps don't seem to do anything at all for the 18mph beeps. Thanks in advance for any help or insight!
  18. MTen3 10'', 'The Pocket Rocket', 420Wh/67v/800W Motor I want to sell this slightly used MTen3 because I originally purchased it for my kids (7 & 9) to learn on. I purchased it from ewheels.com on 6/29/2020. I now have a King Song 16X and the MTen3 is not being used. Our kids like their electric scooters better. Party poopers! The MTen3 only has 4.55 miles on it and some scrapes from learning. The scratches, which are completely unavoidable, are from when we started training on the road and sidewalks. It’s a little tank though, wow! You Get: - - Original Boxing - - Transferrable eWheels Warranty (good until 06/29/2021) - - Charger - - MTen3 Info (I found and printed most of it off) - - Bonus: Upgraded ACM black pedals (fitted) - - Atmospheric LEDs - - 420Wh/67v/800W Motor - - Tire Stem Attachment - - Ships via FedEx Pricing… I will look at serious offers, but please don’t try to low-ball me as this little wheel is brand-new with only some cosmetic scratches, which everyone will get. I am looking for $600.00, which includes shipping. Here is a link to the rest of the pics: https://ibb.co/album/0jLzMd
  19. Hi all, I just got a new MTen3 and am trying to figure out the alarm situation. I ran it for about an hour and a half out of the box to a max of maybe 15-20 mph with no beeping issues. A little while later however it began to give me a set of beeps (not sure if 2 or 3) when I got up to maybe 10-12 mph. No alarms at all going <10mph. I figured it was low battery or something (had 2 lights of 6 on front lit up) so plugged it in to charge for the night. I looked things up on the gotway website and found this chart: http://www.kebye.com/productinfo/371629.html. Can someone explain what I was possibly hearing when I was riding and what the other alarms listed on the gotway site are (especially the first class and second class alarm) mean. I believe from what I have read is that the 80% alarm (5 beeps per second) is the one where if you hear it, you should definitely slow down otherwise you will wipe out. What happens if I turn alarms off in darknessbot? Will I still get 80% alarm?
  20. New to the forum as well as the EUC world. I just purchased my first EUC the mten3 and it arrived today. I am in the process of learning to ride and understanding my wheel. I am having a difficult time figuring out why the headlight keeps coming back on after I shut my wheel down completely. I shut the wheel down and everything looks fine than approximately 10-20 minutes later it is back on at a very low intensity but it is on. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Not too bad, better than I thought: KS-14C style, pedal-hex-bolt + zip-tie MTen3 handle solution, purchased off eBay from xiaoq-cn (edit: MTen3 Trolley via Green & Fashion Traveling Shop / AliExpress > Last Option). Plus the handle is extra long; just a tad longer than I need, nice!
  22. Hi everyone, Been looking at my first EUC for sometime and must say im so lucky to be part of this community. I have been looking at different specs, pricepoints, brand reputation etc. Looking for an EUC that will help with my almost 3 mile commute in the mornings to my Bus Stop and return at the end of my work day. I must say I will probably not ride any EUC for sometime that I can safely jump off of at any speed (dont know what that max is yet!). Some requirements would be a good battery, strong motor and easy to transport/carry. I am more and more drawn to (2) options the Kingsong 14d or the Gotway Mten3...for some reason I keep getting pulled back to the Gotway..although it doesnt have a light (for night riding) im sure thats a simple fix, bigger debate is that they are almost at the same pricepoint! sooooooo with that said one or the other? and why are you convinced?
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