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  1. I have a Gotway MTen3. I live at the top of a hill so have overcharging problems if I charge to 100% and then ride it. Unfortunately Jason at Ewheels is out of stock of Charge Doctors with the 4 Pin connector. My best option is to buy a rapid charger, which has the same feature, but I'd rather not spend $150 and I don't need the fast charging feature. If anyone has an old 4 Pin Charge Doctor they're not using, I'd happily pay $55 plus shipping. Let me know if so!
  2. For Sale: Gotway mTen3 - $500 - Great Neck, NY (USA) MTen3 10'', 'The Pocket Rocket' - 420Wh/67v I've had this little wheel since the end of June 2020. Purchased new from eWheels. Rides like-new. Only has about 84 miles on it. Comes with original charger and box, if you want it. Pick-up Sale Only - in Great Neck, NY or nearby. Used it a bit for small errands here and there until I overpowered it and fell. Having a hard time trusting it again since I am used to faster wheels (ie. the RS). It's been sitting in my garage collecting dust and getting it's exercise whenever th
  3. Hi guys, Do any of you know the Continuous Current, and the Peak Discharge on the Tesla & Mten 3 batteries? It's my understanding that for each unit there are two batteries and they have a 84.7 Voltage. Thanks everyone!
  4. Here are the facts of my Gotway Mten3 84V/512whr for sale in the SF Bay Area for ($450) *SOLD*: I am the original owner and I purchased this wheel from eWheels in January of 2020. It has 363 miles on it and the battery charges to 100%. It has never been dropped, in a crash, ridden off-road or in the rain. It has never needed a tire change, maintenance or repair. There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations. All of the LED's and buzzer work correctly. Comes with original box, original charger and user manual. This sale will be for lo
  5. I have an Mten3 84V and whenever I ride it also using the EUC world app at 4 KM it gets to 60 degrees temperature, I am reluctant to open it up but before I send it in for repairs I am wondering what is the max temperature for the Mten3 to operate at and or if anyone has experience with the same problems I am in Australia where the average weather temperature is between 25 and 35 degrees (Celsius) and where I ride there are a lot of hills so im also curious to know if this is normal for the Mten3 to get to this temp so quick. Thanks in advance for any advice
  6. Just wondering if anyone has tried this with a bigger wheel
  7. After a lot of q&a with many (youtube content creators , Jason, euc guy(Josh) on the street) and after many many distractions from plethora of boosted, onewheel ads, and few bike rider friends, I finally decided Euc is the right fit for me. I have to admit it was hard to see through those campaigns and make a choice that is personally right. There was a long tug of war between mten3 and mcm5 until I gave up and decided to just choose first and then realize later. I chose mten3 as it was portable & still powerful. I 'was' not sold on the idea of lugging along a wheel and feel
  8. Anyway to change the Mten3 LED light color scheme, or turn off? I've taped over them, but would prefer to be able to change the colors.
  9. I've been looking around and only seem to find good solid info on the 84v version. I have the 67v Mten3 and want to know if anybody out there has found a reliable top speed. I'm 150 pounds riding and usually get around 18mph before it starts beeping like crazy, but the wheel feels like it has more to give. Has anybody experienced a "high speed" related cutoff on this wheel? Lastly does anybody have recommended app settings for their 67v version? The gotway app as of this post doesn't work AT ALL, and frankly trying to adjust alarms on EUC world and Wheel log apps don't seem to do anything at a
  10. MTen3 10'', 'The Pocket Rocket', 420Wh/67v/800W Motor I want to sell this slightly used MTen3 because I originally purchased it for my kids (7 & 9) to learn on. I purchased it from ewheels.com on 6/29/2020. I now have a King Song 16X and the MTen3 is not being used. Our kids like their electric scooters better. Party poopers! The MTen3 only has 4.55 miles on it and some scrapes from learning. The scratches, which are completely unavoidable, are from when we started training on the road and sidewalks. It’s a little tank though, wow! You Get: - - Original B
  11. I just installed the mten3 tire recommended by Marty, and now my wheel is a mini MSX. version 2 I put together this video to show how I used zip ties to compress the tire. This made it super duper easy to remove and then install by just prying with a flathead screwdriver ------REVIEW------ This tire carves amazingly and handles superbly. It is super rigid and will definitely support all the bumping and tricks I do. It also feels like it'll last a long time. I expect 2k miles Range seems about the same Works fine in wet weather
  12. Hi all, I just got a new MTen3 and am trying to figure out the alarm situation. I ran it for about an hour and a half out of the box to a max of maybe 15-20 mph with no beeping issues. A little while later however it began to give me a set of beeps (not sure if 2 or 3) when I got up to maybe 10-12 mph. No alarms at all going <10mph. I figured it was low battery or something (had 2 lights of 6 on front lit up) so plugged it in to charge for the night. I looked things up on the gotway website and found this chart: http://www.kebye.com/productinfo/371629.html. Can someone explain what I w
  13. Hey y'all! I've spent a year riding EUCs and ripping through upgrades (IPS i6, InMotion V8, KS18L w/Pedal Upgrade, MSX100V 1.23kWh, and now a MSX100V 1.85kWh coming in the mail). I started off thinking "bleh, I'm not a speed demon like those crazies riding GotWays" so I started off small, but I found that I really love the speed and safety of having more power and keeping up with cars at 70km/h. The big tires also lessen my fear of potholes and other road surface aberrations. Alongside my other hobbies (skydiving and alpine climbing), EUC riding is up there on my favorites list. The EUC i
  14. New to the forum as well as the EUC world. I just purchased my first EUC the mten3 and it arrived today. I am in the process of learning to ride and understanding my wheel. I am having a difficult time figuring out why the headlight keeps coming back on after I shut my wheel down completely. I shut the wheel down and everything looks fine than approximately 10-20 minutes later it is back on at a very low intensity but it is on. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Not too bad, better than I thought: KS-14C style, pedal-hex-bolt + zip-tie MTen3 handle solution, purchased off eBay from xiaoq-cn (edit: MTen3 Trolley via Green & Fashion Traveling Shop / AliExpress > Last Option). Plus the handle is extra long; just a tad longer than I need, nice!
  16. Hi everyone, Been looking at my first EUC for sometime and must say im so lucky to be part of this community. I have been looking at different specs, pricepoints, brand reputation etc. Looking for an EUC that will help with my almost 3 mile commute in the mornings to my Bus Stop and return at the end of my work day. I must say I will probably not ride any EUC for sometime that I can safely jump off of at any speed (dont know what that max is yet!). Some requirements would be a good battery, strong motor and easy to transport/carry. I am more and more drawn to (2) opti
  17. I have used mTen3 2-3 times now and you might see minor scratches because of that. Please find photos attached. I have the tag attached too, when I bought it. Bought it for $999, selling it for $850. Looking to sell it as soon as possible. Thanks, Saumeel Gajera Images : mten3_1 mTen3_2
  18. I just got back from my first session on an EUC and I’m so very stoked!! After padding up my brand new MTen3 to a ridiculous level, I took it over to a local baseball park and played around on the concrete deck behind the bleachers & backstop. I started using the fence for support but moved to using the back of the bleachers as I could slide my hand along the railing easier than the fence. Within 30 minutes I was going from one end of a set of bleachers to the other without grabbing. Within 60 minutes I was able to basically go anywhere on the smooth concrete deck witho
  19. The charger cap snapped from repeated use a couple months back and I had a local friend print me a couple. They were a little small and I really had to squeeze them on there to stay. The first one popped off last week. The second one, it wasn't printed that well, and fell apart when I tried taking it off a few days ago. Right now I'm using a little plastic wrap with a rubber band. Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways I can cover the charger port that's removable? I was considering a plastic/rubber PVC Pipe.
  20. I was riding my Mten3 today, about 90% charged, went about a mile, it slowed down, shuddered, and started non stop beeping - beep beep, in sets of 2. Also, nothing is working on it right now, except the power button. Any ideas on what the beeps mean and what the problem could be? Would unplugging the battery possibly help?
  21. So it turned out that I bought Mten3 as my first-ever-wheel (EDIT: Now I have 2 of them!) . I chose it because it somehow resonated with me in terms of design, specs and compactness. Visually-wise, it looked the least “Chinese” out of all other wheels, with their flashing strobes, questionable design choices and redundant logotypes all over the place. I also knew I wouldn’t be using the wheel as a transportation means for long commutes, just for some quick errands and park leisure strolls. And, of course, I was heavily influenced by Marty’s raving reviews (and boy was he right about it)!
  22. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone was interested in trading their wheel for both my Mten3 and Tesla. Both are perfectly fine, I've posted my Tesla on the forum a bit ago so most details about that wheel can be found on my last post in my profile section. My Mten3 is pretty much new, though I did buy it 2nd hand so I'm not aware of it's warranty status. It has about an estimate of 100 miles on it currently! It also has been converted to a tubeless tire, and it does has some cosmetic wear such as the side padding being a bit torn, I also planned on painting it. Now the reason I want to tra
  23. Dear mten3 owners, how does this wheel handles riding under rain? Is the factory water sealing enough or some additional sealing is needed? My local service shop offers a $50 service to water-proof the wheel. Is it worth it or is it fairly easy to perform oneself? What's needed for it then? Also my mten3 started making some strange sounds. Should I start worrying?
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