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Found 31 results

  1. MTen3 10'', 'The Pocket Rocket', 420Wh/67v/800W Motor I want to sell this slightly used MTen3 because I originally purchased it for my kids (7 & 9) to learn on. I purchased it from ewheels.com on 6/29/2020. I now have a King Song 16X and the MTen3 is not being used. Our kids like their electric scooters better. Party poopers! The MTen3 only has 4.55 miles on it and some scrapes from learning. The scratches, which are completely unavoidable, are from when we started training on the road and sidewalks. It’s a little tank though, wow! You Get: - - Original Boxing - - Transferrable eWheels Warranty (good until 06/29/2021) - - Charger - - MTen3 Info (I found and printed most of it off) - - Bonus: Upgraded ACM black pedals (fitted) - - Atmospheric LEDs - - 420Wh/67v/800W Motor - - Tire Stem Attachment - - Ships via FedEx Pricing… I will look at serious offers, but please don’t try to low-ball me as this little wheel is brand-new with only some cosmetic scratches, which everyone will get. I am looking for $600.00, which includes shipping.
  2. After a lot of q&a with many (youtube content creators , Jason, euc guy(Josh) on the street) and after many many distractions from plethora of boosted, onewheel ads, and few bike rider friends, I finally decided Euc is the right fit for me. I have to admit it was hard to see through those campaigns and make a choice that is personally right. There was a long tug of war between mten3 and mcm5 until I gave up and decided to just choose first and then realize later. I chose mten3 as it was portable & still powerful. I 'was' not sold on the idea of lugging along a wheel and feel comfortable. As soon as I held the mten3, I changed my mind on that. I got mten3 from ewheels with tyres inflated and batteries charged. Thanks Jason. It enabled me to try mten3 immediately . There is a fundamental joy in trying after opening the box. Few things I noticed which I need answers 1. When I first started I kept the tilt back at a very low speed for safety. After an hour of playing with it in the park and gaining some confidence, I came back home and changed the tilt back setting at 20 miles/hour. Result: I lost all the wheel logs and it reset back to 0. Gotway app still reads the total distance right. Any idea ? Does it mean that if I go back to Gotway app in the future I will lose all the logs again ? 2. I disabled the first and second alarm but curious on how to set the alarm value for the first and second ? what is the current value for the third alarm - is it the tilt back settings ? My Experience : On the first day I felt that I made a mistake as I could not for the mother of god figure out how to climb on it without using support from both sides I started using my small walkway to my bedroom which has both sides support to climb. I started moving few inches with balance and at that very instant I started loving it for the torque. When i moved 2 meters without any support, I started feeling like a kid and smiled. For 2 days I would be looking forward to come home after work to try that few yards inside my house. I realized what other people said about this wheel * "puts a smile on my face every time I ride it" * "It is so torquey" * "It is squirrely" * "It is as if it knows your mind and moves before you physically command it" * "It is the only euc which is so much fun as one-wheel" (Yes I have been stalking some of the experts here to borrow the knowledge) On the first weekend I went to a football park with mten3 in my laptop bag. Wow! that was amazing I could carry my wheel in a bag. It is not heavy(22lb) but at the same time , it is not light to be ignored. I don't think one would like to carry this in a backpack or in hand for more than 0.5 miles. It is not impossible, it is just not easy after sometime. I used the posts to climb on. I felt so miserable as I had to run back to the post every time to climb on. Thats when I felt the need for a trolley. After few iterations I lost patience and I started trying to mount wherever I dropped the wheel. Surprisingly I was able to do it after just few iterations. I am still not comfortable to climb and go in the desired direction. I go in some direction and then I correct. I think difficulty-to-climb-on/steep-learning-curve is the deterrent for any beginners or anybody to step into this euc world. Safety gear - ignorance When I went to the park, I dint put on any protection as I was going to a turf. So the fall would not be very hard. I wore 2 thick jeans to ensure I have some padding on my shins if mten3 hit me. I dint think I needed gloves as it is only turf Within 15 minutes, I regretted not having got a shin guard and not having a gloves. With not much control in the direction I drifted in to the running track which is hard surface and crashed the wheel. I dint fall which is good but I was dumb enough to catch the spinning mten3 to avoid scratches on the wheel. My fingers got caught between the spinning tyres and the edge and it shaved a small piece of my skin in my thumb and ring finger. I decide to do only turf from then on. It goes fine until I crashed few times. Everytime mten3 would spin and hit my shins. It was same the pain when getting hit during soccer games without shin guards. All these from 2 hours of riding. I enjoyed it and I want to keep trying again with that little powerhouse. I am not sure if it would give me 15 to 18 miles range. It dropped to 22% battery after 9 miles. I will try it few more times. May it is because I was constantly accelerating it and decelerating it throughout to keep my balance. Few more questions: What is the realistic range of mten3 ? Also what is the temperature reading I should be watching out for ? Is there a way to change the wheellog to SI system instead of metric system? So long I have not calibrated the wheel. Is it necessary ? Mten3 in a laptop bag
  3. I just installed the mten3 tire recommended by Marty, and now my wheel is a mini MSX. version 2 I put together this video to show how I used zip ties to compress the tire. This made it super duper easy to remove and then install by just prying with a flathead screwdriver ------REVIEW------ This tire carves amazingly and handles superbly. It is super rigid and will definitely support all the bumping and tricks I do. It also feels like it'll last a long time. I expect 2k miles Range seems about the same Works fine in wet weather
  4. tboschuetz


    Hi all, I just got a new MTen3 and am trying to figure out the alarm situation. I ran it for about an hour and a half out of the box to a max of maybe 15-20 mph with no beeping issues. A little while later however it began to give me a set of beeps (not sure if 2 or 3) when I got up to maybe 10-12 mph. No alarms at all going <10mph. I figured it was low battery or something (had 2 lights of 6 on front lit up) so plugged it in to charge for the night. I looked things up on the gotway website and found this chart: http://www.kebye.com/productinfo/371629.html. Can someone explain what I was possibly hearing when I was riding and what the other alarms listed on the gotway site are (especially the first class and second class alarm) mean. I believe from what I have read is that the 80% alarm (5 beeps per second) is the one where if you hear it, you should definitely slow down otherwise you will wipe out. What happens if I turn alarms off in darknessbot? Will I still get 80% alarm?
  5. Hey y'all! I've spent a year riding EUCs and ripping through upgrades (IPS i6, InMotion V8, KS18L w/Pedal Upgrade, MSX100V 1.23kWh, and now a MSX100V 1.85kWh coming in the mail). I started off thinking "bleh, I'm not a speed demon like those crazies riding GotWays" so I started off small, but I found that I really love the speed and safety of having more power and keeping up with cars at 70km/h. The big tires also lessen my fear of potholes and other road surface aberrations. Alongside my other hobbies (skydiving and alpine climbing), EUC riding is up there on my favorites list. The EUC is also a convenient tool for short errands, last-mile transport, and walking the dog. I truly believe it's the future of urban transport. So having dropped another $2k on this hobby, I'm idly pondering the future directions that EUCs will take and how they can get better. Could we get together a wish list of near-term and long-term improvements that we'd like to see on the EUCs of the future? Here's my list. Short-term: Kuji Pads standard. Besides enabling tricks like jumping up curbs, Kuji Pads are a safety feature, helping reduce foot slip when traveling over irregular terrain. Long footpedals standard. To extract the most performance (and safety) out of your EUC, the pedals need to be as long as your foot. This allows your center of gravity to shift as far forward or backward as possible, allowing the greatest control input for rapid acceleration and deceleration. It also allows you to climb and descend steeper hills. With the upgraded pedals on the KS18L, I've climbed the steepest hills in San Francisco with no complaint. The same cannot be said for the standard short pedals on the MSX. Footpedal grind guards. Pedal scrape is no joke, especially if your pedal hits a bump in the road. Danger arises from the potential for the pedal to get "stuck," causing a sudden torque and launching you off the EUC. If the pedals had low-friction grind guards on their leading edge (made of acetal or UHMWPE, for example), this would lessen the odds of getting stuck. Of course, they would be consumables. Dihedral footpedals standard. The angled dihedral footpedals of the MSX seem weird at first, but they really secure your foot against the EUC—a huge benefit for reducing foot slip when hitting unexpected bumps, or when riding one-footed. Especially if you must make frequent stops, such as when walking the dog, this latter point is important for lessening foot fatigue. They also lessen the odds of pedal scrape on sharp turns. Long-term: Higher speed. Keeping up with cars is lots of fun, but also important for safety (drivers DGAF). I'd like to see future EUCs with a top speed of 80 or 90km/h. Bigger battery. Since drag force rises quadratically with speed, you need a bigger battery to go long distances if you're going fast. I'd like future EUCs with 3kWh or more. Shock absorbers. My knees are fine, but using them to dampen the resonant tank formed by the tire's spring force and the EUC's mass can be a challenge—as a human, my response time isn't fast enough to dampen it well; I need to anticipate and prepare for the shock. Especially on poorly maintained roads, it's difficult to keep up with the repetitive and unpredictable force impulses when traveling at speed, causing anxiety about foot slip when traveling on unknown paths at night. It would be preferred if shock absorbers (important: with dampeners) were integrated into the EUC structure, especially if the battery was kept unsprung. I imagine this would result in a supremely buttery ride. Belt-drive. This one's debatable, because it introduces another point of failure into the drivetrain, but... The power you can get out of a motor is proportional to the product of its size (namely, its volume) and how fast you spin it. With direct drive, where the motor is integrated into the wheel structure, you aren't spinning the motor very fast so its power density is remarkably low. As a result, for a given power level the motor must be really big—and neodymium and copper ain't cheap. If you added gearing or a belt drive, then the motor could spin faster than the wheel and be much smaller—like a hobby motor. This would substantially reduce the cost and weight of EUCs. Additionally, the sprung mass could be reduced and it would be easier to carry around. I take pause because it adds another point of failure if the belt breaks. While a drivetrain failure on a motorcycle might cause a fall, a drivetrain failure on an EUC will cause a fall. Maybe some belt-drive experts can chime in. Foot attachment. Having dihedral pedals and Kuji pads helps to reduce foot slip, but nothing can beat a true attachment. It needn't take much force, since it would only need to prevent your feet from slipping off while catching air, so "clip-in" pedals like bicycles or skis would be unnecessary. Preferably something that can be detached easily when you need to step or jump off. My thought at the moment is to place a magnet on the pedal or the side of the EUC, and to have a small steel plate that pins to the bottom or side your shoe that is attracted by the magnet. Articulating seats. Control of acceleration on the EUC arises from your ability to translate your center of gravity longitudinally, fore or aft of the tire's point of contact. Your ankles' articulation permits this motion. Fine control of steering is done by twisting your hips (and by extension the EUC) axially against your torso's rotational inertia, and course control by lateral translation of your center of gravity to the left or right of the tire's point of contact. The former is permitted by twisting articulation in your trunk, and the latter by articulation in your ankles and hips. On a seat that is rigidly mounted to the EUC, your ability to perform these translations and rotations is greatly diminished. In this case, you are reliant on the compliance in your butt tissue, which even for those blessed with child-bearing hips is not much. As a result, your control inputs on a seat are severely limited. This endangers you since you cannot steer or decelerate as quickly as may be needed in the event of an emergency. Articulating seats that permit a few centimeters of longitudinal and lateral translation, and several degrees of axial rotation, should greatly improve this situation. Maintenance schedules. As EUCs become faster and more powerful, and as more people ride them, it becomes more critical to keep them well-maintained. Manufacturer-recommended maintenance and inspection intervals may be wise. What's your wishlist? Cheers!
  6. New to the forum as well as the EUC world. I just purchased my first EUC the mten3 and it arrived today. I am in the process of learning to ride and understanding my wheel. I am having a difficult time figuring out why the headlight keeps coming back on after I shut my wheel down completely. I shut the wheel down and everything looks fine than approximately 10-20 minutes later it is back on at a very low intensity but it is on. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Not too bad, better than I thought: KS-14C style, pedal-hex-bolt + zip-tie MTen3 handle solution, purchased off eBay from xiaoq-cn (edit: MTen3 Trolley via Green & Fashion Traveling Shop / AliExpress > Last Option). Plus the handle is extra long; just a tad longer than I need, nice!
  8. Hi everyone, Been looking at my first EUC for sometime and must say im so lucky to be part of this community. I have been looking at different specs, pricepoints, brand reputation etc. Looking for an EUC that will help with my almost 3 mile commute in the mornings to my Bus Stop and return at the end of my work day. I must say I will probably not ride any EUC for sometime that I can safely jump off of at any speed (dont know what that max is yet!). Some requirements would be a good battery, strong motor and easy to transport/carry. I am more and more drawn to (2) options the Kingsong 14d or the Gotway Mten3...for some reason I keep getting pulled back to the Gotway..although it doesnt have a light (for night riding) im sure thats a simple fix, bigger debate is that they are almost at the same pricepoint! sooooooo with that said one or the other? and why are you convinced?
  9. I have used mTen3 2-3 times now and you might see minor scratches because of that. Please find photos attached. I have the tag attached too, when I bought it. Bought it for $999, selling it for $850. Looking to sell it as soon as possible. Thanks, Saumeel Gajera Images : mten3_1 mTen3_2
  10. I just got back from my first session on an EUC and I’m so very stoked!! After padding up my brand new MTen3 to a ridiculous level, I took it over to a local baseball park and played around on the concrete deck behind the bleachers & backstop. I started using the fence for support but moved to using the back of the bleachers as I could slide my hand along the railing easier than the fence. Within 30 minutes I was going from one end of a set of bleachers to the other without grabbing. Within 60 minutes I was able to basically go anywhere on the smooth concrete deck without issue, and was making 75+ yard runs from one end of the deck to the other. I still had to start and stop using a support (fence, pole, etc.), and my turns are sketchy, but I was expecting a much more frustrating experience! My legs are fatigued from almost 2 hours of practice but I can’t wait to go again tomorrow! Thanks again for all the contributors on this site and especially those that posted YT videos. I devoured as much info as I could before venturing on this journey and your contributions have surely shortened my learning curve. Next up, working on free mounting and fixing the vicious wobbles I get when speeding up... Can’t wait! Martog
  11. The charger cap snapped from repeated use a couple months back and I had a local friend print me a couple. They were a little small and I really had to squeeze them on there to stay. The first one popped off last week. The second one, it wasn't printed that well, and fell apart when I tried taking it off a few days ago. Right now I'm using a little plastic wrap with a rubber band. Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways I can cover the charger port that's removable? I was considering a plastic/rubber PVC Pipe.
  12. I was riding my Mten3 today, about 90% charged, went about a mile, it slowed down, shuddered, and started non stop beeping - beep beep, in sets of 2. Also, nothing is working on it right now, except the power button. Any ideas on what the beeps mean and what the problem could be? Would unplugging the battery possibly help?
  13. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone was interested in trading their wheel for both my Mten3 and Tesla. Both are perfectly fine, I've posted my Tesla on the forum a bit ago so most details about that wheel can be found on my last post in my profile section. My Mten3 is pretty much new, though I did buy it 2nd hand so I'm not aware of it's warranty status. It has about an estimate of 100 miles on it currently! It also has been converted to a tubeless tire, and it does has some cosmetic wear such as the side padding being a bit torn, I also planned on painting it. Now the reason I want to trade both wheels is I've been wanting to try out a different wheel for sometime now, as for my Tesla I've put 2,000 Miles on it. On the other hand the Mten3 is very fun to ride and cruise around with though I'm more focused on my transportation needs. If anyone is interested, feel free to let me know and ask me any questions regarding both wheels. I also want to mention that I do want to trade this locally in my area which is in California, I live between San Diego and Los Angeles for reference. Now for the trading process I'm wide open for a wheel that is 18in or similar in specs to what the Tesla has to offer. Thanks once again! - Alex (Seems more people are interested in buying the wheels so the prices I’m listing are Tesla - $800 Mten3 - $700 to see pics of both wheels in-depth send me a PM)
  14. Dear mten3 owners, how does this wheel handles riding under rain? Is the factory water sealing enough or some additional sealing is needed? My local service shop offers a $50 service to water-proof the wheel. Is it worth it or is it fairly easy to perform oneself? What's needed for it then? Also my mten3 started making some strange sounds. Should I start worrying?
  15. Hi, Thanks for the forum I finally decided to order new Mten3 (still waiting ;( ), other contestants where i5 IPS (love form not spec) and KS14D/S (but size win). I see a lot of love for this wheel and read quite a few topics with overall confusing info. So I wanted to check few facts and others tip are welcome: What pressure I should put in the wheel. I weight (bare) 70-75kg. Tubeless - are new wheel tubeless already or need to be converted? If with tube is slime is needed and where to buy it in EU/ DE? Handle do you think it is necessary and if yes which one should I get? Which app for iphone? Which setting you recommend for the wheel? Any other tips are welcom Thanks, LucasD
  16. So it turned out that I bought Mten3 as my first-ever-wheel (EDIT: Now I have 2 of them!) . I chose it because it somehow resonated with me in terms of design, specs and compactness. Visually-wise, it looked the least “Chinese” out of all other wheels, with their flashing strobes, questionable design choices and redundant logotypes all over the place. I also knew I wouldn’t be using the wheel as a transportation means for long commutes, just for some quick errands and park leisure strolls. And, of course, I was heavily influenced by Marty’s raving reviews (and boy was he right about it)! So currently I’ve just covered a pitiful 80 km on this thing. Learned from scratch at nighttime on a kids playground (with rubberised coating). It took me about 5 nights, 20-30 minutes each session, to be able to drive out of the playground and get to my house on the wheel. It felt like such an achievement! There’s a couple of things I’ve never seen in reviews of Mten3. This thing is best compared to a dirt bike. The maximum level of fun is achieved when you ride on not-so-great roads, with random bumps, hills, cracks and transitions. You need a subtle challenge to overcome here and there, so you get a dopamine reward. One night, I took the wheel to a long straight road that goes aside a river. It was the most boring night ever (EDIT: Well, seems it largely depends on the mood. Sometimes long straight roads are fun as well). This wheel is absolutely not for straight roads longer than, say, 400-500 metres, because this way it becomes similar to riding Ninebot Mini Pro (which I also have, and it was fun only for the first couple of times) - you’re essentially just standing doing nothing, which is not fun. I believe that on other wheels, long straight roads mean speed and comfort, but on Mten3, you don’t want to speed up. My limit is set to 21 km/h and I’ve never hit it. This way, I feel safe riding it without any protective gear, which kills the fun for me. But it still feels extremely fast, even on speeds about 20 km/h. For the last 10-20 km, I’ve been developing a special “swingy” style of riding, with rapid accelerations and decelerations, combined with surf-like wavy motion trajectories, like on a Carver longboard. This feels just awesome, especially as the mind becomes more and more synergetic with the mechanics of the wheel. It even evoked the feelings of some “Avatar”-like connection. Playgrounds, small spaces are all extremely fun to be in while on Mten3, just as Marty said. Never thought I could spend hours just riding around certain objects. Undoubtedly, Mten3 is the best experience I have got from the money for the last X years. The only thing I’m having trouble with are ground elevations. If there’s a bump bigger than 4-5 cm, there are solid chances that the wheel will stutter there and drop you, while spinning around like crazy. It gets a bit better with the experience, but for now I just manually push the wheel on the incline, to be on the safe side. I’m totally OK with the not-so-ergonomic shape of the handle (it’s like contact lenses - you get used to it) and with the absence of the killswitch underneath the handle. These are non-critical issues. Of course, I’ve been looking at other wheels, because I’m curious what it feels like to ride a bigger diameter. But I’m also afraid it just wouldn’t be so fun so I might be purchasing another backup Mten3, just in case Gotway stops producing them.
  17. The mten3 I purchased from @Evel_Knievel arrived on Wednesday of this week. Due to a recent medical issue with my son I haven’t had a ton of time to ride it but my overall impression so far is that I’m gonna love it . It really is like a tiny rocket ship. It climbs like a champ, turns on a dime and the braking is pretty impressive too. I commuted to and from work on it yesterday and my only issue so far is that it does feel a bit unstable at speeds above 15mph. I pushed it to 35kph on the way home and on dead level, smooth asphalt it reached and held this speed with no issue . No excess motor noise , seemed like the motor handled the speed very well. I think that it really shines around 8-12mph though . The maneuverability is insane ! It performs 360 degree turns on the spot. Jump 180’s? ...piece of cake on this thing . If you’re on the fence about buying this little guy like I was ....just do it . It brought an instant smile to my face that hasn’t gone away since . ill write a more comprehensive review once I put more miles on it
  18. Challenge accepted! In my original thread, I had realized I wanted to wait for the new wheels to come out before picking out my first wheel. But in my impatience, rather than buying a “starter” wheel I would quickly outgrow, I thought maybe I could get started on my “second” wheel, which was likely to be an MTen3. Sober voices advised me to reconsider, but I figured I could take a careful and patient approach since I was going to have to wait regardless. Worst case, I figured I would put the rocket back in my proverbial pocket and learn on my “main” once I knew what that would be. This is an MTen3 512Wh purchased from @Jason McNeil at eWheels (Thanks Jason!). For your advice and amusement, here is my learning log so far (2 days): Day 1: I inflated the wheel to 40 psi, and attached some clumsy ad-hoc bumpers made of pool noodles. The wheel arrived with the calibration obviously way forward of level, so I calibrated the wheel to what I thought was level (used a level on the pedals). 45 min in the garage: Damn, this thing is scary. How am I supposed to balance on it when it feels like it wants any excuse to bludgeon my ankles? (I wore some old steel-toed high-top sneaker/hiking boot hybrids I had on hand) I used two chairs to get mounted, getting a feel for the pendulum back and forth and how wheel decides which way to push. I tried to use a belt as a strap, but I wasn’t coordinated enough to hold the strap while using the chairs, and the this belt had some elasticity that made it feel dangerous to use, so I put it aside. I did a couple of supported turns around one of the chairs, but not without some minor mishaps. In trying to free ride about five feet to a third chair, the wheel took a couple of minor spills and one just strong enough to knock off some of the noodle bumpers but otherwise scratch little more than the pedals. I stopped out of exhaustion and heat — it’s already in the 90’s here — and although I was up for another go that night, other plans got in the way. No falls or injuries to myself. Some minor cosmetic injuries to wheel. Day 2: My butt and back are sore. The back I blame more on manhandling the wheel than on riding it. Not sure about the butt. Legs are fine, probably on account of a career that has me standing most of the day, and a habit of regular walking. I reduced tire inflation to 30 psi after reading more on forums. Wheel calibration still looked off, so I redid that. I improvised a better strap out of a luggage strap. My wife helped me secure my noodle bumpers better. 30 min on a stretch of sidewalk: I feel like such a tool. My wife offered to take my hand on a stretch of sidewalk back and forth a number of times, as I tried not to use more support than necessary. Alas, I needed a lot of support. Good thing she is, um, supportive. Nevermind that it looked to the neighbors like she was walking a still-dripping newborn calf. I stopped after my legs were feeling wobbly enough that it was getting harder rather than easier. The new strap worked out a lot better: No falls or injuries to myself (or my wife). No significant spills for the wheel. A few hours later... 30 min in the garage (shade!): Yeah, I don’t know about this triangle method. I went out mostly to try to practice walking the wheel under one leg and then lifting my off leg towards an eventual mounting maneuver. I experimented a lot with foot positioning and knee angles to try to feel what people are talking about with this. I got to where I could kind of pivot around on my off foot, but nowhere near being able to hold my off leg airborne for even a moment, except in an awkward hop. The height at which I have to bite the MTen3 into my leg feels way too low for that maneuver, like I would crack my leg in half trying to support my full weight. No successful mounts, until I resorted to using a wall for a bit. The improved sense of mass centering from the triangle training did at least make mounting from the wall feel easier. I had enough room to try and make a wide arc around the garage unsupported, but never made it more than half way, and never felt very stable on these attempts. I wonder if my second attempt at calibration did more harm than good. I stopped out of a combination of drenching sweat in the heat+jeans+gear and aerobic exhaustion from all of the stepping and bending over to walk the wheel back to the wall. The strap is still working well to prevent damage. My right inside calf is a bit tender, but no falls and no other injuries to myself. No new spills for the wheel. A couple hours later… Put 2 oz. slime in the wheel (exactly, as measured by kitchen scale) and reinflated to 32 psi — with @Marty Backe's video giving me the confidence needed. I then precisely re-calibrated on my most level surface with a level (looks good now) and did another 5 minutes of my garage antics to distribute the slime. Seemed stable enough. Two hours later... 15 min on a stretch of sidewalk: Who’s a good wife? She is! She’s a good wife! We repeated our morning walk, but by the end of this one we were going a little quicker, I was standing taller, feeling a lot more stable, and it probably looked to outsiders more like I was walking my wife than the other way around. If nothing else, I think I have the psi and calibration dialed in. I let go a few times, but only made it as far as about 5 meters before making a controlled step-off and tugging on the strap. I started to get glimpses of the “it” I’m trying to get, and stopped the session when I felt previously-unactivated leg muscles start to wobble out of energy. No injuries to myself. No new spills for the wheel. Looking forward to tomorrow evening, when I’ll have my next riding opportunity. Questions: Being the only one I know of around here with a wheel, it’s hard to know what’s normal for me, my wheel, or wheels in general. Here’s what’s on my mind tonight: From the first power up, the wheel has always had a kind of purring vibration and faint sound that fluctuates, like there’s an honest-to-god spinny thing in there... but I was under the impression that the only gyro is on a chip — that all balancing is handled by motor torque adjustment. Is this vibration just the feeling of the motor elements taking turns doing the microadjustments that keep the wheel stable, or is something wrong with my wheel? Unlike yesterday and this morning, as of this afternoon, when powering on the wheel, I got a double chirp, sometimes right away, sometimes a few seconds after. I thought maybe this was a battery indication, as I hadn’t charged since yesterday. But having charged up to full before my final session today (as indicated by green charger light on OEM charger), it was still doing it (the first time, but not on two subsequent times). What does this mean? I’d kill for a manual. Fully charged (per charger) and idle, WheelLog reports a 100% charge but a voltage only in the mid 60s. Isn’t this an 84v wheel? How does that work? Are the sport/soft modes worth playing with at my stage? Are they even staying at whatever I set them to? I thought I had read somewhere that the Gotway app defaults it to something every time it is loaded. Thanks for all your advice and support! I’ll keep the log going until you or I are sick of it. [I thought about putting this in the dedicated MTen3 area (feel free to move it?), but since my first wheel choice is unusual enough that I thought it might be of more general interest.]
  19. I’ve been neglecting my Mten3 for while now . Didn’t really like it the first few times I took it out . So for the past few weeks I’ve just been riding around the house and using one of my larger wheels to commute and go out and ride . I took the Mten3 to work to today . I the way there I was reminded why it stayed at home . Don’t get me wrong ...it’s crazy fun . But didn’t handle high speed well. So on the Home I adjusted my feet a bit . Moved them more forward than I normally ride . It made a world of difference!! I held 30-34kph the entire way Home . That’s faster than my 14D can cruise !!! ?Now , turns at this high of a speed on such a small wheel are not recommended but it killed the straights. That speed wobble that I kept getting completely disappeared. It was a blast. Not to mention the fact that you can 360 in place. This wheel is really growing on me now .
  20. MTen3 Recall Notice from Green Fashion (Google Translated) (original Baidu post):
  21. When I ride my wheels on one leg - it is imperative to feel confident that your foot will not slip. Even though the pedals of Mten3 have grip tape and rubber inserts - the traction is not sufficient for one-foot exercises, especially when pedals are wet, or have some dirt/sand on them. I followed the advice of Yorkshire Airwheels LTD (https://youtu.be/9YjmwrGYi8E) and made my pedals really grippy So far this mod works really well. The only small change to the above procedure is to find your 6 pedal screws first under the grip-tape - I've done it using a needle as a probe.
  22. Hi guys, Do any of you know the Continuous Current, and the Peak Discharge on the Tesla & Mten 3 batteries? It's my understanding that for each unit there are two batteries and they have a 84.7 Voltage. Thanks everyone!
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