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Found 8 results

  1. MTen3 Recall Notice from Green Fashion (Google Translated) (original Baidu post):
  2. houseofjob

    MTen3 Trolley Handle

    Not too bad, better than I thought: KS-14C style, pedal-hex-bolt + zip-tie MTen3 handle solution, purchased off eBay from xiaoq-cn. Plus the handle is extra long; just a tad longer than I need, nice!
  3. Since GotWay ended production of the Mten more than a year ago, I don't think anybody else had an EUC of that size in the market (to the very disappointment of some friends who tried my Mten). Today, a facebook post of "Pushy Pin" (is he here?) made me aware of this beauty: Information is sketchy at best and range estimates sound over optimistic: Sources: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-Rockwheel-Powered-unicycle-mini-self-balancing-electric-vehicle-Single-car-wheel-instead-of/32352434110.html https://world.taobao.com/item/539387265870.htm?spm=a312a.7700714.0.0.BMoz2l#detail Does anybody know more about this wheel or the "Luffy" brand?
  4. Frankman

    Gotway Mten, what about?

    What do you think about Gotway Mten? http://www.kebye.com/content/?127.html
  5. I took apart my Gotway Mten and noticed there was a ton of padding and extra space around the battery pack. After some careful measurements and planning, I managed to squeeze 48 cells into the Mten without any modification to the original shell. I used 3500mah LG MJ1 cells in a 16s3p configuration, so if I’m calculating correctly it should be 59.2V * 10.5Ah = 621.6Wh. I purchased the BMS board from Jane. I purchased a few extra since shipping was expensive, contact me if you’re interested as I may have an extra BMS. The original pack was 16s2p of Sony US18650V3 2200mah, so 59.2V * 4.4Ah = 260.48Wh. The new pack makes a huge difference. With the original pack, at about 50% capacity, you would notice the wheel response becoming soft. It would become easier to overlean when doing abrupt direction changes such as when idling. I never went below 50% with the original pack because it made me nervous I would overlean the wheel. With the new pack, I can now empty the pack to ~54v when the wheel would start to tilt back and it would still feel stronger than the original pack at 50%. Basically, the performance of the wheel stays the same from full to empty. So in terms of usable capacity, I’m guessing it’s closer to 4x more than the original. Here’s the initial charge using the Charge Doctor V2 to log. Not quite 620wh, but I think it might be due to not fully discharging the pack before charging or maybe the cells need to be cycled a few times to get the full capacity. Build pics:
  6. I wanted to start a version control change log of the versions of the Gotway 10 (aka mten). Not a big deal for this model but good to have a definitive source. Mten - released ~ Summer 2014 Geared motor - 3 planetary gears around a central high speed DC motorClicking power button. Series 1 control boardNo BT. (BT board was not yet installed)Non-adjustable warning beepsFlat PedalsShell type 1 (specific shell for original Mten)Shell colors: solid white, solid black, carbon white, carbon black, camoflaugeBattery options: 260wh, 340whTire type 1, uses inner tubeMten2 - released ~ April 2015 Hub motor - Brushless DCMomentary power button.Series 2 control boardBTAdjustable warning beeps (first 2 stages)Flat pedals. (Notched Pedals starting ~July 2015)Shell type 2 (specific for Mten2)Shell colors: carbon blackBattery options: 260wh, 340whTire type 2 (directional tread) and type 3 (non-directional tread), tubeless and does NOT use inner tube