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Found 3 results

  1. I love my msuper, but it will spray water up my back just from a hosed-off sidewalk, and puddles are worse. So, inspired by this v3 fender, I designed a clip-on fender for my msuperv2. I even included a scoop halfway up it to vent water out the back instead of spraying it into the shell. It holds itself on with clips that wrap around the edge of the shell, and pops on and off in a couple of seconds. I gave it "legs" that stick out so I could park the wheel in place without having to lean it up against something or lay it flat, and that worked really well, though the current prototype has one of its legs snapped off from a less-than-ideal dismount.
  2. Hello, I have a GotWay Msuper V2 and an Android phone. I found the GotWay app on the Play Store but in the description it only mentions the Msuper V3 and not the V2. Will the app still work with the V2 (which I have) or do I need to get another app? I putted a screenshot of the app description.
  3. Hello and sorry in advance for the long post! Just trying to make the best decision and would love some input. New here to the forum but have been riding EUCs for around 2 years now. Very happy to find that there is a community online for these things! I started with the Airwheel x3, then x8, and I am now on a IPS 191 Xima Lhotz (340wh I think). I have put well over 1500km on it and it has been a great wheel. I am trying to decide what my next wheel will be. I think I have narrowed it down to the three mentioned in the title, but am having a hard time finding the one that would suit my needs best. For the the ACM2 and the MSUPER3, I am looking at the 820wh versions, and the 850wh version of the MSUPER2. My current IPS191 is pretty much perfect for my needs but I can't get the range out of it that I want to get (Right now I am carrying a backpack with 2-156wh external batteries and 2 chargers which is not ideal). Here are some of my deciding factors: 1. Although I am 105kg and 6ft tall, I still don't want a big wheel to lug around. A group of us often carry our EUCs into restaurants/bars and I don't want a mammoth device to carry in. These things draw enough attention as it is, especially here in the states where these things have still not caught on in most areas. My buddy has the ACM v2, and I think it's a good size. I know that the MSUPER3 has a pull-out handle, but I hear it's flimsy and I don't know how I feel about rolling\pushing it into place vs just carrying it. 2. I want to be able to go at least 50km on a charge. Right now with my IPS, I can go about 25km depending on the temperature outside. I am hoping that 820wh could achieve my goals. 3. Comfort. I have read that the MSUPERS are more comfortable for long distance, but I am also aware that you can upgrade the pedals on the ACMv2. I take breaks every few 5-10km, much like I do now with my IPS191, so not sure how important this will be. 4. I rarely ride offlroad...I would say I ride 99% on paved road and sidewalks, so not sure if the 18inch wheel of the MSUPER would be necessary. 5. I am an iOS user, and need a wheel that is compatible with the iOS app. I hear the MSUPER2 is not compatible, but the ACM2 and the MSUPER3 are. 6. Sometimes I ride with buddies who are still using Airwheel x8's, so having the ability to ride at slower speeds and remain stable is important. My understanding is that the MSUPERs don't do well at low speeds. One concern I have about the ACMv2 is clearance issues. My buddy's seems to pick up small pieces of gravel and stuff often and makes rubbing sounds which seems like it may get old quick...I am not sure if these noises go away the longer you ride. He has only had the wheel a few weeks and the issue seems to have gotten better for the most part, so I think it's something I could tolerate. I would like to see a side by side size comparison of the 3 wheels (ACMv2, Msuperv2, Msuperv3). It's hard to tell how big they are without seeing them next to each other. Like I said above, I am very familiar with the ACMv2 size and not sure I want to go much bigger. I hear there is a ACMv2 1300wh option either out now or coming in the future, but can't find it for sell anywhere here in the states. Is there a size difference between the 820wh and the 1300wh version, or are they just using higher capacity cells in the same housing? Same for the MSuper v3, I can only find the 820wh here in the states though. Lastly, is there a good source for purchasing these in the states? The only place I am able to find these wheels is eBay, and I don't want to wait more than a week on shipping so buying out of the states isn't real an option. I don't mind using eBay (that's where I purchased my last 3 wheels), but it limits my options. If I could spend a little more and opt for the 1300wh version, I would...I just can't find it on eBay here in the states. As of now I am leaning towards the ACMv2 but do not want to make any decisions yet without getting input from those of you who have experience with all three. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL INPUT!
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