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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. Previously I had Ninebot One for 2 years, and I just received the MSuper V3. Before buying it I watched many reviews. Now I have a problem/question about it. The wheel makes very high pitch high-frequency noise, almost like an ultrasound whistle. Here is a link to the video: https://goo.gl/65cTrX I asked about it the seller, and they say it's normal because of the high motor power. However, the noise is very annoying and is noticeable even outdoors. Is this indeed normal? Please advice, much appreciate any help.
  2. So I was in South Korea 2 weeks ago on some personal / vacation stuff, and made it a point to try and visit every brick & mortar EUC shop possible while there (since the US has no such thing). One of my stops was GEVKorea, located in Busan (2nd largest city in South Korea), of GEVKorea spec'd ACM16+ fame. My badgering of the initial salesperson with various questions led me to speak with someone whom I believe to be a manager. As we talked, and he realized I was more EUC-head than casual customer (and that I was from far away), he revealed to me the existence of a GEVKorea spec'd MSuperV3 TURBO prototype (I am posting this with his permission). Basically, this GEVKorea MSuperV3 TURBO prototype addresses the following: hardest response out of any Gotway wheel out, much harder response than a stock MSuperV3S+ (which is the softest out of the current Gotway line). as a result of the harder response, acceleration from rest is faster (more torque going uphill as well), and braking is harder / faster. like the GEVKorea ACM16+, connectors and cabling is addressed, and a fan that is larger than the ACM16+ fan is implemented. The manager expressed that he was not certain yet whether GEVKorea would release this TURBO version though. Having tried this prototype myself, if this version ever reaches production where I'm able to purchase, I'm totally getting one! The manager recommended that since, economically, GEVKorea couldn't sell/ship abroad, to try Gotway direct in procuring such an MSuperV3 configuration. Any chance on an eWheels MSuperV3 TURBO @Jason McNeil? *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink* (also, for those wondering, some of the customizations in the pics were modded by GEVKorea themselves, like the USB port being replaced by a second power button that turns on an in-wheel LED light array) Also while there, I tried out the infamous ACM16+. Unfortunately, I have no frame of reference to the stock ACM's, as this was the first ACM I've ever been on, but the response was pretty hard as well (not as hard as the MSV3 TURBO prototype).
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