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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, Sorry I didn't come across an active photo thread here for us to post our pictures in so thought I would start one. If there is an active one I missed please let me know so I can delete this and bump the active one back up. Would love to see some mini photos from around the world and see how you use them and where, would also love to see how you have customised your minis etc! I will start, I mounted the hybrid tyres the other day and decided to take my dog out for a walk in some trails today while the sun was shining. Was a bit muddy but the new tyres were excellent and didn't slip once. Top speed is negligible, the tyre hum is noticeable on paved surfaces but I kinda like that, and my dog is named Kora, she's a good girl ?. Cheers, Alex
  2. Has anyone figured out the miniPLUS "PATH SHOOTING" ability to RECORD a physical PATH or TRAIL or ROUTE that you ride or remote-control-steer - then somehow you inspire 'go' and the miniPLUS autonomously drives itself along this PRE-recorded path? Used to drive a camera around / among the photo/video subjects. I hope "the camera" (obsolete/changing) is NOT REQUIRED for this function. In the miniPLUS User Manual it states (page 23): " Path shooting: using the App’s advanced functions, the user can manually set a path, or automatically record a path by riding the miniPLUS or using the remote control to drive the miniPLUS. Then simply replay the path and record amazing video. " Manual depicts a circular orbit around a subject AND a "S" snake serpentine open path of straight, left & right turns. Any clue where these "Advanced Functions" can be found? Thanks Wilbur
  3. Price Drop... $729 https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B074VLZPDZ/ref=ox_sc_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER The MiniPro and the MinPro 2018, are currently $399.
  4. This thread, where someone was attacked while riding, affected my thoughts on safety and self protection. Whether riding or walking, all of us may have encountered unpleasant people and animal interactions. It's best to avoid being placed in those compromised situations. Living in a large city, riding in new areas, and being responsible for protecting others will inevitably create an unpleasant encounter. How would you respond? I don't know the answer to that myself. I can only prepare mentally, physically and emotionally. A martial arts training has helped my confidence and skills, as I continue to age. So I have given more thought to that preparation as I ride my Segway MiniPro in Chicago. There are places that I should not travel at any time. However cautious I may be, it's responsible to be constantly aware. Especially more so, as I have become more mobile and potentially more vulnerable. Therefore, some preparation is required to live safely in a modern city. Cane Martial Arts is one way that fits the Mini and EUC transporter rider in everyday life. ➰
  5. Hi fellows. I had recently gotten a brand-new miniPlus & whilst it is pretty fun, I am experiencing a severe malfunction which I hope the veteran owners here may advice me. The fault is that the miniPlus does not detect me stepping off it after a long journey. This is evident as: When I tried to enter into Remote Control mode after physically stepping off the 'pedals' for a while, I will be blocked as the miniPlus still detects a person standing on it. I hear no familiar beeping like the ones I hear when stepping on/off at the beginning of a journey/after a short journey. If I lift the miniPlus up in this state, the wheels enter a mad rev as it thinks someone is still stepping on it & simply the user losing balance. The miniPlus has seen less than 80km of use. With regards to point 2 above, I have actually taken the miniPlus on a journey and stepping on/off every kilometre until the malfunction kicks in. I discover the miniPlus will slowly take longer and longer to detect a stepping-off (but still detecting it) from the 4th kilometre onwards. Until the 5th/6th kilometre (& onwards), the malfunction fully materializes. I have tried resetting the miniPlus but to no avail, i.e. this malfunction still manifests after a software-reset. Here's a video of the miniPlus behaving itself on a good day: miniPlus behaving itself Notice how rapid it detects me stepping off and sounding the appropriate beep when it detects a step-off? This malfunctions after an approximately 5-km journey. Can anybody help me? Is there something wrong with my pedal/load sensor? Preferably something that can be easily fixed. Anyway I just wish to add this is a huge issue for me, as there are legit situations where I need the step-off to be detected rapidly, e.g. lifting the miniPlus to cross an overhead bridge, powering it off when I reach my destination (yes, a safety feature is that it can't be powered off if it detects a human user atop), etc.
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