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Found 5 results

  1. I found 2 pcs of 30B4 in warehouse. Please contact jessi@microworks.cn, if you need it.
  2. First, thanks to all friends who helped Microworks before, and thanks to Electric Unicycle Forum which introduced us to all. Due to changing factory address, our shop on Alibaba has been shut for a period of time, and it is restart now. Concerning message for us, 1. 30B4 is out of stock and not easy to produce now, because suppliers of raw material require MOQ 500 pcs, too many boards for us to stock; If any friend is in huge demand, we could work together to make 30B4 back again; 2. Although boards has been suspended, inquiry about 30B4 comes from Alibaba almost everyday. A friend from Germany even requested us to sell raw PCB of 30B4 for him, no programming code and electronic components. I am a little curious that how he can make a finish board, maybe he will succeed with help of Electric Unicycle Forum.; 3. Dozens of 30A has been found in warehouse when I searched 30B4 raw PCB for that German friend, 30A is different from 30B4, for it is without bluetooth. I was not sure whether you need them or not, so I did not update it on Alibaba. What's more, our 500W motor for unicycle is not available, 30A may not compatible with other motor, and hard to repair for lack of electronic component.Anyway, if any friend in Electric Unicycle Forum need 30A, you could contact us: jessi@microworks.cn , lee@microworks.cn. As you may notice from Alibaba, we are manufacturing electric skateboard and mini foldable electric scooter now, hope you will like our new products. PS. Reintech is my old ID, unfortunately, my facebook did not work because I changed my phone no., so I have to apply a new ID: 389080945@qq.com (Facebook) Finally, thanks to all of you, thanks.
  3. Along with the poorly explained (in my opinion) vanishing of Microworks, its interesting Geek Wheel is also gone. Few EUCs have been as poorly marketed as the Geek Wheel. It's too bad, because a "muscle" EUC with a 14 x 2.5" tire could have propelled Microworks to become a serious player in the EUC market. Maybe with some EUC sales the company could have survived. Please join me in a moment of silence for the departed:
  4. Have recently been bitten by the EUC bug and puchased a Ninebot One E+ couple of months ago. As I'm getting more confident, I am getting bored of the 20kph speed limit I'm getting from the Ninebot One E+ and was thinking if it is possible to swap the control board with this one: https://reseller.alibaba.com/product-detail/16-electric-unicycle-Controller-with-bluetooth_60288223259.html?spm=a2700.7724838.0.0.VsHfbJ Have seen other threads where other users have been swapping their control boards with the one from Microworks purchased from Alibaba. Also wondering if the motor for the ninebot one has to be changed to this: https://wholesaler.alibaba.com/product-detail/2015-New-Products-brushless-motor-16_60237639861.html?spm=a2700.7724838.0.0.XfG3kt What do you guys think? Any other peripherals that have to be changed as well like hall sensor connectors or the like? Or if this hack is even possible? Appreciate your comments. Cheers
  5. In the interest of helping a major manufacturer of EUC components with the release of their new wheel and successfully enter the market, what name do you think they should call it? They have a tentative name chosen, but I tend to think it might not be that popular with English speaking buyers. It's called "Geekwheel." Here's your chance at suggesting a more stylish name for them to consider for their product. Great names like Ninebot One, Solowheel Xtreme, and Gotway Msuper are already trend setting names so what dream name can you think of? I'm not sure if the ink is dried already on "Geekwheel" so I'm hoping they might be able to tweak it a little before it goes to advertising... Some ideas off the top of my head were: 1. MW Falcon (Falcons are graceful yet powerful birds of prey which soar high above. Gives an interesting image for an EUC with gliding and hey Falcons are cool. Might be difficult to copyright but hey don't think copyright is all that important in China) 2. MW Veilopro (Was Velopro but Google nixed that as someone else is using it. Just a kind of random name) 3. MW Arcowheel 4. MW Sprint Wheel 5. MW Stenza Z1 (Just made up a word. Sounds cool though) 6. MW Pulse R1 (gets your pulse racing) 7. MW Zen Wheel Anyone else have some ideas? Just think cool and hey I'd buy that wheel and that's a name I'd share with people asking me what is it that I'm riding...
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