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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there! I've just received this awesome EUC. I've rode it for a while. When stopped I've started hearing both the whistle of the EUC turned on (and that's normal) and the cooling fan. And I guess it is normal too. But even after a while that the EUC is stopped, the fan starts and stops every few seconds. Is it normal? Thanks!
  2. Hey my dear fellows! I have got a question: I want to upgrade the tire of my GW Nikola with some profile. So the place for the tire in the shell will be really tight. To prevent it from rubbing against the upper (not side) edges, I want to lift the shell a bit. My idea was to use shorter pedal hangers. In that way the pedals would be higher off the ground, which I would appreciate too. I do not mind the wheel getting unstable or wobbly... Now for the question: which pedal hangers should I use? I found out that the Tesla1/2 and Nikola pedal hangers are the same. So it is for the pedal hangers of the MCM5. Maybe they are too short. But I would give it a try. Does anyone of You have some measurements? I would also drill some new holes in the pedal hangers, if they could bear it. But the shell would not be stable enough. For the MCM5 pedal hangers it would be important to be exactly as wide and thick as the ones of the Nik. They also have to be prominent enough. Should I forget it?
  3. I live on overheat-hill's extended family. The variety ranges from easy to deadly. These hilly roads can be a quarter mile up or down but going up and down (mostly down) seem to very hard. I thought about this a lot and I think the reason why its so hard to control speed balance and doge traffic and pot holes is because I am ether on my toes when going up or on the balls of feet(heal) when going down. So here is what I thought of. I have a gotway MCM5 what I am doing is recalibrating the wheel to lean about 5-10% forwards or backwards before encountering massive hills. It seems to defiantly help because I can keep my feet firmly planted and I can stand completely upright making balancing a lot easier. Do you guys have similar situation and if you do, what techniques do you use to help the ride.
  4. I’m selling my GotWay (Begode) MCM5 V2 - 800wh, 84v, with just 121 miles of use, and never in the wet. I have too many wheels. Purchased 27 Nov 2020 for commuting etc. but I subsequently got the S18 which I often find myself taking out in preference despite it being a larger wheel. This is a 14” wheel, agile, super amounts of torque and a ton of fun. Probably the perfect wheel to learn on too. I will remove stickers cleanly if preferred. Free delivery in London/Hants/Surrey/ Berks etc. Offers in region of £700-750 please. Original charger and manual supplied. Video and more pics on my Instagram post.
  5. Here are the facts of my Gotway MCM5v1 84V/800wh for sale in the SF Bay Area for ($550) *SOLD*: I am the original owner and I purchased this wheel from eWheels in March of 2019. It has 603 miles on it and the battery charges to 100%. It has never been dropped, in a crash, ridden off-road or in the rain. It has never needed a tire change, maintenance or repair. There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations. All of the LED's and buzzer work correctly. Comes with original box, original sidepads, neoprene ankle pads, original charger and user manual. This sale will be for local pick-up/drop-off only and payment will be through PayPal only.
  6. Hi Guys, I am from Germany and I am am very interested in the hobby of eucs. I was trying to get as much information as possible about what kind of euc to get for a beginner. I don't want to get a slow euc that I possibly outgrow pretty fast so I am eyeballing the mcm5 v2 for the last week and i almost ordered it from Ali for about 900€. Then there was a used GW Msuper X showing up on local eBay sales. It costs around 1000€, so it is a bit more expensive, 1,5 years old with 3500 km ridden. The Guy seems to be an enthusiast and cared a Lot about it - brighter headlight, New Ambient LED and New tire for Bretter off-roading, Number-plate, a dirt-shield and so on... I really need Help there which one ist the better deal? And pleased excuse my miserable english skills Sincerely, Marius
  7. Excitement: (backstory) My MCM5 arrives today and I am beyond excited! I saw my first EUC about a year and a half ago at a flow arts festival in Georgia. It seemed awesome, but I was too distracted by my sweet new LED juggling clubs to pay much attention to it. About a year ago, a few of my circus friends in Denver got themselves V8s and it reminded me of how awesome a wheel would be for Denver commuting. I started doing a bit of research and decided that a 16S would be a perfect wheel to get me started. I started saving everything I could for the 16S and about a week away from having enough, I unexpectedly lost my job. I was pretty bummed since I was so close, and the next job I found barely paid the bills, so saving for a wheel was put on hold for the summer. I finally found a better job at the beginning of September, and saving resumed. By this point, the 16X had been released and definitely caught my attention. While Kingsong works out the waterproofing issues with the 16X, I decided it might be best to start with a 14S instead. That way when I eventually upgrade to the 16X, I'll have a nice small wheel for tricks and for my girlfriend to ride as well. I was pretty sold on the 14S until I started talking to Photorph who recommended the MCM5. I hadn't really considered a Gotway wheel since most of my friends ride Kingsongs, but after a bit of looking, I realized the MCM5 would be the perfect starter wheel for me. It has plenty of torque for trail riding in the Rocky Mtns, plenty of range for my daily commute (6.5 miles each way), higher top speed than a 14S which means when I get a 16X, it will be able to keep up when my girlfriend and I ride together, and I've heard several accounts from people saying the MCM5 feels more like a 16 inch wheel than a 14, which was my biggest concern since I have a decent commute. Anyways, I'm super excited to finally have my first wheel (of many!). I'll update this post with first impressions and a review after I spend some time on it. Thanks to everyone that shared their MCM5 experiences on here as those testimonials definitely helped in the decision making process. I'm so grateful that there is an active forum for EUC enthusiasts. Forums are infinitely better than Facebook groups for special interests. Edit 1 - First Impressions: This wheel is amazing! I've ridden a few Ninebots before, as well as a V8, but I'm definitely still in the beginner stage. I don't know if it was the wheel, or not being afraid of messing up someone else's wheel, but I felt way more in control on the MCM5. It goes wherever I want it to. Super nimble, and plenty of power. I imagine it will take a bit of time before I'm maxing this thing out. I got in a couple hours of doing figure 8s in the parking lot of my apartment complex followed by some runs up and down the alley. At the end of the night, my buddy John came by on his Ninebot and we went for a lap around the nearby park. I fell quite a bit. Nothing substantial, but by that point, I think my stabilizer muscles were starting to give out which caused me to randomly lose control here and there. Definitely thankful for wrist guards. The MCM5 held up great. Only a couple of scratches that I really don't mind. I intend to trail ride with this wheel and let people learn on it so it's nice to get rid of the pressure of keeping it pristine. I was also very pleased about a couple of small things too. In several reviews that I watched on the MCM5, they mentioned that the trolley handle was a bit too stiff. This wasn't the case on mine at all. It slides out with ease, but it's still stiff enough that there are no worries of it flying out unexpectedly. My MCM5 also came with black vents. I didn't necessarily hate the grey ones, but the black vents look 100x better. Completely unnecessary, but I'm definitely stoked about it. We now have 8+ inches of snow and all I want to do is ride. I may take it out for some snow play a bit later. Will update again with a proper review when I get some more miles in. Edit 2 - 292 Mile Review! I absolutely love this MCM5. It was definitely the perfect choice for a first wheel. It's incredibly responsive and effortless to maneuver. It has been really great for teaching my girlfriend on. She is now doing laps around the tennis court like a champ. We'll be riding trails together in no time! It has suffered a bit of cosmetic damage on the shell (scratches), but functions perfectly after several drops and crashes. This thing is definitely resilient. The day after I received it, we got around a foot of snow here in Denver, but the MCM5 pushed through like a champ. I was a bit surprised with how well it handled the snow considering it's only a 14 inch wheel. There were definitely trouble spots such as the slushy parts of the road, but overall it did great. Better than my bike for sure! At first I was a bit bummed about the snow, but now I'm a bit thankful. I feel like it gave me a harder training mode for the final stages of learning and I definitely benefited from it. Now that the snow is gone, cruising around Denver is like a dream. I've been exploring all of the wonderful bike paths that there are around here. It's really fun when I find a spot from one of Chooch's videos and get to ride it myself. It has also made my commute to work infinitely better. Before hand, I was riding my mountain bike everywhere and it is definitely not geared for city riding. The MCM5 has been such a pleasure to ride, I've started taking a longer route to work to enjoy some of the bike trails that run through the nearby park. I even found a little skatepark on the longer route that is perfect for EUCs. I successfully dropped in the bowl today! Now I just need to add some pads on the side to help hop it out. I'm incredibly thankful that Photorph on the reddit sub recommended the MCM5 over the 14S. I would have outgrown the 18mph speed limit very quickly. I generally like to cruise at 18-20 on the MCM5, and riding those beeps would have definitely been a struggle. Can't wait to get a 16X so my girlfriend and I can cruise together. Then I can get an Insta360 and start making some videos to share this awesome passion.
  8. Has anyone got one of these yet? I have just ordered one. I know the battery is only 170wh and 67v and 900w motor. Apart from the battery it has same specs as MCM4 from what I can see. The battery is ok with me as I can build my own additional batteries using 20a 18650's or maybe even 20700's if they will fit. There should be room in the shell if you can fit 60 x 18650's in there for the 87v 1500w version. I think I can add another 170wh of 20a cells for about $100 or 340wh for $200. So as a minimum for $550 I will have 340wh of cells capable of 30 amps and 30km/h max speed or for $650 510wh capable of 50 amps. Should be better cells than the In-motion I5, faster and cheaper. There is also a 340wh version available from https://www.flash-ecom.com/products/gotway-mcm5-electric-unicycle-black-340wh-67-2v-420wh-84v-800wh-84v?variant=13732898701367&currency=USD I ordered one of these first however he couldn't ship to Canada. Web site says in California but actually currently in China.
  9. I modded my MCM5 to ride on Chao Yang 14x2.5" wide tire. The stock MCM5 is 14x2.125" wide. I am used to wider tires (mten3, Z10, Nikola). I was not comfortable with the stock MCM5 tire. @RoCan modded his MCM5 for the 2.5" wide tire. This tire mod require cutting away a portion of the front and back shell cover along with the outer edges of the wheel well. I took @RoCan advice and made sure I cut away enough material so there is ample clearance for the wide tire. The clearance I was shooting for was 3" from edge to edge. This means the last two bottom shell screw holes were cut off. I plan to use metal or moldable plastic tabs to hold the cover bottom edges to the shell. The plan was to do rudimentary cut, install tire, and ride test. Then clean the cuts, seal any gaps, and trim out. Currently at the ride testing phase. Initial observations: The 14x2.5" tire is actually 14.5" diameter. The recommended pressure is 35-45 psi. The tire need to be inflated at or above 33 psi. Anything less and the tire rubs against the top inner wheel well. I believe under inflation causes the tire to expand diameter wise. Whereas higher psi the tire widens (flatten). I am testing it at 43psi which is on the hard side. I feel it going over 4" curve. I plan to reduce the tire pressure in 2 psi increment to find the lowest useable pressure. I took the wheel to work. The ride quality even with hard tire pressure is fantastic. The combination of wider tire and the tire itself gives the wheel very good control. The feeling of falling over on tight turns is gone. It handles like an mten3 at low speed. At higher speed (22+ mph) it gets a little squirrelly due to high tire pressure tracking road. I believe this can be resolved by dropping the pressure below 38 psi. I am glad I did this mod. It has turned my MCM5 into a mini Nikola. Chao Yang 14x2.5" tire versus stock 14x2.125" tire.
  10. I have been occasionally riding a Ninebot C (with a battery of 320Wh) for the last 2 years (2000km approx.) and I have planned for an upgrade nearly since then (the limited speed of the C make it quite unpractical in most of the scenarios) but for one reason or another I never did it. My initial replacement idea was the V8 (I put the deposit for one, before the release) and late on the KS16S (I just read good reviews about it), but from some time on and because of this forum I have been quite tempted to go for a Gotway. Finally I get a good excuse for a change (6km + 55km train +10km commuting every day in each direction) and have been quite impressed from the reviews/videos of the MCM5. It seems is my perfect commuting weapon (not too big or too heavy), fast and fun to ride. The "problem" comes when it comes to the pricing, I can get the 420Wh (also 84v, same specs except the smaller battery) for 570USD brand new but if I want to go for the 650Wh I need to pay 835USD (yes I live in China). I think with the 420Wh I should get a real range of around 20km in flat surface keeping a good speed, that is over what I will normally do.... From the other side if I go for the MCM5 650Wh I can get a Tesla 850Wh for less than 100USD more than the MCM5 and should be also not a bad commuter. I would like some advice as I'm quite lost (as usual), important points for the decision: - I'm a mean person ? - Commuter (6km at less than 30km/h in downtown Shanghai with traffic on bike lanes + 10km of straight lines in the middle of nowhere with flat surface and no traffic (top speed) - Easy to handle/carry ( I live in a 5th floor with no elevator and plan to carry it to the train every day (trains stations are quite big over here and unfortunately cannot ride inside them ?) What do you think?? Thanks in advance for the advice, this forum is really the best place to get to know about the different wheels!
  11. I've a MCM5 V1 (2.125" tire) and I'm pretty happy with it. I love this wheel. Agile, fast, funny. Now I've read that Gotway is selling this wheel with 2.5" tire. I know there's a way to change the tire but I'm not so good in this kind of stuff. Moreover, I've read that if you have a MCM5 V1 (like I do, I guess) you cannot just change the tire but it's longer work. By the way, I'm thinking about selling my wheel and buy the newest one. What you guys think? Is it a good idea? What could be advantages and disadvantages moving from 2.125 to 2.5" tire... Thanks for your help
  12. @Marty Backesaid MSP is the most powerful wheel yet. If that's true, we should be able to measure it, right? Right! Friends and I got ahold of the EUCO demo wheel, and put it head-to-head with the prior high-torque wheels, MSX and MCM5. These runs were timed with a manual stopwatch, over a fixed distance. Notable results: The MSX owner (Rider 1) was fastest up our hill on MCM5, not MSP! But we can see from his current log that he wasn't comfortable taking the MSP to its maximum output. The MCM5 owner (Rider 2) was fastest with MSP, not MCM5! We can see that he committed to an even more aggressive forward lean, and got higher current from the MSP. If you don't use power pads, and weigh 175lb or less, it's physically impossible to even get near the power limits of MSX or MSP at low speeds. None of us were comfortable going up this hill quickly (with any wheel) without DIY lean pads installed. Data: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OxLMZz3fuu_x06lTeh8rQOeYU1oPibda/view?usp=sharing Summary analysis: Video of test: Very fun wheel! Notice something we didn't? Comments appreciated
  13. Yesterday, I got into my worst EUC accident. Somewhere between 23 and 30mph I got a cut-out on the MCM5. Someone was watching over me as even I was wearing shorts, a T-Shirt, and no protective pads or Helmet and did perfect roll fall. I have very minor scrapes on my hands, my elbow looks like pizza, and there is a little road rash on my shoulder. I KNOW, NOT WEARING PROTECTION IS STUPID. I USUALLY DO. Generally, I rarely break the 20mph marker on the MCM5. I'm usually riding with my son at about 15-17mph. His MTen3 alarm goes off at 18-19mph. I turn off all alarms on mine but will slow down when his alarm goes off. I dropped him off at school, left his MTen3 in front of his classroom and started my ride home. I rode a little faster than I normally do since I was alone. I stopped at a stop sign, accelerated to full speed and experienced my crash. I ride that smooth road regularly. I spent that morning riding the Nikola and cruising the asphalt of Griffith Park at about 25mph (after getting kicked off the trails) so I felt a need to go just a tiny bit faster than I normally ride on the MCM5. I couldn't for the life figure out why it cut out, other than I was going a few miles faster than I've ever taken it. The MCM5 is rated to go faster than what I was doing. I tested it today just to see what the max speed would be by just tilting the wheel on a stand. It seems that as soon as I hit 23 or 24 mph, it quickly ACCELERATES to MAX, which is about 30-34mph, then CUTS OUT. The beeps don't even start until after the sudden acceleration starts. Once the sudden acceleration, there is no slowing down. I tried this test gong forward and reverse with the same results. During the crash, I had wheel log running, but it was not logging, it showed max speed at 30mph. I know @Jason McNeil had an issue with an early MCM4 (on another thread) and didn't trust it. Does this issue exist with the MCM5 or do I have a bad unit?? Also, am I even testing it correctly? Here is the video of my test. You can see i'm trying to use micro back and forth tilts to get it to rise one mile at a time. Right when i hit 23, it just takes off then cuts out. I was able to do the same test on the MTen3, i got it all the way to 30mph and slowed it back down without a cut out. For the record I LOVE this wheel. I love the way it rides, the way it feels, it is truly a part of me. After riding the Nikola all day, this wheel even felt better. But now I don't want to ride it knowing that if I touch that magic 23mph or 24mph, it will speed up and dump me.
  14. This will be my ongoing review/experiences with the MC5. I plan to update this every few days until the wheel feels like a part me and not something I'm standing on. A little background: I started on a freeman A4 132wh. After a week I ordered a ks16s from ewheels and have put 620 miles on it in the last few months. I love my 16s and plan to keep commuting on that wheel after I learn how to properly ride the MCM5. I needed a 2nd wheel (the freeman I dont think really counts as a "real wheel") because I taught my dad (68yrs old!) how to ride. Hes ready to go on a ride vs practicing drills on a tennis court and seemed like a perfectly valid reason to explain an unannounced wheel purchase to my better half 🙄. Build quality was better than I expected. The shell is solid, no creaking, the trolly is stiff and doesnt have "play" like my 16s but at the same time the handle part feels weaker. It does the job just fine and is plenty tall. As expected, the seams where the shell joints are have gaps in places where you can see the clips and there are a couple of sharp spots but all in all pretty decent. First ride was like everyone, 30% battery with some air added. I was taken by surprise at this wheels almost telepathic turning. It doesnt just lean, it turns and leans if that makes sense. Like when your learning and "turning into the fall", this wheel turns when you tilt it. Figure 8s are comically tight (I can only imagine what an mTen is like!). The way the wheel turns as it leans also saves lean angle keeping the pedals from hitting the ground too. They will hit but you really have to almost do it on purpose. Yesterday I rode to work. My commute is very short, 3.5 miles one way, and I didnt have the side pads on. The wheel hits cracks and reassessed man hole covers darn near and well as the 16s. The tire is softer and more compliant so over small stuff it's a wash. Its wierd, being on a new wheel I was getting wobbles again like I used too and I think even though I feel good on the 16s, 600 miles isnt enough to be more than a novice at best. I'm sure y'all that have 1000s of miles dont get wobbles unless a bump or something starts them. Ave speed was 12mph and I topped out at 21 which felt way more stable than I expected. The ride home at 9pm was cold and that always makes it hard to be loose. Wobbles were worse and my Ave speed was 10mph with a top speed of 18. Today I'm taking it to work again but this trip I have the side pads on. I dont know if my limited experience is enough to go without some calf touching. The downside is new bruises, the shape of this wheel mean zero break in time for your calves if you can ride without the pads since your legs dont touch. More to follow as I get more time on this wheel. So far I'm loving this wheel!
  15. About a year ago, I bought an InMotion V8 secondhand for $550 (it had about 500 miles on it). It was a great wheel to learn on, and it turned out to be perfect for commuting. At only 30 pounds, it wasn’t too heavy to lug up the stairs in the train station and up to the second floor of MetroLink train cars. It topped off at 19 mph, but that was plenty fast for my six-mile wheel commute each way (four miles from Cerritos to the Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs MetroLink station, and two miles from the Glendale MetroLink station to work). The trolly handle was very easy to engage and disengage, which was perfect for transitioning from train to train (I have to transfer at Los Angeles Union Station to another train that takes me one stop to Glendale). The problem is that over the past year, the battery life deteriorated dramatically (or it could be that I started using up more battery since I’ve gained weight over the past year). Toward the end of a one-way commute, I noticed that the top speed would get more and more limited. Thus I decided it was time to buy a new wheel. After a lot of research, and watching a lot of Marty Backe’s videos, I decided that the GotWay MCM5 was the wheel for me. Well, today was my first commute on the MCM5, and here are my thoughts. Although it weighs only seven pounds more than the V8, that seven pounds makes a big difference when picking up the wheel to climb stairs. I definitely need to get used to the weight. The V8 was much easier to push around using the trolly. This might be a function of the sharp trolly handle on the MCM5. The because of its weird shape, MCM5 is more difficult to set next to me on the train. I used to lean the V8 against my seat at such an angle that I didn’t have to worry about it falling over during a rough train ride. I have to rest the MCM5 on its end and trust that it won’t get knocked over, or keep my hand on it while sitting to give me peace of mind. The MCM5 gets hot. I never felt heat emanate from the V8 (but that may be because I had a cover on it). I nervously monitored my temperature on DarknessBot as the temperature climbed to 117 degrees Fahrenheit on the way home today. I never used DarknessBot with the V8, so I had no sense of whether this was too hot (upon searching this forum, my fears were allayed). The smaller, 14-inch wheel didn't translate into a harsher ride. In fact, I hardly noticed that I was rolling on a smaller wheel. The MCM5 is a joy to ride. It is much zippier than the V8, and it feels much more stable at speeds exceeding 18 mph. Moreover, it is much easier to mount the MCM5. I still haven’t experienced the tilt-back. So far my top speed is 23 mph. I would hit the tilt-back on the V8 all the time. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase of the MCM5, but on my first day of commuting, I can appreciate what a great commuter wheel the V8 was. I’ll use this thread to update my thoughts on the MCM5 as a commuter as I get more experience with it. In the meantime, I plan to use the V8 to teach my friends how to ride. I eventually want my daughters to learn, too, so perhaps I’ll buy a new battery for it down the line. Thanks for reading!
  16. First I will like to say thanks to all the people that post and create this forum, is really the best source of information related to electric unicycles and a great help. I enter in this unicycle world by chance, as my first unicycle was a present from a friend, I never imagine before that these tinny things can be such convenient and fun way of transportation as they are. Just to put this review on context my previous is experience is 1800km on a Ninebot C (with a 320Wh battery) and I have ridden several other unicycles but just for a short period of time (V5D, V8, Monster etc.) Well going to what matters, how is the MCM5 in one word? AMAZING Is relatively light (17kg?) has great acceleration, enough power to go around 40km/h, integrated handle to carry it and lift off power button to go up or down stairs without turning it off. My unit has a battery of 650Wh so you get a real range of 25-30km on flat terrain without concerning much about the speed. My typical riding is divided in 2: - Downtown Shanghai, lots of traffic lights, bikes, electric scooters etc., many start and stops - Industrial areas: long straights with smooth surfaces where you can go flat out Also I carry it every day on the high speed train, so the integrated handle and lift power button was a must. My cruising speed is around 32/34kmh, the MCM5 feels confortable at this speeds as soon as there are no many bumps on the terrain (remind is a 14 inch wheel) and it has enough power reserve at these speed to make and overtake (I have ridden it up to 40kmh) or go over a bump. I know is capable of more speed but I think is too on the limit and a crash at that speeds won't be fun... Acceleration of the line is great so you can overtake almost all the electric scooter/bikes etc. when starting from a traffic line (really convenient in China). It has integrated light on the front that is 100% necessary at night but I wish it will be a little more powerful. Gotway app it did not even connect to the wheel but WheelLog is simple and really convenient to use. If I want to find some negative points to the wheel will be firstly the charger, 84V and 1.5A is really not something reasonable even for a 650Wh battery (I get a Rockwheel 84V 3A), light is not as powerful as I will like and there is not rear light (only LED in the top arch of the wheel). USB charger also only works with the wheel on and general build quality can improve (handle specially). I will 100% recommend this wheel as a commuter, is great on the city (if the surfaces you ride are not full of bumps or holes), easy to carry and tons of fun. Not recommended for a beginner, off roading or long routes. Probably before the end of the year I will hit 2000km so I plan to update the review then.
  17. I've just received my Gotway MCM5 and went for a short ride. So far it's an excellent EUC!
  18. Looks like the MCM5 has landed in Paris / Gyroroue shop:
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