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Found 50 results

  1. Yffisch

    MCM4 680wh for Sweden?

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and also to the unicycle world. I've never tried a unicycle before, but I've considered buying my first one since im going to use it as a regular vehicle instead of a scooter/bus/tram etc... I just don't know where to start. I found a swedish shop called greenridestore.com but it is SCAM. I bought a wheel from there but got no response (I was supposed to pay one month later so I was lucky to not pay immediately, so I did not loose any money. Now I want to be "safe" this time buying from ebay or ali express or something since I don't know about any reseller in Sweden. My biggest priority is that it need to be a long distance one for around $1000, and I found the MCM4 680wh to be a suitable one since it goes 60-70km on one charge. Do you have any other recommendation for me? Otherwise I want to have a suggestion of a seller that is trustworthy. Someone people use to deal with etc. Could you help me with that?
  2. By blackwidows January 24 2017 After 18 months and 5000 km with my faithful Mcm I cracked for a Tesla 1020 and after 250 km here is my opinion.I specify that I ride especially in Paris and Brussels, that I mainly use bike paths and roadway; the sidewalk when I have no choice but at a very moderate pace. I use my wheel daily with train trips. The MCM 4, if I have to compare to a car will be an old mini Cooper S Potato side : Vive at startup but very quickly 2 beeps which calms and forces to listen to his wheel, not to mention that is not discreet. Side comfort: It is not the dream, one is much shaken and the inflation is important in its behavior but with a flexible conduct one supports even the pavements. My wheel never fired me despite quick passages on big holes. Urban side: very convenient with a trolley, it goes everywhere even in the instructions of Brico for example. The position of the trolley to ask his bag or basket when shopping. The wheel is not always stable when it is lit against a wall, it tends to move. Side autonomy with 640 w and HS model can be done 35 km to 20 average after performance deteriorate. After 5000 km I did not notice any noticeable drop in battery life. This wheel is bright and almost fast enough for my use but when you drop the comfort of a tesla return on 14 inch scary. After a test of a Msuper 3 for 24 hours and a tesla I cracked for the tesla 1020 Tesla for the car the Tesla S seems perfect After 250 km and a bowl (it makes me humble), I was able to test the tesla mainly urban use. The weather conditions for 15 days have moderated my desire for great walks and I have not done more than 40 km days. it's the world of silence, no more beeps in comfort. Potato side: With tilback settings to 42 km, that I am not sure of having reached, It seems not to advance but it accelerates more than the Mcm but in a linear way and we always have the impression that there is still power in reserve. Comfort side: This wheel is really stable, holes and other defects of the road go by alone, my average speed has almost doubled on some courses with a max speed barely higher.on the impression of rolling on a rail. Slow speed steering is almost as easy as with a 14 inch. The pads located just below the knees are quite unpleasant at first, especially when stopped, but I got used to it. Urban side : The position of the trolley is quite surprising but allows easy control in crowded station platforms.Putting your bag on the wheel is less easy than on the Mcm and the trolley is a bit short. The wheel is very stable on, it can be easily placed on the trolley. The extra 4 kg did not change anything in my use. I did not drive enough to talk about autonomy because I never made more than 40 km before reloading. Negative points the front lighting is unusable in town especially with my calibration setting a little back when the red there is none, which is a serious handicap in the event of discussion with the police. Trolley too short Gotway application Conclusion I still love my Mcm that I continue to take for my shopping but the Tesla is much more reassuring for me, we can hold a speed of 30/35 in comfort when we are on the road and as in half of Paris and Paris. Brussels are zones 30, one is in the traffic without being doubled by excited ones. The Tesla with legal lighting and legislation Bike seems to me to be the ideal means of transport for the city. Comment thread below the review: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/4473-gotway-mcm-5/&prev=search
  3. Hi, thank you for the great forum. I would like to start with EUC so I have not much knowledge. I want to buy an EUC but have not decided yet. I would be thankful for help! I live in a city (and especially my street) which is quite steep so some power is needed. I do not intend to use it regularly for my commute but more for fun or for some travels with trains etc. Therefore range is not a big issue. I like speed. I am not squeamish when it comes to carrying weight, but as mentioned before, I will use it for public transport so a medium weight would be nice. I do not care much about the design. I care for durability. I do not need a fancy app but setting a speed limit for the beginning which can be removed when I think it is the right time is good. I do not mind buying a used one, but my impression was that the price difference is small. So I thought about parameters like this: 500W/15km/28km/h/12kg I do not want to invest a lot and would like to invest below 400€, nevertheless, I do not want to invest 350€ for an EUC which I will consider too weak after a few weeks. I considered the Ninebot S2 which I can get for about 330€ with warranty I considered the Gotaway MCM3 (130WH) for 313€ without warranty I considered the Gotaway MCM3 (170WH) for 360€ without warranty I considered the Gotaway MCM4 (130WH) for 463€ without warranty I considered this one (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2016-New-Fashion-style-Powered-Bluetooth-unicycle-1600W-self-balancing-car-smart-car-single-wheel-thinking/32738452250.html) for 284€ but when I asked about more details the seller told me it was out of stock. I considered the IPS ZERO (240WH) for 421€ without warranty . If you have other recommendations or better prices (for Germany) I would be thankful. Also if you think my parameters are bullshit feel free to tell me. Thank you very much!
  4. Hello again! It's been a while since I've been on the forums. I'm looking to upgrade from my Ninebot One C+ and IPS Zero 240Wh. I'm living near my college campus, looking to save money on gas, time with parking, and have fun. However, I don't trust my Zero commuting off campus (or at higher speeds) and the Ninebot is too slow to be safe in the bike lane. I've been looking at the Gotway MCM4 for a while now but it seems like no one's agreed on how safe it is. What do you guys know about it? HS vs HT? The Inmotion V8 looks amazing and really reliable, but if I can go faster and go further for less money... Thanks! Also: the MSuper V2 HS is about the same price as the Inmotion V8. Obviously difficult to compare but I'd much rather have an over-capable wheel than an under-capable one.
  5. cthulhu

    MCM4 Alarm settings

    Hey, i am just totally confused about the alarm setting of my Gotway MCM4. In the app there are 3 options for speed alarms: - close first alarm - close second alarm - open alarm At the beginning, there was an alarm at 18km/h, if I push "close first alarm" the alarm starts at 24km/h. But when i push on "close second alarm" the alarm at 24km/h is still there. I already tried different combinations of the 3 options, to get rid of the second alarm but it does not work. Someone of you already worked out, how to get rid of all the alarms on mcm4? What i want to get, is no alarm and tiltback at 24km/h but it is impossible with my app!?
  6. thwil

    Gotway charging ritual

    The manual makes a point about a specific order of connections when charging a wheel. I have MCM4 HS but I suppose most Gotways should be nearly the same in this regard. The order is: To charge: * Connect the three-prong connector to the wheel * Plug the charger to the wall socket After having finished charging: * Disconnect the three prong from the wheel * Unplug the charger from the wall socket Is this the ritual other Gotway shamans observe? I ask because even though I'm ready to accept this nonsense for the sake of preservation of an expensive piece of equipment, I don't like how too much seems to be dependent on a completely arbitrary order that's very easy to mess up. What makes me especially worried: * When I start charging and connect the three-prong connector, there are sparks flying. I'm having a hard time accepting this as normal. * Until I plug the charger in the wall, its LED shows up as green. It's not a problem per se, but I think it's an indicator of a bad electric design. So, should I worry more than usual about this or is this just how those things are?
  7. thwil

    Dropped MCM4 in a pond

    It's now pretty clean! It was under the water for a second or two, but it pretty boldly went where no wheel should go. It works just fine. It was not too far away from home but I rode around a few km slowly to see how it would behave. Everything seems to be in check. I guess the shell is like a bell volume, and the water simply didn't have the time to crawl deep inside. I'm not sure what to do. Just wait, or disassemble? I'm not keen on disassembling it really.
  8. Carlos E Rodriguez

    MCM4 PRO for sale

    I found this! is it only availabe in Russia? This is a fantastic upgrade!. FROM THE WEBSITE.: We present you the updated wheel drive model is powered by GotWay - MCM 4 PRO This is an updated version of blisks already love us MCM 4 HS remove him from the pedestal of leadership and took the place of the fastest 14 "wheels with a maximum speed of 39 km / h! 84 volt power supply system provides a more stable operation in all speed ranges, disclosing the full potential of the engine, giving a peak of about 3 kW. Battery capacity, Wh Cruising range, km Price, rubles 210wh 20 29 900 420wh 40 36900 518wh 50 42900 http://solodrive.ru/katalog/products/elektrokolesa/gotway-mcm-4pro @Jason McNeil
  9. thwil

    How weatherproof is MCM4?

    If the place where I live had a local language, we would have had about 40 different words for different kinds of rain. The ports (charging and usb) have covers, and even though mine are not really holding too well and slip off easily, that's a relatively simple fix. However I'm really worried about the power button. It does not look to be particularly weather-proof. So what's a typical experience about riding with the elements? A light drizzle? Light to medium showers? Raining dogs? The manual only mentions puddles specifically: they should be not thicker than 5cm.
  10. We are announcing the winner tomorrow but you can still get in during the next couple of days! The giveway post is pinned to the top of our Facebook page! You can also join our email list for an entry at OneSeven.xyz or check in at our physical store on Facebook!
  11. thwil

    Gotway MCM4 Android app problem

    Hi, New Gotway user here. My phone is Nexus 6p. The system settings sees the wheel but refuses to pair. I heard that's normal. I have tried two apps: one is GotWay.apk from kebye.com. This one shows a splash screen, then another screen saying 2.0, New something, Blabla, and gets permanently stuck there. Another one is called Gotway_4.0_Dual_English_Chinese, which I downloaded from this forum. It requires manual pairing and thus seems to be incompatible with MCM4. What am I doing wrong? How important is the app anyway? Thanks for the help!
  12. Hello everyone. Brand new user here. Been riding my gotway mcm4 for 2 days total. Got the hang of it taking off from a wall yesterday and was trying to take off not using a wall today. I was starting in the grass to limit damage to myself and the device. Was working fine this morning. Finally got to take off and move with out the wall or falling over and hit a small hole in the yard that knocked me off. Wasn't going very fast at all as I had just started out. Once I picked it up it now has a click and hesitation at start and makes a kind of rubbing noise while the wheel is spinning at higher speeds. I am going to ask the seller I purchased from on Ebay that has a shop in New York what he thinks. My concern is seeing as how as I am a new rider and the casing is scraped up quite a bit from practice that no one will be willing to help me out. If anyone can give me some assistance it would be greatly appreciated as I hadn't planned on it breaking in less than 2 days riding nor did I plan on throwing around $900 out the window. I did take the cover off both sides just to make sure nothing came unplugged. Did not see anything that immediately caught my attention. Posted a youtube video below. Thanks to anyone that can give me some help. Video of MCM4 acting up
  13. Jack Clode

    Upgrade from MCM4

    Hi, a few months ago I bought a MCM4 and I'm loving it. Looking to upgrade to a bigger GotWay product, something like ACM or mSuper, I think monster is too big for me. Which model do you think is the best to ride in the city. Also, I want to give my MCM to my cousin, but the shell is a little damaged. Is it possible to replace it?
  14. Carlos E Rodriguez

    MCM4 PRO

    Cool this be true @Jane Mo ? 84v MCM4? I found this on the Facebook page
  15. anims

    B: MCM4 controller board

    Hi, I burned controller board on my MCM4. So, I am looking for some .. If you have some tips(in EU is better for me), I will buy one. Thank you
  16. Jack Clode

    Where to buy GotWay in NYC

    Hi, just moved to New York City and looking to buy a GotWay (not sure which model yet). Is there a place in NYC where I can buy it?
  17. Nevin@Tec-toyz.com

    Used GotWay 340Wh Black

    This is for buyers in the greater 48 states only. All wheels will be shipped by ground. First one takes it at $550. Buyer pays shipping. will send in original box with charger. please message me if interested.
  18. Abbiamo gli ultimi gotway MCM4 HS 260Wh in magazzino pronta consegna. 260Wh non son molti ma comunque è un ottimo modello/prezzo entry level. E' possible fare upgrade di batteria in un secondo momento. Questo prezzo è valido per pagamento con bonifico bancario (paypal +3%). Spese di spedizione espressa in Italia +20 euro Per ottenere lo sconto contattateci. We can ship in others europe country too, but please contact us here .
  19. Best prices on Electric Unicycles starts tomorrow 12pm Pacific Standard Time. No code needed. Sale ends 12/14/16, while supplys last. US ONLY. Free shipping to continental 48 states. www.tec-toyz.com
  20. Cyber Monday Sale going on now at www.tec-toyz.com BEST PRICES in the USA! Free shipping to all 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska is extra. Sale ends on Tuesday 11/29/16 at 6pm pacific standard time. SALE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR UNITED STATES while supplies last...
  21. Nevin@Tec-toyz.com

    San Francisco Ride

    Southbay electric unicycle group is having a ride in San Francisco. We will be meeting up at our usual Starbucks. Come and join us if you never been on one of our rides. Date: October 1, Saturday Meet up: Starbucks, 385 Beach St. San Francisco, CA Start Time: 8:30am, roll out at 9am. End time: 2pm.
  22. Linnea Lin Gotway

    GotWay MCM4 APP Setting

    Tips to set the MCM4: 1. MCM4 Normal Version: First level alarm: About 23km/h; Second level alarm: About 25km/h; Power alarm: About 28km/h; Max tilt back speed: 24km/h. 2. MCM4 High Speed Version: First level alarm: About 23km/h; Second level alarm: About 25km/h; Power alarm: About 35km/h; Max tilt back speed: 24km/h. ATTN: 1.Setting will be only make sense when the wheel stooped. 2. All data will have little difference in different state of battery capacity. 3. Mobile phone Bluetooth version should be higher than 4.0.
  23. Where can I buy a MCM4 here in Europe? It is also for sale on Aliexpress, do you think it could be affordable? I'm 67Kg, which model should I go for, ordinary or high speed version? Any suggestion is wellcome. Thanks.
  24. 1. Add-on against raining. I bought rain-cover-for-backpack to be used for this use. ($5 in S. Korea) I ride my MCM4 under heavy rain with holding an umbrella, MCM4's top covered by this rain cover. Some students chortled at seeing my riding... Laughing out loud 2. Add-on for storage I also added storage on top of MCM4 which was purchased at Daiso. ($2) Hanging all weights of my belongings on my shoulders gets a lot pain and then I started put more burden on MCM4, not on me, adding the storage pouch around the handle. And I attached a short leash in place of the original handle as the handle was all covered by the pouch. 3. For security. I hang the security chain and lock on my EUC as seen in the picture. I use it in case of fly fishing. This is what I am doing with my EUC, how about yours, friends? Any better idea?
  25. Sidestreet Reny

    Replacement pedals for MCM4

    I am trying to find replacement pedals and hangers for a Gotway MCM4. I would really like to replace the pedals on an MCM3 with those L shaped hangers and the big flat bottom pedals from the MCM4. I do realize there are some mods that will need to be done like screw holes and possibly space for the hangers. Any info or opinion would be awesome. Thanx y'all. UPDATE: Just still wondering if anybody read this post I could really use the info. Thanx