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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone rides the Electric Unicycle in Malta. I ride one often but still I haven't seen anyone around. Would be great if we can meet up and plan some route. If anyone is interested (even without an EUC) please post below, I have a few ones here
  2. We currently have some special offers on the IPS White Versions (ZERO and LHOTZ) We should be able to ship in EU Countries now ( For the first time ever ). Prices starting from €588 inc. 18% VAT while excluding shipping. We also have some good protection gear that you might want to add with your order or as a separate purchase. find our products page on http://www.myIPS.eu and send me a message if you are interested.
  3. IPS Malta

    IPS Zero 260Wh

    Have to sell the baby wheel. Unfortunately, it costs more to ship my wheel where I am than buying a new one. Yes, China! it only has approx 90km on it and some scratches on the pedals and slightly one side. Used mainly as a Demo and never tried to perform any fancy tricks on it. Ideally selling in Malta, but can check shipping rates to other EU Countries if you're interested. Asking price is negotiable Eur400 + shipping (For outside Malta).
  4. I thought I would wait until the holiday season again to post my experiences last October with hiring an EUC on holiday. Thanks to this forum where I mentioned holidaying in Malta, I had @IPS Malta, contact me to ask whether I'd like to hire a wheel - you bet! For those of you geographically challenged, Malta is a tiny group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean between Italy and Libya with a warm, mostly dry, climate which coupled with its friendly people and very long history (one of seemingly constant invasion from east and west such that it is the only country in the world where the entire population has won a medal for bravery ) makes it a superb holiday destination. Since its language is a kind of mix of Arabic and italian but written with a Latin script understood by only a few 100,000 people the vast majority learn English and Italian before even going to school. Where else could you circumnavigate an entire country on an EUC - the main island is only 17 miles long. In a previous year we had gone on a Segway tour which my wife and daughter were very keen to repeat, but me less so now I could ride an EUC. The stage was set and a series of emails to book Segway Malta's Dingli Cliffs ride:http://www.segwaymalta.com/tours/details/?tour=segway-tour-dingli and check they were OK if I tagged along on a wheel and then to Glen @IPS Malta, to arrange hire for the same time. It was all fairly easy, Glen offered my an IPS XIMA LHOTZ 181, which with its wide tyre seemed ideal for the rough terrain around Dingli. On road around Dingli, more like off road anywhere else, this hill is first gear in a car and we came down it! I agreed a price for a day's hire plus a refundable deposit, and a cycle helmet was also supplied. Turning up at Segway Malta for our 2 hour ride there was some good news, and, as it turned out, bad news, unlike the previous year when there were about 10 of us in the group, this year there was only the three of us and our instructor was quickly able to see we had all done it before. Since we knew what we were doing our instructor suggested we could make good time and complete the tour he usually did in 3 hours, great but that sounded a bit further than my Lhotz battery might manage. I wish I'd set up GPS on my phone to find out how fast and far we went but we set of at a good speed through Buskett Gardens, on terrain that was far harder than I'd ever ridden before, steep hills of loose rock, tree roots, fields, there is absolutely no way I could have stayed upright on my Kingsong 14C or climbed or descended some of the hills. I was very impressed by how well the Lhotz, and its wide tyre handled the terrain, in fact I was convinced our instructor was trying to prove the superiority of the Segway, but I had no trouble keeping up ?. The ride was really fun, other than the Lhotz very high side pads rubbed badly against my legs with all the bumping around, by the end of the ride my legs were quite sore. Not really a criticism of the wheel it's just its padding was not where I am used to. 1.5 hours later having covered an awful lot of very challenging terrain my wheel slowly tilted back to a halt- I'd run out of battery. 1/2 mile down the road was a viewing point with a refreshment van so the others rode ahead to get a drink whilst I carried the wheel in 35 degrees centigrade heat - boy did I miss my trolley handle at that point. When I arrived our instructor was missing, he arrived a cooling drink later with a second Segway in tow for me - what a guy! To my surprise we didn't just ride back, but continued the tour, only after we had ridden along the 250 metre Dingli cliffs did he mention the Segway company owner had died falling off a cliff on one! The edge of Dingli cliffs just metres from the pathway. Riding a Segway off road, whilst carrying an Lhotz was certainly challenging, my arms felt like they should look like Popeye's by the end of it but I was certainly VERY grateful for the Segway. Segway to the Rescue. In conclusion, it was a brilliant afternoon and I got to ride an EUC and a Segway. IPS Malta and Segway Malta were both gave excellent service it was just a pity the IPS didn't have a bit bigger battery. The only other thing I didn't think about and would do differently next time was that the hire fee and deposit was taken as a credit card transaction and the deposit then refunded to me when I returned the wheel. Unfortunately, that meant I paid foreign exchange conversion fees in both directions which meant it cost me an additional £4-£5. The deposit should have been taken separately as an authorised, but not actioned card transaction that was cancelled on return of the wheel, that would have prevented me paying additional charges. Since I had the wheel overnight, once recharged (Glen had supplied me with the charger as well) I, of course, took the opportunity to show off my death defying one wheeled skills to some of my wife's Maltese cousins - confirming, I suspect their already held views as to my sanity! Finally talking of death defying, we were staying in a farm house, so not surprisingly, we did have to get used to quite a range of animal sounds we are not used to, sheep, goats, dogs, chickens and tigers could be heard at all hours. Wait a minute - Tigers - yep, the next farm seemed to be owned by the man who had everything including a whole cage full of tigers - now there is an Electric Unicycle hazard you don't risk every day! I certainly wouldn't want to be the guy going in to milk them ?