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Found 5 results

  1. I'm posting here because I would love some thoughts from the community to help strengthen my relationship with these wheels. After putting over 4K miles on my Ninebot Z10 and loving it, I purchased an S18 in hopes of not face planting as often when hitting these huge potholes in Seattle. Shortly after falling in love with the S18, I send the thing into an accident by over-accelerating and inducing a strong pedal dip. This destroyed the trolley handle and ripped me to shreds. Diagnostics showed the unit was working fine after this. After a week of bandages I hopped back on to test if it was working. It appeared to drive fine and then suddenly locked up without warning and sent me into a crash at about 15mph. It was a brick afterwards. Huge props to Rev Rides for taking my wheel in, examining the issue and replacing the board with KS's latest one. It turns out the first accident damaged a capacitor on the board which caused it to fry later when I was testing the unit again. Now (again huge thanks to Rev Rides) I have a beautiful working fixed wheel and I am scared to death to use it. I would love some thoughts on these units so that I can stop worrying about it. Is there any chance something like a lock-up could happen again? Does anyone know if these boards typically have backup or redundant circuits that kick in if something fries? Should I be worrying about any water getting to the main board while riding in Seattle? I'd love to stay safe and sane as I'm tired of nursing injuries and replacing clothing. Thanks.
  2. With less than 10 minutes total on the pedals of my newbie Step-n-Roll (generic Chinese 14" wheel), recently I mounted the unit and attempted forward navigation, and the machine pitched me forward violently. Shutting down and restarted, the motor jerked to full speed, the emergency stop activated, the motor stopped, and the beep turned on. On opening the controller panel, I found a loose terminal in the yellow wire connector that I assume comes from the wheel phase encoder. I pushed it back in, made sure all the connections are tight, and powered up again. BAM! Same thing. Needless to say, that was frustrating. I looked at Youtube and learned about calibration. Here is a picture of the full mainboard, which I think is probably pin compatible with Airwheel X3 mainboard: Update 170525: J3 is the calibration port. I soldered the loose wires together, and after a few false starts (at first the wheel froze up, then the wheel was tilted at startup) the calibration worked and I thought I could go on gently bruising myself! The jumper stored easily on one of the screw pillars: Update 170526: After working for a day, the damn Step-n-Roll (more appropriately named "Stand-n-Deliver") threw me again. Repeated calibrations seem to progress normally, but don't fix it. Here's what I know (battery unplugged): The board-to-hall effect sensor adapter cable and connectors & motor leads seem to be good; else motor would not run correctly during calibration Ohmed out with a multimeter, all three hall sensor leads show a discernable capacitance to both the power wires (red and black) All three phases of the delta-wired motor produce about 15VAC when the wheel is spun manually And powered up: Normal power up beep, battery charge indicators lit (170527: unit no longer beeps) Wheel rotor is now electrically locked up on startup Extreme angles of pitch and roll do not trigger an error condition Edit 170528: Since the hardware is intact, is it possible a theft-prevention or protection software mode, that is neither activated nor documented on this entry-level model, has been inadvertently entered in this wheel? It appears that the mainboard is provisioned with connectors that are not used, perhaps for features that are implemented in a more premium model? Might one of them be for a Bluetooth adapter? Is there a way to reset to factory default on these boards? I watched a Youtube video that suggested opening the continuity of the calibration jumper just after startup. Doing so resulted in 2 new behaviors, neither of which is repeatable or useful: A sudden jerk, then the wheel free-wheels powered up, but does not balance A gradual increase in speed in one direction, then I shut it off The locked rotor, however, predominates
  3. Here is an image of the controller board from my generic electrically locked up Step-n-Roll, with wire color codes, for reference. If anyone has information on the undocumented connector lands, I will be happy to update the image and re-post.
  4. Hi!! Banggood has sended a new mainboard to replace the original, but I dont know what mainboard is. I dont know if is better, worse, the same or what... Can please someone help me?? Thank you so much
  5. This is not a concern yet, but I want to make preparations for the inevitable. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona located in the middle of the Sonoran desert, and summer temperatures average 107°F/42°C and frequently reach 117°F/47°C for days at a time. Seeing as how the specs for the Ninebot On E+show a max operating temperature of 113°F/45°C, what should I expect as far as performance? How will this affect battery life, and even more importantly, will I experience sudden shutdowns due to exceeding operating temperature? Is there an overtemperature warning beep on the E+? And... is there anything I can do to upgrade the motherboard/chip by adding to or replacing the heatsink to gain more effective heat dissipation as operating temperature approaches ambient air temperatures? Any thoughts?
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