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Found 12 results

  1. Not too bad, better than I thought: KS-14C style, pedal-hex-bolt + zip-tie MTen3 handle solution, purchased off eBay from xiaoq-cn (edit: MTen3 Trolley via Green & Fashion Traveling Shop / AliExpress > Last Option). Plus the handle is extra long; just a tad longer than I need, nice!
  2. UPDATE 23 11 2018 Black Friday special I'm using the same page and links for previous 1111 special event, prices doesnt change a lot +/- 20$/20euros The biggest day of promotions and flash sales in China, the 11-11, will of course bring many offers on import sites such as Aliexpress, Gearbest, and many others. Coupons are vouchers or discount codes on products. To obtain them, simply create an account on which the coupons will be registered for the corresponding purchase. Either they are generalized to the site (for example 10% reduc on the whole site), or they are specific to a product. At Aliexpress it will for example simply add the object to the basket and wait for the date 11-11 to get the price when you order. At Gearbest, a "deposit" system whose amount can be multiplied by three and thus give a very interesting final price. Deliveries in 5 days are expected. If you need a specific product (other brands, or drones, phones, electronics, sports camera), you can contact me in private message. As an affiliate, I have access to all promotions, coupons / discount codes, flash sales dates & times, and more, from the entire catalog of following sellers and resellers: Gearbest- Aliexpress-GeekBuying-TomTop-EBay-BangGood-DHGate-LightintheBox-JoyBuy as well as an Alibaba YoyBuy agent. My site gathering all the brands in promos is soon ready (november 5), but I will post all the promos until November 14th. Some sellers have not yet given discounts (On Aliexpress, but you can add the product to the cart while waiting for the discount, there is a small yellow star) The prices given may vary, either because of the price of the dollar or because the seller simply changes the price. There are also errors, coupons that are not yet activated on the seller side (example segway ES2) The peak of the promos is of course 11-11. Of course, it is necessary to disable Adblock for two reasons, my cookie identifier for my%;) but also for the promotional offer to appear well. (adblock blocks advertising images and promotional offers are often in an image with a link and a cookie) Prices are already in promotions, but not all, it will come back every day to see the new prices, the expected flash sales every 4h at Gearbest, for example. EUC, Electric Scooters, Mini Gyropods, Spare Parts and Accessories, All Brands Segway Ninebot Xiaomi Mijia One Z : Z10 €132 - Z6 €714 FAST DELIVERY for european buyers 2-7 working days One A1/S2/C/C+/E Mini-Mini Pro : Mini Pro €408 (EUROPE) / $469 USA Priority Line 8-18 business days + $104.84 Mini Plus : €491 Loomo GoKart Kit Drift W1 : €289+€50 shipping Qcycle GotWay Tesla Monster Luffy MSuper X MSuper 3 MCM 4 & MCM 5 ACM MTEN InMotion X1 V10-V10F : V10 €703 V8 V5/V5+-V5F/V5F+-V5D : V5F €299 RockWheel KingSong IPS E-Scooter
  3. Whole original white shell for Luffy, in like new condition (see pictures below). PRICE : 120$ + shipping Sold without any screw. Please contact me for any information.
  4. Last summer I purchased a Luffy for my SO. It was our first entry into the EUC world and super excited after researching for months. Anyways, for various reasons she tried it a few times but didn't quite get the hang of it. Then winter came and we packed it in the closet. It sat in there till a few days ago after we decided to give it another go. So after I pulled it out it was completely dead. I remember vaguely reading about a dude that killed his Tesla by not keeping it plugged in or something. Anyways, plugged it in and been charging for 2 days now and managed to get to 50%/40% (it oscillates between displaying those two levels on the app). How badly are we screwed? :(
  5. MTen3 Recall Notice from Green Fashion (Google Translated) (original Baidu post):
  6. Hi all, Been lurking for a month or two here. Saw some EUC videos on youtube and got intrigued. I wanted to dip my toes before I dropped some serious coin on a Tesla or One Z (looks wicked) so I decided to get a cheap Luffy to learn on. Good thing too because I gave that thing a serious thrashing from day one. I have about 3 hours of ride time spread out across 3 weeks due to a combination of travel and feet/shin pain and injuries from riding. Think I got the basics down except getting on the wheel without holding onto something and going backwards. Anyways, I have a few questions for you riders who have both big and small wheels. I have a lot of difficulties mounting onto the wheel without holding onto something. Like I have to hop on it real quick before it topples over. I've seen videos where people brace it against their leg but I feel the Luffy is way too short to do that. It looks like getting on the wheel is a lot easier on the 14+" wheels than the 10" wheels. Is this true or am I just making excuses as to why I'm so bad getting on this Luffy. Right now its 50% whether or not I can successfully launch myself without holding onto something. What ends up happening is that right after I hop on the foot I used to launch the wheels ends up awkwardly position and I end up dumping the wheel about 5 feet into my ride. It looks soooo much easier for the big wheels and I'm hoping that is the case. Transitioning to bigger wheels - I plan on getting a 16", with the Tesla being the main contender. How easy/difficult will this be? I'd like to think I'd have an easier time on the larger wheel but just wanted to confirm. I don't want to be back at square one and end up damaging a $1,500 wheel the way I've been abusing the poor Luffy. Thanks in advance.
  7. My new Gotway Luffy received a facelift today! Since Luffy will soon be headed to a pediatric rehab center for study I figured she will be tossed around a great deal and suffer from irreparable trauma so my staff and I fabricated a plastic protective outer shell. First Luffy was encased in plaster using bandages that are traditionally used for stabilizing fractures. Once the plaster bandages hardened they formed a replica of Luffy's shell.. The plaster shell was then carefully removed from Luffy. This required using a cast saw and then slowing spreading the plaster bandage to dislodge Luffy. The plaster shell, called a negative mold, was then poured will plaster of Paris and a pipe mandrel was inserted in the center of the mold. The mandrel allows for the mold to be placed into a vise for modifications and also provides a conduit for our vacuum system to extract air (discussed later). Once the pored plaster hardened the negative mold was removed exposing the positive mold. The positive mold has tiny flaws which need to be smoothed and filled. Once this modification is complete a cotton stockenette membrane is placed over the positive mold. This allows for adequate vacuum pressure and even atmospheric compression during the plastic draping process. We used 3/32" copolymer plastic for my protective shell. It has flexible properties but is rigid enough to handle bump and spills. The copolymer sheet was heated in a large infrared oven to 350 degrees. Once the plastic sheet was at the proper temperature it was removed from the oven on a caster type table and then the colorful transfer paper was applied over the plastic.The paper has specialized inks that literally transfer into the hot plastic. In my pediatric practice we have over 50 colorful patterns kids can select from for their orthopedic braces. The table holding plastic sheet was then rolled over to the positive mold and with the assistance of 2 of my staff the plastic was carefully lifted and draped over the mold. A vacuum pump was then turned on and the plastic was completely sealed around the molded so there were no air leaks. The vacuum pump then withdrew any remaining air inside the mold allowing the atmospheric pressure to gently form the plastic around the mold. Once the plastic cooled it was cut from the mold and taken to the shop area where it was further trimmed and ground smooth. Once the shell was complete velcro straps and padding were added. There are much easier methods to protect your wheel from abuse but this was a fun project and should make the kids at the rehab center very happy!
  8. Hi, I just listed my lightly used, very low mileage, 200 Wh Luffy for sale on eBay. Starting bid is $250 with free shipping. This is for US only. Below is the link. 200 Wh Luffy For Sale
  9. I purchased an app for my IPhone 7 that is a 3 channel vibration spectrum analyzer. It uses the internal accelerometer and gyroscope of the phone to analyze vibratory and rotational motions. You simply place the IPhone so it is firmly attached to the object you want to analyze, hit the sample button and the vibratory readings begin. I only used one channel to measure the vertical (+Y) coordinates during my initial test run. I attached the phone to both my Luffy and ACM 1600 using Velcro but a more stable mounting platform is in the works. Below are 2 sample graphs depicting what data can be produced when using all 3 channels of the app. So I went for a little ride on the ACM and Luffy around a bumpy piece of property next to my facility to see if I could obtain any quantifiable data. The data may be skewed a bit due to the Velcro method I used to attach the phone to both wheels but it was a fun experiment and only cost $4.99. Below are 2 more graphs depicting the Y coordinate data I obtained from each ride. Combining X, Y and Z data will be performed in future tests. You can see the very small vibration levels at the beginning and end of each graph ( Luffy had an issue) representing the smooth parking lot where I entered and exited the course. Unfortunately Luffy could not make it over the parking lot bump ( also might be my skill level) at the end of the course and I fell off which created an interesting peak. In the middle of the graph there is a good representation of the various bumps I encountered throughout the simple course. Now for a good laugh!
  10. Found these teardown vids (3) off GEVKorea Naver blog: http://cafe.naver.com/gev010/15 Luffy Teardown Vid #1 Luffy Teardown Vid #2 Luffy Teardown Vid #3
  11. Woah, per below vid, Gotway Luffy lift test tops out at 47km/h. 2nd alarm = 25km/h 3rd alarm = ~35km/h (0 load; not sure under actual load) Gotway Luffy Lift Test Vid (source)
  12. Since GotWay ended production of the Mten more than a year ago, I don't think anybody else had an EUC of that size in the market (to the very disappointment of some friends who tried my Mten). Today, a facebook post of "Pushy Pin" (is he here?) made me aware of this beauty: Information is sketchy at best and range estimates sound over optimistic: Sources: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-Rockwheel-Powered-unicycle-mini-self-balancing-electric-vehicle-Single-car-wheel-instead-of/32352434110.html https://world.taobao.com/item/539387265870.htm?spm=a312a.7700714.0.0.BMoz2l#detail Does anybody know more about this wheel or the "Luffy" brand?
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