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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys, let's try to find the way to meet and have a ride.
  2. 10 days ago I purchased King Song 14C wheel at http://wheelgo.com in London. Here are my first impressions. The most important feature of this wheel, and the main reason of choosing this model is speed. It’s amazing 28km/h! Such speed is not even achievable on Rockwheels with their fancy reduction gears. The only wheel comparable to KS on the market today is Gotway, but they are quite unsafe. If you fall down from IPS at 14km/h you just make couple more steps forward. But if the same happens with Gotway at 28km/h you risk to injure yourself seriously and to damage your wheel. In compare to many other wheels King Songs are extremely reliable even when riding at high speed, riding uphill, riding over road bumps. I was not able to drop the wheel though I rode it at the maximum speed many times. Things I love in KS-14C: Unbeatable speed among 14 inches wheels!Impressive 60km run on one chargeTuning of neutral tilt of pedals using Android appFlashlight that turns on automatically at night. It is way more convenient than using your phone’s torch Automatic switching off when the wheel is dropped. Automatic switching on after recovery. Big comfortable handle. BT music Things that may be useful: USB chargerDifferent riding modes (aggressive mode/normal mode/soft mode) configurable from app.Real-time battery and engine metrics in app. Here are all downsides of my model I found during my first week of use: USB port lid is made of piece of rubber, I lost it during my first ride. At the moment of writing this review I couldn’t find an iOS application for managing the wheel. So I take two phones on my rides: one (iOS) for calls, other (Android) for the wheel.It's not possible to configure volume and speed limits for beeping sound. First I worried about it but now I’ve changed my mind. Beeping sound not only helps your stay alert and ride safer but also warns people who don't expect to see a you in advance. It’s possible to physically unplug speakers from the mainboard for those who prefer silence.I expected that it will be possible to use pedal as a stand, but it isn’t. As a conclusion imho KS-14C wheel is one of the most advanced wheels on the market today and I’m excited to own one of them! Few words about the shop. Jason (http://forum.electricunicycle.org/profile/191-jason-mcneil/) was the single point of contact for me. He was very responsive from the beginning. First we met in the city center for a test drive, he was courageous enough to let me try to ride his own wheel:) I bought a wheel next day after the test drive. After the first charge my power adapter died. When I complained about it to Jason he arranged our meeting the same day. We figured out that the problem was with power adapter and soon he delivered me a new adapter module. So despite of high quality of King Song wheels it still makes sense to have local warranty to be able to resolve such problems quickly. Feel free to ask me any questions! Replacement for broken adapter Wheel switched on Blablabla 60-80km indicates 680Wh battery
  3. Hi there so there's a few of us going to have a Ride/ meet up in London starting at Hyde park at about 12pm mid-day, the ride will be approximately 25 mile stopping at times for refreshment and charge wheels if possible if anyone is low, we will try stay on cyclepaths and through parks where possible, no exact course planned but will be something like this in the picture, it looks lovely weather to so you can dress appropriately 😊 hope to see people there @Ronko @stephen , please add name of your available thanks.
  4. Hi all. I need urgent help. I managed to burn the wires on my Gotway Monster and I travel on Tuesday!! Does anyone do same day repairs in London?
  5. Hi all. I need urgent help. I managed to burn the wires on my Gotway Monster and I travel on Tuesday!! Does anyone do same day repairs in London?
  6. Regarding concerns on legislation in the UK (specifically around London), I've created a draft of a letter that I want to send to the Mayor of London. I plan on adopting it and sending it to local MPs as well; ultimately, I'd like to have a template that people can download and send to their local MPs. The more noise we make, the more chance in something positive happening. Any and all feedback welcomed, even grammatical errors. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1POPRyc21TW5E_ubWgRPznnOvNQmDN3Ku6Zennv-zarM
  7. Today I found this message in my email: "I got stopped by a police officer on a bike this morning around the bottom of Hyde Park, near Hyde Park Corner. He told me that they are illegal and he didn't want to see me on one again. Looks like I'll be using my Brompton for commuting now! I believe that they are allowed to confiscate them, but luckily he didn't (guess he didn't want the paperwork)" It's from a member of the Facebook London EUC Riders group, (Name withheld) So in a second, that rider's riding is through or in jeopardy if he ever rides in that area again. And yes, I do believe they can and do confiscate illegal "vehicles". Under English law an EUC is effectively a motorcycle; an unregistered, untaxed, uninspected, and uninsured motorcycle, so illegal everywhere except private land. I'm afraid incidents of this type will only get more frequent. If I got told that where I live, I'm grounded. The police station is 300m away. I'm so glad I'll be off abroad again, soon. On a side note, I walked passed a GotWay rider in Bromley yesterday, in the rain. Tesla I think, or maybe MCM4 (I can't tell them apart at a moving glance). It was a miserable day, and anyone riding in it would not be riding for pleasure, so I didn't think it was fair to flag him down for a chat.
  8. Hey guys, I've dug up an interesting piece of work that was unfortunately left unfinished by the previous designer team. The goal was to visually compare means of public and private transport to wheeling around Zones 1-2 of London. We have not been able to finalise the time of travel comparison, as it tends to be subjective around the busy city center. I am happy to evolve the conversation around what else can be put in such educational piece.
  9. Hi there, I'm riding a kingsong 18 A+ and looking to meet up with other riders in London. I live in Camden town. Thanks
  10. Hi All I have been riding now for a few years and it starting to get a bit lonely so If anybody is local to SW London and would like Meet and ride, I have some great routes, let me know!!
  11. Source: http://mashable.com/2015/06/15/1916-suffragette-scooter/#bGlF2ZV7mZqI 1916 Suffragette on a scooter Lady Florence Norman on her Autoped. by Chris Wild c. 1916 Lady Norman on her scooter. IMAGE: PAUL THOMPSON/FPG/ARCHIVE PHOTOS/GETTY IMAGES Yes, she is a suffragette, and yes, that is her scooter. English socialite and activist Florence Priscilla, Lady Norman, CBE was given this Autoped as a birthday present by her husband, Sir Henry Norman. She used it to travel to her office in central London. Florence was following in her mother's footsteps in her active support for women's suffrage. Her CBE (Commander of the British Empire) came when she ran a hospital in France during World War I. Kick scooters — a flat board on wheels with a long handle at the front, propelled by foot — have been made for at least 100 years as toys for children. Florence's Autoped was one of the first examples of motorised kick scooters. Like a child's scooter, it had no seat. Manufactured in New York and Germany by Krupps, the U.S. postal service tested the Autoped as a means of fast transport for its special delivery service. The foldable scooter was also reportedly used as a quick getaway machine by New York gangs, racing down narrow alleys beyond the reach of police cars. Other manufacturers followed: ABC Motorcycles produced the Skootamota, which had a top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h), and The Gloster Aircraft Company introduced the Reynolds Runabout in 1919, followed by the Unibus in 1920. The Unibus was promoted as the "car on two wheels." Some of these early scooter designs were unstable, uncomfortable to ride and difficult to handle. The decades leading up to World War II saw the gradual introduction of a range of refinements, including efficient lights and brakes, gears, suspension, enclosed bodies and leg shields. During the 1930s, scooters were introduced to a new market as the ideal mode of transport at large, sprawling military bases. Ironically, the era of the scooter truly began after the war — a direct result of fuel rationing. c. 1915 Four special delivery postmen for the US Postal Service try out new scooters. IMAGE: UNDERWOOD ARCHIVES/GETTY IMAGES June 1919 Crowds gather around a two wheeler motor scooter. IMAGE: TOPICAL PRESS AGENCY/GETTY IMAGES 1919 A folded Rouline scooter, Paris. IMAGE: BOYER/ROGER VIOLLET/GETTY IMAGES c. 1920 A man driving one of the first models of scooters. IMAGE: ALFRED GROSS/ULLSTEIN BILD VIA GETTY IMAGES c. 1921 Woman on a scooter at Le Touquet, France. IMAGE: TOPICAL PRESS AGENCY/GETTY IMAGES c. 1925 Folding scooter, Berlin, Germany. IMAGE: ROGER VIOLLET/GETTY IMAGES 1935 "Built for use around the airports, this electric scooter attracted the attention of Amelia Earhart Putnam, famous aviatrix, and her pupil, June Travis, Warners player, the day Miss Earhart gave June her first flying lesson. Here are the pair about to go off on a scoot, at a twelve-mile clip." IMAGE: BETTMANN/CORBIS 1937 Two women riding motor scooters. IMAGE: KEYSTONE/CORBIS c. 1937 Hollywood actress Eleanore Whitney gets a push from actor Robert Cummins (1908-1990) on the Motorglyde motorised scooter. IMAGE: HULTON ARCHIVE/GETTY IMAGES 1937 "Oakland, California - Traffic officer Leo Brandt seems to have his hands full in handing out tickets to this bevy of gals, who were picked up for speeding along on their animated kiddy cars. The scooters constitute the latest traffic menace to the West Coast region. The two recipients of the billets doux are Dorothy Armstrong, left foreground, and Peggy Marx." IMAGE: BETTMANN/CORBIS 1938 In Germany a young man refuels his scooter with a funnel. IMAGE: HEINZ FREMKE/ULLSTEIN BILD VIA GETTY IMAGES c. 1938 American actors Humphrey Bogart (1899 – 1957) and Allen Jenkins (1900 – 1974) are stopped for speeding on their scooters by a security guard at the Warner Bros. IMAGE: ARCHIVE PHOTOS/GETTY IMAGES Citycoco 2016 & Segway City Go 2017
  12. After the news broke off this morning about Uber's license revocation for London I got a bit pissed off and wrote a small notion of facts. I still remain a massive fan of their services being able to carry me and my euc whenever I feel my riding skills could be compromised Forget the fact that the local TfL and CPS can't get their heads around e-transport for ages. Maybe the locals just like to ban shit?
  13. Currently in London there is a moped gang craze which has been causing an outcry in communities right across the capital. They are (often underage) teenagers who don't wear helmets and seem to have little regard to their own or anyone else's safety. They ride superfast all over the road and also on the pavement. Some of the riders have been robbing people, targeting mobile phones and other bikes. The trend may be related to the widely publicised view that the police will not chase anyone on a motorbike who is not wearing a helmet. This is because several police apparently lost their jobs after a rider died during a pursuit. There is also an abundance of poorly protected mopeds being ridden around - in part due to the popularity of "Deliveroo" and "Uber"-like delivery services. Certainly in my own neighbourhood (in South London) it's a big problem - we have the police helicopter overhead at least three or four times a week, and there is growing calls from the community that the police need to address the issue. Over half of all social media posts in the various local parent and community groups that I follow relate to this issue and there are repeated requests for people to photograph bikes and riders to build up intelligence to pass to the police! What I'm worried about is that if there is a crackdown, then EUCs may end up being clamped down on as well. In some people's eyes there isn't any difference between riding a moped or an EUC along the pavement, especially if they are being ridden at speed or inconsiderately. I certainly can't see this helping the legal situation here in the UK which is a shame. Recently I have had a number of interactions with groups of masked moped riders - so far they have been okay - they all seem intrigued with my tricks, although it does get a little bit intimidating when you are being circled by six masked moped riders all revving their hairdryers, especially when you have seen the same riders riding around clutching what look to be weapons! For now, I have decided to stick to my twice weekly lunchtime sessions in town and the occasional early morning weekend ride, or riding in one of the larger parks. It would be interesting to hear any other stories or views of riders from London.
  14. Hi there! I`m gonna visit London in three days and because of restriction for transportation wheel on plane want to: 1. Buy wheel that costs lower 200 pounds or equal cost in other values 2. Rent wheel for some days, but don`t know how Found one company in London, but I`m not sure that they will give me wheel because of my Russian country (yeah, by the way) This is great opportunity to know London on wheel of course, it`s faster and you wont be tired too much) I`m owner of great V8 and NineBot One:) Together its mileage approx. 2300 kilometers If you have any offers or advice, you`re welcome:) P.S. Do you know about any restrictions in UK connected with electic unicycles?
  15. Brand new Himiway electric unicycle. The specs are average-good ( range is about 20-25 km, speed 20km/h) , perfect if you are just starting to learn. It comes in black or white. Price is 300 £ and will deliver myself in London. If you want to try it out you can find me at Hyde park during the weekend with some friends, and I will be happy to give you some free tutorial. We also have sale some Ninebot one E+ model. Contact me for more infos. Cheers
  16. Hi everyone, I'm Roberto from PET(PersonalElectricTransport), we've open a pre-order for the Gotway MCM V4 Electric Unicycle Hs version. Any question please don't hesitate in ask. https://personalelectrictransport.co.uk/shop/electric-unicycle/gotway-mcm-v4-electric-unicycle-uk/
  17. Selling a used black Classic Solowheel, 16" Unicycle. It is a wonderful wheel with great manoeuvrability and perfect for commuting. It has been used often so will be scuffed and bumped but is only cosmetic. For photos or more information, please email me at akina@project42.com Located in London (SE1), price includes express UK shipping. Total: £514
  18. Hi everyone, I have 2 brand new ninebot one E+ model that i received as unwanted gift this Christmas. The two units are brand new and still boxed. I live in Earls court and I am willing to deliver in London only. The price is 700£ and I can do a little discount if you come and collect it in person. Please let me know and I can also give you some free classes on how to ride it if you require (Hyde Park) :). Cheers Francesco
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