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Found 7 results

  1. I am selling my KingSong KS-14M euc. This wheel is basically the same as the KS-14D (with the same software) but only contains a battery pack, so there is free space on the other side for a possible upgrade. The wheel as some residual dry glue on the shell from some soft foam pads that I added to protect it, and I think it could be removed easily. It has almost 500km, and it was only used for the last mile commute to work for one year. Looking for £250 for it. New price £150!
  2. Hey guys, let's try to find the way to meet and have a ride.
  3. Regarding concerns on legislation in the UK (specifically around London), I've created a draft of a letter that I want to send to the Mayor of London. I plan on adopting it and sending it to local MPs as well; ultimately, I'd like to have a template that people can download and send to their local MPs. The more noise we make, the more chance in something positive happening. Any and all feedback welcomed, even grammatical errors. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1POPRyc21TW5E_ubWgRPznnOvNQmDN3Ku6Zennv-zarM
  4. 10 days ago I purchased King Song 14C wheel at http://wheelgo.com in London. Here are my first impressions. The most important feature of this wheel, and the main reason of choosing this model is speed. It’s amazing 28km/h! Such speed is not even achievable on Rockwheels with their fancy reduction gears. The only wheel comparable to KS on the market today is Gotway, but they are quite unsafe. If you fall down from IPS at 14km/h you just make couple more steps forward. But if the same happens with Gotway at 28km/h you risk to injure yourself seriously and to damage your wheel. In compare to many other wheels King Songs are extremely reliable even when riding at high speed, riding uphill, riding over road bumps. I was not able to drop the wheel though I rode it at the maximum speed many times. Things I love in KS-14C: Unbeatable speed among 14 inches wheels!Impressive 60km run on one chargeTuning of neutral tilt of pedals using Android appFlashlight that turns on automatically at night. It is way more convenient than using your phone’s torch Automatic switching off when the wheel is dropped. Automatic switching on after recovery. Big comfortable handle. BT music Things that may be useful: USB chargerDifferent riding modes (aggressive mode/normal mode/soft mode) configurable from app.Real-time battery and engine metrics in app. Here are all downsides of my model I found during my first week of use: USB port lid is made of piece of rubber, I lost it during my first ride. At the moment of writing this review I couldn’t find an iOS application for managing the wheel. So I take two phones on my rides: one (iOS) for calls, other (Android) for the wheel.It's not possible to configure volume and speed limits for beeping sound. First I worried about it but now I’ve changed my mind. Beeping sound not only helps your stay alert and ride safer but also warns people who don't expect to see a you in advance. It’s possible to physically unplug speakers from the mainboard for those who prefer silence.I expected that it will be possible to use pedal as a stand, but it isn’t. As a conclusion imho KS-14C wheel is one of the most advanced wheels on the market today and I’m excited to own one of them! Few words about the shop. Jason (http://forum.electricunicycle.org/profile/191-jason-mcneil/) was the single point of contact for me. He was very responsive from the beginning. First we met in the city center for a test drive, he was courageous enough to let me try to ride his own wheel:) I bought a wheel next day after the test drive. After the first charge my power adapter died. When I complained about it to Jason he arranged our meeting the same day. We figured out that the problem was with power adapter and soon he delivered me a new adapter module. So despite of high quality of King Song wheels it still makes sense to have local warranty to be able to resolve such problems quickly. Feel free to ask me any questions! Replacement for broken adapter Wheel switched on Blablabla 60-80km indicates 680Wh battery
  5. Hi there so there's a few of us going to have a Ride/ meet up in London starting at Hyde park at about 12pm mid-day, the ride will be approximately 25 mile stopping at times for refreshment and charge wheels if possible if anyone is low, we will try stay on cyclepaths and through parks where possible, no exact course planned but will be something like this in the picture, it looks lovely weather to so you can dress appropriately 😊 hope to see people there @Ronko @stephen , please add name of your available thanks.
  6. Hi all. I need urgent help. I managed to burn the wires on my Gotway Monster and I travel on Tuesday!! Does anyone do same day repairs in London?
  7. Hi all. I need urgent help. I managed to burn the wires on my Gotway Monster and I travel on Tuesday!! Does anyone do same day repairs in London?
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