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Found 1 result

  1. Surprise update, May 19th: Gotway now uses stronger wiring for the motor cables going from the motor to the connectors. They have been convinced by a dealer. Not sure how much it has to do with this So the problem is extremely unlikely to appear again and can be considered solved. June 23rd: it is a general problem that the wheels can produce higher currents than the cables can take, so melting is inevitable under the right circumstances. See this thread for a more up-to-date discussion (the exact same happened to this guy and me): -- Final update, April 27th: wheel is working again, Ian/Speedyfeet did a great job (and Gotway wasn't bad either)! A bit more results, top of page 16. Don't be afraid to use ACMs/Gotways on steep hills, just don't overdo it and be aware of the limitations of what you can expect your wheel to do (that applies to all wheels, no matter the manufacturer). -- Update #2, April 5th: this issue was a combination of lack of proper cabling (messy cable management + Gotway forgot to put heat sleeves around the various cables, though it is questionable how much that would have changed) and very high, continuous stress on the wheel, which led to the motor cables melting and shorting each other. So don't worry too much about the ACMs or Gotway wheels' safety, this event was more due to an outlier situation (though it does seem some components are too weak in general, and the improvements Gotway did won't fix that, the motor cables melting could happen again - see @Xima Lhotz's pictures page 15) - at least statistically, Gotway wheels are still good (if you're not doing constant steeper inclines). --> If you are concerned, open your side panel and see if the cabling looks good and has heat sleeves. That's the best you can do. Photos how it should look are at the top of page 15. <-- Just be aware under continuous heavy load conditions, the wheels (any manufacturers really, but KingSong for example would probably be a bit more trustworthy) might cut out on you, without giving you a warning beforehand (which is the scary part). Everything is not finished yet, but Ian is in contact with Gotway and this will be fixed one way or another. So far, good customer service from both. More updates when they arrive. -- Update: this issue is not related to the motor connectors at all. I initially believed it to be the connectors because they are a known issue, and the wheel shut off without any warning (like high temperature warning) and failing connectors would do that. What really happened is the motor cables themselves melted together and shorted. Pictures see page 5. Investigation on further details is ongoing -- Another day (or rather night), another Gotway incident... WARNING to everyone with a Gotway wheel, ACM, msuper V3, monster, does not matter (I think it's ok to post this in General so everybody sees it). -- So I just did a night mountain ride and my 84V 1300Wh Gotway ACM died on me with no warning. What happened: I went up a fairly steep mountain (but not extreme, really, an estimated max 20% [update: in hindsight, 15% is probably closer] incline maybe, but constant). It was mostly a hard dirt path, 80kg rider, 60% battery. I went fairly slow and the wheel semed far from its limits (easy acceleration, no warning beeps,...) After no more than 10 minutes, my ACM went dead mid-ride and I hit the ground (thankfully I wasn't going fast). It simply stopped working, tilted right forward and that was it. On inspection, there was a burnt stuff smell coming from the wheel (you can still smell it). Pushing the power button, the wheel beeps regularly and the 5 back LEDs all flash red. Even when the wheel is off, it is quite hard hard to turn the tire. The light is working normally (you can switch it to on/off/blinking as usual). Looks like this might be the well-known motor wires connector issue, but this time it's an ACM, not an msuper V3. Afaik this is the first reported such incident with an ACM. So be careful, all GW models can be affected (assuming it's no other issue). If you have a GW wheel manufactured before March (roughly), you have a problem. I have not yet opened the wheel for warranty reasons, will have to ask Ian (speedyfeet) what to do first. Quite bummed, I have a dead wheel, scraped knee and my left hand's palm is bruised. This could easily have been worse had I gone faster or been less lucky. What you can learn: if you have a GW wheel, don't ignore or wait on definitely fixing the motor connector issue (I'm pretty sure that's the reason) if you might be affected. @Marty Backe siliconed the connectors preemptively, I'm not sure if that's enough (*hint*). Completely new, safe connections are probably best. I was aware of what might happen but pushed on, and now I have the mess. Bad decision. Do not think "everything will be fine" just because it was until now, there are no warning signs before a cutout. hard gloves/wristguards are your friends. #1 safety clothing! there's literally no reason not to wear knee guards. Like your hands (palm/wrist), your knees are what realistically hits the ground in most crashes. be careful with higher and constant inclines. I did a 1.5 hour mountain night ride before which wasn't constantly this steep, and everything went perfect and it was quite spookily pleasant In hindsight, no idea how close to disaster I've been Also: F**k Gotway. The wheels are really nicely engineered, but the manufacturing sucks. Well, at least they say they fixed the issue (if it's the motor connectors). The best way to carry a 20kg disabled/non-turning wheel is to carry it on your (hunched) back, arms forward and folded around your head, holding the handle behind your neck, like a modern day millstone of (Gotway) shame. Maybe you get the picture It's better than the "like holding a baby" alternative, your arms will die soon. -- I'l sleep on it, possibly burn a GW effigy, and tell you more once I can look at the insides of the ACM. Looking forward to what your interpretation of the events is. Looks like the motor connector issue to me (or maybe it's a new, exciting Gotway quirk?), but I don't know for sure.