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Found 1 result

  1. There are so many Electric Unicycles out there that the low to average user mostly tends to watch videos about specific devices without even knowing some of the specs. The worst thing is that in many sites, mostly based on Asia (sorry guys), these specs are misleading and tend to exaggerate.. so, based on that thought i decided to go from an idea to the comparison. I'd like to start this tread to gather up information of all the EUCs that are sold worldwide separated by year of release and i'd like the forum users to help me by submitting electric vehicles that fit a template. I've found a quite nice, but small, table at the inmotion france eWheels.com site, after @Hirsute shown his latest video (thank you ). That's a great template to base our comparison. So, to be able to have your listing submitted on this comparison a reply is needed to this thread based on the following template, all are required if not noted.. : The name of the Wheel and model. Manufacturer Date of release, preferably month and year if possible (format YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM or YYYY) Weight (in kg) Dimensions (not required) Tire size (in inches) Max Speed Motor power Max Range (in klm) Battery capacity and type of battery cells if possible Maximum load, weight of a rider that the EUC can handle Lights, head/tail Handle, if yes type the kind, if no don't skip it just type "No" Other accessories and features Photo of the product, maximum 2 pictures, preferably good quality Video of the product, preferably from the company not a user riding it All of the above will be accumulated into one big table, separated by year of release. I'm open to suggestions before we start writing down the wheels. PLEASE NOTE that this comparison is for branded or at least known products on the market and not "Clones". For the clones i'll create a separate table and if you want to submit your listing for the clones comparison please write it at the start of your post that "this is the -namehere- clone" or similar. Hope this gets huge and solve some of the mostly anticipated thing on the market, to be able to really "compare" wheels in one place. Thank you
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