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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, just venting… I would love to have strobe lights on my V10F, anyone knows if it is possible on it?? is it possible with a firmware update?
  2. Hello guys! I am waiting for my new KS18L to arrive from china in couple of days and I am thinking about adding some lights and reflective tape on it... I am gonna ride it at night quite a lot, because I have my floorball trainings late and from the end of summer to spring, there's getting dark really early in the afternoon in my country..(czech rep.). Have you guys some tips how to be more visible at night on an euc? Some reflective tape on my helmet and of course EUC's lights always ON... I think I am gonna add some reflective tape on the wheel..but I think some bike lights would be better...but how to mount it? Thank you guys! Hope you are having great day full of riding!
  3. Hello everyone, First post here.... Husband and I just got 2 minipro 320's and have noticed that there's a significant difference in the headlight brightness between the two, even when fully charged. I can't figure out if it's related to the battery or what but there does seem to be variation there as well. Husband weights considerably more than I do so I anticipated that he would discharge the battery more quickly, but when we switched units and did the same ride, he discharged the battery quite a bit less on one unit than the other (like 86% to 68% for the same ride distance/time/route). Anyway, since these are basically brand new, I'm sending one back for warranty work but am interested to know if anyone else who has two units has noticed similar variation. What would account for this other than battery? See photo of light brightness....both units are at full charge here and placed the same distance from the wall.
  4. Anyone have pictures of their light mods for the mini/mini-pro? here is my ugly, but very functional mod. The headlight does put the slightest imbalance that causes the mini to roll forward sometimes i will counter weight it shortly. Uses an extra light i had sitting around, a Klarus G20 with Keeppower 26650 6500mAh battery. It has quite a wide beam which really help to see all road and and imperfections such as dips even in the darkest conditions. I rarely use it on high though. It is also a handy 3rd hand when i need a light digging into my pack or something. The attachment is quite ugly and if the mini tips forward the light bezel is the first thing that makes contact with the ground. It's SS so not much of an issue, but i may put a rubber protector on it. Only used it for a couple of weeks, and only a couple days as a permanent mount shown here. The tail tight is just a cheap big tail light mounted with typical bicycle rubber strap mount. I leave it in a flashing mode. Another cheap Cyrolite Hotshot Micro tail lamp is on my helmet now.
  5. I recently got a V8, and love it. I normally keep the disco lights off, but today I went to turn them on via the app, and they wouldn't go back on. Has anybody experienced this, and if so, what did you do to get them working again?
  6. I recently purchased a GotWay MSuper V2 MS (Black) and am looking to wire in some LED Lights! Is there a good tutorial somewhere that will show me how to do that? I cant seem to find any.
  7. I just had to post this More on a Facebook post by Viral Threads https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=557870757735959&id=363765800431935
  8. Back in my day, guys added neon lights underneath their cars to make them look they are floating on lights. So today I am waiting for the sun to go down so I can try out my new mod. First test was using those glow-shoelaces you get at dollar or party stores. They are cheap and batteries included. I simply scotch-taped them to the bottom, and I got some dimly-lit effect under my feet. Laces started dimming after an hour, and they are not going to last for 3,tops. So I scrapped those, and recently I ordered these LED Halo lights off eBay in deep blue. My only regret was getting them in the smallest 40mm. They are meant for cars, so that means they are set for 12v. So this is how one looks like when you get it. It wasn't very bright when I connected it to my intended 9v battery idea. I prayed that the LED halo could operate at a lower voltage, and that black thing was just a resistor.
  9. I don't know if anyone else had tried this but just in case I thought I post this. I was looking at the official light fitting for the ninebot and I thought it spoiled the nice sleek looks of the ninebot. So I bought a couple of head torches and simply strapped them over the unit with the strap going just under the side paddings. That way I can take them off and put them on in a few seconds without tools and it does not spoil the cool look of the ninebot ( in my opinion anyway). p.s. I also hate the look of the official retractable handle and am working on a design that will fold out from the handle which again will not spoil the sleek ninebot looks.
  10. Picked up some electroluminescent tape (red & white) from Tinkersphere in Manhattan. Ran the wire in the frame and connected to the existing LED power lines with a 12V inverter and some soldering. They are on when the LEDs have power, but can be turned off. https://youtu.be/_43grjw-YKk
  11. Don't think this has been posted, a short video showing a few of the different lighting modes for the new MCM4.
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