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Found 3 results

  1. So my legway needed repair as it wasn't starting So i ordered a new controller from aliexpress Connected it and was excited but no Legway is not starting I tried calibrating by shorting the two points It only beeps And then a never ending long beep I noticed one thing when connect the 3 phase wires with transparent green caps The motor doesnt rotate freely with or without battery When i remove that the rotor moves freely manually The beep never ends Also two days back sane connections legway had stabilized but didnt move when tilted and stopped again immediately and since then only beeps This is the video showing problem https://youtu.be/NG95tXu8BFc P.S This isn't the original legway motherboard.i dont even know the hall wires connections But one good electronics person told me the red and black are proper And i did try combinations for other 3 Pls help PLS SEE THE VIDEO AND HELP ASAP
  2. So I got my legwaylegway (spreading the wings) 3days back I was riding it yesterday (third day of learning)at the park.I lifted it when it was on and so the wheels started spinning fast(thats normal) so to stop it i pressed the power button for 10sec It stopped and later didnt start I reached home kept it for charging andand the red light on charger indicating its charging started I thought battery had drained and also was scared whether i broke legway so i stopped charging in 15min and pressed power button All lights started for like 3sec and stopped Laterwhen i tried charging the red light on charger aint coming I guess charger is working because when i dont plug it in and start the red light on charger starts for half a second and goes off but as soon as i connect it to legway it doesnt light up even for half a second Pls help its just 3days and it stopped working it was working fine before stopping at park when i force stopped by pressing button for 10s (it had 20-50%) charging at that time Plsssss help
  3. Many of you know me as the guy who wanted to release the "Urban Glider". Originally I got involved with the Legway team and we had big plans for the design. Since then, the Legway team and I have had a falling out and I no longer intend to refine the product into the Urban Glider. Here are my experiences with the design when I left the project: Pros: ultra durable, can withstand hundreds of crashes without shell failure. automatically reset when brought back to upright (if it falls over) cell phone app fast to recharge (30-45min to 80% charged) decent terrain handling better motor than some at an approximate 1200w peak replaceable leg pad design latest firmware had ultra-smooth motor operation comfortable foot pedals (no drop in the middle like most designs) nice shell aesthetics Cons: Frequent circuit board failure; 10 of the 11 units I own or sold have fried circuit boards (this includes brand new control boards that the manufacturer sent me) several of the battery packs were fried when the circuit boards went out they use some low grade local chinese brand of battery slow, I never got a proper speed reading on the motor but it was max of about 18-19km/h sub-par manufacturing quality device would "cut-out" (motor disconnect) when you tried to stop to quickly and would not restart until you plugged the unit into the charger painful leg pad design was partially water resistant but would fry the board and battery if you went through too deep of a puddle latest firmware and/or circuit board design would tend to fry quicker than the old one foot pedals would become extremely slippery when wet, dangerously so when you would go too fast, the device would "cut out". Literally stop moving the wheel forward and at this point, you better know how to run . Neutral points: app, but it's in chinese Conclusion: Due to it's fast failure rate, the design is 1-2 months away from refinement. It's operated by the Chinese, don't expect it to happen. So if you do buy in its current configuration, you will have a large door stop in about 3 months.
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