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Found 3 results

  1. OK, here goes a post on a relevant topic for new riders (but perhaps, equally relevant for experienced ones), that's meant basically to be a "glossary" of threads concerning the uses, benefits, disadvantages, alternatives, etc., of using a leash/strap/whatever you want to call it. Personally, I discovered the concept of using a leash in this forum; it helped me prevent damage to my wheel while learning, but also caused an injury and nearly caused a few others, so I've seen both sides of the coin. For the sake of anyone interested in the subject, here goes a glossary of threads that explore the subject, including a wide array of opinions from every possible perspective. I've linked main threads where the subject is discussed, and offer a short description of the subjects covered in each one of them. How long did you keep on using the belt? 3 pages. Length of time worth using one. Value in terms of preventing the risk of runaway wheels to others (wheel getting away and causing damage to people/property/causing accidents), preventing one's wheel from falling into water, risk of accidentally hitting the kill switch with the leash on wheels with anti-spin buttons/sensors, leash & kill switch tests on Inmotion wheels, upsides and downsides of using a leash, how to use the strap, where to tie it (hold it or tie it to self/belt), etc. Who Uses a Safety Strap? 1 page. First page includes a survey (only 25 people have taken it. More people should, it would be more representative of the community at large). Followed by a discussion of how long riders used a strap, the difference between a learning strap and safety strap, the risks of being dragged by the leash, where and how to attach the strap, wheels escaping and causing damage/injury to others (or property), preventing one's wheel from falling into water, etc. Tethering your wheel to your leg 2 pages. Dangers, advantages & alternatives (rider safety and that of pedestrians/bystanders) to leashes. Discussion on manufacturer-implemented safety options and DIY alternatives. Practicing with the V10F - what not to do 1 page. Advantage in terms of avoiding scratches/damage to wheel, risk of hitting kill switch and accidentally causing buttplants, possibility of disabling the kill switch from the app, at what speed the kill switch deactivates when moving, use of a retractable dog leash, etc. Kingsong 16" leash/strap? 3 comments. Purpose of using a leash, safety of others, handle sturdiness in terms of leash, etc. Hope this comes in handy. Feel free to add any additional threads or comments. The more info, the better for all!
  2. I have wheeled over 800 km but I ALWAYS use a leash, to keep my wheel from running off over a cliff, etc. On Sunday I was forced to upgrade my leash, I guess Lassie ( my wheel) was tired of the old one. so, what happened? you ask. well, I was riding along minding my own business. It was a windy day and I had just finished watching the kitesurers doing their thang. All of a sudden my leash ( which is a luggage strap in a loop) was ripped out of my hand. I wasn't sure how, at the time, but I know where it went; under the wheel. About the same time I was thinking ' oh, this is going to be a problem, I better get off soon. No, better get off now...' The leash bound up around the wheel and the wheel shot off infront of me dumping me off the back. I wasn't going that fast, so I was able to run it off, with two steps. More disturbing was the fact that I was on a public road ( quite rare for me) and there was a car passing me at that exact moment; in fact, the wheel shot off to the left a bit and landed about 60cm from the car as it rolled by. A little further and it would have either banged into the side or gone under the rear wheel. Phew!!! I took Lassie over to the beach and found a low wall on which to examine the carnage. Using various bits of trash strewn in the sand, I was able to remove the damaged leash, all FOUR pieces,of it! And believe it or not, within 3 m of where I was standing I found leash 3.0 ( 1.0 being the one that came with the wheel, and 2.0 now recently deceased). See picture of 2.0 deceased, and 3.0 long live the leash, long live the leash. Leash 3.0 is just the right length, made of man made rope material and both ends have been finished and wrapped with black tape. It's as good as if I ordered it from Amazon for instant on the beach delivery, I could not believe it. I'm very happy with 3.0 and it will be with me until the next near death-leash-induced incident. now about how it happened. The strong wind was coming from the rear, and 2.0 must have been blowing forward. At some point it contacted the tire and was dragged downwards. As it wrapped itself around the axle, the tension got high enough to shred it. These straps are strong,. I use two of these to tie down my 700lb ( 340kg) motorcycle in the back of a van, and I once used one similar to this to hoist a car engine out of an old car. The torque needed to destroy it must have been immense. Actually, if Lassie hadn't slowed temporarily to shred it and then accelerated, I would have been able to ride through it. Very impressive... Not me, the torque ! moral: use a one piece leash, and not too long to touch the tire when held normally.
  3. So, I crashed my E+ and the handle broke. Boo hoo . This was just the excuse I needed to take it apart and to attach a leash on it if it ever tries to get away from me again... Works very well for keeping it from wobbling on uneven terrain, assists in jumping up curbs, and I can stand a bit more relaxed on it. Doesn't work as well as I might imagine the trolley handle would for "walking" it, but it beats carrying the damn thing.
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