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Found 5 results

  1. I got an Euc as a gift for my birthday and would love to learn how to ride it with out crashing it I live in Albany NY but willing to travel too
  2. This post was removed by the author (me) because it presented twisting the wheel as the essential skill for balance. The helpful people of the forum explained that twisting is a tool in the toolbox, but not the main way to maintain balance and control. So I removed it for being misleading. Don't worry, Body Chan will no doubt appear in future posts.
  3. I was thinking that I wanted to write down my progress in EUC riding, sort of like a diary, so why not share it with you guys? This topic will focus on my thoughts and impressions as I learn to ride, but I will also write a little bit about the EUC itself (Inmotion V5F+) since I know that some of you are interested in hearing what a n00b thinks of it, compared to someone with a little more experience. My next post will be about my first day riding the vehicle (ok, toy).
  4. I know there are many people who have posted their first days learning so I'm hoping this will entertain/inform anyone who takes the time to read! Quick facts about me: 1. This is my first time ever on an EU 2. I consider myself an active person; I love to play basketball and love snowboarding! I enjoy hiking, road-biking, and other active stuff 3. Slim build, I weight approx 155 lbs (70kg) 4. Motivation for the EU was for commuting to work in NYC (see how I came to choose GW14 here) and it seemed like a lot of fun Finally, I want to give shout-outs to Admin esaj, Gotway/Kingsong reseller Kevin Lee (kevin.lee@silverland.com.hk), and the many who gave helpful feedback on my post in #4 and the rest of this EU forum community! Day 1 Like others here, I was like a child on Christmas day getting my package - couldn't wait! Pics of Gotway 14 340 Hz just out of box and then with the pads. The whole process from order to door took 8 days! Ordered on 6/17 and received package in NJ from Hong Kong on 6/25. During my waiting period, I continued to do research and made some preparations. I realized I would benefit greatly from the GW android app that is available as it is able to set the riding mode (soft medium hard), turn OFF first 2 levels of annoying truck-in-reverse-beeps, and show your speed in km (which is important so you know when the 'shut-off' speed hits and you don't faceplant). B/C I have an iphone and iOS isn't supported, I purchased a used 4.1 android smartphone on eBay for $50 to use for the previously stated reasons and as a wifi multi-media device (but no cellular service - I like my iphone very much ). For protection, I borrowed my fiance's dual-splint wrist guards she used while learning to snowboard this past winter. Finally, before heading out, I watched this Ninebot One tuturial a couple times. I got to spend about 1.5 hrs outside. Luckily, I found an empty parking lot for a bagel-shop near my apartment complex just across from me and it even had a hand rail for me to utilize! Perfect as it was off to the side where I could practice without getting everyone's attention. I spent a good 45-50 min trying to just stay on and go a few yards. I tried to simply go back and forth and get more comfortable with the feel of the wheel while relying heavily on the hand rail next to me. I couldn't get on without using the rail for the life of me and really, I felt like I didn't make much progress. I also wasn't sure which foot to use as my "lead" foot when mounting. The dude in the above tutorial uses his right foot to 'Control the vehicle by one foot' and that confused me b/c it felt unnatural (I just realized now that he suggests using your left if its more comfortable). During this time, I kept thinking, in order to gain balance, you need to be relaxed and ensure your center of gravity isn't falling to any side too much. I then started thinking about snowboarding and back to when I first learned to carve. It made me remember how being scared always hampered my progress so I decided to stop using the rails. I then "lead" with my left foot, ditching the right foot "lead" approach. After a good 15 long minutes of frustration and no success, it occurred to me that carving in snowboarding requires you to lean your weight forward to maneuver your board. So I did just that, lead with my left foot, hopped on with my right, and immediately leaned slightly forward to move and gain balance and BAM! It all clicked!! The progress was very sudden, like Tellah learning to cast "meteor" all of a sudden (does anyone get that reference?). So for the next 25 or so minutes, I was cruising around in circles in the empty parking lot and it felt really nice. I saw my sister get off the bus stop a few good yards away so I tried to make my way to her and cross the street but sadly crashed my wheel to the ground and had to hop off. I def still have some ways to go but am very pleased after my first day! Can't wait to hop on tomorrow, I hope it doesn't rain...
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