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Found 2 results

  1. I am slowly starting to begin my EUC training on my Inmotion V8, but I really like suggestions to protect my wheel. I got some foam to pad up the wheel to avoid the wheel to get too damaged. But I am struggling to understand where this foam will do the most good, Obviously, you could cover the hole wheel but, in the end,, I don’t have that much foam and it sort of obscure the pretty design of the wheel. The other part why my learning curve is extended to be a bit longer than normal is I have medical condition (psoriasis arthritis and osteoarthritis) with my lower back, hips, knee and feet that have put me off sports and general exercise. I has come to a point I have to start thinking: going to work, home to tv/computer and then sleep, repeat cycle, have to change. Hence the EUC comes into play. I am pretty sure the EUC over time, will help me achieve what I look to get out of my EUC. And on the up side I can use it to commute to work (only 1.5-2km each way). So back to the original question: protective rookie foam. I have the original cover too, but I am thinking to put foam on the red markings. As for a laugh, here is the result of 5-10 min training in basement, This is practically my first ride on it: http://youtu.be/c1nr3l52HI8 Note: I found it was easier without the baggage strap attached to wheel, but I don't have a video of that. suggestion clear pic you can draw on if you like
  2. chopsywa

    Wobble reduction

    Hi all I am a newbie. I just got my first EUC, a Gotway MCM V3 260wh. I have watched many Youtube videos and read tips on this forum. I decided against a strap. I am not going to try to keep this pristine. I will call the scratches and war wounds "patina". Anyway, I have been at it for about an hour. I can get on and go now without holding on to something and I can steer around things, but I am not yet trying to turn around. I am riding on lawn which I know is harder, because as I cross driveways it seems really easy, but it preserves me and the wheel. The issue I have no is wobble. I believe it is to do with foot placement. It will be an issue of overdamping / underdamping similar to the CG in an aircraft. My natural tendency is to think I am too far back, but I think I may actually be too far forward. If I place my feet evenly on the pads, my legs are behind the axle. If I align my legs with the axle, my feet are way forward. I guess I have two questions. 1. Should I centre my feet on the pads, or my legs on the wheel? 2. If I am getting up a wobble, how do I stop it and what am I doing wrong to get it started? I think it might be time to take a rest and a Scotch. Cheers Mark