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Found 3 results

  1. Okay so here goes. I decided that this spring I am going to learn to thing. 1) Stepping on and off with non-dominant leg. 2) Reverse riding 20m or about 60'. Then I take it from there... I have been watching some videos off this, but one thing that is hardly covered is suggestions once you have learned to do this what people can pass on to make it easier and to avoid major injuries. So it should be obvious that if you are fully geared up you might hurt yourself less, but it can lead to being less agile so... Next thing what wherl do you suggest and why, and which would you not recommend and why? So why do I want to learn step 1? Answer I figure it might be useful to know before hoing to step 2. To me that means to build up balance and muscles to do this. This is due to my physical shape is rock buttom since my osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis in knees and hip and lower back. But my attitude to this new challenge: I choose to do this not because it is easy but because it is hard, and I will grow and benafit from this. (I seem to recall a dude saying somthing similar about going to the moon, yes I am almost that old or the statement is just so true and famous that it rang to the next generation too). So heres comes the questions I hope can get answers that help me and others. * Best choice of wheel, size, brand and why? * What you would not use? * Any aids that can help, wall, fench, broom what ever you found usefull? * Any protection you should or should not use? I can't see me doing this without a helmet. * Please share any video you have that helped you or you made. * Surrunging that can help? Eg a small decline kind of leading you in the direction you want to go or better at a level gound? Asphalt vs grass? Now I know thete are a lot out thete on youtube, but this is why I asked for a new main page for learning section and a place people can post progress as they learn new tricks or skills. I know this is going to be hard to learn, so I am going to film this and post videos for others that want to learn and to gain encouragement when it seems too hard. Ohh yes this is an accident waiting to happen....
  2. New Inmotion V8 arrived from SpeedyFeet (thank you Speedy Feet) yesterday (Friday 5th January), to great excitement. Unfortunately, the weeather here in Northern UK was terrible so couldn't get out. So day 1 of practice consisted of around 1 hour of standing on it and some wobbly transations across my office (around 3 metres wide). It felt like I was learning a little just getting the feel for balance. Wasn't long before right calve and right ankle in a bit of discomfort(!) Today (Saturday 6th January), better weather and a trip to a stiff fenced basketball area, identified as ideal for EUC practice. It has paths around the outer area of the basketball enclosed area so scope for doing circuits over an area 'around the outside' of the basketball pitch. Practiced for around an hour, but that was enough as fatigue set in. Really pleased with progress, and was able to ride multiple circuits around the exterior of the basketball court. Please note this was not by any means in a very controlled manner. Two particular areas I want some help/feedback with: 1. Foot position - after a while I placed my feet further back on the foot plates and I thought (but I'm not sure) that this seemd to give me better control and 'feel' for acceleration and braking. Is this issue of foot position important. Quite often, I'm so unsteady mounting that I don't get my feet in the same position on each side!! 2. The wobbles - as I felt I was improving and ventured to try going faster, I found that the wheel seemd to develop the wobbles. Any tips? 3. Ride in a straight line - Often I struggled to go in an entirely straight line, could this simply be a combination of me being a learner and not having enough speed makes me unstable and more prone to deviate off the straight line? Finally, one other thing I would say is that this thing makes you new friends! Virtually every passer by was stopping to watch or to chat, mostly in awe of this machine noone seemed to have ever seen. Little do they know how bad my riding is compared to you more experienced guys on this forum! Looking forward to tomorrow and going again
  3. Rider's log (test ride #2): Slow going... Learning to ride a unicycle is hard (and tiring). Balance takes a lot of practice. No injuries to report... On my first test ride I was very timid and extremely afraid of falling at any speed. I barely got to the point where I could travel a few meters without losing balance when my inner tube's valve snagged the housing and tore. (Deflated tire caused valve to stick out at a precarious angle.) Bonehead rookie mistake to avoid -- Don't forgot to check if there's sufficient air pressure before a ride. This is me putting on protective gear to ride my KS14C... This is the park where I go to practice riding my wheel. (Note: it's a hot 90 degree Florida afternoon and learning to balance is exhausting.) This is 'the slalom' where I practice low speed maneuvers (6-12kph). (Note for beginners: These posts are the perfect height to reach out and regain balance...)
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