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Found 5 results

  1. the following is excerpted from a recent post of mine in another thread. The title, is a bold statement, I agree, but In a year you can all point at me and say "you were wrong" and this is one case where I will be very happy to be wrong. Now, before I paste the post I just mentioned. Let me clarify the statement in the title. By "major City" I mean any city where rentable escooters have forced the authorities to enact more restrictive laws, or enforce more rigorously, the laws that hitherto were being ignored. In smaller towns, and villages, and out in the country and on trails, we will probably be ok. But occasionally we will hear of someone being fined or losing their wheel or both; even in these lesser areas. (begin quote of myself) "This is a translation of the proposed French law as it pertains to EUCs: "Its use is prohibited on public roads (sidewalks and traffic lanes). Moreover, any dangerous behavior deliberately putting the life of others in danger can be punished with 1 year of imprisonment and 15 000 € of fine. Use is permitted on private roads (for example, private property road, driveway of a private residence)." It also applies to eskateboards, etc. Pretty much anything with a motor EXCEPT ebikes. ebikes are allowed on the road and bike trails only, no sidewalks; so no change there. So, if this is approved, France will become like England. And this is why I am relieved I am a lone wheeler wherever I go. A lone wheeler attracts little attention, and is rarely seen (after all when I'm not riding, I'm unseen, and if I ride one day in town "A" I'm unseen in towns "B" "C" and "D" etc. And even when I'm in town "A" I'm only on one street/path at a time, I'm not everywhere, and I'm not there all the time. And a lone rider can easily dismount (and hide/disguise the wheel) or turn down a side street when the 5-0 comes around the corner. Not so easy for a group to "disappear". Of course, I don't have the robocop look either, so maybe not so easy to blend in if you're all kitted up. The day there are group rides in my area is the day I must find another area to ride, because the authorities and Mr. and Mrs. busybody can't ignore so many lawbreakers. I may be wrong but I attribute all this new scrutiny and law making to the explosion of rent-able escooters last year. With so many dim whits terrorizing the streets and sidewalks of our major cities, people have been complaining in drovers, and the authorities have been forced to act. So instead of escooters being our savior in terms of PEV acceptance, as some predicted, they have had the exact opposite effect. Next years when all the escooter companies are gone (from most cities, not all), we, the lone EUC riders, riding our expensive, privately owned machines, carefully and considerately, will be left to face the wrath of all these new laws, and more importantly, the fact that Joe Public knows these laws and is quick to call the cops. And to make it worse, these laws will be there forever, because no one undoes a law that isn't being used, it just sits there on the books waiting to be cited by Officer "It's the law", or Mr. and Mrs. busybody. I recently said a Dualtron type scooter might be my next PEV, but I think, an ebike makes much more sense now. No one is going to degrade the laws against bicycles, they are too entrenched in society. Reading what is happening in major Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona (as a direct result of the rise of escooters) breaks my heart. I remember 2 years ago when I could wheel anywhere in Barcelona, Benidorm, Sitges, Alicante, Torreveija, etc, and no one gave a damn. Not any more. When I return there I will be restricted to the point of making it uncomfortable to ride." If I had known the first time I wheeled down La Rambla in Barcelona, would be my last, I'd have done it a few more times. The world is reacting to mass Pevs but not in our favor.
  2. Earlier this year I sent an email to a state legislator, asking him to look into updating the "Electric personal assistive mobility device" part of the transportation law that allowed Segways to operate anywhere pedestrians go by allowing EUCs. The Arizona law unfortuitously defined them as "two nontandem wheeled" devices. I think my email was ill-timed, since it was right before the legislative session. I'm trying again, and sent the following email to my state senator and two representatives in our legislature: I have been riding a new form of self balancing vehicle around North Scottsdale for seven months now, but the vehicle's status is not recognized in the legal definition of "Electric personal assistive mobility device" in A.R.S. 28-101 (22). The device, a Ninebot One, manufactured by the owners of Segway, fits ALL of the criteria for an "Electric personal assistive mobility device," except it has one wheel instead of two. It is designed to transport one person, goes slower than 15 MPH, it is electrically propelled, but it has one wheel. The device is rapidly gaining in popularity, and soon there will be hundreds on the roads or sidewalks, with no guidance for law enforcement. Please have the Legislative Council look into updating the law, perhaps simply by removing the the word "two" from the definition at A.R.S. 28-101 (22). Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. This time I hope to get an answer and perhaps some action during the next legislative session. Has anyone else made an attempt to contact their legislators to get their state laws updated? I live in Arizona, and our legislature has a web page to help identify your own district's law makers: http://www.azleg.gov/alisStaticPages/HowToContactMember.asp Your state legislature may also have a similar resource, along with an up-to-date version of your states statutes. Feel free to use my sample email to inform your legislators about the need to change the law, if EUCs are not addressed. And -- if you happen to live in Arizona, use the above link to help you contact your Arizona elected officials!
  3. Hi, As of now DC law only allows Segways to be driven on the street. The unicycle is fuzzy and the electric kick scooter is not legal. I have been stopped. I am in contact with a board member but need some laws to reference. I have seen Main and California. So looking for laws and in particular good laws I can point to and say "Just do this". Also is anyone aware of safety studies with one wheel electric scooters. Thanks all
  4. Hi, I have a quick question for the more experienced riders here. Actually, I'd be interested in anyone's opinion. Do you ride on the sidewalk? on the street on the right side? (with traffic in the USA) or on the street on the left side? (against traffic in the USA) I'm starting to get used to errands and commuting on the wheel, and I'm not sure where I am best for safe travel. I prefer the street, on the right, with traffic. The sidewalks in town are terrible for wheels: roots, gaps, bricks, drops, freeze heaves, etc. However, when there is a stretch of nice sidewalk, I jump on it. On some smaller roads where the cars have to squeeze by, I ride on the left facing traffic. Personally, as a powered wheeled (wheel?) vehicle, I think I belong in the road, moving with traffic, like a bike/ebike. Any strong agreement/disagreement?
  5. I propose that we advanced in the ideal laws for the EU. So, we can colaborate in the future reflexion in our countries. What do you thing about helmet, max speed, ride in the street or in the sidewalk, share lane with bikes... Other important thinks to consider.
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