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Found 8 results

  1. ...and here is the short story. Sharp stones caused a flat tire. So I had to open up my KS18A (1200W 1360wh, no stock cooler fan but added afterwards), disconnect the battery connector and the motor connector, to repair the tube. Impossible, because the isolation of the motor power connector was molten together. It was necessary to cut off some isolation materials to get the connector apart. As you can see on the pictures, the 3 lines for power supply to the motor, sticked inside the connector housing. The data connector pins (or the pins for Hall sensor) are ok. The luck I had this blowout, otherwise I would not recognise this approaching problem early enough. I know that this relatively thin cables and connectors are a known weak point and that there’s a reason for, why Kingsong released a KS18A with built in cooling fan and stronger motor cables... But for those who maybe have the first generation of KS18A (new or used) and didn’t knew about the weak points, check your connectors regularly. ? I contacted my seller (AliExpress, yes I know eye-rolling) and he told me he will send me a spare connector for free... which is very nice but it’s not a safe solution to use again the same connector. So I gave my wheel to a good friend who is professionally repairing electronics. So he replaced this weak connector with highpower-connector which are also used for rc planes etc. Now my wheel is working fine again, it’s save and I was able to patch the tube without dismantling the motor. ?
  2. Hi All, so I've done it lately: Bought myself a new wheel (via aliexpress): a new KingSong KS18A (Y+) the latest version with the fan. (1200 W, 1360 Wh Battery, Firmware V 1,25, App-Version Android 1.4) I have it for about a week now and have ridden my first about 25 Km with it. As there was only a chinese version booklet in the package and the available Info at the KingSong Website does not help I have a few questions that I hope the forum members can help and give there comments. Questions: 1) In the offer the seat was NOT included. - Is it due to the new 'fan version' that a seat does not fit or is a seat still possible? 2) In older KS18 Versions there has been the option, that the light mode could be switched not only by the App, but also through the on/off Switch. Does this still work? (and how?) 3) In older KS18 versions there has been the option that the wheel could be used as a 'flashlight' when switched off via a button on the wheel. This is no longer possible with the newest version (KS18Y+ - fan version) right? 4) Only from the sense of the tyre I suspect the 'front' of the wheel is the side with the LED-bar battery indicator and the back side is the side with the USB-port and the on/off switch, right? If this is right, that would mean, that the slots of the fan on the upper side of the wheel look into the moving direction. - Into my mind comes: water will be pressed right into the slots when driving in rain? Ugh 5) On the App/wheel? of my wheel the total mileage count does not seem to work properly: It now shows 4 Km but I'm quite sure I did already much more than 10 Km probably 20 to 25 Km. Any ideas? Thank's for your thoughts/input. Buying decision: Although the KS18A is not a new wheel now I want to give you a short 'first impression' from my first week - especially in comparison to my beginner wheel IPS Zero (240 Wh). I thought for a while which wheel to buy as a second wheel as my beginner wheel the IPS Zero has it's limits as a 14" wheel with it's small battery. Do understand me right: The zero is a good wheel. Perfect for city, short commutes and as a 'last mile wheel' you have with you in the bus or underground. (only 10 KG) But more than once I found myself looking for a possibility to charge the wheel during a ride. So I wanted another wheel with a BIG BATTERY I also think that the zero with nominal 800 W motor has practically to less battery reserve when going up/downhill. Especially as I'm on the more heavier side (about 100 KG). So I wanted also a higher wattage. The 'golden mean' would have been probably a 16" wheel with a big battery. - I had an eye on the KS16S. (Gotway ACM also, but reports on the forum have not been so good in the last few weeks.) - Now Rockwheel GT-16 gets good reports also but was brand new, when I decided to buy. What was the final reason to get the KS18 instead of the KS16S was: The price. For nearly the price of a KS16S or ACM with 840 Wh I would get a KS18 with a battery of 1360 Wh! So I bought the KS18. First Impression: This wheel is tall! You have to get accustomed to it when coming from smaller wheels ... As I plan to go on longer trips away from cities a big 18" wheel will fit this purpose well. The weight of 23 KG is a lot. (I hope not to be forced to carry the wheel much EVER) but strong motor and battery have it's weight. First impression: My expectations are satisfied - I have a powerful wheel with a big battery now. ... Ready for further trips. Yours viti
  3. Hello Everyone, I am new here and wanted to share my experiences with my new Kingsong KS18A Wheel with 1200W motor and 1360Wh battery. Does anybody use already the bluetooth music streaming function with Apple iPhones? With the actually firmware version 1.20 it is not working at my unit. I already downloaded the "new Kingsong" App from the Appstore which is working fine for Speed monitoring, etc. but no music playback function on Apple iPhone... Is it working on Android? Who has expierience with it? Thanks for your replies.
  4. I have a KS-18A that I've had for about 6 months now. I've beat it up pretty bad through several wrecks, some my fault, some from the wheel cutting out. Anyway, I've noticed that there is now what I can only describe as play in the wheel. When moving the body of the unicycle back and forth (front and back, not side to side) there is some gap in where the wheel spin changes direction. It seems there is about ~1-2 inches of movement before the gyros seem to notice the change in direction. It seems to be working okay and I've put ~15 miles on it since I noticed the behavior. After a few wrecks at 15-20 MPH, I am a bit more cautious than I was when I started out so I am a little more careful about charging and paying attention to any strange behavior I started to take the thing apart but was having trouble getting the wheel separated from the body and decided to put it back together before actually separating the two. Unfortunately, the play still exists after reassembly. I believe whatever is going on is with the gyros or a magnet inside the wheel. Has anyone noticed this kind of "play" in their KingSong or other EU? Any ideas? Cheers and thanks in advance!
  5. I discovered a glitch with my Kingsong KS18A 2016 model. This topic is both possible warning and question whether anyone else experienced it. When mounting i place one foot, then i push off a bit so that i have a little forward movement and then i place my other foot, a standard take off. The glitch (this happened twice now): when pushing off, the motor seems to get no power for just a moment, making the wheel tilt too far. Then the motor/software catches on and gives a powerful surge. The wheel jumps ahead leaving me standing. All I can do is "catch" the wheel. My theory is as follows. When not in motion and upright, the software has a hard time deciding which way is/will be forward. It actually goes back and forth (front light - back light switching). There is apparently a tiny (very tiny) window in time during the switch to one direction, that you cannot reliably take off in the other direction. Can anyone confirm? Is this a known issue? I think it is "just" a firmware problem.
  6. I have been asking from forum users via private messages what wheels they prefer or recommend. I have been emailing sellers about specifics of their EUC's. I have googled reviews, youtube videos and specifications so much that my employer started to question my work motivation and my wife started questioning me on why I'm spending all my time with my mobile. Combined I have ruined things at work and at home and I haven't even started to ride yet! I feel that it has been totally worth it and now I want to share my findings, tell you what I have decided to buy, from where and why (if anybody is interested). My use case and initial thoughts "I live in southern Finland so my few first months riding will be in snow ice and water. I will use the EUC for my daily trips to work and back (14km one way)." Finnish legislation says that EUC must have a motor of 1000W or smaller and its highest allowed speed is 25km/h. It is recommended that in the EUC there is front and back lights but also lights carried by the driver are allowed. Bigger wheel should mean more stability and comfort on a long trip. Biggest wheel that is tested in a big scale (a lot of users and a lot of experience about them written online) is 18" and the two most trusted brands seems to be Gotway and King Song. They both have 680wh battery version as I thought that would be sufficient for my needs and it would have enough reserve on a cold day when the capacity is lower. Gotway is the speed king but that is something that I cannot enjoy as the legislation limits the highest speed. Also Gotway does not have driving light of its own. Gotways safety is good I haven't heard about even one shutdown of death (SOD) case. King Song is investing pretty much to research and development and they want to be near the customers. For example they attended to CES fairs and Tina from King Song was replying to my emails which was super nice and made me feel wanted as a customer. King song has the needed lights. It's highest speed is over the 25km/h but it can be limited via the app (this is possible also with Gotway). Basically Gotway and King Song are pretty much neck and neck on my needs. King Song has the bluetooth speakers but I dont need them and actually its just another component that you need to seal from water and a component that can go broken. King song has the lights but with Gotway I can attach the lights to myself. The lights with king song is again one more component that can be broken and needs to be sealed from the elements. Battery dilemma with king song made my mind that I will buy a Gotway Msuper. In reality I dont think this is serious or a real problem in use but made another minus for King Song. You can read more about the issue from here: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/2554-ks-14-battery-configuration/ Where to buy? Next I just needed to figure out where to buy the EUC from. Excellent source for ideas is this thread: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/458-where-to-buy-incomplete-reseller-list/ My first thought for the matter was that I want to buy it as close as possible from the source. So I looked it up from aliexpress and ebay. Aliexpress did not accept paypal so that was that for me. Next stop was Ebay. From there I found one with a decent pricing but if I would buy it from there (with this particular seller) I would have had to pay the taxes and related fees if I were unlucky. While I was browsing ebay I stumbled to a King Song being sold by Gyroroue Shop in France. This would rule out the taxes and related fees AND I would get 24 month warranty for the device and 12 months for the battery. This was the time I made the decision to buy the King Song over the Gotway that I originally decided to buy as it was EASIER and cheaper for me although I still had my doubts with the device itself. If my doubts would become reality there would be the warranty to manage the risk. With Gotway there would not be that kind of risk management in place or atleast not within the same price range. In France there is also another reseller but their webshop is made with Prestashop and they still had the default theme on it. That does not look professional to me so I chose the before mentioned Gyroroue Shop. TL;DR WHAT!? King Song 18" KS-18A EUC WHERE!? Gyroroue Shop France WHY!? 24 months warranty, professional looking webpage, generally trusted device with enough battery capacity and power. Additionally it was cheaper than the rival (within EU). Where are we now? I ordered the item few hours ago (this morning). I am now waiting to get the device to Finland and start learning to drive with it. Sidetrack driving clothes / equipment I ordered black elbow pads, knee pads, a onesie with Batman logo on it as a driving overall/suit and Emerson FAST helmet with face mask, rails for flashlights, NVG gopro mount and a helmet cover.
  7. Man, I want a King Song 18" so badly, but nobody has them! I've never had such a hard time buying something that I wanted. I know, I know. First world problems FTW. http://www.chinaglobalmall.com/products/521272875889 I want this, and it's in stock. Whyyyyyy can't our US guys get these over the pond
  8. 520WH imported LG batteries 64 16S 4P 2200 毫安 680WH Panasonic batteries imported 64 16S 4P 2900 毫安 1360WH imported Panasonic batteries 节 128 16S 8P 2900 毫安 Link to source - http://www.chinaglobalmall.com/products/521272875889 I was having a look round on the web and found this advert for a King Song KS18A with a whopping big battery! The only thing is I don't know whether to believe it or if I have my wires crossed. The advert shows that the KS18A can be purchased with a 1360WH battery, which would be awesome as it seems quite a number of EUC riders would like to have larger capacity batteries and if the ad is true then I'm guessing this is the largest battery yet for a EUC. I double checked the spec sheet that @esaj posted and it did not show the bigger battery, I have added the KS18A specs from the forum below. Any help with this would be great thanks in advance.
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