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  1. Hello all, I have bought used EUC King-Song 16S, knowing that the lift stop rotation is not working properly. Is there any way, how I can fix the sensor, so it is working properly? I am not able to find the topic anywhere here, neither on youtube to find a way how to do it. Please help
  2. I just recieved a new KS16S. It seems that the factory is shipping a number of these out without a serial number assigned. When I turn it on I get 4 lights and continous beeping. I am able to connect via the app. I can change settings but no serial number is displayed. I am afraid of riding it when the software is in an error state. Jason at EWheels is looking for a factory fix for the issue. I have contacted KingSong through the KingSong support page and any English language email addresses I could find. No response yet. Don't bother calling the KingSong 803 area code support number in the app, it rings to some clueless guy in South Corolina. If anyone has resolved the serial number issue please share how it was done. I will provide an update when I get this fixed.
  3. Hi. I'm attempting to repair my brother's KS16s after it died on him in the field doing some steep trails. He got it working again after a couple days wait, but had some red LED patterns (a fault code, I assume). It only worked in Beginner mode AND it only goes a fee feet before powering off while riding (yikes!). I took it to my workbench and examined the motherboard and found no damage or burns anywhere except the positive leg of the larger capacitor. The leg was disconnected and showed a little burn residue. The capacitor itself didn't appear 'swollen' or blown so I assumed it was still good. I re-soldered the leg (and may have accidentally shorted it in the process) and turned it back on and the thing went from 0 to 25mph in under a second! It literally jumped up and did a somersault. https://photos.app.goo.gl/K1imWDH6Y2cRdnin9 Assuming the capacitor may be the culprit, I ordered a new one on eBay (upgrading from 80v to 100v). Misjuding the polarity of the capacitor (don't ask... I know now), I temporarily connected the new capacitor with alligator clips (in reverse) to test and unsurprisingly when I connected the battery pack to the power supply harness, I arc'd that connection with a nice little short. Not knowing if the capacitor was damaged or not, after learning what I'd done, I corrected the polarity and reconnected everything. Turned on the EUC and it did the same somersault again. I've since ordered another capacitor but haven't installed yet. Do any of you have any thoughts on this? Does it sound like a capacitor issue or is this a classic symptom of something else? Alan
  4. I have both available to ride home on Miami Call or email if interested with a fair offer. -mike 347-707-6688 Majeston@gmail.com
  5. Hi all. I’d like to ask for some advice. I bought my first wheel (V8F) in July, and I LOVE it. However therein lies my problem: I found my desire to ride is often outlasting its range (24-30km). I’m now looking at the KS-16S. Generally I use it for recreation, mostly on paved trails and bike lanes. I’m a conservative rider; max speed and acceleration are not as important to me (I cruise at a relaxing 20-ish km/h). What is your opinion? Thanks in advance!
  6. Saw a video of EUC a month ago, and I'm hook. I want to buy a used wheel with decent range about 30 miles with 20+mph and eventually upgrade Looking into inmotion, gotway and KS. Thank you I'm located inland empire CA, and I don't mind driving out to Los Angeles, orange county, San Diego, Palm spring area is cool too.
  7. How can I change the max speed of my KS-16S from 20 km/h to 35 km/h? I have a brand new KS-16S, built in 2020. It came with firmware V2.02. And I use the official app version 3.4.5 on my Android phone. In the speed settings I can adjust the three alarms and tilt-back, but only with values up to 20 km/h, not above that. I find no "speed limit decoding" option in the app. And so far I have not found documentation on how to set the max speed to 35 m/h.
  8. This EUC has been sold. Thank you. Hi, I am new to the forum so hopefully an admin can approve my post. I purchased this EUC a while ago but after riding it for a bit I discovered that I prefer riding my Onewheel more than this EUC so I am letting go of it again. Since the EUC market in the Netherlands seems to be relatively small I am hoping to find more interested people through this forum. The EUC is a King Song KS16 Sports with the bigger 840Wh battery. Battery gets fully charged to 100% without any problem. Odometer says 3.764 km in total. Has some normal signs of wear like scratches on the bottom of the pedals, minor scratches on the covers, but no damage at all. Fitted with the larger foot pedals. King Song KS-16S Sports Black Rubber Accu: 840Wh (67,2V) Speed: 35 km / h Range: 50-70 km Motor: 1200W (max 3000W) Weight: 17,4 kg Trolleybar for easy handling inside buildings, public transportation etc. Bluetooth app to control lights, ride mode, see statistics and more. Automatic light sensor for head- and tail light. Charger: 2A I am asking 650€ for it. Due to the big battery inside I would prefer pick-up (Rosmalen Netherlands) but I can ship it with ground transport to most surrounding EU countries. If you have any questions, please let me know and I would be happy to answer them. Thank you. Kind regards, Menno
  9. Does anyone know what this 2.5" mod. is all about? What are the benefits? Which is the preferred tire? Who sells it? are there other steps to perform other than " swap the tires"? I have seen that raising the shell by one pedal arm mounting hole gives clearance for the control-board heat-sink. Is that the only mod.?
  10. Hello community So im strongly considering buying one of those, the only difference I see is the enginepower, so 800w vs 1200w. Both are available with a 828 Wh. battery. So my question is, are these 400w strongly noticeable and are there any other differences i have missed? I would mainly use the EUC in the city for quicker transportation without sweating, but there are a few hills i wana be able to get up without problems. The thing is, these 400w extra cost 250€ so thats quite for only 400w power raise... is it worth getting the stronger one? It would be my first EUC but i can ride non electrical Unis pretty well, so i think it wont be difficult to ride them, even when they are a bit stronger Maybe someone have experience with both EUC, cause i sadly havnt found any post here in this forum and on youtube... Greets, Daniel PS: I found this board through a youtube video from @Lukasz where he made a review on the ks16s
  11. Hello, I have a KS16s with an odd voice alarm, which I've noticed after the last firmware update and calibration. Whenever I hit a bump at a certain speed (like a lip between connecting sidewalk slabs), I get a repeating voice alarm which sounds to me like "Bluetooth Fault". It may be saying something completely different, but that's what it sounds like to me. The alarm repeats about every 6-7 seconds until I come to a stop and turn off the wheel. The alarm doesn't effect the riding or speed of the wheel. There are no funny mechanical noises and I don't think anything happens to the lights. There is no feedback through the app either. I couldn't find anything in the Google-verse about this alarm, nor on KingSong's user manual or web site. Anybody have a similar experience?
  12. Hi all, I was hoping someone might know of where I can find a list of all the different firmware versions and the changes that each version made for the KS-16s. I've spent like 20 minutes and can't find anything except a few comments on the forum about specific versions. Ideally I would also like to know the date they were released and if it's safe to upgrade straight from v1.07 to 2.01 or do I need to be cautious about how I upgrade? Appreciate it!
  13. Hi all! I have my KS-16S V1 Silver for one year now and have use it for 480 Km. Casual user, more commuting in the city and the most extreme I do is jumping from the sidewalk to the road when no ramp exists. At the beginning after the first 3 months I jumped of because it was wobbling at the start acceleration and got afraid (this was the biggest crash I had). The EUC tumbled for several meters and stop falling at it side. I continued using it after I examine it and only some scratch marks was made nothing ales. Now several month after I noticed it was wobbling at braking, and the one side was so squishy from one side that the rim collides with the outer shell. The other side is still solid no displacing of the rim. I decided to open it for first time and examine the interior shaft after I saw a poste of a forum fellow he got loose hanger. I had also an lose hanger it was cosign the issue. Took the appropriate allen key and tightened the two screws. Now it is like new again. Will keep an eye on it because I did not used thread lock on the screws and maybe it get loose again. This is what i experience with my KS-16S V1 and want to share with you for those noticing the same symptoms. Happy riding to every one!
  14. Hey guys, I'm completely new to Electric unicycles. I've never ridden one, but am itching to get on one. I don't make a lot of money currently to spend on things I want, so I've been saving for a while now to buy my first EUC. Ive finally just saved up enough. My thoughts are this - I understand most people buy a beginner wheel to learn on and beat up until they become proficient, and then upgrade to a better faster wheel. My thing is that I probably will only be able to afford one wheel for now, and won't be able to buy another one in the foreseeable future. If I want I have just enough for a Kingsong ks 18l, or I can go with the ks 16s. I think both are sweet. Will it be too hard to learn on an 18l? My use will be riding for fun, more in the country, longer rides and exploring. Not really any commuting and not much city riding for me. Thoughts please? Thanks!
  15. Hello! I want to sell or swap/change to a bigger or faster wheel from King Song. Come with suggestions, I am thinking a KS16S or a KS18XL. My King song is bought in Polen around 6months ago and I live in Sweden (Stockholm). I've tried to take good pictures, if they aren't enough just tell me to send more. It has some scratches which I try to show the deepest ones. Underneath the pads, it is there that most of the hits/bumps/scratches have taken place. I have never crashed with it big, it is only really when learning with it the first few weeks I jumped off it and it laid down on the sides. Other than that it is brilliant! I guess that you already have this info but it has the Panasonic battery-pack 680WH. Range is fantastic on it! Soft pads against the body are still in good condition. Price, I am not certain... My guess is maybe around 700 Euro? Don't know if you do like eBay here with bidding ( I just signed up to this forum). If you have any questions, welcome. Regards
  16. This is my first ever EUC and my first post here, so please be cool with the noob guys. First of all, thank you all for this wonderfulful forum, I learned a lot of stuff here and the atmosphere is so friendly. I am 47 years old, used to ride a push scooter quite a lot, for commuting and fun; 82kg or so. I live and ride in London, UK, along the river Thames, and in Richmond park, so 85% flat and 15% steepyish hills. I learned how to ride an EUC on this Kingsong KS 16S six months ago, and it now has 4700km, I commute 20 miles each way every day and ride on weekends too Learning: it took me 3 days, kind of following @Duf's advice in one of his video: first day, only one foot on the wheel, and then kind of push scootering, alternating feet. I did this for two or three hours. My calves suffered a lot. Second day, used a tennis court fence to try and get two feet on the wheel and moving forward from there. After one hour, I was able to ride and go straight. Then I spent the next two hours or so trying to learn how to get on the device without any fence, and then learning how to stop. Third day, spent two to three hours trying to turn, and then ride almost normally, getting confidence. All this I did in a very quiet area, no cars, very few pedestrians. The fourth day, I had to ride a few miles in a public space, this was in Amsterdam, NL, so on protected bike paths, but still, I was not that much confident riding with other cyclists but managed to do it, with a heavy backpack on. Why the KS 16S: I bought this in May 2018, so there were a lot of wheels to choose from. Back then I wanted only one wheel for my whole life ( I know I know I was young then ), so it kind of had to be a 16inch wheel, and Kingsong I felt was more reliable back then. What I dislike with the KS 16S: - the handle bar snapped twice where the black thingy joins the rods which enter in the wheel body. So I had to replace the handle bars twice. I think they should use stronger plastics. I do not baby my wheel, and do not intend to. - that's it. The wheel is not perfect, but I knew of all the other "issues" before buying: when a puncture happens, you have to open the wheel, the range is limited, etc ... What I like with my KS 16S: - the range is as advertised: with 840wh, I can do 30 ish miles from 100% to close to 5%, given that I ride aggressively with a few stop / acceleration sequences in a big city. - the wheel is beautiful: I have the black matte model, and I find it is kind of understated and elegant - the wheel can handle rough treatment. I really don't baby it ( I put some protective foam during the first two months then removed them ). But I ride off road, in the rain, etc ... the wheel fell a couple of dozens times, nothing has broken or anything. - it is very powerful. I don't ride fast, limiting myself to less than 31km/h, but I like fast acceleration, and the wheel just delivers any power I ask for - It has all the lightings needed to be seen in the dark: front, back and side - as a commuter device, it never let me down: even when the handles were broken, I could trolley by the rods sticking out, and was able to grab it by underneath the pedals if I wanted to lift it. Replacing the wheel ( I used slime but for some reason the punctures are always on the tyre sidewalls ) does take some doing but lasts only one hour even for me ( "might be able to do but don't want to do and I dont have the tools anyway" ). What's next: I need a bigger wheel, comfortable enough to be safer for my commute. The 16S can handle the distance, but I have to charge it if I want to be able to come back. And riding 20 miles as a routine is a bit dangerous on a small wheel along the rougher parts of the Thames bank and Richmond park at dark. So I ordered an MSX which will arrive soon hopefully. Why MSX? a good price was on offer, and I'm fed up with the issues with the trolley handle on Kingsongs( why not give us the choice to have a "titanium" or whatever? how hard can it be? ). I might face others with the MSX though By the way, I ordered the big pedals to replace the old ones on the KS 16S, the grip is almost all gone, to the point of being dangerous
  17. I'd like to know how many other 16" EUC riders here have experience with the Maxxix Hookworm 16" street tire. https://www.amazon.com/Maxxis-Hookworm-BMX-Tire-16X1-95/dp/B00188A1LG After recently switching over I can safely say that this will be my tire of choice for my KS16S. I thought the wheel was nimble before but this has brought it to a whole new level. It allows me to make sharp turns and carve like I never thought possible. One downside is that it can make the wheel a bit more prone to wobbles but no big deal. Couldn't recommend higher for all experienced riders of 16" wheels
  18. How many people here I've actually worn tires bald on an euc? I'm just curious but guessing not many. On my ks16s I wore it bald enough to get a flat tonight. Luckily I have a replacement tire ready to go and my new tube should arrive tomorrow. Do to my riding style, I see many, many tire changes are in my future.
  19. I have been with the wheel for a few days and very happy with it. Everyone in our group has found it stable and reliable. Today I took the wheel to a steep, short hill for a test. I shifted my feed to the front of the pedals as far as I could so I could lean on it aggressively. But I could never push the wheel pass 1200W so that I could go faster (it was about 6mph). I would expect this is doable as the max power is 3000W. It was set to Experienced riding mode. By doing the same, I could push the V8 up to just over 1400W and its speed was as fast as the ks16s. I even did the same test on an AirWheel X8, it could barely make it going slowly like a snail, at one point it was at about 1200W where it stopped. So I think the ks16s does not utilize the power of the motor. What is the point of 3kW max power when I am unable to use it? I think there is some improvement needed in the firmware here, like a Super Sensitive mode? @US69 Btw, this is just a test scenario to see how the wheels perform. I do not usually have that demand in my daily commute. Has anyone done a similar test and been able to push the ks16s to over 1200W?
  20. not my video but I fully endorse the message KS16S review 2000km
  21. Hello folks, I just found out by coincidence, that there is a firmware update 1.07 available for KS-16S. I updated the firmware by using the latest version V1.47 of the "new" Android App, available here: http://jc.cnaite.cn/data/apk/Kingsong_Aligned.apk Because it's one o'clock in the morning (at my place ;), I haven't done a test ride with this setup - please be patient until late sunday evening (CEST). Or another rider may substitute with their experience report on this firmware. Regards, Borg.
  22. Hi mates, after selling my old, more than 3000 km driven KS16 last autumn, and being wheel abstinent for 6 month now over winter and early spring, I bought a brandnew KS16S today, and test drove it for a short ride: Absolutely awesome compared to my old KS16, steeper footpads, faster, more powerful ! (And I already liked my old one ). But now I have a question: Unfortunately I have firmware 1.00 on the wheel, and if I remember correctly, already in autumn 1.02 was available, and I'm sure meanwhile there is a higher version. So just for the firmware upgrade I must now install the crappy new Kingsong app, and delete it immediately after the upgrade again. Plz can someone tell me from where I can get the KS app (I applied the speedfix with the old KS app, and besides that I'm only using wheellog, nothing else). Though I found this link in the forum: http://jc.cnaite.cn/data/apk/Kingsong_Aligned.apk , it doesn't work, the image from there is corrupted and can't be installed. Thanks in advance for any help !
  23. I've had the KS16s for about a month now. The thing that I noticed when I first took it out of the box was that the battery % readout in the APP was jumping all over the place (varying up to 5% while just rolling it around by hand). Another thing that I've noticed in this month of riding, is that the readout just before I turn it off in the morning can be 10% lower than what it says when I turn it back on to do my return commute. This is my second EUC, following the V5F, and I'm wondering if this is a normal King Song thing (bad battery level algorithm), or is it just something to expect with devices that have larger battery packs? Or...nobody else is experiencing this, and my device has a bad battery pack?
  24. Hi there I am currently trying to learn how my KS 16s, and someone mentioned that there is a way on how to make the pedals softer and harder that making the pedals harder are easier for learning does anyone knows whet they were referring to?
  25. I there everyone, was wondering, if the tires for the inmotion v8s, are the same ones for the kingsong KS 16s, I know they are both kenda tires, was wondering if the tires for the v8s or the KS 16s have any kinda of Kevlar on em? Does kenda tires have Kevlar? Can I use the v8 tire interchangeably for use on the kingsong KS16s? And also does anyone one know the dimensions for each one of these two tires? I know that the v8 doesn’t give you much clearance for using different kinds of tires on it, but is it the same thing for the KS16s? Does the kingsong KS 16s has more clearance for you to use a 16’ tire from a bicycle? I already know that the problem really is the inner tubing on these, finding the right one. Still don’t know if I could use a Bicycle tire, that is 16 inches with the same dimensions on the Kingsong KS 16s The dimensions for the kenda v8 tires are: 50 - 305 (16’ x 1.95), does anyne know the dimensions for the kenda that is used on the KS 16s? Thank so for much for your times guys Y’all have a great evening...
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