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Found 18 results

  1. So 2 Sundays ago I ripped the valve stem out of my wheel. By Tuesday I had a couple of replacements on their way from Poland, thanks to @steve454 doing some research. Tubes arrived Monday, so no excuse but to do it. All the typical stuff getting a tire off, then comes a decision: which way to orient the valve? Putting some air in the tube, to keep it ridged, so I could get an accurate look at it, it made sense to copy the factory orientation. So,I did that but I just wasn't happy with the direction the vale was pointing. You see the problem is the valve stem is mounted slap dab in the centre of the tube, but angled outwards a bit. But the hole in the wheel( KS14c )IS NOT IN THE CENTRE (centre,.English spelling, from the French I guess). So forcing a centred valve stem through an off-centre hole puts a kink in the tube and causes the stem to stick out a bit sideways. No amount of Pfaffing with it, made it right. so I put it all back together, and I do mean ALL together, only to discover that the stem rubs on the shell as the wheel rotates ahhhgggg😫😫😫😖😖😖😼😼 apart again, tire loosened, again, inner tube out, again. Tube swapped around so that not only does the stem face the other way from the factory setup, but it's also angled In towards the wheel; a different kink. back together, and it's working well, but knowing how kinked the stem is already, I'm loathe to handle it much to fit a pump. So I added my own version of an extension, which I leave in place, so I don't have to move the stem around when pumping it up if I ever have to remove a tire again, on a small wheel, I think I'll take a drill bit to the wheel and make a new hole for the valve stem, a lot closer to the centre. this is not so much of a problem on bigger wheels, as there's more room between the motor and the wheel. On a mini monster like the KS14, the motor IS THE WHEEL There's almost no room for the valve stem. i took pictures but they're on my phone and I can't remember my login, otherwise I'd upload them. Maybe tomorrow.
  2. Some of you in So Cal may remember when @Marty Backe sold me his KS14C just before the fuse blew. Fortunately I was only a mile or two away from my spare wheel then, and not 8-9 miles like other mishaps. Wait! what if you are 6,7,8 miles away from help and you have a blown fuse? Thats what I was thinking, so I bought a pack of 25 fast acting 40amp mini blade fuses, took one out for the blown fuse and taped two fuses to the inside of the battery compartment as shown below. 🤓 If anyone needs a few fuses 40amp, let me know. I still got 23. Wait, 21 after I tape two more in the 500w kingsong too. EDIT- the fuses are that cellophane fuzzy thing just to the right of the single fuse just above the beige battery connector.
  3. I while back I took my KS14C apart to check on the guide spring that protects the wires going into the motor (someone had come off at speed as a result of a short in this area, attributed to an out of position spring) My spring was fine but I discovered that two of the four grub screws*, that hold the pedals on, were missing. Examination of the rust marks on the pedal pins, showed that one of the pins, had been out of position since new. Conclusion, two grub screws were never installed at the factory. If the pins had moved, its possible that one of the pedals might have collapsed during a ride. However, there was no evidence of movement, only that one had settled in a position that was not all the way in, but in, safely enough. If it was easy to get grub screws* I would have simply replaced them, as they are not expensive; but old style hardware stores are a dying breed, and I don't know the size to order them off t'internet. After a few emails and a photograph to the supplier (Electro-sport.de) Ferenc sent me a new set of four, all the way from Germany. I installed them with a dab of copper grease as they are prone to rust as they are mild steel, and get wet when riding through puddles, etc CHECK TO SEE IF YOU HAVE ALL YOUR GRUB SCREWS, AND REINSTALL THEM WITH SOME GREASE TO PREVENT THEM RUSTING IN PLACE. Incidentally, the parts were shipped from 1RadWerkstatt (official KingSong importer for Germany.) So thanks to those two companies for sorting this out for me. * (for non native English speakers) a "grub screw" is the English name for a threaded bolt without a head, which resembles the larvae stage of some winged insects, collectively called grubs. (why its not called a "grub bolt" I have no idea)
  4. We have decided to do some post spring cleaning. The all famous KS14c is up for sales. KS14c is properly one of the most solid EUC's ever built, with a ton of power. It's in good condition, but has signs of tear and wear from being used. Unit has been modified with pedals from KS16 to provide a better grip. Total mileage is less than 1200km, and it has been working without flaws from when we got it. Asking price is 600 Euro + Shipping
  5. How important is the bent valve stem on my EUC inner tube? I recently bought a KS14C and tore the inner tube on my initial test ride. The valve stem became entangled in the shell (no doubt, due to improper inflation). Finding 14 inch inner tubes is difficult enough, but angled valve stem adapters are even rarer. Hopefully, this is not a common occurrence as repair/replacement is complicated (and expensive).
  6. I've been absent from the board for almost two months ( been busy settling back into life in England), but I have been riding. I managed without a car for a month, relying on my wheel to travel. After that I needed to travel further, and public transport in England takes forever to get anywhere, and it's hellaciously expensive. Example Poole to London about 120 miles, £51. I have flown to Spain and back for less!!! anyway, I found myself in Bournmouth yesterday, and because I had my wheel with me,I went for a cruise along the magnificent beach. I'm not joking, having spent 5 months exploring the beaches of the Cote d'Azure, and Spain's Costa Blanca, and Costa Dorada, Bournmouth beach is just as awesome. so I'm cruising along, estimated 20kph, when I hit a small series of unseen bumps. I handled them fine, but my wheel (ks14c ) must not have liked the power surge required to stay in equilibrium, because I got ( yet another) violent pedal tilt back which threw me down the road, like a baseball batter sliding into home, face first. I hit the ground so hard, I couldn't keep my face Up, so my chin got a bump and scrape that drew blood. Today I have a scab about 2 cm square. i also hit the ground so hard that I bruised the pad of my left thumb and the tip of my left little finger was numb for about two hours. note I was wearing wrist, elbow, and knee pads. No injuries to those areas. Pads are good! additionally, both my shoulders hurt. Right now I move my arms like someone trying to learn how to control new prosthetic limbs, I.e very slowly, and I can't carry much weight. i also scuffed up my leather jacket. I was not wearing a helmet, but a typical bike or skate board helmet would not have protected my face ( I'm looking into this) This has been my worst, overall, and first real face plant ( face hits road) ever. And I was cruising along on level pavement at a sensible speed ( plus the bumps) why did it happen? well, I had been riding a while, and I didn't start the day with a 100% charge, so I was down around 53% power ( looked at app after the crash, not before). As I've said before, less than 60% on a small battery ( mine is 340wh) need to be handled conservatively. So why didn't I handle the trip conservatively? Well, actually I thought I did. Firstly, the LED readout on the ks range is wildly optimistic. It was lit up showing 60 to 80% with its woefully inadequate 5 bar range! But I knew that meant mat least 50%. Secondly, I was riding level, smooth pavement. Thirdly I was not pushing the speed, I was several miles into a mild 15 to 20 kph cruise. Fourthly, I was not showing off. this thing came completely out of the blue. Have I mentioned that I HATE the Kingsong violent tilt back? As I said, it wasn't the bumps that threw me down the road, it was Kingsong sudden and violent tilt back that threw me off. What's the point of an accident avoidance scheme that includes a violent accident as its modus operandi?
  7. After my face plant yesterday, someone asked me if I'm running the latest firmware. I thought I was because the 14c never gets upgrades. But I was just lookin in the app and low and behold there is an upgrade, specifically 1.25. I'm running 1.23. now, hearing all the horror stories of bad "upgrades" on wheels and phones and computers, I didn't want to rush into 1.25 until I've heard from someone using it. Btw, what is is supposed to have fixed, the app isn't clear about this. I look forward to so intelligence on the subject
  8. So after climbing a mountain twice this morning I put Lassie on charge and went ocean side riding in the afternoon. On my way home, aware that my battery was down below 50% I was keeping it gentle; no sudden current spikes to trip the low current protection (also know as "get the fock off me you pig") Approaching a (estimated) 4* up, bike ramp about 20m long, I decided to try something ( what could possibly go wrong, right?). Theory; maintain my approx. 20 kph speed onto the ramp, and then bleed my speed off so as to not spike current demand. WRONG!! Lassie got there before me and decided to invoke "get the hell off me you pig" and off I went, up the ramp "a pied" while Lassie crashed out and went into the usual death throws. Apparently, I managed to flap sufficiently, because I didn't FP. But I was wearing my ATGATT, so, it's all good. MORAL OF THE STORY: DON'T DISRESPECT POTENTIAL LOW BATTERY POWER SPIKE SHUTDOWNS, THEY BITE.
  9. Edited to include actual beep events when and where they happen. Total time once you've done it a few times, 20 to 30 seconds. So if your reading this, you're either too tired to sleep, or you've discovered, like I did, that the Kingsong app was written in a hurry by someone who didn't, even once, try out all its features to see if they work, or talk to at least one native English speaker, or one of the millions of Chinese people who speak impeccable English, to correct the comical chinglish instructions provided in the app. So, ignore the chinglish instructions and do this instead: ( read all the way through first, including notes at the end) note. Level calibration is actually a bit misleading. You can set ANY angle you like with this procedure. 0* lean may be fine for 98% of riders, but if you feel like you want to try a different "at rest" angle, then do it. You can always put it back, if you don't like it. THE PROCEDURE 1. Wheel on, app open, app connected to wheel, app level calibration screen open, wheel propped up and secured against a wall and level left to right. Use a spirit level or a level app on your phone and put it on the open pedal facing you ( don't use the phone the Kingsong app is on otherwise you won't have access to that app). At this time it will show the current degree of lean. You CAN'T change it at this stage, just note it, and decide if you will need to change it later. If you're happy with the angle, then stop now, you're done. 2. Push the calibrate button on the app screen. Wheel will start beeping about 3x per second. Nothing else will happen. Wait a few seconds. 3. WITHOUT MOVING THE WHEEL, turn the wheel off. Wait a few seconds. If you want a DIFFERENT angle from what you observed in step1., then tilt your wheel to the desired angle NOW, using the angle indicating device on the pedal as a reference. 4. WITHOUT MOVING THE WHEEL ANYMORE, HOLD THE WHEEL POWER BUTTON DOWN, and watch the power meter LEDs, they should start lighting up two by two. Each lighting of 2 LEDs is accompanied by a beep, 5 in total. Once all ten are lit (5 beeps), the beeper will emit a continuous tone. Release the power button. The tone will continue. 5. leave it alone for a few seconds, then turn it off. 6. Leave it alone for a few seconds then turn it on again, and the new angle should be set. Refer to your angle measuring device, still on the pedal, to confirm that your new chosen angle has been set. notes. Reason for level side to side, is, I believe, important because the control board has a 45* cut off either side of vertical ( for safety reasons) so, for this to be accurate, and for what ever other computations the board uses this angle sensor for, keep it level, don't just lean it against a wall. if you have a one-side-only battery like I do in my 340wh wheel, lean the battery side ( side with charging port) against the wall, so the weight of the battery pulls it into the wall and doesn't tip it over, ( which would be the case if the battery side was facing you). Once you have set your new level, or confirmed the existing level, spin your unit around ( still switched on) so that the other pedal is facing you, and put your level measuring device on this pedal. I did, and found that my left pedal leans back 1* more relative to my right pedal. Something I'm going to have to sort out. This Is OBVIOUSLY the reason I can't ride backwards ? let me know if you discover something different from this, and I'll modify this post, if necessary.
  10. Smoother

    KS14c MORE gremlins today?

    After leaving my wheel on charge too long (again) last night, today it starts tilting back and forth as described in my other gremlins post. Having learned from the responses that overcharging is the problem (Although how this is possible with the factory charger, is anyone's guess), and the solution is just to jump on and ride, that's what I did. So far so good. But then I notice... THE PROBLEM: when I slow down, the pedals tilt back to a degree that I have never felt before. Additionally, once I am at or near a full stop, the pedals continue to fall in the rear, as if I am compressing a gas shock absorber. I can actually feel my ankles bending and my boots creaking, as I try to keep my body upright, even as my heels are descending. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE,AND I DONT LIKE IT. additionally, when turning, mid way through SOME corners, it tips the pedals back as well. This almost threw me off once. AGAIN, I DONT LIKE IT further, I see no reason for this.it doesn't help me brake, and it is destabilising ( not a good condition in a machine whose primary role is to stabilise.) i tried (for the first time) both the other riding modes in the app , but that made no difference. So it's back on "hard" now. i turned it on and off several times I even recalibratd level ( no thanks to the instructions on the app) still no joy the way I see it, except for tilt back (Ollie), the path of physical communication between me and the wheel is one way; I apply differential pressure to the front or back of the pedals, wheel changes speed to keep me level. END OF STORY. When the pedals decide to communicate the other way ( again, outside of normal tilt back protocol) funny things happen, but I'm not laughing. i have over 200 km on this wheel and this is a new, unwelcome, and unexplained behaviour. Did I mention I DONT LIKE IT. can anybody shed some light on this behaviour, cos it's making my wheel no joy to ride. And isn't that the point.
  11. Henrik Olsen

    How steep can you go?

    KS14c climbing a 32° skate ramp in slow motion.. (the rider is my son ~45kg)
  12. Henrik Olsen

    KingSong KS16 vs. KS14c

    Physical difference between Kingsong KS16 og KS14c. Both wheels are 800w with 680wh battery... KS16 is 16" and KS14c is 14"...
  13. Henrik Olsen

    KS14c - 800w - 680wh Review

    My video review of KS14c
  14. Henrik Olsen

    KS14C bluetooth speaker connection

    I can't no longer connect to the speaker of my KingSong KS14C... the iOS app works fine on bluetooth, but the speaker is a no go? Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  15. Henrik Olsen

    Review KS14c - 800W - 680Wh 

    My video review of KS14c - 800W - 680Wh (Let me know if this is not ok, as I all ready posted it under the brand specific forum)
  16. Henrik Olsen

    KS14c - 800w - 680wh Review

    My video review of KS14c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufh8geSeAu0
  17. Range test of KingSong KS14c - 800W - 680wh... Does the battery last for 28km, with a heavy rider and 10C ambient...?
  18. Here's a tip that should come in handy for current King Song owners. If you ever need to set your EU down but don't want to just lay it flat and risk scratching it unnecessarily.. buy one of those handy tire valve extensions they sell for EUCs, as shown in (first pic) and place it as so... (2nd pic) This allows the pedal to be used as a stand -- just as it was originally designed for the KS 14B. The added weight of the battery and motor of the KS 14C was too much for the pedal, but a little bolstering from a EUC accessory that comes in handy (it can make pumping the tire up a little easier in certain situations) and you have an instant stand whenever you need to set your wheel down for a few... The third pic is a close up in case you need details. Just another "undocumented feature" I love about this wheel You might wonder what this was doing in the picture (fourth pic) Well if you don't want to be bothered to hunt down a valve extension and happen to have a Trader Joe's nearby.... You can use this as a stand as well...