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Found 14 results

  1. I'm in my late thirties: 6'1" 170lbs, a pilot with good balance and coordination. I'd like to find a used wheel in good shape: my goals and desired characteristics are as follows: 1. I mostly work from home: I want to get out, explore the city and eventually join our local EUC group. 2. I'll mainly be riding in the city: good roads and bike lanes however there are MANY times I'll need to slow to a crawl with pedestrians etc: I'm sure this is a matter of skill but the mood easily this could be done the better 3: Fun -- I'd like to avoid being tilted back due to quick acceleration (top speed isn't critical as long as 15-18 can get sustained) 4. reliability, electrical issues etc, constant firmware mayhem would be abused 5. range 18+ I've considered KS 16s, 16xs, 16x (getting pricy for me) . Also looked into IM v8f. Open to suggestions. If anyone is willing to sell an EUC within driving distance with no history of technical or firmware problems, I'd be very interested. Please let me know. Brad
  2. Three days ago, I bought a KingSong S18 for the Inmotion V11 as a tandem. I'm happy to have both. I recently created an upgrade for Inmotion V11. I made a similar light upgrade for my new KS-S18. Can be fitted with any accessories with gopro mount: bluetooth mini speaker, action camera, Android terminal holder, etc.
  3. Hi all, I have ordered 14D controller and the battery packs from ewheels. But when I try to install, the motor is not getting engaged. The controller is beeping. Also I checked the motor connection cables several times. Attaching the video regarding the same. Any help is highly appreciated. KS 14D.mp4 Adding another video.... KS 14d_2.mp4
  4. This is still a beta version at this point. Just upgraded with no issues, my wheel has fortunately not become an expensive paper-weight Haven't taken it for a ride yet, but reports so far indicate that there are no noticeable changes in behavior compared to FW 2.0. (I can confirm that has been my experience so far on FW 2.02 with my 16X, although I've only put 15 km on it since the upgrade) The only change I can confirm for sure is the ability to change pedal tilt (as well as set wheel auto power-off). And no, the headlight/taillight bug has not been fixed...
  5. So I had an unfortunate visit with the pavement today and the crack I hit was big enough and I was going fast enough that I have bent the rim on the wheel. It has a rhythmic thumping feel now as I ride around although it is probably not audible to others. I can just feel it as I ride. Does anyone know: 1) How hard it is to fix this? 2) How dangerous it is to ride on it like this? Maybe this just means I need to buy a new wheel???
  6. Official Accounts: Group: https://tinyurl.com/wurvlc5 Page: https://tinyurl.com/vzqhg7b Instagram: https://tinyurl.com/u26xhx7 Youtube: https://tinyurl.com/uhyod8y Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/JjPgrRpBFxj0ofXsDQbzEw
  7. Non-questions from the S18 Q+A have been moved here. - My mistake, not 0.2C, but 0.5C, it still limiting Max power just to 630 Wt.
  8. Hello my friends! This question is for 18XL owners... Can you share with me the true range your 18XL can make? +Your weight? The temperature outside? Thank you a lot, it will help me a lot... Have a great day guys!
  9. Hello 18xl riders! Im thinking about the true range you can get with this wheel..... I saw some youtube range tests...but they were quite different from each other... What is your range you can get with the 18XL if you cruise 25-30 mph avarage? Thank you guys, have a great sunny week!
  10. Kingsong App: a couple of bugs My new Kingsong 16B has a 20km/h speed lock on it. The new app by Kingsong is designed to be able to unlock the speed limitation, but no-one, including the people in the shop or the wholesaler, are able to get the app to unlock the wheel's limit. Pressing 'get code' leads nowhere but gets a response: Please go to my account to improve personal information. (My information has been filled out thoroughly ) The other functions on the app work correctly. Has anyone got a solution for this issue? Pete
  11. First off I like both wheels and I am not here to tell you that one wheel is better that the other. There are strong opinions both ways and the people with those opinions are not crazy or finding faults where there are none. The truth is these wheels are very different. Switching from one wheel to the other shows obvious changes in reaction in you and the wheel. The following is observation, research and educated guessing. I could be wrong. Relatively Speaking: KingSong 18XL This wheel is very refined and uses advanced software. 1) The software allows a lower spike in amperage to achieve the same acceleration. Instead of one quick high spike In amperage it gives a longer burst of lower amperage. (Per correction time unit) 2) The software also aids the rider in creating acceleration. When you first lean on an XL the wheel hesitates to accelerate at first. It allows you to get in front of the wheel and then ramps up the power to catch you. When switching from the MSX to the XL this hesitation, dip and ramping up is very obvious to me. After a few seconds of adjusting to the wheel I think,”WOW!, This thing has pep!” You can roll and twist and throw yourself off balance and the wheel just catches you....... Untill you maneuver too quickly. It takes time for the wheel to catch up. This results in an unexpected jolt of force or a momentary loss of personal balance and pressure against the pedals. In the world of motor controls this action of going from a stop, rounding up to a steady acceleration then reducing the acceleration to a plateau of a steady speed is called the “S curve” Over all the system tends to give the rider a smoother more intuitive ride. It also gets more out of less. More mileage and great acceleration out of smaller board components. The one negative observation that I have found is that at high speed hitting a bump can set off a series of miscommunications. The hesitation, the lack of something to push on caused by a dip in the pedal that results in a rush of acceleration or braking that I did not intentionally request. This problem can usually be remedied by riding like a sane person. This wheel is best suited for people that enjoy the finer things like a smooth intuitive ride with options like speakers and lift handle cut off. It is less suited for people that say things like “ Hey! .. You want to race?” Or “ I bet I can jump over that missing man hole cover” MSuper X This wheel does not have the fancy software. It uses a larger more powerful board. Power saving and amp spike reduction be damned. You do not have the exaggerated S curve to get you going. When switching to the MSX from the XL most people (beginners especially) complain that it takes soooo much more pressure on the toes to move the thing. It is actually kinda sluggish! When you start to lean on the MSX the wheel immediately starts to compensate for your actions. This disallows you to lean forward making acceleration difficult. The wheel will not allow you to get off balance. The solution is to let yourself fall forward on the wheel without putting pressure on your toes. Then once you are leaning apply pressure to your toes. You could say that the XL has an automatic transmission ( the S curve) and the MSX has a clutch. ( you fall forward then put pressure on the toes. When switching from the MSX to the XL I forget and treat the XL like I would the MSX. I fall forward then apply pressure to my toes only to get a hesitation. I then apply more pressure fearing that I am going to fall on my face. By that time it takes off like a rocket. WOW! This thing has pep. The MSX requires more riding skills on your part and in exchange leaves the decisions to you. It does not guess your intentions or aid you in them. It remains indifferent. So witch is better? The XL is more refined with better fit and finish. More options like speakers, lift handle cut off, and it comes with a mud guard. It gives a more pleasant Intuitive ride at speeds below 25 mph. ( I love the thing) The MSX is a no nonsense, you do the driving wheel. You have to man handle the thing in turns, braking and acceleration. It has a larger board that allows higher continuous amperage. It accelerates and brakes faster. It tends to be more stable at speeds above 25 mph........(and I love it more ....... unless I am cruising behind my wife at 12 mph.)
  12. Anyone noticed android ks app is saying that there is a new version of app ? But when trying to download it's saying 404 error...
  13. Hello, I am the very happy new owner of a KS 18L as a first wheel. I wanted to post my experience about learning on this wheel but also ask few questions to other 18L riders about the alarms. Background I am 175cm/78Kg (5'9"/172lbs), 39yrs, never had a unicycle, riding in Chicago with the goal to replace my train commute. Roads are mostly flat, but lots of them are full of potholes or in renovation (aka streets half tiered down with gravels and bumps that even a car driver would hate). I received my 18L from eWheels at the end of August, so it is part of the "Batch2". I also got the 5A turbo charger for it, and it works great. My experience learning to ride a unicycle on the 18L It's not harder to learn on the 18L. While I have obviously no way to compare a first experience on another wheel, I have learned to ride it in 4 days, spending 30-45 min each day (could not dedicate more time to it) It seems to me that experiences in skiing, ice skating, surfing, riding a bike without using hands, etc.. are the best lead indicators of an easy/fast learning curve. It's just another variation of finding your body balance. In day 1-2, I was practicing on my backyard on the pavement (maybe 20x10 ft): so just enough to get on and off. That's not enough distance to go fast at all, and all the balance exercises were happening at extremely low speed. I realized on day 3 in the back alley that some additional speed (and anything would have been faster than on day 1-2) was providing the stability I needed to feel comfortable and stay on the wheel. Turning is like skiing, shifting your weight on your legs. More work is needed for me to exhibit total grace but the main point here is that if the 18L was hypothetically hard to learn, I did not experience it. I ran on FW 1.07 Day 1-3 and upgraded to FW 1.11 on day 4. I did not feel any differences, but that's probably because I have not yet internalized the wheel's behavior. Note that I have only checked my tire pressure on day 5, and realized that it was only ~20 PSI. So possibly, learning on at lower pressure was easier because once I updated to ~40-45 PSI, it was harder to get on. On day 6, I commuted to work: I had terrible wobbling at medium-high speed, but thanks to the posts on this site I got rid of it by lowering the pressure a little (~35 PSI) and by adjusting my feet positioning. I would say that the most impactful posts for me were the ones from @houseofjob on feet positioning techniques. I can totally relate to analogies with skiing (I actually surprised wanting to turn like skiing: using a pole, tight the wheel between my legs and jump ?). The major tip for me was his "diagonal riding" that totally got rid of my wobbling wheel effect. I also found that balancing weight on each foot like "ice skating" slowly works too; too well maybe as the wheel keeps on accelerating while ice skating would just maintain speed (due to the resistance of the ice). On day 7, I don't have any real issues, commuting to work is great but it's still an adventure due to Chicago's traffic/roads, and It reduces my commute time by 25%. I keep on hitting the level 3 alarm (set at 35 km/h) with too much ease, which leads me to my only complain & question with this wheel: the alarms. I have not experienced any lights issues, locks, or trolley handle problems at this point. Lifting the wheel works 100% of the time for me when I do it in 2 steps: 1) I give a brief pull up on the handle ( just the handle not the whole the tire) to get the "beep", and then 2) I lift the whole wheel up. I set the wheel configuration on "experienced" on day 1, as I did not see the benefits to learn a soft wheel behavior to then change it to a more reactive one: better to just learn the reactive one from the beginining. Speed Alarms When I started riding the 18L, I hit the "back tilt" quite easily with the default settings. I then changed the speed limit values to allow me to ride without getting to the "back tilt" that quickly. That's when it hit me: the "back tilt" is supposed to be the last warning. I understand that the wheel is supposed to "Beep" or "Vibrate" or "Speak something" at three alarm levels prior to the tilt: I got none of them. Playing with the App, it seems that I can get beeps by turning off the voice, but then it seems that the wheel beeps all the time, so I ended up turning alarms 1 and 2 off and only kept alarm 3 at 35 km/h (since I believe 40 km/h is the max until I get to 200km). Also, the "vibrate" option does not seem to do anything. Is the wheel supposed to vibrate or is it the phone? Nothing happens to me. Have other experienced something different? The range control in the apps goes all the way to 60 km/h, what I happen if I set 60? Would the wheel still alert me at 40km/h (or 50km/h after the 200km)? I set the alarm 3 at 35 and the tilt back at 38, but if the wheel is smart and there is no "cut off", then I supposed I could just put 38 and 40 instead? Comments? Have some of you tried? What do you use? Btw, is Darknessbot report's speed supposed to be accurate (with iphone)? Finally, while it's somewhere on this forum, I am re-sharing one advice to protect the wheel that I found was really useful. As everyone knows, it's better to protect the wheel from crashes with bumper strips. But don't apply to the wheel directly, because the double tape leaves residues when taking it out. So instead, put first some painting tape and then stick the double tape with the bumper strips on the tape. Here are some pics of my 18L for reference. I took everything off on day 6, absolutely no tape marks. Thanks to all the people on this forum who continuously provide mentorship!
  14. Any one noticed new version of KS app for Android ? I've just installed it, and it says v1.52. I can't see any difference... If any of you see something new, please let me know. @US69 can you ask KS for changelog ? Thanks in advance.
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