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Found 11 results

  1. How can I change the max speed of my KS-16S from 20 km/h to 35 km/h? I have a brand new KS-16S, built in 2020. It came with firmware V2.02. And I use the official app version 3.4.5 on my Android phone. In the speed settings I can adjust the three alarms and tilt-back, but only with values up to 20 km/h, not above that. I find no "speed limit decoding" option in the app. And so far I have not found documentation on how to set the max speed to 35 m/h.
  2. So the last time it rained I felt the KS-16s pedals were a little too slippery and didn't feel that secure when wet. So even though the wheel itself seemed to have enough traction when the ground was wet, my feet didn't feel that planted making me feel a bit uncomfortable riding in the rain. I bought this griptape in order to rectify this situation but it hasn't rained again since I made the switch. I have now commuted a couple days in the rain with the new griptape and I must say it is night and day. My feet feel like they are stuck to the pedals now even when wet. I think the first mod I would perform on most EUCs is a grip tape upgrade. This is the manufacturer's website: http://viciousgrip.com/ If you guys have any questions let me know
  3. Today one side of the handle on my KS-16S started to unlock from the wheel when I picked it up. I could still carry it but all of the weight was being held by just one end of the handle. It seems like only a matter of time before the other end also unlocks preventing me from picking it up. Has anyone else has this problem? Does anyone know how to fix this so that when I lock the handle it stays locked? I'm assuming there is some spring inside the unit that is not staying in place?
  4. Hello folks, I just found out by coincidence, that there is a firmware update 1.07 available for KS-16S. I updated the firmware by using the latest version V1.47 of the "new" Android App, available here: http://jc.cnaite.cn/data/apk/Kingsong_Aligned.apk Because it's one o'clock in the morning (at my place ;), I haven't done a test ride with this setup - please be patient until late sunday evening (CEST). Or another rider may substitute with their experience report on this firmware. Regards, Borg.
  5. Hi, I have a quick question that one of you more experience King Song owners might be able to answer. I got a new KS-16S in the mail a couple of days ago. I'm currently a bit blocked on unlocking it fully due to the poorly timed app update King Song just did (and not having any luck with work arounds at the moment), but my question is about running temperature. Since the wheel is still speed limited--and I can't access any features through the app--I've only taken it out for one quick test ride just to see that it was functioning properly. It's a new wheel to me, and certainly feels different than my Segway/Ninebot One S1, but I was able to connect it to the Darkness Bot app and noticed that it was reporting very high temperatures. It was a semi-cool day out (60 degrees or so), and the app was reporting a temperature somewhere upwards of 200 degrees (I think 220 or 240). Looking at the documentation, it says the running temperature is between -10C and 60C (so, 14F to 140F). My question is twofold: Is Darkness Bot an accurate source of temperature readings? If so, is my wheel running freakishly hot? Any insight would be appreciated. I don't have a ton of experience with these things, and would like to figure out if there is something wrong with the new wheel or not.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone with more experience with the KS-16S might have some insight to share. I got a brand new 16S from ewheels.com about a week ago, and after some struggle to unlock the speed I got everything working properly, or so I think. My problem is that the wheel seems to max out at around 18-19 MPH. Once I hit that speed I get significant rock-back. I don't have access to the King Song app (I needed to borrow a friend's Android device to unlock the speed), but I've used both the Darkness Bot app and a GPS speedometer app (Speed Box). The Darkness Bot app reports rock-back at 19.5 MPH, and the GPS reports it at around 18 MPH. I've verified the accuracy of the GPS app against my car's speedometer, and it's pretty spot on, though obviously slightly delayed (which may account for the discrepancy between Darkness Bot and GPS). Is there something else I should try to get the speed to hit its max? Any setting or calibration or anything that could be contributing? Are there any known discrepancies between individual wheel performance? I'll double check the wheel's settings in the KS app when I have access to it again, but I'm pretty sure I followed Jason's instructions properly when I unlocked the speed. When I checked online it seemed like people were definitely able to hit the advertised 22MPH/35KPH speeds, so I'm trying to get my wheel fully functional. BTW, I have no desire to ride at max speed frequently. I'm just trying to unlock the wheel's full potential and/or figure out if it has any issues. I'm happy to provide more info if needed. For this test I was on flat ground, with plenty of road and no headwind. I'm also not a heavy person (in case that factors in). Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone, I just got my brand new 16S about 5 days ago. Currently I'm able to ride on it but not very smooth. The issue that bothers me is that while riding on it, the wheel sometimes swing left and right. The feeling is similar to riding a bicycle and the front wheel swing left and right itself. It's not very bad and it doesn't happen very often but it makes me less confident, especially at higher speed. Searching the forum I didn't find anyone with similar issue so I decided to open a topic for it. I really like the wheel so far and hope it can be fixed. Any idea is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello, Has anyone already opened a KS-16S who could share some hints? I am stuck at the very beginning, while un-clipping the led plastic cover. There is an hold (green arrow in the pic) to un-clip the first attach, it goes fine. But then how to un-clip the next two (red arrows), without breaking them or the plastic ? Any idea?
  9. Got in the car for drive home and found myself leaning forward to tilt the accelerator pedal... New kinesthetic memories are sweet. Laws of the Wheel: 1. Your wheel will seek concrete. Even if you are in the middle of a grass field, facing away from the sidewalk, your wheel will find its way to topple onto a hard rough surface--probably a sharp stone if concrete is not available. The first scratch is the deepest, get it over with early. 2. The Chinese craftsmen of these marvelous devices have NOT invented anti-gravity! What a disappointment--the videos look so smooth and effortless, yet in fact the wheel wobbles like a drunken top as it seeks the horizontal plane. 3. Once you have felt a successful ride of any duration, you then know what you seek and replication is so much easier. Up to that point, seems a mystery which of the many strange sensations are right and which must be suppressed. 4. Gonna biff. Rush on through the five stages straight to Acceptance because it is coming. Didn't on this first session, but now absolutely certain I will and so changed my forum name. I was at the perfect practice venue: high chain link fence bordering a pool-table-flat artificial turf playing field. Weird to doff flip-flops and don long pants--last time for those was going to a funeral--I wore old motorcycle Corduras with built in hard armor and pads, lace-up runners, wrist guards (thank you, Jason!) and a bike helmet. Should have added gloves for the fence, minimal damage. Made perhaps 20 passes along the short dimension of the playing field; fence to left smoother than fence to right? Very brief periods of no fence grab or push. Break to walk my dog. Came back for another go and started pushing off from fence with 10-30 feet rolls. Two big difficulties at this point: increasing speed which I did not expect, and amazingly diverse failure modes of knee wobbles and uncorkscrewable upper body which I did anticipate. My slow speed balance was rapidly improving but as I rolled away from fence I would steadily slow down to stop, even though I thought I was leaning far forward or pressing on the front edge of the pedals. I turned around the wheel, no difference that I could tell. I wondered if placement of my size 12 clodhoppers on the size 6 pedals mattered and moved them back and forth and together and apart. (Answer: no, I don't think so, once you can make the wheel go your feet seem to find their place unconsciously, not an issue). AND, unexpectedly, probably an hour into session one, I pushed off the fence... and just kept going. Full lap of perimeter of football field going straight on the edges with four left turns at the corners, comfortable speed around 10-12mph I'd guess, seemed like flying. Don't recall the end fail but dismount was graceful. See Law 3: once I did it, I then knew how to do it, and it became mind-to-wheel without any conscious lean. And then a groundskeeper threw me off the artificial turf and directed me to the concrete track. I understand, the fields are new since July and probably cost a half-jillion bucks. I drove home to our neighborhood green which was nearly muddy with ankle-high grass and riding mowers about. No fence. I tried one push off a tree and quit for the day. Conclusions 1. Yay. I'm hooked. So cool. 2. Wonder if ski poles or simple broomsticks could supply a bit of helpful balance in the beginning, brief gentle prods back to stable, particularly if there is no fence or railing available. 3. I have a EUC wheel simulator of sorts called a Goofboard (to learn balance for surfing, SUP) on which I can stand feet side-by-side and remain level over a longitudinal roller (although this is not the typical board diagonal stance, it is unstable side-to-side with foot placement as on wheel, and so a good simulation). I can stand there all day, or place with control any part of the board over the roller I choose. I think this was helpful for beginning to ride a wheel--it loosens up hips and ankles and knees while maintaining a still upper body. 4. From 3., and per videos: DO NOT look at your feet! Look at the horizon, then you will be much more aware of what proprioception is telling you and you can react earlier and more intuitively null the torques. 5. I very much appreciate all the forum posts here and YouTube vids I read and watched which first got me interested and prepared me to buy my first wheel and learn to ride it. Special shout-out to Jason at ewheels.com whose generous advice early on straightened out my wild ideas as to an appropriate and reliable first wheel with room to grow into. And first among so many fine video creators, Duf for his Beginner and Intermediate riding tips which I found very useful. Now a nap, because we all know that sleep consolidates learning and wheel muscle memory : ).
  10. I have finally crossed the 1000km mark on my first wheel, the KS-16s. I have been riding around 2 months and have learned a lot in that short time. This review is going to consider the various use cases one might have for the wheel and talk about my experiences in various scenarios. I primarily use the wheel as a commuter tool to get to school and back. This is a 7 mile trip on a fairly long/steep hill. I live at the top of the hill so I climb the hill at the end of the day when going home. I have also taken it on group rides, used it to deliver for a courier service, and used it as my only mode of transit in the city for the last 2 months. As a commuter wheel it has a great blend of maneuverability, speed, stability, and size/weight. It has enough range to get you around a dense city like NYC or San Francisco without any issues and enough speed to keep up with most non-car traffic. I generally beat buses in the city to their destinations since they have to stop so often to drop/pick up passengers. It is light enough to carry up some stairs if needed and small enough to stash under your table in a restaurant or classroom. It is my current go-to wheel for getting around town and performs well in that capacity. But... as I've ridden more I realize that the wheel is actually a compromise on all these factors. While it is a good size, I have found it is a bit cumbersome in tight, crowded restaurants. The elevator broke in my building at school which means I have to climb 8 flights of stairs every day while carrying this wheel - that is pretty challenging. On group rides with Monsters and Msupers I definitely could use a bit more speed/range. The Mten 3 crushes it in maneuverability and size. So it is not a perfect wheel by any means but it is definitely a great blend of all these characteristics. I have crashed the wheel twice at top speed. Once early on when my confidence was greater than my skill level and I hit a manhole cover that was recessed into the street about 1 inch that sent me flying. Another time I hit an unpainted speed bump on an unfamiliar road that I didn't see. Despite at least 2 direct full speed impacts into the street curb the wheel still rides just as well as when I first got it. It definitely looks worse for wear and the case is literally held together by duct tape on one side now but that doesn't stop me from enjoying riding it each and every time I leave the house. I start getting early tiltbacks once the battery dips below around 30%. I wish this was a bit lower but I suppose it is a nice, safe, conservative number. I have kept records of the miles I have gotten out of each charge and tried to calculate the WH/mile for my weight/riding style/location/temperature. But in the course of doing so I feel like the battery % reading in the app may not be 100% accurate so I'm not sure how much value there is in it. The section of the battery from 100%-80% lasts a lot longer than the chunk between 50%-30%. I consume anywhere from 22-30 Wh per mile. So if I am planning that gives me an effective range of ~19 miles before it starts to slow down and another 3-4 miles before it turns into a ninebot. So actual practical use range for me is approximately 20 miles. This is plenty for commuting but is a little on the weak side for day trips and leisure rides with big groups. You can eat up the battery in a little over an hour in those scenarios. If I didn't have to climb 8 floors of stairs I think I would commute to class on an 18-inch wheel like the Msuper or one of the upcoming 18" wheels such as the ninebot Z10 or KS-18L. If they don't fix the elevator I will need to seriously consider commuting on the Mten. Or maybe I'll just keep using the KS and tell myself my shoulders and legs are going to be amazing soon. Anyways I know the 16s is a popular wheel and I thought I'd chime in with my thoughts going from absolute beginner to at least intermediate in a very short time period while really relying on the wheel for all my transportation. If anyone has any other questions I'd be happy to answer them.
  11. Hi! We have just received a fresh delivery of Inmotion V8, KingSong KS-16S and KS-14S, among others. I have €100 / £90 discount (forum members only!), for the following models: * 2017 * Inmotion V8 (480 Wh) black - €1047 after discount €947 or £880 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16S (840 Wh) black matte - €1609 after discount €1509 or £1228 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16S (840 Wh) silver - €1614 after discount €1514 or £1239 * 2017 * Kingsong KS-14S (840 Wh) black - €1244 after discount €1244 or £1044 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16C (680 Wh) black matte - €1232 after discount €1132 or £1015 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16C (680 Wh) black glossy - €1175 after discount €1075 or £964 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16C (680 Wh) white glossy - €1175 after discount €1075 or £964 * 2017 * KingSong KS-14D (420 Wh) white - €986 after discount €886 or £759 How to get the discount? It's easy: 1. Like our new Facebook page (click) and share it on your profile: https://www.facebook.com/ElectricUnicycles.eu/ 2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (click) 3. Download and rate our mobile app: Android (click) or iOS (click) After it's done, contact me by sending a private message here, or via Facebook / website - simply text "DONE" All unicycles are brand new and come with a 2-year warranty (Europe) and priority support in our mobile app. We also include a protective foam as a gift. Additionally, our clients get 10% discount for accessories. We now have some cool winter tires in black, red and blue colors Our new INMOTION V8 video: Best Regards, Justina
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