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Found 6 results

  1. Great wheel - super stable super nice to ride. Condition is used with signs of use. No hard crashes. this wheel did 42.2 miles last weekend - it’s a very good and reliable wheel. price £850 its had a new trolley handle in the last month. Comes in original box with 2 chargers.
  2. Since I received my Kingsong 16X is been problem after problem. I decided to share with you guys all the journey with KS since I purchase (9 months ago) and how bad is there customer services. If you are thinking to purchase a KS16X or a Kingsong wheel I recommend you to check this: See you soon guys, Marco Domingos, MADpack
  3. These three EUCs have all sold, but there are plenty more available from eWheels! I've got three EUCs for sale. I'm in Los Angeles, California and will give you a free introductory training session, first time riders welcome, or a more advanced training session, if you're experienced. Whatever your skill level, I can help you be a better rider. If you like, I also can help you update the firmware, get the right App, connect to your smartphone, inflate the tire, and do what I can to make sure you're all set-up. No shipping charge, if we meet. Shipping cost will vary, depending on your loca
  4. I'm selling my Kingsong 18L EUC. Bought this unit second hand from a Member of the eboarding FB group. I haven't had much time to learn how to ride this due to a car accident. I would love to keep it however the misses wants more space around the house and out of sight. Looking to sell local to NYC at the moment. Paid around 1500 for this looking to get about 1350. The unit has typical newbie scratches although to be honest, I didn't spend much time learning to ride due to the accident
  5. I have two king 18's: kingsong 18A and Kingsong 18S. I wish somebody can help me to loosen off the battery from my old kingsong 18A, and make an additional battery package, which can be placed in my bag. Then My battery will be 1360+1680 =3040wh. Then I can travel by new kingsong 18S around the United States.
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