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Found 4 results

  1. Is the s18 batch 3 a better product than the earlier versions ? In what way >?
  2. Hello everyone, I’m really itching to get my S18 and haven’t received much information on when I can expect to receive it/pay the remaining balance (deposite paid). I ordered my S18 through EUCO and after emailing them, I was advised that by mid October I would receive it, but I’m wondering what the actual time is on average as well as how do they go about taking the final payment? Thank you in advance
  3. Hi, Anyone an idea how to remove the 20 kmh restriction on the KingSong S18 ? Yes, yes, We did ride the 5 km first So the meters / gauges go further than 20 (to 50),but do not seem to transmit modifications to the wheel. And No No, I tried in EUC.World and KingSong app ... (android player here) ... No luck. Thanks for helping out, or pointing in the right direction. PS: Looking back I found my Z10 rather intuitive in setup
  4. From A danish S18 owner this was published on the net: Dear Customer, As you probably know, or not, the first batch of S18 was qualitative failure. The rush, the lack of qualified personnel on assembly line and the quality control were unsuccessful. As a official King Song distributor in the EU, we feel obligated to solve all problems with your EUC. The most of them concern the suspenstion mechanism. We offer two options: 1. We take your wheel and improve the suspension, then send it back. All operation takes around 2 weeks. We have to agree the service date, be
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